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Class on BBC America

ok so if youre following me and haven’t watched class already, i wouldn’t blame you if you just looked away from the title lmao, i am quite forceful when it comes to this

ANYWAY, as most of you probably know already, the new series of doctor who premieres on bbc america tonight at 9/8c (if you’re in the small minority who doesn’t just download it illegally when it comes out in the uk), and that’s awesome!! but before you’re tempted to switch off your tv immediately and scream on social media - there is a new show starting straight after, and you should really watch it

class is a spin-off of doctor who set at coal hill school, with a torchwood-like premise in that there is a tear in space and time which attracts a bunch of aliens. the cast is HUGELY diverse - there’s a black girl who is super intelligent and skipped two school years, but is still vulnerable and cares deeply about her family (and calls out another character on his alien racist attitudes); a sikh boy who talks about his religion, and loses a leg in the first episode and has to get used to using a prosthetic, and a gay polish character who deals with homophobia, but that isn’t his entire character. the only two white males are in a gay relationship, and there are two interracial relationships as well.

also it’s not written by moffat if that helps - its written by YA author patrick ness who’s written stuff like a monster calls, more than this, the rest of us just live here, etc.

HOWEVER, at the moment, due to lack of advertising from the bbc, only being shown online and being given a shitty time slot when it actually was shown on bbc one, it is very low on viewing figures, and in danger of not being renewed for a second season. at the moment, the bbc haven’t made a decision, and it entirely depends on how well it does in america - so it’s crucial that you watch it!! even if you don’t want to actually watch the show, at least leave your tv on after dw, to boost the viewing figures. posting about in online, specifically twitter and instagram since those are the only ones the bbc care about, would also help a lot, and signing the petition for season two (that i can’t link right now as im on mobile)

(the characters i didn’t mention are brilliant as well - there’s a girl who seems like a typical hufflepuff at the start but then becomes probably the second most badass character in the show, gay alien prince who’s socially awkward and adorable but also super morally grey and pretty much a slave owner, and although he doesn’t think so he gets called out on it a lot, and an alien freedom-fighter physics teacher who has hilarious lines but also a really complex personality and backstory and gets a shit ton of character development. she’s my fave. i love her a lot.)

tl;dr: class is on bbc america tonight at 10/9c (after dw), its really good, watch it or it won’t get a second season and i’ll cry

My Thoughts on Magnificent 7 *Contains Spoilers*
  • First of all, I love the plot of the film. The opening got me hooked and I loved how dramatic the opening title scene was especially after the huge emotional and dramatic scene before it. 
  • Love how Sam just kills a bunch of people with his gun and doesn’t give a fuck at all. Like he’s done this so many times it’s like just another day’s work. 
  • I love and am also irritated by how Faraday pushes his luck. Like he gets himself into so many risky situations, it’s hilarious and pretty cool how confident his character is and he’s one of my favorites hands down but seriously dude why are you cocky! His skills are just super underestimated I suppose and that adds like a whole new layer to him that’s fucking awesome! 
  • Just all the action in the movie is fucking awesome like seriously I saw this movie with my college friends (the school had a program where we could go see it for free so those of us that weren’t busy went) and it was so awesome we were all cheering and clapping and stuff during the Rose Creek battle when something epic happened and it made me love this film even more!

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holby city for the fandom asks, ofc!

  • Favourite Female: The actual love of my life, Serena Campbell
  • Favourite Male: Probably Hanssen.  I just love that beanpole.
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Bernie Wolfe, Mo Effanga, Sian Kors
  • 3 OTPs: Serena/Bernie, Mo/Mr T, Raf/Fletch
  • Notp: It’s not really a Notp, but I could not possibly care less about Ollie/Zosia
  • Funniest character: My gal Mo (I don’t care if she’s not on anymore, I still love her)
  • Prettiest character: I mean, have you seen Serena??? 😍
  • Most Annoying Character: Probably a tie between Jasmine and Ollie
  • Most badass character: Jac Naylor
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: I bet Morven is a hoot to hang out with
  • Female Character I’d Marry: I’d wife the hell out of Serena Campbell (shocking, I know)
  • Male Character I’d Marry: Probably Raf?  He seems like a nice guy and has lovely eyes
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: Edward Campbell can die in a fire

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Also, fandom meme: fairytales generally?

