probably the most important relationship on this show to me

Okay, but can we please talk about how in love Betty and Jughead are with each other?! It’s like they live in their own little world - actually, more like they are each other’s world. Both of them chose each other over their families. Betty defied her mother to protect Jughead and support him because of how much she believes in him. And Jughead who has been so desperate to get all of his family back together was willing to give up on that dream to stay with Betty.

In this episode they both admitted they were in love. Betty may have actually used the word, but Jughead showed Betty he loved her by saying he was going to stay for her.

They really are the Romeo and Juliet of Riverdale. And what cemented the Romeo and Juliet aspect of their relationship, for me, was the scene where Alice said she was happy Betty was done with the Jones family.
If the writers even dare to break them up just to put her with Archie I will stop watching! This show is so good because Bughead is the heart of it.

Lastly, the scene where Jughead stares longingly at Betty while he’s in FP’s truck is probably one of the best moments of the entire season. No words are needed - just the terrified look on his face is enough to show us that the most important part of his life is Betty and he can’t let her go. These two are killing me. 😩

My DEH Experience

-Apart From Rachel Bay Jones, who’s on vacation, I saw the entire OBC.
-Garrett Long KILLED IT as Heidi Hansen
-I was in tears the moment Ben ran onto the stage.
-The show was very fast-paced imo. I mean, it makes sense, because they have a lot of plot to fit into 2 and a half hours. I found it interesting.
-I was really anxious and on the edge for most of the day. Like, on the verge of vomiting or panicking. Spiraling constantly. I just felt awful. But the minute the show began, I felt the anxiety fade and I was beaming and sobbing the whole way.
-I was in the last seat in the 7th row, so I was very to the side, so I saw a LOT of the back of Ben Platt’s head.
-Ben’s fast-talking and high pitched, panicked phrases
-There was a lot more comic relief than I would expect from a show of that subject.
-Gerard Canonico’s voice overhead in YWBF
-Sincerely Me choreography was the best
-I CAN’T EVEN with Sincerely Me (Reprise). I almost fell out of my seat at “Sucking dick for meth”.
-“CONNOR WAS OBSESSED WITH TREES”!!!!!!! -Evan and Heidi’s relationship and how it falls apart and is strengthened at the end is probably my favorite thing about the show. The building of the tension between them up to the breaking point was so powerful.
-The two seats next to mine were empty until a mother and daughter arrived at the end of WTAW.
-At the end of Act 1, the mother asked me to explain “the first song because we missed it” so I start explaining “Anybody Have A Map” and they’re like “wait what?” and I’m like “wait what?” And i realize they thought WTAW was the first song so I explain WTAW lol.


-I’m small™ so I squeeze my way to the front and I’m standing in the crook next to the door on the far edge of the stage door area.
-when the first person (kristolyn lloyd) comes out I realize that they start on the far end (where I was) so I was the first person that all the actors approached!!!
-Kristolyn, Michael Park, Garrett Long, and Laura Dreyfuss came to stagedoor.
-I gave Kristolyn, Michael, and Laura the portraits I drew of them.

My interaction with Kristolyn Lloyd:
-we’re like, the same height! she’s so small and adorable!!
-she signed my playbill and I gave her my drawing.
-she smiled and said “wow thank you!” But she moved to the next person after that. She was obviously in a hurry and that’s fine.

My interaction with Michael Park:
-I give him the drawing and he smiles and goes “hey look my big chin!” and everyone around laughs. He’s a v funny and friendly guy
-He took his time with everyone. Joking around, asking questions, really interacting with everyone.
-he’s great.

My interaction with Laura Dreyfuss:
-I give her my drawing and she starts gushing about it.
-“Wow. This is amazing. Thank you! Like wow”
-She’s such a sweetheart I love her so much.
-I was shaking the whole time.

big, corny post

i’ve been really thinking all day about 2x15 of lucifer, and how much i loved it. it’s such a good episode and the thing is i truly feel every episode of lucifer is good but this episode really highlighted why i love the show so much. like, a lot of people say that the lucifer fandom is so calm and peaceful (which is, for the most part, true) but i really think that very much comes down to the fact that we have very little to ever be angry about. i’m not saying it’s perfect but we’re calm and peaceful cause it’s truly a good fucking show. and that’s. rare. these writers not only care about us as an audience, but they care about every single character and every single relationship on the show. every relationship gets attention and care and importance. every character is multi-faceted and developed.

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On Zoro and Tashigi as a Pairing

Question: Why has ZoTash persisted despite setbacks (more popular ships/lack of continuous interactions?)

​Well, Zoro and Tashigi is certainly not a generic ship, but it is a ship that’s overlooked. The source of ZoTash’s longevity is perhaps due to this very inexplicable link between Zoro and Tashigi that distinguishes it as a ship. I call it this weird and uncomfortable “emotional tension”.

When it comes to shipping, interactions are integral to determining the viability of a ship. Interactions are one of the main arguments brought forth by shippers in favour of their ships… Two characters who haven’t interacted even once are relegated to the status of “crackship” (basically my crackship Tashigi x Cavendish hahahahaha). As characters interact more and more, the shipping prospect increases, etc…

Zoro’s an interesting one, especially with regards to interactions. Three of his most popular ships (Nami and Robin, and Sanji) involve members of his crew, which implies constant interactions. Perona, another character frequently shipped with Zoro, spent two years with Zoro during the timeskip whilst he was training - so, obviously, interaction was probably frequent. Great! Now - onto Tashigi. Up until now, Zoro and Tashigi have come face-to-face with each other a total of three times. Two pre-timeskip, and once post-timeskip.

Three time?! Well…. Sorry, ZoTash, but get to the back of the line. You’re basically a crackship! *insert a gif of Tashigi pouting*

Interactions are indeed important to a ship, but let me say something. There is a variance within interactions that emphasize things like - the severity (or lack thereof) of a situation, the relationship between the characters in question, the state of mind of the characters involved, etc. Interactions are a crucial aspect in any show/book, etc. They can provide significant character development, can be the trigger for something later on, etc.

Comedic interactions hold a different weight than emotional ones. Luffy can interact 10,000 times with Bartolomeo or Caesar and only one time with Dragon, but most of us will probably nonetheless recognize that Luffy’s one interaction with Dragon is probably more significant to Luffy (and Dragon) and the plot progression than Luffy’s countless interactions with Caesar.

When Zoro and Tashigi first met at Loguetown, she was not merely introduced as another character. If she had been, she could’ve instead interacted with Sanji or Nami. Zoro and Tashigi’s interaction at Loguetown was for them only, was intended to introduce mystery (who is this chick?!), was intended to establish a link between them, and more importantly, was one that promised something more in the future. Zoro’s immediate shock at her appearance, the time they spent together, their subsequent fight in the rain as the rest of the SHs fled to the Merry - and Zoro’s refusal, or rather inability, to cut her down and finish it – all of these did two things:

  1. establish a link between Zoro and Tashigi based on Tashigi’s ties to Kuina, and based on their dreams, and based on the Wado Ichimonji, which Tashigi sought to reclaim
  2. establish their relationship as one of hostility and mystery that just HAS to be resolved and addressed (because we’re tired of the “Tashigi is Kuina with amnesia” theories). I doubt Oda would go to the trouble of introducing a character SO troubling to Zoro only to leave it in the dark. Mind you, this is all just Loguetown, when characters like Robin, Hancock, Perona had yet to be devised….

