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I've seen it said around that common theory holds that Zayn and Liam didn't get together until a ways into One Direction's existence. What's the theory/backstory/timing/reasoning/anything you want to give me on that? I'm still on the fence about Ziam, and not super well informed.

My rule of thumb is always that logical inconsistencies are more important than how intimate you think people act.  The second is too subjective.  If you’re already sure the relationship is real, heart eyes are cute, but they’re not something you should base your reasoning on if you want to get rid of doubts.

When looking at the evidence people have gathered, try to find patterns in the weird things.  One thing might be meaningless, two of the same could be a coincidence, but when you get three or more, something is up.  When you get multiple patterns of weird things, it’s significant without a doubt. 

All you have to do after that is figure out what the connecting factor is.  What is it that all these things have in common and what theory explains everything the best?  

This got long, so my take on the most generally accepted story of how Ziam got together is under the cut along with some helpful links to other resources at the bottom.  If you want me to expand on something in particular, let me know.

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