  • Favourite Female: Helga from The Marsh King’s Daughter
  • Favourite Male: Koschei the Heartless
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: The heroine from Le Dragon Vert, The Little Mermaid, The Little Robber Girl
  • 3 OTPs: I ship Gerda/Little Robber Girl in Snow Queen, Caramalzaman/Boudour/Haiat-Alnefous in Princess Boudour, and… I actually love the canon het pairing in La Montagne Verte
  • Notp: Honestly, there are to many fairy tales which have “happy ending” by rape or implied rape, like, The Tinderbox
  • Funniest character: Maybe Puss-in-Boots
  • Prettiest character: The girls are all the prettiest, but the illusionary apparence of the Groac’h is the hottest to me (because evil sorceress I guess)
  • Most Annoying Character: The name varies, but I really dislike this guy who exchanges what his mother owns against less and less valuable things.
  • Most badass character: Probably Aladdin’s djinn. Near-infinite reality warp does that.
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: This ghost from The Travelling Companion is the best friend ever
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Vassilissa the Wise
  • Male Character I’d Marry: I have nothing against cis men but right now Fet-Frumos from Jouvencelle-Jouvenceau is the first one coming to mind.
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: Jack the Giant Killer is not my type of hero

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Doctor Who :)

  • Favourite Female: Donna Noble !! (River is close second obv)
  • Favourite Male: Jack Harkness (Rory Williams honorable mention tho)
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: River Song, Kate Stewart, Bill Potts
  • 3 OTPs: River/Doctor, Kate/Jac, Martha/happiness tbh she deserves it
  • Notp: Doctor/Clara soz lads
  • Funniest character: Donna Noble my gal !!!!! (Jackie Tyler is a close second)
  • Prettiest character: Kate !!! obviously !!!!!
  • Most Annoying Character: I can’t even say Nardole bc he is too relatable oops probably fuckin Adam (we watched Dalek yesterday and honestly he was the most pointless random straight dude of all time) also I’m not a super big fan of Strax either
  • Most badass character: Probably Martha?? Also Bill. Also Kate. Also River. Mostly River.
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: Bill !! fuckin !! Potts !!! (tbh i want her to be my gf but anything will do)
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Kate Stewart fuck me up pal
  • Male Character I’d Marry: um I guess Jack at a push?? but also… what is a man
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: I don’t think there’s anyone that I really hate but I’d say like either Amy or Clara is my least fave companion?? uuuuuu the Great Intelligence was also wanky af christ on a bike what a shit arc

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Gilmore Girls for the ask 👏🏼

  • Favourite Female: ahhhh I can never decide whether I love Rory or Lorelai more
  • Favourite Male: LUKE DANES 
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Sookie, Emily, Paris
  • 3 OTPs: Lorelai/Luke, Rory/Logan (I know he’s an ass but I think they were so good together), and Rory/Jess in an alternate universe where Jess actually treats her right 
  • Notp: Lorelai and Christopher 
  • Funniest character: oh god how could I pick?! probably Lorelai though
  • Prettiest character: I will have a crush on Lauren Graham (Lorelai) for my entire life 
  • Most Annoying Character: the men on this show in general are annoying, but Taylor and Zack are probably the most annoying to me 
  • Most badass character: hmm I can’t decide tbh 
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: Rory! 
  • Female Character I’d Marry: Lorelai omg
  • Male Character I’d Marry: Jess, but only after the revival, when he was no longer a jackass 
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: probably Zack 