​There’s also another thing to take into consideration: Smoker and Luffy’s relationship, which will also indirectly impact Zoro and Tashigi’s relationship. Oda assured us that Smoker and Luffy have something going on (is he a soon-to-be-ally? is he Luffy’s Garp?). Smoker declared that he’d chase Luffy under any circumstance. Luffy declared that he actually didn’t even hate Smoker and even has a cute nickname for him. They’ve saved each other now probably two, three times. And where Smoker goes, Tashigi goes, and where Tashigi goes, she’s going to interact with Zoro.

Besides this, what did we get out of Loguetown through their interaction? Character development. This was the first time we saw Stoic, beastly Zoro lose his composure so suddenly, because of a mere marine girl who he could cut down with his eyes closed. This obviously implied Zoro’s past has yet to be resolved, and that it’s something of pain for him. And Tashigi? Who would’ve known that this girl, who was introduced in the midst of defeating two thugs with higher grade swords, who was the infamous “White Chase” Smoker’s subordinate, be so insecure about herself, to the point where she longed to be a boy just to be taken seriously?

In one interaction, we received more substance than we did between something like…. Zoro and ______’s initial interaction. Because Zoro and Tashigi’s relationship is unique and non-replicable. You can’t tie Perona or Robin to Zoro’s past or emotional vulnerability, and you can’t replace Tashigi with another girl and hope for the same results, whereas you can for the others, to be honest.

Moving onto Alabasta - where he outright admitted that she was someone he simply could not fight, and proceeded to run away from her. What’s so significant about this interaction? Just that it once again showed us the power Tashigi has over Zoro’s emotions. It shows us that Zoro would rather run away from his past than face it. When has Zoro ever ran away from the prospect of a fight? Keep in mind Zoro’s past hasn’t been resolved. His past is a mystery to the rest of the crew. No one knows of Kuina. No one knows who inspired him to become the worlds greatest swordsman. He makes no mention of it. In a way, he’s grieving for Kuina privately. And when Zoro met Tashigi that first time in Loguetown and snapped in her presence, saying “I can’t stand the fact that you exist! Listen, that face of yours, it’s exactly like my friend’s who died a long time ago, and now you’re even saying the exact same stuff she did! Quit imitating her, you copy-cat woman" he unintentionally allowed Tashigi to view the most vulnerable part of himself – his past. And Tashigi is oblivious to all of this. To her, he’s a dirty pirate, a despicable man who looks down upon her because of her gender.

And finally, there’s Punk Hazard. Zoro no longer flees. Can look her in the eye. Mocks her. All is resolved, right? Tashigi’s now just another marine to him right? Wrong. Punk Hazard shows us a progression of their relationship. From the superficial "lets run away from each other”, to something deeper. If you dig deeper, you begin to see something - Zoro’s not mocking her for the hell of it, because his mocking affects her in a positive way. Zoro sat back and let her fight Monet only until the end. Zoro stuck by her side and tended to her, dressing her wound as the room filled with gas, and picking her up to safety. And Tashigi publicly admired his immense power - at how he could end a Harpy without killing her. She acknowledged that he’s not just a dirty pirate. That his swords are deserved. And another thing about ZoTash - the reciprocative nature of their relationship - they both get something out of it, whether it’s Tashigi gaining inspiration or Zoro being challenged in a way he can’t simply cut/kill away. Because nothing’s more boring an a strong ass character with no obstacles. In a way, they’re both an obstacle for one another, and that fact alone separates Zoro and Tashigi’s relationship.

Regarding the pairing….

ZoTash don’t argue that the reason Zoro and Tashigi should be a thing because they have “similar” personalities. ZoTash’s logic doesn’t rely merely on the aesthetic or power value of the ship (they’re so cute/powerful together!). ZoTash don’t reason that Zoro once wore glasses and Tashigi wore green and that’s Oda’s way of foreshadowing their relationship, etc.. ZoTash’s logic rest on the circumstances that connect them, their past interactions, and the future potential (how they’ll react the next time they come across each other). 

Back to this “link” I mentioned at the beginning. The relationship itself is a source of mystery. Why did Oda create a character that elicits such discomfort within Zoro? Why was she immediately implicated in his past? Who is this character? What role is she meant to play? What’s her role as a marine embroiled in the Straw Hat crew dynamic through Smoker and through Zoro? As I’ve reiterated many times before; romantic or not, Tashigi was created and established as a connection to Zoro in some way. To deny it would be foolish. To claim Tashigi’s just some marine and Zoro’s just some pirate and there’s nothing deeper beyond these labels is incorrect. To interpret the extent of their relationship as ‘pirate vs. marine’ is reductive, as is claiming they ‘don’t like each other’. The most significant thing about Zoro and Tashigi’s relationship is the reaction their presence evokes in one another. Their relationship is a unique one. They aren’t nakamas. They aren’t really rivals. They aren’t exclusively enemies. And yet there’s something there: they’re connected to each other in some way, and it’s a connection that has them running into each other on different parts of the One Piece seas.

So, it’s obvious Oda meant to tie Tashigi and Zoro together in a weird relationship. Meant to implicate Tashigi into Zoro’s past. And did it in order to prepare us for something more significant involving Zoro, Tashigi and Kuina. Tashigi isn’t some background-character, she isn’t a comedic gag, she’s a dynamic character that Oda actively introduced early on in the plot and keeps reintroducing, in the process complexifying her and giving her depth which a LOT of other characters lack: i.e showing us her dreams, her struggles and weaknesses, her will, etc.

And honestly - ZoTash is a ship that doesn’t need continuous interaction and that doesn’t diminish significantly based on whether they’re with each other or not. The real beauty lies in their interactions- which are as much comedic as they are meaningful. As I said; they are neither friends nor lovers nor enemies, and yet there’s something there. Their interactions provide character development and insight - like, the first time they met she proclaimed her dream to him, they subsequently ended up fighting in the rain and Tashigi broke down in tears AND Zoro snapped and told her he hated her very existence. Basically, Tashigi’s introduction and continuous reintroduction provides us with significant insight into Zoro’s vulnerabilities and past, AS WELL as hers.

It’s obvious that these two have some serious internal issues brought together “coincidentally” by Kuina and her Wado Ichimonji. Tashigi is a character intended to interact MAINLY with Zoro (apart from Smoker he’s her other great connection). The hostility between them and their childish bickering shows us that they have some form of tension that keeps developing - but their relationship ALSO does have interesting elements: respect (letting her fight alone at Punk Hazard, her reaction after he defeated Monet), tenderness (when he saved her from Monet, letting her take the credit for defeating Monet), comedy (him carrying her, her obsession with Swords - I mean, he has nicknames for her), and depth. it Ain’t some insignificant relationship. The fact that she’s a marine and he’s part of one of the most infamous pirate group just makes their story all the more intricate/tragic.

Moreover, aside from Koshiro, the only other direct “connection” or link to Zoro’s past is Tashigi. Unlike the other crewmates, who’ve had their own arcs, Zoro’s past is still largely unexplored. so far, Tashigi has been the only trigger for his memories and his unresolved anguish. It was her who managed to break Zoro’s stoic shell and composure in Loguetown. It was her who showed us just how vulnerable Zoro is when it comes to his past. He broke down in front of her and told her he couldn’t stand her. He called her a copy-cat. He ran away from her. He saved her. Tashigi, by simply being, managed to shake Zoro so deeply. And the thing is - Tashigi doesn’t understand any of this. She’s just as confused by it as Zoro is. Why is this pirate calling her a copy-cat? Why can’t he cut her down? Why does he save her? She attributes it to her gender and concludes that Zoro looks down on her because she’s a girl, but it’s much deeper than that.

