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Who’s at the Door?

So I’ve had this idea regarding Callie’s return floating around in my head for a while, and after last night’s episode, I thought it was time to get it out there. I might turn this into a little mini series. I’m not sure. It depends on what you guys think of it!

I wrote this pretty quickly so I apologize if it’s pretty crappy lol but I hope y’all enjoy it! Feedback is always appreciated. :)

A loud knocking on her front door caused Arizona to pull back from savory Italian lips. The blonde threw her head back and let out a frustrated groan. She was not in the mood. After a long day of saving dying babies and dying mothers, the fetal surgeon had been looking forward to coming home to a sweet, sweet release, and whoever was currently pounding on her front door was ruining it.

Arizona began maneuvering herself off of blue sheets, only to be pulled back down by a gentle hand wrapped around her bicep.

“They can wait,” Carina whispered breathlessly against the blonde’s lips before connecting them once again.

Smiling, Arizona pulled away. As much as she wanted to stay and finish this, she had a feeling it was her friend whom was at the door. Her friend whom she’d ditched to spend some sexy time with her girlfriend, so she thought it would be best if she didn’t ignore the persistent knocking that had still yet to stop.

“It’s probably just April. We had plans tonight and I forgot to cancel. I’ll be right back.”

Making her way through the kitchen, Arizona straightened out her clothes as she approached the front door. Reaching for the doorknob, she started with her explanation.

“Hey, April, i’m so-“

Arizona froze, mouth agape, stunned into silence. The person standing on the other side of the door was not April. No, the person standing opposite of her right now was the absolute last person she had expected to see.

Her ex-wife stood in front of her, tears rimming her chocolate brown eyes. The first thing Arizona noticed was how hallow they looked. Bags under her eyes as if she hadn’t slept in days. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.

“Don’t speak. Just listen. Okay?”

Arizona didn’t respond; her heart was pounding in her chest. A part of herself thought she might be hallucinating. ’Is she really here? No. She couldn’t be, right? I mean, she’s supposed to be in New York. And happy. With her Penny.’

But taking one look at her, she knew the last thing Callie had been was happy. And the thought of Callie being unhappy sent a pang through her chest.

“I made a mistake, going to New York.. and taking Sofia away from you-“

The blonde’s eyebrows furrowed. “Callie, we al-“

The brunette held up her right hand, signaling for the blonde to stop talking. “Just listen to me, please?” Callie pleaded a little desperately.

Arizona swallowed the nerves building in her stomach, and stayed silent.

“but that’s not why i’m here.”

The wrinkles between Arizona’s eyebrows became even more pronounced. ‘Huh? Oh god, is she here because she wants to take Sofia back to New York?’

Sensing Arizona’s confusion, Callie quickly jumped to correct herself.

“I-I mean, of course I miss Sofia, and I still feel horrible for what I did, but that’s not why I flew the six hours from New York to Seattle and showed up on your doorstep in the middle of the night,“ Callie joked with a hesitant chuckle, attempting to assuage the thick tension circulating between them. But as presumed, her attempt elicited no response from her ex, and the brunette let out a sigh before continuing. “I made a mistake, Arizona. I left you for a woman I barely knew and I didn’t want to admit it at the time but I knew, deep down i knew, I was making the wrong decision. But I thought that the only way I was ever going to be able to move on with my life was if I left Seattle, if I left you.”

Callie searched the blonde’s face for some sort of reaction and watched as the light that had shone in Arizona’s eyes since she’d first opened the door dissipated, but all the while her face remained neutral. No furrowing of the eyebrows. No sadness. No nothing.

“but I was stupid, really, really stupid to think that. Because there is no getting over you, Arizona.”

And there it was again. The light.


Arizona stood motionless; her face neutral. She didn’t want her ex-wife to know how her admission made her heart flutter; how conflicted her emotions were. Underlying anger, she hadn’t even realized she still had, that she’d left in the first place. Frustration that she chose now to come back and tell her all of this. Pain because of how unhappy Callie appeared to be. Happiness that she wasn’t over her.

“Honestly, I didn’t even realize just how much I missed you until Sofia left. Since I couldn’t see those dimples of hers that reminded me of you every single day, or all the other little things you do that she’s picked up on. And I’m sure you’ve noticed them too,” Callie offered a small smile.

Arizona had noticed. But what she’d noticed more was how she was just like Callie. A miniature Calliope.

