probably the best dad ever

of course I come up with an idea mere minutes after saying I didn’t have any ideas

oh well I tried something a little different, and am rather surprised with the results

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What would Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, and France be like raising a child? On their own, not together

(Two extra points added to Germany and Spain)


  • They will be raised off Italian food, no way around. Gluten free? Cool! Gluten free pasta it is,  Vegetarian? Vegan Lasagna it is! Don’t like Italian food? …I think you need more Italian food.
  • He is a very submissive parent. He does not have the best control over his children and their actions, they could murder someone and he’ll just pat their head and get back to painting.
  • Really tries to get his children into the arts. If they show any signs of enjoying art he’ll be super happy! They will have full access to all of his art supplies and whatever they want!
  • His children will be dragged around to alot of the time. He will take them to as many places as possible whilst they’re young, so that when they’re older they can go back to their favorite places.
  • As a parent his main goal is to be best friends with his children. He wants them to be able to be open with him, he’d absolutely hat to see his child upsetti (so he’ll make some spaghetti!) 
  • He loves to show his child off! He’ll constantly take them around to the other nations and talk about them. His kiddo will have to tug at his arm if they want to go home.
  • Ready for Captain Obvious? His child will likely raised to be catholic. Every Sunday he will ask them to put their best clothes on to head to church. He will accept if they chose another religion though! 
  • They will master the art of flirting by age one. They’re taught from one of the best after all~ although getting a call from the nursery teacher telling him they are in three relationships is not uncommon.
  • Adores teaching his children, he may not be the best at teaching them but he tries! The topics he can help them out with the most is History and the arts (Drama, art, music, etc.)
  • He tries his best, he truly does. Sometimes he doubts that he’s a good papa but he know that if he can make his children smile then he’s doing something right.

Dad rating: Don’t-a be upsetti papa made spagetti!


  • He will take his children to football matches rather often, if they like football of course. If not he’ll take them to any sports/performance they want. Free time is important after all.
  • A sucker for the puppy eyes, if his children ever find out his weakness he is done for. If he is telling them off for whatever reason and they use puppy eyes he’ll stop and walk away. (point one for team kiddos)


  • If someone was to go through his search history “How to be a good dad” will appear more than once. He wants to be the best father he can be and has studies the many “types” of dad.
  • He will often have his friends and family over to study them. He wants to see how different people interact with his child in order to find the perfect way to raise his child!
  • The house will always be clean. He believe that a clean environment can help focus and relaxation. His children will have chorus but none of which will be too demanding.
  • School will be an important aspect of his children’s life. He truly wants the best for them, he will always help them with homework and with studying. No doubt that they will be a A grade with Japan as their papa!
  • Taking them on trips is very common. He thinks that allowing his children to meet the other nations and get influenced by their cultures will make them more open-minded.
  • He buys them plenty of gadgets and toys through out their lives. If his child ever wants something he will happily buy it for them, so long as it’s alright for their age.
  • Certain rooms in their house are almost always locked for their safety. He has kept many of the things from his past, most of which are rather dangerous. Unless he gives them permission they are not allow in.
  • It’s not uncommon for him to text them when they want them, so prefers not to yell so giving his child a quick text to come down stairs is pretty common.
  • Emotions and him are not exactly friends. If for whatever reason his child cries or shows any strong emotion he will mentally scream. The old pat on the back and awkward dad hug is the best he can do sorry.
  • He will teach them self defense himself, he wants them to be able to defend themselves when he isn’t there. If he is there and someone hurts them…Oh lordy 

Dad rating: Do your homework before dinner!


  • He loves to cook with them, especially baking. Whenever he get the chance he’ll open up the cooking cupboard and call them down to make some churros with him!
  • As much as he loves them he does need some chill time with his friends. Once his kiddos have gone to bed and are asleep, he’ll pull out a cold one and hang with the bros.