*takes a deep breath* 

​Anywho, to sum it up: Tashigi and Zoro’s relationship is one that transcends the marine/pirate dichotomy; it’s one that is connected on a deeper level due to their past, their interests and ultimately their dreams. They have a complex relationship that’s often marked by frustration and bickering and as such, their interactions always results in character development for both of them - stoic zoro losing his composure and revealing his vulnerability, and Tashigi trying to confront her frustration at not being taken seriously because of her gender - which she accuses Zoro of being complicit in. The fact that tashigi seems to be connected to Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina, complicates their relationship but also further develops it: both Kuina and Tashigi are named after flightless birds, and Oda stated that the message is that “just because a bird cannot fly doesn’t mean it never will.” This makes me suspect that both Kuina and Tashigi harbour similar wills; and what Kuina couldn’t accomplish because of her premature death, Tashigi will. Tashigi will fly in time. She’s getting there, through tears and frustration. Moreover, Zoro and Tashigi’s dreams coincide, and unlike Franky and Robin who are quite mature in their own right because of all they endured (my other OTP), both Zoro and Tashigi still resort to childish antics and arguing and must come to reconcile with their emotions and their apparent weaknesses.

TLDR; there’s beauty and depth and complexity in ZoTash.

anonymous asked:

You know what I don't get? When people act like Shir0 and Ke!th's relationship can be interpreted as brotherly and as ONLY brotherly. You know what I DON'T do to my brother? Give him soft, loving looks and have him as the most important person in my life, the one I "desperately want to see" over my own father. You know what I DO do to my brother? Steal his food, play-fight him with a broom, mock him, "aw, does little Jackie-Wackie has a big girl crush?", you know, SIBLING stuff.

Honestly the most sibling-like dynamic I find in the whole show is probably K/L bc they go from hating each other to being friends to being supportive to pissing each other off again in like five minutes and honestly to me that’s the most sibling like relationship out of them all

NDRV3 and their s/o Relationship Headcanons

“NDRV3 Characters: Relationship Headcanons”

i tried to keep these as fluff-themed as possible! i apologize if some are just too short, but admittedly not everyone is so easy to write for. however, i absolutely love these kiddos, so i had really fun writing for them !! they are all under the cut, because this did end up rather long! – mod chiaki

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Ok so … I’m sorry but i have to say it !
Like … Am I the only one over here who do believe that Wonder Woman should be lesbian ? That Steve -I’m a man and that is the only important thing about me- Trevor wasn’t necessary in Diana storyline ? That the romance between us was VERY NOT NECESSARY ?

Like … I don’t want to be the one to see problems where they are probably not … But i do really think that, saying Diana is bisexual, but then only showing her in a straight relationship (relationship that is going to be the most important in her future storyline) … Is lesbophobia ?

God i hate to bring hate on everything, being the one to say that what someone do is a disguise for something else ! I mean i’m no one to judge their way to create a character, to make and direct a movie … But really !
Like … In my opinion Diana is definitly a lesbian … The same way it’s the default sexuality on earth to be straight ! It’s how our society has normalized us … And living and growing on an island full of women, powerful women, should i say … Who litteraly seak pleasure with each other … Are lesbian !

And i think that saying that Diana is bisexual and making her date men is a way to keep geek boys in the public, that way they can keep fantasizing about her, she stays accessible. It’s a way to keep male audience … To make money.

And i was just wondering, am I really the only one to think that way ?

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I know you said your ult OTP is sugamon, i want to know why is that? I'm curious :)

I. thats a really good question. there are so many reasons.
I love their relation. the way they seem to understand each other without having to say anything. the way they look at each other and sometimes quickly break eye contact, it makes it feel like something secret is happening. I like how they seem so comfortable around each other, after all these years spend together, after all they experienced together and all that they went through together, that they are both calm and everything around them gives off a serene vibe, like it suddenly became more simple to just live and be. I feel like they can relate to each other about many things and at the same time complete each other thanks to how different they are, do you know how hard it is to have a connection like that ? I like how namjoon seems to see yoongi as a hyung he really looks up to and respect, and at the same time like a friend who has flaws and is just fine with them. he likes him the way he is. as for yoongi, it feels like he is very endeared by namjoon but never really shows it like he can show it with hoseok or jimin, simply ‘cause of the way their relationship works. but then, sometimes, you can catch a stare or a glance or a little something that probably weight more than anything and means lot. and thats really the most important pillar of their relation, this entire unspoken affection and comprehension between them two that even seems like way more than what we can imagine or just guess by what we know about them, what we see, what they said about each other. it really feels like that to me, like a deep deep connection thats mostly secret, implied, implicit. but truly palpable, like you can almost physically feel it. its more than just friendship, theres like this total and sincere trust between them, like they know one another so well theres not even one reason nor even one moment of doubt about how the other feels about them. the level of trust when you can be yourself completely and never feel judged or forced to hide things even just out of innocent and non calculated shyness. the level of trust when you dont feel the need to be or say more than what you are or what you want to say, and when you naturally just exist around the other. it is a really, really difficult stage to reach between two human beings. Im not even dramatizing anything, this is clearly how I feel about them and why I love sugamon so much.
and finally, ‘cause I feel like this needs to be said, I dont say all that while automatically considering them as lovers. not at all. I say all that without even putting any label on what they are and how they are around each other. I ship them as friends, as brothers, as lovers. I just ship them as two persons who just click perfectly to me. I love it.


Rackhanne Appreciation Week - Day 1

 Why do you ship them?

We'll make this world our own,
I promise you, you'll never be walking alone.

I shipped them from the moment that she crept from behind his back, and I’ll probably ship them until the dreadful day where she’s going to sneer in his face that he should’ve fought harder. I guess I just really like the casualty that entirely shapes their relationship. Unlike most pairings that I come to like on a show, they were already in a relationship at the beginning of the show, with foundations that probably run almost as deep as the ocean itself, as we’ve come to seen as the show progressed. We’ve seen them go from ‘the casual fuck for both their benefit’ (which was what we got to see as an audience, since they were so intent on covering all the rest underneath that tirade up) to 'holy cow, since when are you so important to me’. I also love how they aren’t blatantly vocal or obvious about their relationship. They don’t do 'vocal’, they do 'yelling in confusion’ wt̶f̶ ̶w̶h̶y̶ ̶a̶m̶ ̶I̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶a̶n̶g̶r̶y̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶?̶!̶ ̶N̶o̶ ̶I̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶c̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶s̶l̶e̶p̶t̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶w̶h̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶J̶a̶c̶k̶,̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶i̶t̶'̶l̶l̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶l̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶'̶l̶l̶ ̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶w̶e̶i̶n̶e̶r̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶s̶.̶  Or how Jack doesn’t go all like 'darling, please no fighting,  you’re important to me and I don’t want you to get hurt over a whore’ but he’s all 'don’t do stupid shit, or I’ll have to get in there and fight those men to stop them from hurting you, and we both know how that’s going to end. Me, dead’. And Anne fucking steps back. That is probably the essence of their relationship. They’d do shit for each other that they wouldn’t do for anyone else, hell they do shit that they’re u n w i l l i n g to do for the sake of the other. Unwilling, and a pirate? They are nouns that do not mash, let me tell you that. I also love how they just stick together, how Anne doesn’t bail despite the offers she got, because Jack wouldn’t be able to go there with her. I chose those lyrics up there, because it is what it is, you know? A simple promise that they won’t have to suffer through all the shit of this world on their own. You’re hell-bent on walking this earth through? Well at least you’re not going to do it alone. And I think that’s a very comforting reassurance.

