probably the first ep i ever saw~

It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again

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Interesting to hear you in an earlier reply say that you are not much of a romantic in real life. What is it that captivated you about the OL books or show? (In the name of Diana, i'm not saying OL are romance books and only romantics would like them. Everyone knows they are strictly sci-fi, history action adventure period drama novels with a married couple as the main characters. 🙄😂)

Oh no! God forbid we call them that, bite yo tongue, anon, bite it! 😜

Well, I started with the show (didn’t realize they were novels yet or what the story was about at all lol), binged the first 8 eps a week before ep 9 was gonna air and I was captivated first by Cait’s performance, curious where it was all going, then I saw the lightening in the bottle. I hadn’t seen chemistry at that level probably ever. It was no holds barred and all in and completely unflinching.

I figured if the show, Claire and Jamie, were that intense, that unique on screen, what must they be like in the books, and OMG the depth to be found there was extraordinary! 

What I love about them was the utter depth with which they loved. The fearlessness and fierceness show-Claire and Jamie cared for each other (esp in s1, it lacked a wee bit in s2). I said this in response to a previous anon the other day, but one of the things I loved most bothe in book and show, was not matter how much time they had/have together, whenever it comes time to part in any way, it truly feels like they’re being unfairly cut short.

It’s like a love I haven’t seen often in books or tv, where the actors’ performances are just as ALL IN as their characters, throwing caution to the wind and just being (And I really hope s3 carries that uninhibited fearlessness to go where no other show tends to go - like they did with the Wedding)

I may be a cynic IRL, but even the hardest cynics have a hopeless romantic deep down - IT ME. <3


Hollywood Undead - DREAM TOUR Ep. 197

This was the FIRST HU video I ever saw  Before I knew even who anyone was.
And I was so scandalized.
I was like  “Oh my god!  That one said he wanted the other one to DIE!!!  Holy shit!”
Little did I know then that 30 seconds after the cameras stopped filming, they were probably making out.

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First Ep of POI I saw was the pilot a few days after it had aired as my mom had recorded it and was going to check it out... Though I don't think I ever saw the full episode of it. Then a few years later when I heard people talking about it I decided to put it on an it was The Crossing and I could sense the importance of the episode and didn't keep it on for long cause I decided I should probably start from the beginning

( Tell me which was the first POI episode you watched! )


Not watching The Crossing was prob a good choice tho well done. 

(also I love your avatar pic!)


Kira Manning + probably being the most important character tbh