probably the best scene

Best things about Rogue One 

- everything was so NEW and DIFFERENT and they did so many things in ways we’ve never seen before. Never had a tropical beach final battle, never seen the Death Star used to destroy cities, never seen Vader fully in his bacta tank or fighting like that, never seen star destroyers crash…i could go on

- THAT IS HOW YOU DO A DIVERSE CAST HOLY FUCK (plus literally all the bad guys were crusty old white men in a pissing contest and i live for it)

- You will adore every member of the main cast but especially my small son Bodhi Rook

- I love how intricately it fit in to New Hope and it gave it so much more emotional weight

- K-2SO is fucking hilarious

- “Are you kidding me? I am blind.”

- That was probably the best battle scene we’ve ever had

- My jaw hit the floor when i saw leia at the end

Not best things

- It will murder everything you love

Bruce: Is there a plan for all this madness? 

Jerome: These people don’t want a plan, they want an excuse. The mother who dreams of strangling her child. The husband who wants to stab his wife. All they want is someone to tell them… “Do it. Kill them, it doesn’t matter.” It doesn’t.


The sass is strong in this scene. Big-Chill’s expression just makes it all the more better.

FYI, Ben 10 Alien Force premiered on 4/18/2008, so it’s AF’s 8th anniversary today uwu


“Do you know what it is to be a lover?

Honestly, looking back on it, I think the scene with Ozpin, Ironwood, Glynda, Qrow, and Winter in Ozpin’s office back in It’s Brawl in the Family is probably the single best written scene in RWBY. It unloads a metric fuckton of information without feeling like an infodump. You learn a ton about the relationships between all of these characters, many of which have hardly interacted before, in just the first minute. Just about every line teaches you something new about the politics of the world or between the characters, and responses to other lines are able to reveal completely new information without seeming like non-sequiturs.


Randall and Lix have their own very personal very special dynamic, so it is when you see Randall interacting with other people that you can see how he exercises power by not exercising power. 

(Also, orange juice alert.)

do you ever realize how crazy it is that tony and loki haven’t interacted since 2012 and there are still tons of people who ship it