Guys, I feel the need to make sure everyone knows that I really, really love Hummelberry, ok? Their relationship is so fucking important, it had such an amazing journey, from the fakeover, to duets, to working on their dream, to living a new life, to grief, to teaching together, to her helping him make his family.

They had been so shitty to each other, and so supportive of each other. It’s had so very many ups and downs. I am still sort of amazed that it became probably the most prominent friendship on the whole show, from where it started.

It’s just so beautiful.

Starter guide to Person of Interest

[Update: The episodes Guide is now complete and cleaner. Don’t hesitate to reblog I don’t have any followers^^]

Hi everyone.
I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting to start Poi for Root and Shaw but having no idea what’s it’s about or where to start so i made a starter guide for you. It contains a little characters and story description, a few words about the fandom and at the end you’ll find an episodes guide to help you through.

I’m french and my english is not perfect so i apologize in advance for every mistakes made, hope your eyes won’t bleed ^^
Everything here is my personal opinion that may not be shared by everyone, no intention to offend anyone .

First of all, why watch Person of Interest?

Because it’s one of the best shows you’ll ever going to watch.
It’s not nearly as popular as it should be, and it’s a shame really,it deserve all the awards and it got everything you can ask for.
A good and complicated story with continuity, multidimensional characters that you’re all gonna end up loving, great performances from the actors and nice guest stars, a lot of OITNB cast, Bridget Regan, Katheryn Winnick, just to name a few and there’s a dog too !
It’s action packed with a little dose of humor, great evolution of characters as well as the relationships between them.
That’s a show that’s gonna make you think, make you cry, make you smile and make you swoon forever :)
And there’s Root and Shaw, probably two of the most bad ass women on tv right now. You’ll love them on their own and you’ll love them together. Their relationship is CANON even if it start with subtext and is supported by the writers and the actresses. Actually, Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi are the captains of this ship, search youtube, they’re the cutest.

But little warning, Shaw is a character with an Axis II personality disorder, she’s a sociopath and can’t feel things the way most people do and it’s extremely important to me and other people to respect that. So don’t expect great declaration of love, hugs and kisses, it’s not them, it’s not her and it’s way more subtle than that. So if that’s what you’re looking for go read fan fictions.

What’s the story is about?

Grosso modo, Harold Finch build a computer program, called The Machine, that analyses all our datas to detect terrorist activities. But the machine also detect people who want to hurt others or are about to get hurt and send their social security number to Finch. He team up with John Reese in order to stop what’s about to happened.
It’s start as a procedural with the number of the week but involves a lot of flashback on the origin of The Machine and the characters background. In season 2, there’s a lot more stories arc involving stuff like corrupt cops, government agencies, mafia and The Machine become a character on it’s own. At that point the story become a lot more complicated and interesting and it gets better and better from there with the addition of Root and Shaw.

What about the characters?

Harrold Finch (Michael Emerson ): He’s a computer genius,billionaire and creator of The Machine. He live in secret, changing his name so many times we still don’t know his real one. He’s a little bit paranoid and awkward with people sometimes. He’s the voice of reason, the moral compass of Team Machine and most of the  philosophical aspect of the show come from him. He’s a true gentleman and wouldn’t hurt a bird ;)

John Reese (Jim Caviezel): Former CIA agent who lost everything, even his will to live until Finch comes looking for him. Extremely loyal friend, he would do anything to protect you or rescue you. John loves shooting people in the kneecaps but John doesn’t like to talk about himself or bother people with his problems. John may be a straight white male but he’s not a whinny bitch and even if he doesn’t appeal to you at first, you’re going to love him sooner than you expected.

Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson ): Police detective. Carter is the one arresting John in the pilot and release him before knowing who he really is. She then try for a time to capture the “man in the suit” mostly because he keeps shooting people everywhere he goes but kinda start helping him along the way. She is fierce, smart and you don’t bullshit her, if she has in mind to get you, she will.

Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman): Former dirty cop working with the organization called HR. In the pilot Fusco get in trouble with Reese who later blackmail him into feeding him info on people and the NYPD. Fusco is the comic relief of the show who always have a nickname for everyone. In reality, he’s a good guy who got caught up in shady business. Official Team back up, he’s going to save the day more than once. Somehow he’s still clueless about the truth surrounding The Machine.

Root (Amy Acker): Former Assassin/Hacker for hire, Root start as an antagonist. She is obsessed with the Machine and consider her a God. Root will spend most of the show doing stuff on her side and popping up to help Team Machine when required. Root love The Machine, wielding two guns at the same time, tase and kidnap people but her favorite activity is to flirt with Shaw as well as tie her up.

Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi): Compact Persian Sociopath. Shaw work for the government on the relevant numbers, stopping terrorist all over the world until she’s betrayed by her boss. She has an Axis II personality disorder that makes her a sociopath, in her own words, she can’t feel sad or happy or lonely but do angry okay.
Shaw like food, dogs, guns and in her own way Team Machine, don’t ask her more than that. Gets annoyed all the time by Root attempts at flirting with her but you’re not fooling anyone Sameen.

Bear: The Team mascot. Bear is a former military dog that Reese meet in the first episode of season 2 and take him back with him. Bear is the cutest dog and everybody’s best friend but can rip you apart if ordered to. He give a paw to the team in various situation. Likes to eat Finch’s books and shoes.

There is some nice recurring characters that are important to the show. Mainly Zoe Morgan played by Paige Turco (Abby in the 100) and Carl Elias played by Enrico Colantoni.

What about the ships?

Well, Poi first focus is not romantic relationship but team dynamic.
Most of the relationships are hinted at rather than shown and for once, it’s true for straight and gay pairings. There’s not that much kissing in that show, let alone sex. There’s a few straight relationship that are popular, mainly Finch x Grace and Reese x Zoé but the most popular one are Root x Shaw (Shoot) and Reese x Finch (Rinch). There’s even more m/m fiction on Ao3 than f/f.

Root x Shaw: I’m crazy about them and by the end of season 4 you’ll have become a shoot trash like everyone else. It’s start with a taser, an iron and Shaw tied up to a chair, they’re into kinky shit and that’s CANON too.
Root flirt shamelessly with Shaw every time she sees her and Shaw pretend to be annoyed in order to keep her cool. But they care for each other, really, and the more time pass, the more it become obvious, even to their entourage. That’s a relationship that is treated with a lot of respect, by the characters, by the actors and the writers. You won’t find anywhere else a bi racial same sex couple with one of them having a personality disorder and stay true all along to themselves.
But as i said before, no fluff here, they ain’t gonna end up married with a house, a kid and a dog in the garden. There’s hope for a dog, Shaw would totally steal Bear from Finch lol

Reese x Finch: The original duo of the show, can be seen as a friendship but to me they’re totally MARRIED. Honestly, it would be great if they went for it too. They take care of their dog together, have a baby for a few days, bring each other tea and food, help dress each other, stay beside the bed when one’s hurt, shield each other with their bodies you know, what couples do. There’s is ton of fanart out there and it’s worth a look, super fluffy.