“And I know I’m rambling but I didn’t prepare what I wanted to say to you and I’m probably screwing all of this up but-” Callie released an embarrassed laugh. “but what i’m trying to say here is… I miss you.”

With those three words, Arizona’s eyes closed. Tears springing in her eyes, she inhaled a deep breath. Her heart was racing. She’d missed her too.

‘Me too. More than you know.’ was what she wanted to say.

“And I broke up with Penny a few months ago.”

Arizona’s eyes shot open, her jaw dropping in shock. Arizona knew exactly what Callie meant by that revelation. For a split second, forgetting all about Carina, Arizona debated leaping forward and latching her lips onto hers. The temptation was overwhelming, but her loyalty was overpowering. She was not a cheater. She couldn’t do that to Carina. She couldn’t hurt someone like that ever again. So Arizona just stood there, staring into hopeful chocolate brown eyes, pleading with her to just say something. Anything. But she had no clue of what to say.

After a few seconds, possibly minutes, of suffocating silence, Arizona tilted her head, finally noticing and taking in the biggest change, physically, of Callie.

“You changed your hair.”

Callie released the breath she’d been holding; it almost sounded like a whimper. And it cut into Arizona’s heart like a dagger. Clearly, that wasn’t what the brunette’d been hoping for her to say.

“Yeah, I-I wanted a change,” her voice cracked and she cleared her throat as tears threatened to spill over. “Um, you-you don’t like it?”

Arizona’s eyes widened. “No! No-n-n-n-n-no. no! It’s um-it’s nice.”

‘How could she think that? She looks stunning. Miraculous. Badass.’

“You, um, you look really pretty.”

Silence fell over them once again; it had been so long since the last time they’d looked at each other in this way and they couldn’t peel their eyes away from each other…. Until another voice entering the room shocked them back to reality.

“Arizona? Who’s at the door?”


I was leaving the grocery store and as I was walking back to my apartment, I saw a homeless man lying on the ground. I decided to give him some food and a bottle of water but when I crouched down, I couldn’t believe in my eyes. Dylan O'brien, my favorite actor of all, whom I haven’t heard of since 2 years, was there in front of me in one of the worst situations. He was probably sleeping. I noticed his forehead had turned into a bright pink color so I instinctively put my hand over him. He was really hot, and not just in the way you think I mean it. “Dylan, hey Dylan.” I said to him and shook him gently to get him to wake up and take him at my apartment. He wasn’t the first homeless person I’d take care of and he certainly wasn’t the last. I am a doctor after all. Well, a pediatrician but that’s the same thing.

I was met by his honey brown eyes. He had a confused look on his face. “Don’t worry, I’m just going to take care of you.” I took him by his arm, careful not to hurt him, and put it over my shoulder. I could tell he didn’t have the energy to speak or walk. I took my bags and led him to my apartment. Several people were looking at me like I was a crazy person for even touching a homeless guy, but you know what they say. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Once we arrived, I left my things on a kitchen table right after I gently sat him down on the couch. My apartment was big enough for 2 people, so he could stay as long as he wanted to. I went to the bathroom and turned on the warm water so Dylan would get in the bathtub. After that, I took a spoon and some syrup that would help with his fever. When I went to the living room, he was fully awake. “You really didn’t have to do this.” He said with a raspy voice. “No, I really did. Especially when the person is my most favorite actor.” I smiled at him. He smiled a sad smile back. Placed the spoon between his lips and he slurped the medicine. “You need to take a shower, you know. My brother has left some of his clothes here and I think they’ll fit you perfectly. By the way, you don’t have to worry about a place to stay, because you’re welcome here.” He couldn’t do anything but smile.

I got up and helped him up as well. I led him to the bathroom and took his ripped shirt off. Then followed his sweat pants. He was left with only his underwear and I felt myself blush a little. “Um, can you-” “I got it.” He smiled at me once again and I turned around to give him some space. I heard him get in the bathtub and groan. I turned around and got the shampoo and poured some in my hands. I began massaging his head while he washed his body. “Can I at least learn my savior’s name?” He looked up at me. “Y/N Y/L/N.”

Dylan got dressed in the clothes and laid down on my bed, I pulled the thick, black blankets over him. I noticed him shaking. He was probably still cold. “Are you cold, Dylan?” “Yes, a little bit, but don’t worry about it.” He hadn’t even finish his sentence while I got in the bed with him and hugged him close to my chest. “Thank you. For everything.” He mumbled in the crook of my neck. I hugged him closer to me as a response. He fell fast asleep. So did I.


anonymous asked:

is ToG worth reading? is it as good as ACOTAR series? and if its no trouble can you give me a small description of the series, pretty please!

