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Do you read any good Raphael/Saphael fics that you can share?? I feel like I have nothing to read atm. And what is your Twitter name? Lol

oh boi

okay so because i’m the messiest person ever i don’t keep track of things i read unless i really really really like it, so i’ll just give you my top 5 saphael fics

my twitter name is littlespoonraph (i love having a canon twitter name :) raphael is the little spoon and no one can tell me otherwise)

here we go……….

1. The Bane & Santiago International Series by @westiris

summary: raphael is a businessman, simon is his assistant. raphael has a headache.

tw: depression and suicide attempt

okay. so. this series currently has 3 parts and it’s probably in my top 3 of best fics i’ve ever read, which is funny because i’m usually not really into AU’s or mental illness-related angst, but this one is really good and raphael’s depression isn’t romanticized and is really well written.

every saphael shipper i know has read this fic and we’re all so obsessed with it that whenever the word “headache” is mentioned we all just start screaming “raphael feels as if he’s known this headache his entire life”. you’ll get it after reading the fic ;)

2. Welcome home by shadowspeaker

summary: raphael asks simon to come meet his family. they’re just friends, though… just friends (okay maybe not really) (they’re both madly in love with each other) (it just takes them a while to figure out). really fluffy and cute.

listen, this is probably the cutest fic ever? like, literally everyone can tell they’re in love and they are just so cute i want to cry for eternity. 

the fic has some spanish in it, but there is a fully english version as well (the second chapter) (i didn’t realize when i first read it, i just ignored all the spanish bc i was too lazy to translate and didn’t know the second chapter was the english version and boi i was so close to missing the cutest lines that have ever been written) (so if you don’t speak spanish: only read chapter two!)

3. 3 times simon really wants to kiss raphael + the one time he does by scalira

summary: title says it all. raphael is good with kids. very cute.

cuteness. very very cute. little angsty but mostly cute. this author has a lot of great saphael fics by the way, you should just check out all of their work.

4. real or not real by raphaelsontiago

summary: instead of truth or dare, simon loves to play “real or not real”. questions vary from “you annoy me, real or not real?” to “you love me, real or not real?”. kinda sad, kinda fluffy.

my friend brianna (aka satan) wrote this because she loves angst and pain and hates happiness. you should check her other work out as well, most of her fics are fluff. she kills simon in one of her fics, though (three times simon called raphael), and we still give her shit for it every single day, so don’t read that one unless you want to cry.

5. night hours by carstairsjems

summary: what we think canonically happened after the “stick around”-scene (spoiler alert: make out sesh)

my friend sana wrote this (sana, brianna and i have this theory that saphael kissed after the stick around scene but aRATsha (@kylos) keeps fighting us for it hmm… we’re right, though) and it’s really good. you should also check her saphael poems (x) out if you want to feel things.

this is pretty messy but i hope it helps, enjoy! 

if you want to talk about the fics (and by talk i mean: scream and keysmash), feel free to dm me/send me another anon/tweet me/whatever :)

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