Team Machine: That’s not a ship but it’s probably the most important relationship in the show. The link between each member is really strong, they got each other backs.
But it takes time to build trust between strangers and I’m really glad it doesn’t take 3 episodes like in other shows to become friends. It takes entire season sometimes and it’s an evolution during 4 seasons, each new member has to prove themselves trustworthy and accept to give their trust to others too. It’s a beautiful journey in terms of characters development, they’ve grown so much since the first times we saw them. And without realizing it, every members becomes precious to you. There’s so many BroTP in that show !!

And let’s talk fandom a little bit.

I’m not active member of the fandom, but i notice things, on tumblr, on twitter, on youtube. And frankly, it’s probably one of the least toxic fandom ever. There is no ship wars here, no drama between actors and production, no negativity.
The biggest debate is who’s top and who’s bottom. Answer: Root is top and Shaw is power bottom. Don’t argue with me, i could write a thesis on it ;)
The entire fandom is just pissed because we don’t know when season 5 will air and because CBS treats this show like crap.

Episodes Guide

For Season 1 and 2, everything in black is relevant to Root or Shaw.
For Season 3 and 4, everything in black is relevant to big Root And Shaw episode/scene but they still appear in almost all the other episodes, so don’t skip them unless you’re really here only for Shoot moments. (If that the case, just go Youtube)

For all the episodes, I divided them into 4 categories to help you find what you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s difficult to class them because there’s too much going on, I’ve done my best.
Fillers: Just the number of the day, do not contain any major plot development or characters backstory.
Character Focus: Relevant to one or several characters story, important for their personal development.
Character Flashback: Contain information on the character past, he/she is often the focus of the episode.
General Story: Episode relevant to the major story arc of the show, can concern The Machine, the government, HR, the mafia, Vigilance, Samaritan…. Sometimes 2 or 3 at the same time.

I still advise you to watch the entire show, but this way you know if you need to pay more attention to an episode or play video games while it runs in the background ;)

Season 1: Lots of flashback and fillers in that season.

1.01 Pilot
1.02 Ghosts (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.03 Mission Creep (Reese Flashback)
1.04 Cura Te Ipsum (Fillers)
1.05 Judgment (Fillers)
1.06 The Fix (Zoé introduction)
1.07 Witness (Elias Introduction - General Story)
1.08 Foe (Reese Flashback)
1.09 Get Carter (Carter Flashback)
1.10 Number Crunch (Reese Focus)
1.11 Super (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.12 Legacy (Finch Focus)
1.13 Root Cause (Root Introduction)
1.14 Wolf and Cub (Finch Focus)
1.15 Blue Code (Reese Flashback - Fusco Focus)
1.16 Risk (Fillers)
1.17 Baby Blue (Elias Focus)
1.18 Identity Crisis (Fillers)
1.19 Flesh and Blood (Elias Flashback)
1.20 Matsya Nyaya (Reese Flashback)
1.21 Many Happy Returns (Reese Flashback)
1.22 No Good Deed (Finch/Machine Flashback)
1.23 Firewall (Season Final)

Season 2: At this point, all the episode are relevant to the story or a character, even if it’s just a scene.

2.01 The contingency (Finch/Machine Flashback - Bear - Leon Introduction)
2.02 Bad Code (Root Flashback)

2.03 Masquerade ( General Story)
2.04 Triggerman (Mostly Fillers - Elias)
2.05 Bury the Lede (General Story - Zoé)
2.06 The High Road (Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.07 Critical (General Story - Number of the day are lesbians YAY)
2.08 Til Death (Finch Flashback)
2.09 COD (General Story )
2.10 Shadow Box (Carter Focus - General Story)
2.11 2 Pi R (General Story)
2.12 Prisoner’s Dilemma (Reese Flashback - General Story)
2.13 Dead Reckoning (Reese Focus - General Story)
2.14 One Percent (Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.15 Booked Solid (General Story - Zoé)
2.16 Relevance (Shaw Introduction)

2.17 Proteus (Mostly Fillers)
2.18 All In (Mostly Fillers)
2.19 Trojan Horse (Shaw and Carter Focus - General Story)
2.20 In Extremis (Fusco Focus - General Story)
2.21 Zero Day (Final part 1 -  Finch/Machine Flashback)
2.22 God Mode (Final part 2 -  Finch/Machine Flashback)

Season 3: At this point, Root and Shaw are regular. Shaw is in every episodes.

3.01 Liberty (Root Focus)
3.02 Nothing to Hide (General Story - Introduction Vigilance)
3.03 Lady Killer (Root Focus - General Story)
3.04 Reasonable Doubt (Fillers)
3.05 Razgavor (Shaw Flashback - General Story)
3.06 Mors Praematura (General Story)
3.07 The Perfect Mark (General Story)
3.08 Endgame (Carter Focus - General Story)
3.09 The Crossing (Carter Focus - General Story)
3.10 The Devil’s Share (Team Flashback - General Story)
3.11 Lethe (Finch Flashback - Introduction to Samaritan)
3.12 Aletheia (Finch Flashback - General Story)
3.13 4C (Reese Focus)
3.14 Provenance (Fillers)
3.15 Last Call (Fillers)
3.16 RAM (Team Flashback)
3.17 Root Path (Root Focus)
3.18 Allegiance (Mostly Fillers)
3.19 Most Likely To (General Story)
3.20 Death Benefit (General Story)
3.21 Beta ( Finch Flashback - General Story)
3.22 A House Divided (Final part 1 - Vigilance Flashback)
3.23 Deus Ex Machina (Final part 2)

Season 4: Honestly, all the episode are relevant to the general story since everything is connected now.

4.01 Panopticon (General Story)
4.02 Nautilus (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.03 Wingman (Mostly fillers)
4.04 Brotherhood (General Story - Introduction to the brotherhood)
4.05 Prophets (Finch/machine Flashback - General Story)
4.06 Pretenders (General Story)
4.07 Honor Among Thieves (Shaw Focus - General Story)
4.08 Point of Origin (General Story)
4.09 The Devil You Know (Elias Focus - General Story)
4.10 The Cold War (Greer Flashback - General Story)
4.11 If-Then-Else (Finch/Machine Flashback - General Story)

4.12 Control-Alt-Delete (Control Focus - General Story)
4.13 M.I.A.(Root Focus - General Story)
4.14 Guilty (Fillers)
4.15 Q&A (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.16 Blunt (General Story)
4.17 Karma (Finch Flashback)
4.18 Skip (Finch Focus - General Story)
4.19 Search and Destroy (Root Focus- General Story)
4.20 Terra Incognita (Reese Flashback)
4.21 Asylum (Final part 1 - Root Focus)
4.22 YHWH (Final part 2)

That’s it, i hope it will help some of you during your journey into Person Of Interest.

[TRANS] ‘ANAN’ Magazine February Issue - PT.1 [ B.I x BOBBY x DONGHYUK ]

[ Jinhwan & Junhoe ] | [ Yunhyeong & Chanwoo ]


Q: Please tell us what do you think of when people say “Ah! That’s your charm!”