I’d say ToG is definitely worth reading, you can see places and characters that probably inspired ACOTAR characters & locations for sure (as you get to them, Rowan + Aedion = Rhysand).

The thing with ToG… even the diehard fans agree that the first 2 books are HARD to get through. The first book is very straight-line, the 2nd has a core story but then it’s like there was a minimum page requirement and so there’s a lot of frankly forgettable filler (anything about Mort).

Now, far as I understand it at that point the publisher threatened to drop the series, it just wasn’t selling, and Maas must have sold her soul or something because in Book 3, that’s when you look at it and go “Oh there you are Maas!”. That’s when it feels like it’s in the same league as the ACOTAR series.

Unfortunately, the first 2 books are major setups for stuff that happens in the “good” part of the series. But yeah, you “get through” book 1, you tolerate book 2, and then Book 3-5 are wonderful. A whole different league, and a TON of new characters you’ll look back at and wonder how the series even survived without them :)

Personally, I rate Throne of Glass as a 7/10, and ACOTAR as a 9.5/10 if not higher. It just feels like a very together series and the characters are amazing, whereas in ToG you kind of see Maas searching for who her characters will be and who doesn’t make the cut (Mort) and like with Feyre’s father in ACOTAR, kind of forgetting characters even exist (the Queen and the brother).

So yes, it’s worth a go, but it is no ACOTAR.

That being said, your spoiler free summary (I know it’s not small like you asked)  :)

Years ago, the King of Hybern Adarlan, a kingdom of humans, found a way to destroy or block all magic across Prythian  Erilea. He first overthrew Terrasen, a kingdom that was mostly populated by Fae or half-fae and slaughtered their royal family, including the heir apparent to the throne and his daughter, the Princess Aelin. Once Terrasen fell, the rest of the continent wasn’t far off.

Throne of Glass follows the adventures of teenage assassin Celaena Sardothien, who builds a name for herself across Erilea as the most prolific assassin in history. When she is captured, the King of Adarlan has her secreted away to a slave mine to die instead of publicly executing her and embarrassing all those terrified or manipulated by Celaena thinking she was some kind of demon when she was really just a teenager.

A year later, Celaena is freed by the King’s son- Dorian Havilliard, and his best friend Chaol, Captain of the Guard for the King. She is conscripted by the prince to compete in a tournament to see who will become the King’s Champion- essentially a government sponsored assassin. Celaena agrees, figuring she’ll either escape during the tournament or earn a full pardon and go off… assassin-ing again.

As a series, ToG follows Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol as they begin to fight back against the evil King of Adarlan and find a way to bring back magic. In their adventures (Books 3 & 4) they are joined by:::

  • Rowan Whitethorn- a fae prince and LEGENDARILY badass warrior (with tattoos and an attitude problem, so RHYSAND)
  • Aedion Ashryver- AKA “Cassian with Rhysand’s backstory”- cousin to the late Princess Aelin of Terrasen, and overall comic relief.
  • (Eventually) Aelin- now the rightful Queen of Terrasen- a badass half-fae bitch you DO NOT MESS WITH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SERIOUSLY JUST RUN. I love you Aelin, but there are like 15 screws loose in your head. Minimum.
  • Lysandra- a child sold into sex slavery, raised as a prostitute and former enemy to Celaena (now bestest best buddy). Also don’t fuck with her, she’s scary af when pissed off. Which Aedion finds out. The hard way. She’s basically Nesta.
  • Manon Blackbeak- a 116 year old witch who is like Witch Black Ops. She’s terrifying, she drinks blood, and she turns an unlikely character very kinky.
  • (super eventually) Elide Lochan- professional damsel in distress and the human equivalent of a small dog who thinks its big and scary (ILU elide and I’m sure you’ll be scary one day).
  • (Super duper eventually) Lorcan Salvaterre- aggravatingly similar to Elide’s last name, and basically Tamlin meets Azriel when you think about it (don’t kill me).

There are also demons who are trying to gain a foothold in that world, and the bitchiest Fae queen ever who would probably make Amarantha go “Hey, you need to tone it down a bit there satan”. 

Yes, I’m aware I failed at the “small” part of that description. 

