probably the reason im still single


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Demonic Guardians, so i finally designed mine!

Meet Pierre, Tooth-collecting rope-haired loose canon pirate! 

With a canon for a leg. Of course.

Well known for giving children various swords and accidentally committing arson.

Ashton as your biology teacher ew

requested: yeeeeth

rating:  R i guess

word count: 1, 760

and yeah i didn’t proof read this

++it’s a repost for the masterlist bc i couldnt find it anymore lol good thing i saved it wooh


//Biology is probably your very least favorite subject after PE, obviously because you hate to do physical things im sorry, it already sucks

but you couldn’t help yourself but wake up every darn morning for this very boring and lame of a subject for only one reason: Mr. Ashton Irwin same i would do the same

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anonymous asked:

If you lived in the HP world? What would your job be?

Well I would’ve started my career with internships within the ministry and ended up getting into the Dept of Mysteries. I’d learn an awful lot in there because it’s awesome, one my main interests is why technology doesn’t work with magic. Playing with that would’ve started as a hobby but turned into a goal. And I’m pretty confident that I would’ve figured it out by now and used the knowledge to start the first wizarding world television station. (I’d want to create a wizarding equivalent to the internet but with how behind they are in technology in general, not to mention the marrying of technology and magic, I don’t think I’d be able to get that done anytime soon)

With hardly any purebloods left tho the TV thing definitely would made bank, especially in large cities. I’d host a programme for all my hobbies so I could do EVERYTHING I WANTED. Lots of learning channels too, I’d want to dabble in spell making. And with all the money I’d make I’d definitely invest in a farm where I’d grow wand/broom trees and potion ingredients. And hire people to try and make more powerful/potent cross breeds of them. For maybe faster healing potions or wand wood that amplifies certain types of spells.

And I would just expand and expand~ maybe open up a magical college type of place, where you can go to learn skills if maybe you wanna career change or want to know more about things before you choose a job. Like there are so few jobs mentioned in the series, I feel like some of them would need more schooling. Like cursebreaking, what does that even entail? What classes at hogwarts even help with that? And dragons? You’re allowed to just ship off to Romania and deal with dragons when there isn’t a single class to teach you about dragons that we hear of? And what if you get there and hate it? ok im rambling now

anyway if for some reason I could not figure out how to do the technology and magic stuff (but i would), I’d still stick to learning as an unspeakable but probably study wand lore as well so I could do that eventually.

Also I’d spend my whole life trying to merge the muggle and magic worlds. I count that as a job.