probably the only reason i'm watching this show


You’ve heard of Bara Oblige, now get ready for the Great Bara Arrior

they Herd Sheep together

No one will see this cause it’s almost 3 am and everyone that follows me is a football blog and doesn’t watch Class BUT
As an acting student I absolutely hate to watch shows or movies or plays cause I always am looking at their technique and trying to learn (what to do and what not to) and so I can’t sit back and just watch a show cause I’m always thinking about how I would’ve done things or connecting things they did with things I’ve learned about character work etc. and I usually see a whole lot more bad than most cause I look for things that no one but an actor or director would care about
But Class???? Was so good??? These young (and old) actors did such a great job that I was sitting back and relaxing more than I realized and I could probably count on my fingers the “bad” things I thought in terms of technique and I just want to thank Class for not only giving me an amazing show with great plot and realistic and lovable gay characters, but finally allowing me to fully enjoy something for the first time in a while, and allowing me to learn a lot of good things about my own acting technique while I watched. It deserves a season two for so many reasons.

I’m catching up on Supernatural (don’t judge me, I know it’s trash) and this is the best comeback seen on recent television

Bully: Me and my boys, we got a bet. How much of a virgin are you
Nerdy kid: what?
bully: I mean you aint never got laid before obviously. but you seen a boob right? I don’t mean on game of thrones, I mean in the wild you know?
nerdy kid: is this a joke?
bully: I look like a comedian to you? ANSWER THE QUESTION.
nerdy kid: you look like the kind of dude who wants people to think he’s hood. but no. see, the $100 haircut, the hybrid car keys–I’d say you grew up in a white bread wonderland. your dad’s probably a dentist, your mom’s mostly botox and they both bang the pool boy. Oh and you like rap, but you’re scared of black people. *shakes head sadly* Even Will Smith.
other bullies: *cracking up*

I am s l a i n. LOL!!