  • Do you mean one of the best dads ever? Him, Sweden and China are probably the best dads out of all of the characters. He loves his children and pampers the hell out of them!
  • Cooks five star meals for every meal. He wants his children to be raised on the finest of cuisines, even their packed lunches are perfect. The lunch ladies and him have a slight rivalry.
  • He will pay B I G money so that they can follow their dreams. Once they have a goal in life he will do whatever it take to make that dream come true, even if he personally dislikes it he wants them to be happy.
  • Loves to take them on trips around his place, he wants to show them the beauty of the country that they were raised by. Perhaps he will show them the battlefields he was victorious him~ 
  • He will send them to the best school in his place, even if it’s a private school it’s worth it in his eyes. If it’s a boarding school he’ll buy a home nearby so they don’t have to stay in a dorm room.
  • Always buying them the latest fashion trends, If his Kiddo wants to look their best he’ll happily buy them Channel or Dior! Looking good ain’t an issue with papa France!  (I actually had to look that up).
  • Is always encouraging his children to be open with him. He wants his children to be able to talk to him about anything without fearing getting in trouble. He will be open with them to!
  • Whenever they go on school trips he will cry, full on tears. He can’t help but cry seeing his baby all grown up. He will hug them close to his chest when the bus is about to leave. Cue the “Papa. Papa. Let go.”
  • Family photos are extremely common! He really enjoys seeing their smiling face, framed and placed on the wall. It’s proof that they are a part of loving family that cares for each other.
  • Whenever England comes over he turns into a TV dad, he turns into one of those parents that will not stop talking about how amazing his child is, he just loves them so much~

Dad rating: Papaoutai


“I fell safe when you are with me. That’s because you are so brave and strong. It was you who told me not to be scared of the dark. But I was never really scared of the dark. It was what was IN the dark that scared me. Connie’s dad scared me sometimes. He’s got a rotten temper and he smells bad. He’s not nice like you. He shouts at Connie all the time. You never shout at me. He’s not as handsome as you either. I don’t want to get all icky, but you’re probably the best dad ever. I mean, would Connie’s dad go with HER on a picnic in Central Park? I doubt it. You’re kind and you’re funny too. Except when you’re really really tired and then you go quiet which is okay. I guess you’ve got things on your mind. I used to think I would marry you when I grow up. Now I know that was silly. I can’t marry you. You’re way too old for me. But we can always be best friends and when you and mom are too old to work, I’ll look after you.”

Punisher MAX #75 Father’s Day, Peter Milligan, Goran Parlov

Happy Father’s Day!

Wish Frank had more happy father’s day.

You Call Him Dad

You Call Him Dad

Ashton had raised you since you were 2, and he was probably the best boy to ever raise you, now you were 13.

“Hey Dad-” you say, accidentally, causing you to drop your phone, and run up to your room and shut your door, to scared to even look him in the eye.

“Y/N WAIT!” He calls, running up the steps, if he was being honest he had wanted you to call him dad, you used to when you were younger.

“I’m so sorry, Ash!” You scream, crying.

“Baby, let me in.” He coos, his voice soft, he wasn’t even mad.

“Yea?” You ask, shamefully, opening the door.

“Look at me? I will be 110% okay if you call me dad, okay? I’ve raised you and that won’t hurt me a bit, okay?”


“Yea, I promise munchkin.”

“Thanks, dad.” You say smiling.

He looks down, and chokes back tears.

“I’ve wanted to hear you say that since you stopped when you were 7!” He says, pulling you into a hug.

“Ash- I mean Dad, sorry.”

“Hey, it could take a little bit, and you don’t have to right now? Take your time, you can flip flop if you want, alright?” He says, kissing your forehead.

It wasn’t like anything was going to change, he had always done the dad things so it wasn’t that different.

*16 Months Later*

“Daddy?” You whimper, sliding open the door, scared because of the massive thunderstorm going on outside.

“What’s wrong princess?” He asks, patting the bed beside him.

“I’m scared..” You trail, embarrassed.

“Aw, come on!” He coos, pulling you into the bed and throwing his arm around you and kissing your head.

Eventually you fall asleep in your dads arm a smile on your face.

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“Heh… well he’s da best dad ever so he’ll probably make a great grandpa.”

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We had most ridiculous but what was the best gift you've ever gotten?

Ben: Probably when my dad bought me my bike! He was upset that it wasn’t one of the best bikes, but it’s always the thought that counts!

Sean: One of my favourites is probably… Ben gave me a framed photo of me and him together, he said it was the best he could do, and it meant the world to me!

Danielle: Sean bought me a necklace for Valentine’s Day and it’s one of my favourites - even though we’re not together anymore.

Skye: My mum bought me a teddy bear when I was younger, I treasured him.

Josh: Mine would probably be when my mum bought me a gay pride flag after I came out to her. She was really eager to show her support!

Alex: I got tickets to a Fall Out Boy concert once!

Noah: Kaylee once wrote a song for one of my birthdays! That was an amazing experience!

Kaylee: And Noah bought me a friendship bracelet, and I still wear it!


here is dan stevens reading the first part of scorpia rising, an alex rider novel. highlights:

  • dan stevens saying “he walked past the statue of a crouching, naked goddess
  • dan stevens being a police radio
  • dan stevens is talking what else do you need
  • can he do the audiobook for the dictionary next, or