A Side Note: I’ve noticed this question worded this exact same way popping up across the big ACOTAR blogs and fan art blogs the last couple weeks, always on anon. I don’t know if people are just asking about ToG more because of the upcoming show, or if you’re all the same person trying to take a consensus or something, but I say go for it, read the series and decide for yourself how it stacks against ACOTAR.

You absolutely cannot skip the first 2 books. If you did you’d be OVERWHELMINGLY lost, just FYI.

I’ll Come Back for You

Request: “God I want to make a really weird request, but if you don’t mind what about Credence x reader where while credence have to give flyers on opposite side of street a girl sing to get some coins to survive? And like one day they take a break and speak to each other and fall in love?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1179

Warnings: poverty ?? idk

Originally posted by hardyness

Credence let out a quiet sigh, bowing his head as his hand was stuck in a forward position, clutching a Second Salemer’s leaflet. It was a hopeless task, with only a few people slowing to even acknowledge his presence. Most just shoved past, scurrying to their destination without another thought. He started to feel spattering droplets of water fall on his coat, looking up to find a swirl of black storm clouds. He looked back down as he heard a commotion on the other side of the street. Through passing cars he could spot you, once again beginning to put on an impromptu show, a hat thrown in front of you, busking for tips.

He reluctantly shoved the remaining flyers under his arm, making his way across the street so to get out of the rain. You had begun performing under the shelter of the overpass, warranting a small audience as they listened to the beautiful song. Credence huffed in defeat, succumbing to the entrancing melody.

He wanted to hate you. Whenever he came into the busiest part of Manhattan to hand out flyers you were always somewhere near, drawing people towards you. Your voice had stolen the attention of the busy New York folk, something that he was jealous of because you did it so easily. If he had the power you did, to coerce people to give him some time from their day, Mary Lou would probably love the number of leaflets he’d hand out.

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Hey folks so as you all probably noticed that there hasn’t been much pixel art posted to this blog lately.  

I still do pixel art for work, and there is a bunch of things NDA’d that I cant show anyone yet. But in terms of my personal art with the last pixel image I did sort of hit a wall.

I feel like I have taken sheer technique as far as I could, and without going in a more painterly/rendered direction all the things that needed improving were best worked on in a different medium. Pixel art is just a very difficult medium to work on say, anatomy or perspective fundamentals for hopefully obvious reasons. 

So with that said I’ve been trying to break more into digital art in general. That might include things like the Sai sketches I’ve been posting, or possibly digital painting when i get around to that. I hope yall don’t mind!!! I know my digital stuff isn’t quite as strong as my pixel stuff, but I hope to shore up that gap and in doing so i think it will improve my pixel stuff for when I hop back aboard that train. 

Also, with my recent stuff, it would also be super great to get some feedback!. I know I still have general things like anatomy and perspective to work on but I feel like I have a bunch of blind-spots too, so if u have noticed something shoot me an ask! 

Thanks all! Hope ur enjoying my little creative journey aha.

How to Love Yourself

1. Wake up in the morning, and first thing, tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Now, I know that it might be hard, with the crazy bed head and the morning breath—but honestly, you truly are beautiful. At all times in the day.

2. Embrace all the things you might not like about yourself. I, for example, have huge hips, but hey, they don’t lie, therefore they’re wonderful. This step might also be hard, but just like the last step, you truly are beautiful.

3. Realize that the things you’re insecure about are things people probably don’t even notice. I used to freak out about having size 9.5 feet, but, as aforementioned, nobody noticed. And even if they did, who cares?! Regardless of whether or not somebody notices, you still truly are beautiful!!!

4. Quit caring about what other people think about you. Now, I know from personal experience that this is not particularly easy, but it can be overcame. The day you stop wondering what people think is the day that you’ll realize that you are beautiful.

5. This step might not apply to everyone, but to those it does: You are good enough without being in a relationship with someone. You do have self worth without being in a relationship. Oh, and you still matter even if you aren’t in a relationship. Need I say more? When you complete the above steps, you’ll love yourself and embrace who you are, you don’t need to be in a relationship with someone to realize that you are beautiful.

6. After absorbing the meaning of step number 5, know that all of your attributes appeal to someone. No matter what you might not think is attractive about you, someone will. For example, when I was around 14-16, I used to snort—and I mean snort—so loud when I laughed really hard. I spent nights freaking out about how to get myself to stop snorting, but to no avail, it wouldn’t stop. Turns out, the guy that sat behind me in almost every class thought it was cute! Who’d have thunk?! Because no matter what it is, there is someone out there who thinks it’s beautiful, because you are beautiful. 