Bobby: B.I is…

B.I: The fact that we have a lot of skinship.

Q: A self-confession? *laughs* As you say this, now you’re linking arms with Bobby and your left hand is on Donghyuk’s thigh.

B.I: *gets startled and becomes bashful all of a sudden*

Bobby: Girls may like it, but honestly I can’t really deal with it well (B.I’s skinship)

Donghyuk: Maybe it’s because Bobby was schooled in America? The other members don’t care as much, but for me I welcome it.

Q: Where do you often touch ?

B.I: A variety of…everywhere.

Bobby: Down to the dangerous places.

*3 members burst into laughter*

B.I: Wait-wait a minute! It’s because it’s a habit. I’ve been very touchy-feely since young.

Bobby:  B.I’s charm, rather than skinship is more of definitely being able to say what needs to be said, whether the other party is a senior, producer or a trainee that is younger than him. Towards the members, because he’s able to convey criticism to us clearly I think that’s why we were able to grow to what we are today.

Q: Towards the famously strict President Yang, are you able to speak out/object to what he says as well?

B.I: I can’t do that/It’d be bad to. As long as I’m in YG that would be unreasonable *laughs*. As for Donghyuk…his charm is his freedom and existence.

Donghyuk: What is that…*laughs*

Q: Jinhwan said this :”The charm of iKON lies in Donghyuk’s existence.”

Donghyuk: *claps his hands and erupts into laughter* Everyone, what are you saying? *laughs* Since this is a proper interview, please use more understandable/logical answers.

B.I: Because we sincerely mean it. Donghyuk is a good/pleasant person, because he has a bright personality  he’s able to become friendly with anyone. When we first met Donghyuk helped by breaking the ice.

Bobby: The way he eats is also cute. Although this can be a charm or a weakness…

Donghyuk: You want to say I eat too much, right? *laughs* I put on weight since our debut. A little. Because of that, recently what I eat is checked by B.I.

Bobby: “Yesterday night what did u eat?” What time did you eat?” Things like that. Those are the questions he asks.*laughs*

Donghyuk: So! Before we carry on with this let me change the topic. The way Bobby thinks before he acts can also be said to be “the manliest of men”. That aspect of him is cool. When you want to get a girl you like, what do you do ?

Bobby: *pushes against the wall as if it’s a real situation*  You, I like you!

B.I: Pew pew~! But, as I thought, the most charming point of Bobby is his baby-like smiley face. Even in times where work  gets tough Bobby’s smiley face has saved me many times. I think that aspect of Bobby has contributed to raising iKON’s image more than anything else.

Bobby: The strongest smiley face ! Charisma! I’ve neem thankful that the sunbaes also told me they like my smiley face. Previously I also received a compliment from BIG BANG’s TOP sunbaenim that my face was “Cute!” I was very happy to hear that, so I started going smiley-eyed whenever I met TOP. In response TOP sunbaenim had an astonished expression and said “What’s wrong?”. It was rather a feeling of being rejected.

Q: Painful. *laughs* However you guys are really harmonious!

Bobby: Probably because we live together. The members have always been together,  for a long time of about 5 years and we haven’t fought even once.

Donghyuk: Although there are times when our opinions differ, because we give in to each other it doesn’t become a fight.

B.I: Our teamwork is also good!

Donghyuk: The time when you can feel our teamwork the most is when we dance together for <RHYTHM TA>!

B.I: During our practices when we are able to decide as a team on something it’s an amazing feeling.

Bobby: Our teamwork is our biggest weapon.

Q: Do you have something, your individual appeal that you use as your killer weapon on stage ?

Donghyuk: For me it’s dance. I show my dancing in the middle of talking and whenever there are gaps/changes I dance…

Bobby: That’s a hindrance for me *laugh*.  Can I talk about B.I’s ? B.I winks on stage, but only once. He keeps a proper facial expressions, but at the most important times he does it once. That’s why the impact of it is impressive. More importantly I’m envious of his ability to communicate with fans.

Q:Are you the tsundere( a hot-cold personality type) type in love too ?

B.I: I haven’t experienced being in a relationship…

Donghyuk: He’d probably be surprisingly tsundere in a relationship too ? *laughs* Bobby’s killer tactic for a relationships is his “cool stoic face”. That is definitely a calculated move!

Bobby: Fufufu. From a smiley face to a cool stoic face!

Donghyuk: A win with cool face..I’ll learn it *laughs*

Trans by FAIRYJINHWAN_ | take out with full credits.

I just love how important fusions have ended up being. They were introduced early on as mostly this cool alien power. And for a long time it was like “Fusion is one of the Gem powers, its really cool” and even in the beginning its basically described as a weapon. Overtime we learned more and more about it but it was until recently (”Alone Together” and then “Jailbreak”) that it became clear that fusion is SO much more important than it originally seemed to be. It’s not just a cool Gem thing, its an extremely important part of the plot, probably one of the most important things (considering how much the show is about relationships.

I just really love how they took something that just seemed like a cool magic thing and actually made it something incredibly important and meaningful. And its SUCH an abstract concept. They’re personified relationships. That’s such an abstract concept but its SO interesting. I remember during the AMA, Rebecca described them as “living relationships” and it just blew me away, I thought it was such a poetic way of looking at it (mind you, the AMA was before “Coach Steven” even aired, so we knew next to nothing about fusions at the time) but it turns out it was actually more of a literal description. And yet still so abstract.

The whole concept fascinates me and I love it

lindathehobbit  asked:

Thank you for the fascinating analyses of lighting and cinematography. For curiosity's sake, suppose the relationship between John and Sherlock is just as they say. John is straight and Sherlock considers sex a waste of time and energy. They are men who love each other very much, who are probably the most important person in each other's lives, but they aren't IN love. How would that affection and co-dependence be lighted and shot? Would it be different from what we see in the show?

This question broke my brain.

It’s practically impossible for me to answer, because on the one hand, I think it would be a different show entirely, but on the other, I think it would be exactly the same. Like, there isn’t special lighting that signals sexual vs. platonic love — well okay there is this one scene

Which is like the most romantic date scene lighting I have ever seen. If you didn’t know you were watching Sherlock you’d think you were watching a rom-com.

And then the following chase scene, their very first adventure together—the very core, the foundation of the Holmes and Watson relationship—

—all of it visually matches the extremely romantic restaurant lighting. (Shot after shot, go see my Purple post in my meta page.)

Would that change if they wanted to sleep together versus if they didn’t want to sleep together? I don’t know? Maybe? Is their relationship like a romantic relationship or is it actually a romantic relationship?

Would John be presented as a visual mirror, shot for shot, to Irene in ASIB when she says they’re a couple, and look at them both? Surrounded by sad blue colors?

I’m guessing that whole scene would look different. Extremely different. That scene might not even exist.

Would John be focusing on his fiancee instead of on Sherlock at death’s door after the fire (signaled by the fact that Sherlock is the one who is lit and is in focus)? Is Sherlock more important than Mary if John’s not technically “in love” with Sherlock? I guess you’re saying he still is, but more important than Mary? 

And TSOT, all of it, like all of it, would be different.

Would John “accidentally” fall in between Sherlock’s legs on the stag night (twice)?

Would Sherlock look embarrassed and pull his hand away when Tessa says she wanted to “go further” on her date?