These steps won’t come easy for everyone, but I assure you, it’s worth it, because when you love yourself, the world is quite simply a better place. Repeat each step every single day, it works. Believe me, I used to loathe myself for being me, but I worked at it, and I realized that everything—all my “hang-ups,”—are beautiful. And you, my darling, are beautiful, too.

Car Accident and Hiatus Notice

Hey, all. For those of you who do not personally know me or @whiterhinodiary: we were involved in a highway collision last night. On our way to Boulder, Colorado, an F250 blew a tire and ran us off the highway. We floated sideways and probably would have flipped were it not for smacking a road sign that corrected our trajectory.

We’re both okay. Rhino, on the other hand, is not. Our home is essentially destroyed, and it’ll be a day or so before we’re in any kind of functioning environment again. Until then, it’s randomness and chaos as we scramble to rebuild what was lost.

Due to this unfortunate event, I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from the blog. I need to focus on my family and my home first and foremost. I have the luxury of ignoring work (for the time being). I still plan on participating in NaNo, publishing articles, and releasing Hellions—those things might just be a bit delayed.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you, and I appreciate your patience on the matter. Without you guys’ support, I couldn’t do what I do. Even in the face of this upsetting situation, I can think of all the beautiful words I’ve received from you all and smile.

It’s not all bad.

Thanks again, everyone, and I’ll see you soon. Until then, stay safe, stay calm, and always wear your seatbelt.

I love you all.

— R.

O’ Death [Until Dawn] [Josh Washington x Reader]

Fandom - Until Dawn

Word Count - 1255

Warning - Cursing, Mentions of alcohol, and I think thats it


Summary: This story is all about you and how you decide to tell the story. Do you get to live till the end? Or do you die in a horrible accident or by some other force?Chose your chapter wisely, you may end up changing everyone’s fate.

Here’s an outfit I thought the reader would wear (i have a problem…) 



It was one year ago. You remember it like it was yesterday. Well, you remember everything about the party, and at some point you passed out. You were just that drunk. You weren’t the only one found in a drunken slumber, though. You then felt someone shaking you lightly.

“Hey [Y/N], wake up.” You let out a groan of annoyance, you slowly opened your eyes only to see Beth standing above you. She giggled a bit watching your drunk form rise from the couch.

“Jeez! You guys partied a little too hard huh? All three of you went down for the count!”

“Agh Beth, please stop being so loud…” You grumbled. Her voice was echoing against your skull and it hurt like a motherfucker.

“Oh sorry, well [Y/N] can you help me wake the boys up?”

You sighed, it felt like a chore to get up from the couch. You got up from the couch and followed Beth to the kitchen where you saw both Josh and Chris knocked out.

“Oh my god, they’re piss drunk!” You began to laugh as you approached them, “wow I expected Chris to K.O but Josh?” You placed your hand on Josh’s shoulder, shaking him slightly.

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It was Christmas day and Lucas had just come back from dinner. He walked into his room and saw a package on the bed. He walked over to it curiously. He picked it up and fumbled with the wrapping until he opened it. Inside were two paintings.It was a painting of him, with each half different. on the left he was wearing black and a cowboy hat covering his whole face (which in this case was half) and he had a horse behind him. He was raising up one hand, flexing his muscles. It was faded except the horse and the cowboy hat. The other half was the right side of his face. He had a welcoming smile and was wearing a blue shirt. He had 5 friends behind him and a lot of lights surrounding him. He was also flexing his muscles but it was dull unlike the rest of the right side. The other painting was a copy of it. He was very offended, he thought that everyone forgot about what he did in Texas and he felt as if the last three years of his life where he tried to be a better person was useless. He was about to throw it out when he noticed a letter picking out of the wooden frame. He opened it and began reading it.

“Hey Lucas, yes I know I called you by your real name, but it’s Christmas and you deserve a break but next year watch out.

You probably figured out that I am your secret santa. I didn’t want to play but Riley made me. So I painted you a picture. Before you jump to conclusions let me explain my gift to you.

Remember when you were in Texas and you were this strong freak. You did everything you could to protect your friends, but you used your muscles and fists. When you came to New York in seventh grade, you tried to fight Billy Ross for bullying Farkle. In Eigthth grade you broke Topanga’s counter when you found out Riley was getting bullied. On our first day of high school you were upset you couldn’t protect us because there were people stronger than you, I know that you have been working on not being ‘Texas Lucas’ so this painting shows that you shouldn’t loose all of Texas Lucas. Don’t loose the part of you that does anything for your friends. The other half is New York Lucas. The guy who would protect his friends but not with his muscles but by being there for them.

Merry Christmas huckleberry😏 ~Hart♡

He picked up the painting and put it one copy in his bag and hang one on the wall. He continued to pack but his smile stayed on his face.

Watching the last episode of Person of Interest season 1, noticed something weird but probably random

Caroline Turing, who turns out to be Root, is obviously a reference to Alan Turing. But the Caroline part is interesting. I checked Alan Turing’s wikipedia page, did a ctrl-f on Caroline, and found this:

What’s even weirder is the date of that article: 11th September 2009. 11th September, or 9/11, is both when the terrorist attack happened, and when, in the show, the American government decides to make the Machine. And 2009 is, I believe, the year that Harold and Nathan sell the Machine, and also when they turn it off

This is probably just a coincidence, but I found it neat


Two in the morning was rolling around faster tonight than normal, and Yun was nodding his head to people heading out of One Eighty as he cleaned some of the glasses up. The last of his servers had left early after gathering up all of the dishes out on the floor–he still needed to clean them up and leave them to dry before cleaning up the floor and wiping down the tables. There was fatigue in his eyes, much like there usually was on his face and he let out a soft sigh. He noticed that there was still one person in the bar, not particularly a regular but he’d seen and talked to him enough as a bartender. “Hey, kid, we’re closing up.” Kid, he probably shouldn’t have used that word. But it was hard not to when he was pushing thirty and most of his customers were students at the university.


Your jaw practically dropped as you stared up at the man standing in your doorway.  Sam Winchester, someone you hadn’t seen since law school after he up and disappeared, was right in front of you covered in mud and blood.

“Sam?” you asked, your voice an unintentional whisper.

Sam chuckled, but it was void of humor.  “Yeah, hey, Y/N.  So, listen, I’m in a bit of a bind right now, and I was wondering if you’d let me stitch myself back together here?”  

It was only then you noticed that he was gripping his inner forearm in a probably attempt to stop blood from spewing everywhere.  You furrowed your brows and took a second to think.

True, the last time you had seen Sam in person was law school, but you had seen him all over the news, too.  Him and his brother were named sociopaths, and according to authorities, “Extremely dangerous and highly intelligent in the art of manipulation.”

How did you know that he wasn’t going to come in just to stab you in the back—literally?


“I’ll explain everything, I promise, but I’m about to pass out,” he pleaded, and after letting another three seconds pass, you went against your better judgement and ushered him into your kitchen, where you sat him at the table.

“Sorry for being skeptical, but you did just leave without a word, and I should be turning you into the cops,” you quipped once he had more or less patched himself up in silence.  

He sighed and turned to look at you, and you got a better glimpse at how much he had changed.  His hair was longer, and the stubble on his jaw was darker.  His face had long-since gotten rid of the “happy puppy-dog” look he always seemed to have; it was rough, edged, and scarred.

“Yeah, and I’m sorry to all of you guys for that.”

“Do I get that explanation now?”  When he tensed up, you quickly added, “Not right now, though.  Can I get you something to drink?  Want to… take a shower?”

He breathed a laugh and shook his head.  “I’ll pass on the shower, but I’m sorry for your cushions.  As for the water, that would be great.”

When you returned with a tall glass, he downed it in a few seconds.

And then he told you everything, no details withheld.

He told you about how Dean found him to look for their dad, and how a demon named Azazel, the same demon that killed their mom, was the one who murdered Jess.  He talked about a bunch of different cases he’d gone on,  and how he was a part of the friggin’ apocalypse, being Lucifer’s vessel and all that.  And finally, when he finished, he looked up at you from underneath his eyelashes.

You couldn’t help but laugh; you didn’t know how to react.  “You mean to tell me that the ghosts and vampires I used to be terrified of are real?”

He nodded, looking mildly deflated at your reaction.

“And you expect me to believe this?”

“I didn’t, but you asked for an explanation.  Thanks for letting me crash, but Dean’s probably looking for me.  I should get back.”  He went to stand, but when he put weight on his legs, he groaned quietly.

You sobered up quickly and reached out to steady him.  “Easy, tiger,” you said warily.  “Why don’t you just hang here for a while.  Call Dean and let him know you’re with a friend, and you can tell me more about how you died more than once.”