What does he have to look embarrassed about if he doesn’t want to go further with John? He’d be comfortable, wouldn’t he? He’d just leave his hand there because her words have nothing to do with him.

Would John stand up and be claimed while Sherlock walks down the aisle pointing at him? Would John walk into the background of the shot when Janine says “I wish you weren’t whatever it is you are?”

Would Sherlock be framed in romantic candlelight while playing the waltz at John’s wedding? Maybe? Maybe not?

Would Sherlock be shown leaving the wedding early, alone, the wedding that’s lit and colored just like their first night together, in purple lilac lavender and yellow?

Would Janine be taking up John’s whole world in HLV, making him look/feel tiny and distant?

Do you frame John with the engagement ring?

And this shot, well, I mean…

If you want to show that John’s wife shot Sherlock, but Sherlock’s not in love with John no never not that, do you really put her in a wedding dress to do it? They could have had her shoot him while in the purple dress and stole she wore in TEH, the first time Sherlock saw her. She’s already in it for that other shot, it would have saved a lot of time in filming. And it wouldn’t have “confused” anyone. 

Other parts of the show wouldn’t change at all, because it’s about more than just their relationship. They also solve crimes and punch people and stuff. Sometimes there is tea.

Mizuhara Kiko Gets "Posh", Grazia China, May 28th 2014

Written by Celine Wang. Translated by Mika/fuku-shuu, thank you so much!

She is the one foreign star GRAZIA has covered diligently, and we have crossed borders again and again for the opportunity to photograph her.

Because she really is “major” - even with no headlines or significant ambitions, her popularity never wanes, while both fashion and entertainment industries continue to adore her. If this isn’t the definition of noteworthy, then we’ll really have to modify its meaning in the dictionary. Yes, Mizuhara Kiko is officially posh.

First of all, GRAZIA must face the truth - that is, other than “silly” rumors, Mizuhara Kiko has not had much public exposure or discussion for the past six months. The closest she has been to her Chinese fans was when she attended the new Miu Miu store opening in Hong Kong earlier this year. Other than that, everyone has become dependent on her daily selfies on instagram to fulfill their curiosities. So, it’s a good thing that as soon as you meet her in person, the conversation topics surface automatically.

As usual, we meet up with Kiko herself at her agency. She dons a white sports jacket, American Apparel’s black jeans, and Saint Laurent’s mini motorcycle bag. Between a pair of casually-tied braids, she’s bareface and still as playful as ever, but with some additional degrees of elegance. After hair, makeup, and discussion on the day’s plans, Kiko quickly enters professional mode. The photographer asks, “Please run to a point 100 meters away.” - and she takes off without a single word; the editor requests, “Circle around twice with the bicycle.” - and Kiko rides along without shifting her expression towards the camera. No extra communications necessary, and no instances of her being flighty or playing coy. The whole photoshoot ends efficiently, professionally — what is going on? This seems to be quite a 180 from the vivacious, quirky young woman we saw the past two times!

“Maybe she really is too tired, especially after these past six months.” Her management team tells us. The topic of this shoot is “vacation,” but Kiko has not had a single night’s rest for a whole year. After filming “Trick the Movie: Last Stage” in 2013, she immediately went to work on the drama “Shitsuren Chocolatier.” Less than a month after that project wrapped, she already ventured into a new production. And this doesn’t even take into account her usual photoshoots and fashion endeavors. During February’s Milan Fashion Week, she was invited to walk for the brand Moschino. “It wasn’t really too complicated. One day we suddenly received the request from the designer’s staff via phone, and it’s a brand I love very much, so we agreed pretty quickly.” Kiko says. According to insiders, when it comes to accepting jobs in fashion, Kiko never overthinks - in her mind, it’s usually a “favor for a friend.” And in regards to the endless amount of complimentary, beautiful garb, she doesn’t attempt to hide anything, “I have quite a few friends who are designers or work in the business, so they just give me a lot of clothes.”

What deserves a mention is that in the primetime series “Shitsuren Chocolatier,” the young woman Kiko portrays happens to be a lively, straightforward model - Erena. Even though this series didn’t get an official braodcast in China, Kiko’s own appeal, on top of the immense popularity of Matsumoto Jun and Ishihara Satomi, cause it to swiftly became one of the hottest shows abroad. Erena’s relationship view of “Sex is separate from love, while confessions should be courageous” also inspired heated chatter among fans. The craziest ones even made a database of all her spoken lines and the individual pieces she wore throughout the show. “I really admire girls like Erena, and that was what attracted me to the series in the first place. In real life, I probably wouldn’t be so direct. My feelings are more slowburn, and I need ample time to understand or like someone. The most important quality I look for is a person who can give me comfort and happiness when we’re together. And if said person has good fashion sense, then it’s even better.” Says Kiko. As for all the love scenes with Matsumoto Jun, she admits she was quite nervous: “I felt quite shy, so I always asked Jun for advice. But he always told me, ‘Even if embarrassed, we have no choice, right?’ Ah! It was a revelation, and I realized that I had to be more professional.”

Despite her breakout role as Midori in “Norwegian Wood,” Kiko’s film and TV projects, or even her amount of screentime in each, aren’t actually too numerous. But each character is a new challenge: “Because I’m still a novice in terms of acting, I always want to try a lot of different roles. I’m never the main character, anyhow, so right now there wouldn’t be a case where a film’s box office tanked because of me alone. Even if that does happen eventually, I can’t really help the fact - I can only focus on how to portray my characters well.”

The latest news is that Kiko is going to have the starring role in an action film. “It really is a huge challenge, but I’ve wanted to be part of one for so long, and now I finally get the opportunity.” Right now, she has to undergo three to four hours of wire work and fight training on a daily basis. In addition, she also has to complete muscle-building routines at the gym. Even though the concealer hid much of it, during the photoshoot, we still saw hints of the bruises on her legs. “I don’t know if I’ve grown up - that’s probably better for others to judge. The director for every project is different, so every time I enter a production I start from a blank slate. What I can be certain is that I’m totally confident in memorizing lines now!”

Insiders of the Japanese entertainment industry tell GRAZIA that Kiko is already at the very top in terms of female entertainers in Japan. Even though she’s not a “Queen” yet, she definitely has the momentum of a successor. 1.2 million Instagram fans, appearances at all the major fashion events, designing for brands like Diesel, Reebok, and Opening Ceremony on the side, and those endless magazine covers month after month. With such a gigantic following propelling her, what does the 23-year-old Mizuhara Kiko have to worry about? Perhaps, doing what she wishes is the best choice for now, because anything is possible. Just as she says, “My job has a model helped me accumulate a lot of experience, but I can’t do it for my entire life. I must use whatever I’ve learned in other places. I don’t know what those are yet, but right now acting is making me very happy, so I’ll do this for now.”

anonymous asked:

How important do you think it is that a couple share common interests - for example, being able to geek out over tv shows/books/movies/pop culture? I went a few dates with a guy and he was good looking and nice enough but he could not care less about that sort of stuff. I think you can probably understand caring about that stuff maybe even too much - so it just felt like we had nothing in common. Ugh. Dating is hard.