There’s A New Baby *Neymar imagine*

You know what I don’t like, vomiting. I mean I know there are people in the world who don’t like it also but, I like to believe I’m the worst person you could do that around.

For one I would probably, try and get as far away from you. And second I’d probably do it to but on you. However for me to be the one throwing up was worse.

So you could imagine how I felt throwing up at 4 in the morning. And being alone when it happened was even worse . But that wasn’t the last , it was just the beginning.

I was throwing up for the whole day. And thank God Neymar hadn’t noticed because then he’d get worried and, try and get me to the hospital when nothing is wrong. “Hey babe, what do you want to eat tonight?” Neymar asked opening the fridge

I turned in my seat. “How about we have take out? We haven’t had that in a while” I said

He thought about it. “Alright, sure what do you what?”

I smiled,” Chinese please”

He chuckled. “Um Ney I’m going to the bathroom really quick” I said

He nodded and sat down on the couch. I hurried to the bathroom but not to the point where he would notice something different.When I reached the bathroom, I threw up. 

I washed my face, and brushed my teeth. When I got back out, Neymar was just closing the door. Neymar held up, the Chinese food. “Hungry?” 

He smiled, and I grabbed the plates, “Alright, lets eat!”

We, sat down at the table. And as soon as Neymar opened the first box, something just came over and I just had to throw up. I stood and ran up, and towards the bathroom. “Y/N! Are you okay?” Neymar asked running behind me

I threw up, and felt Neymar pull back my curls.He rubbed my back, and said soothing words.When I finished throwing up, I sat up. And I felt tears stream down my cheeks. 

“Babe why are you crying are you okay?” He asked crouching down in front of me

“I-I-I don’t know, I’ve just been throwing up all morning” I said

He smiled, I looked at him like he was crazy. “Why the hell are you smiling!?” I asked

“Did you ever think you could be pregnant?” He asks

“Pregnant? How we had sex- Holy shit! I knew got my period” I said realizing

“Well why don’t you take a test?”

I put my head in my knees, this can’t be happening. “Look I texted, Rafaella to buy you one everythings gonna be okay” He said

I looked at him, “This can’t be happening”

He stood up and put his hands in front of me to stand up. I took his hands and he pulled me to his chest. Kissing my forehead, “I love you and no matter what happens I love you “ He said

We waited in the living room, and Neymar kept giving me things to drink. “Neymar I’m going to pee myself before she even gets here” I said pushing away the next drink

At that moment, Rafaella came in the house. “Hello love birds” She said coming in

“Where’s the test?” Neymar asked

“Okay Mr.Rushy, here” She said handing me the box

Neymar gave me a smile. I went into the bathroom, and looked at myself. I started doing a little pee dance, and then I peed on the stick. When I finished I placed the stick on the box, and washed my hands. 

I unlocked the door, and Neymar jumped up. “Did it finish? What’d it say?” He rushed out

I chuckled, “Slow down there, buddy. I have to wait 3 minutes” I said

Rafa waved from the couch, “How are you feeling?” She asked

“Eh, I’m okay just I feel it coming up again” 

She nodded, and went back to watching TV. We waited and I felt like we were waiting forever. Finally Rafa, stood up. “Times up”

I looked at Neymar, to see him smiling at me. “It’s going to be okay Babe” He said

I nodded and went into the bathroom, counting to three I took a deep breath and looked. Positive.

I walked out, and they stood up. “So what did it say? Am I gonna be an Aunt?”Rafa asked a smile on her face

“Neymar, are you ready?”I asked

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to be a Dad?” I said

That’s when it hit them and Rafaella screamed, while Neymar hugged me so tight I thought I’d die. “Congratulations!” Rafaella said

(In regards to the replies on my last text post) No, guys, it’s not that I’m ashamed of cosplaying. I just—don’t like drawing attention to myself irl, believe it or not. Besides if she recognises it herself when she visits the bioware site it’ll probably be 2x more amusing. I’m the type of person where I’d prefer someone to notice me on their own rather than throwing myself/my work/or my achievements in their face like, “Hey this is me. Look. I need recognition.”

You jump, I jump

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The Grey toned river water flowed 50 feet beneath you. Tiny raindrops landed atop the water, before mindlessly disappearing into the river. The day, November 15, was cloudy. It misted all day, creating a layer of humidity fog over your small town. It may have seemed like just an ordinary day, but it surely wasn’t because it was the day you met him.

Your blue striped pajama set complemented your dull eyes as you looked down into the flowing water. A light layer of rain ghosted itself over your high ponytail. You sniffled a little bit wiping away a stray tear from your cheek. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Why were you the 20 year old girl standing on the bridge. You were on the other side of the rail, a place where only a few people in your town had been. The ones who had jumped or “fallen” never lived to see another day. That was exactly what you were hoping for.

You rubbed your wet eyes again to get a clearer look. This was how it was going to end for you. You’d jump off of this bridge at 7 in the morning. You’d doubted that any one would even notice you were gone or care, for that matter. They’d all just assume you’d runaway again, just as you did last summer. But how would they feel when you didn’t return again in the fall?

“Hey!” a flustered voice called out to you. The voice was unfamiliar, which was odd for this town. Everybody knew everybody and it’d been like that for as long as you could remember.

You didn’t dare look back. You were scared if you did, the person would try to dissuade you from jumping. And you would probably listen to them and get off of the bridge. That was how it was the first three times, anyways. See, this wasn’t your first time trying to end it, and if you didn’t succeed it wouldn’t be the last.

“What are you doing?” the same person said. This time they were closer. They were practically right behind you. Once again, silence. The deadly kind of silence.

The man had an accent. It was Australian to be exact. It kind of made you wonder what’d he would be doing in a small town in the states.

“Fine, if you won’t get away from the edge to talk, I’ll come to you,” he warned. From the corner of your eye, you watched his tall body come to the other side of the rail. He stood next to you, about an arms length away. You noticed his tense body as he was shaking.

“You’re afraid of heights,” you acknowledged his presence for the first time.

“Just a little,”

“You should probably get down from here then,”

“Not ’til you agree to do the same,”

For the first time you looked at him. You’d never forget that first glance. It wasn’t much of a glance, however. You caught yourself staring into his crystal eyes. They were bluer than the river water flowing 50 feet under. He had a blonde quiff, but it was partially flat from the rain drops.

“Please don’t jump,” he begged. You’d wondered why he’d cared so much. You didn’t even know him and he seemed to care more for you than your own family.

“You don’t know me,” you shook your head.

“And I don’t have to. I know you have something to live for. Just think about how the people in your life would be affected if they heard you jumped,” He raised his voice.

“No one would care,” you wiped away a tear.

“I would,” he shrugged his shoulders. He was slouching against the railing with his hands in his jean pockets.

“And again, I don’t know you, so why would you care?” you asked.

“I’ve been like this before. I know how it feels and I have gotten better. Trust me, you don’t want it to be like this,” he insisted. You didn’t believe a word he said. You truly did want it to be like this. You’ve prayed for the moment when water would fill your lungs and the weight of the world would be off your shoulders.

“You aren’t like me. You don’t know anything about why I want to do this. You don’t even know my name,” the venomous words rolled off of your tongue. Luke shuffled towards you, carefully. He was now standing over your short figure.

“Your name’s (y/n) and I know exactly why you are doing this,” he replied.

“How do you know me?” you questioned.

“I was a senior when you were a freshman. I’ve been away for school, but I’m back now,” he answered.

“Tell me why I want to do this, then. Quite frankly, I’m not even sure why,” your voice quieted down as you spoke.

“I watched you get bullied from afar. It took everything I had not to stand up for you, but I knew better than to get into drama,” he shrugged. There was a moment of silence before he took out a cigarette and lit it. You hated the smell so much, but you didn’t say anything.

When he finished the last of his cigarette he threw it into the water and let it get caught by the wind. One leg after the other, he carefully stepped over the bridge’s railing.

“Take my hand,” he ordered. You looked down at his palm, but you didn’t take it. You didn’t want to take it.

“(y/n), I’m giving you a choice. Take my hand and get over the railing, or jump and I’ll jump with you,” he said.

“That’s insane. If I jump, theres no way you would,” you retorted.

“Wanna bet?” he challenged. He knew you wouldn’t jump if it meant him jumping too. He knew you weren’t going to jump all along. He took your small hand in his and helped you over the railing.

“Why’d you care about me jumping so much?” you asked when you made it to the other side.

“Because I’ve been you. I’ve been the guy who wanted to jump, I’ve been the guy who actually jumped, I’ve been the guy who was pulled out of this same river, and I’ve been the guy who is still alive today. Imagine if I had killed myself that day; I wouldn’t be standing here with the prettiest girl in this town after I just saved her life.”

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