You were wise to come to me for dating advice. The most important thing in a relationship is communication (I’ve expanded on this point in chapters six and seven in my new book How to Fight Presidents, available everywhere books are sold). The SECOND most important thing in a relationship is making sure your genitals fit in a way that is pleasing to you (both). Also your dog needs to like this person, that’s important, and if you don’t have a dog break up with whomever you’re dating and adopt a dog and then realize you don’t need anyone because your dog was the soulmate you were looking for this whole time. 

Knowing that I will be 10 months clean on 1989's 1 year anniversary and MY SHOW makes me so emotional

Don’t touch me

But really

Just because you’re clean doesn’t mean you don’t miss it.

I’ve had a very long journey these past 7.5 (almost 8) and it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done… But it’s also one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Being in a toxic relationship is no joke.

Trusting someone with your heart and your body is no joke.

And having that person you trust with the most important parts of you, force you? Break you? It’s no joke.

I could tell you exactly what day I “woke up and gone was any trace of you”

That was the best day of my life.

I’m very proud of myself.

I’m okay. I’m finally okay.


it annoys me that the only fics i’ve ever seen turned into movies or books are fics which feature pretty solidly abusive relationships disguised as ‘bad boy/good girl’ or 'bdsm’ or 'complicated’ – like nah it’s straight up abusive don’t give me that. like stop making fun of the fact that some young girl wrote a probable self-insert fanfic about harry and start talking about how some young girl wrote and is publishing this book which she apparently has no idea features a highly emotionally and mentally abusive relationship between the main characters; who cares that it’s a self-insert i don’t give a rat’s ass THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE.


Spibsy, V, I see what you’re saying, that making fun of someone for writing a probably self-insert is obscuring the real issue, but I think the idea that this story is (or could be) a self insert is important.

*I* care that it’s a self-insert. I care that this young girl is writing this as wish-fulfillment, and as what she thinks she deserves, what she wants for herself. Because she’s writing what she sees portrayed in our society as desirable, but she’s putting HERSELF in the title role. And that’s dangerous, It’s dangerous for her and for her readers.

And I want to present this story as evidence that these messages that our society gives young women, that they’re only worth anything if a man says he loves them, and in addition to that, that the abusive behaviors PROVE that he really does. He must, or he wouldn’t be jealous, wouldn’t put up with her. Stories like ‘Always’ show that these messages (that we agree are TOXIC and hateful and dangerous) are taking root, and young women are deciding that they want that. And that upsets me. So I agree that nobody should be making fun of the fact that the story is probably a self-insert, but I do think that idea is important to the discussion. Ya know? ~ k8monster

#a good point and something i mentioned later in the conversation v and i were having#what matters most is that young girls are going to internalize that abusive rhetoric is just how relationships ARE or SHOULD BE#and that is super harmful#when i said the fact that it’s a self-insert is unimportant#i meant that it specifically should not be what people have a problem with#but this should be recognized yes (via heyspibsy)

Absolutely.  The issue is that people are mocking the idea of girls/women/fic writers-at-large writing themselves into fic because it is, to them, an inherently funny idea that they should want to imagine themselves in romantic or sexual scenarios and/or because they see it as a sign of automatically bad writing (note that this almost only ever is applied to self-insert characters by women or girls, where Stan Lee, Dan Brown, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, White Male Writers In General can write the same male-power fantasy over and over and it’s considered ~empathetic narration~ or whatever).  The problem isn’t really that people are noticing that it’s self-insert, but that the surface facts of that are what they a) notice and b) automatically see as mockworthy. 

On one level, that annoys me because I DON’T think that it’s inherently mockworthy for girls/women/nonbinary people to write themselves into exploratory sexual fantasy, and that’s one of the aspects of fanfiction that is most maligned by the “outside world” and the one aspect that I think is actually the most salient and important part of fanfiction/fandom as a subculture.  It’s not one that I personally take part in as a writer because I just don’t have those feelings about the people/characters I write and that I don’t participate in as a reader because it feels too much like reading someone’s diary for my taste, but I think that self-insert fic is really important and really valid, even if I haven’t ever read one that I thought was like… actually serviceable writing.  The writing of them isn’t the point; the experience of the author while writing it is the point, and to that end, like, more power to anyone who wants to Mary Sue a fic.  Genuinely.  Anyone who is shitting on After just because it’s a self-insert One Direction het fic can go stick a fork in their eyeballs because they are disrespecting one of the only cultural outlets that young women have for self-centered pro-female kink-positive anti-abuse anti-misogyny non-threatening sexual exploration and gratification.

BUT.  If they, you, we, whoever, is criticizing After for NOT FULFILLING THAT — being pro-female, anti-abuse, non-threatening, and kink-positive, I mean, which is what good fic and a good fanfiction community should strive to be — then that is Very Important.  Because I feel like the continued veneration of these horrifically abusive, woman-negative, heteronormative, kink-negative fics by the mainstream world is really telling in a really negative way and it’s setting up fandom and the fanfiction community a) as something that it is not, and b) for something that it does not want.  I already have a Lot Of Reservations about publishing paying attention to the fic world at all, because I think introducing the idea of monetary compensation or “traditional success” into a self-modulating gift economy is already gross and problematic, but I think that SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE the most frequently “rewarded” fics perpetuate these abusive, hetero-focused, and frankly badly researched kink-negative ideals, the publishing world’s interest in fanfiction is downright malicious.

Because if the new business model for fandom, for young women and teenage girls and women and related audiences, is “this heinously abusive self-insert story has 55 million [dubious] hits, let’s produce it,” then the business model becomes “this plotline is what this target demo wants,” and the idea of abuse normalizes.  More than it already has for this audience, which like, IDK how much paranormal romance you read in the YA section, but it’s pretty ubiquitous already.  And if the business model becomes making money off of abuse of women, then the abuse of women has become a commodity.  And when it is a commodity, it is something that people strive to own.  It becomes a marker of success to be an abuser of women or to be abused.  And that is so, so not okay.

So here are my thoughts...

on the whole Iris choosing Eddie over Barry situation. Honestly I don’t think its simply her loving one more than the other. What a lot of it came down to was timing. The show continually showed that Iris intensely loved Barry. He was probably the most important person in her life. We saw her true feelings at the Tsunami confession and then again at Barry’s bedside when he was in a coma (to name a few examples). It was showed over and over that Barry was always someone important to her, always someone that she loved. 

But they never got the timing right..

Both waited too long to confess their feelings for each other. Both of them terrified of what that change would bring to their relationship. To me its very understandable that Iris wanted to honor her feelings for Eddie. She’s not the type of person to kick someone to the curb and cut them out of her life. I have no doubt that she loved Eddie too, though to me it was never be the kind of love that would endure. She decided to honor the commitment she had with Eddie. To be able to choose her own path. She did not decide she loved Eddie more and Barry less. 

Honestly the finale really showed how much Barry and Iris love each other. How selfless their love is. Both were willing to let go of the other, possibly lose them forever, if that meant the other would be happy. Barry and Iris feelings for each other other will always be more than just romantic. It can’t be so simply defined and categorized. What they share between the two of them defies words, obstacles, and yes even time. 

I’m hearing that some think Barry and Iris relationship will never be the same again. I think that’s correct but that doesn’t mean that it will be a negative thing. THe biggest problem between Barry and Iris is that they were both afraid to take the steps to let change happen in their relationship. Now they’ll be forced to face what they mean to each other. I have no doubt there are tough times ahead. But remember that no matter what is thrown at Barry and Iris, they will always find a way back to each other.