Thank you dear! 💕

Sally fucking Jackson- the most badass character in the whole series

can we talk about the fact that sally fucking jackson kept her son, her son who was half fucking GOD, safe from monsters for 11 fucking years. eleven fucking years. ELEVEN. FUCKING. YEARS. she also put up with marrying a complete asshole for the safety of her son, endured abuse, verbally and physically from said asshole, and continued on being a competent mom and worker. Even when her son had so many problems at school, she always kept her cool, never lashed out, never hit him or hurt him, because she knew that he needed her. Sally jackson, who had no parents to teach her, no college education, no money, kept the child when the father left, got a job, tried her best and did a damn fucking well good job. i mean look at percy, the loyalty and kindness he has, the love and courage he is able to feel, none of that has to do with him being a demigod or anything, that was all taught to him by his mother. sally fucking jackson. sallly fucking jackson, who turned the asshole into stone and fought in a war against Kronos with a shotgun. sally fucking jackson, who had to try to explain to people why her son was gone for almost a year with no explanation, while keeping a completely normal facade so no one would be suspicious, because god knows that she cant go to the police. sally fucking jackson, who was left to worry and fear the worst, having no idea what was happening to her son, where he was, if he was safe, if he was alive. but she kept hope. and then that phone call. that 30 second phone call that changed everything. she probably woke up and saw the phone message light blinking, and listened while making breakfast, she probably heard percys voice and looked up in shock. she probably froze in place, she probably turned around slowly with so many emotions flowing through her she couldnt think straight. she probably grabbed the phone and held it to her ear, she probably sank to her knees with tears in her eyes while the pancakes burned on the stove. she probably sobbed when she heard percys voice, her babys voice, tell her he loved her. she probably replayed that message again and again crying and crying tears of absolute joy. paul probably came rushing downstairs with half his face shaved because the smoke detector went off and saw his wife crying and smiling and laughing with the phone to her ear wondering what was wrong. she probably was saying ‘hes okay hes okay hes okay hes okay hes okay hes okay hes okay HE IS OKAY PERCY IS OK’ she probably played the message for Paul and they probably cried together on the couch. she probably called annabeth and annabeth and her listened to it and cried together. all tears of joy. she then had to wait months, months until she had any more news about him. sally fucking jackson who loved her son so much. sally fucking jackson. and then one day, one day percy will come home. sally will see him with annabeth and wonder if he is real, she will hug him and cry and fuss over him and keep telling him she loves him she was so worried she missed him and asking what happened is he ok is everyone ok are you hurt and oh she just missed him so fucking MUCH. she and paul probably listened to percy and annabeth tell the story about what happened with tears in her eyes, she probably hugged them and sobbed with them as they talked about tartarus. she and percy and annabeth and paul probably all fell asleep together on the couch with sally leaned against paul and percy curled into sally just like when he was little and annabeth curled into percy. sally fucking jackson is probably the most badass character in the entire series. Sally fucking jackson.

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murdoch mysteries

Thank you!!!
Favourite Female: uh probably Emily
Favourite Male: Murdoch, lbr
3 Other Favourite Characters: ALL OF THEM but mainly uh Rebecca, George and Henry
3 OTPs: Julia/Murdoch, George/Henry, Watts/Jackson
Notp: Eva Pierce or whoever the hell she is/Murdoch, Louise Cherry/George, honestly also Nina/George I love her but not them together
Funniest character: George! Runner up is Brackenreid
Prettiest character: Rebecca James!!!
Most Annoying Character: I can’t even think of anybody that annoys me that much. Louise Cherry probably.
Most badass character: Dr. Julia Ogden!!!
Character I’d like as my BFF: all of the main ladies TBH
Female Character I’d Marry: all of them except for Louise Cherry and Eva Pierce
Male Character I’d Marry: all of them except for the villains again lmao
Character I hate/dislike/least like: the fucking, Chief Constables Davis

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the oc for the meme!

  • Favourite Female: marissa cooper
  • Favourite Male: sandy cohen
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: the cooper girls + kirsten + also everyone, mostly
  • 3 OTPs: marissa/seth!!!!, that’s really the only thing i actively ship since i went through that phase where it Took Over My Life but i’m a kirsten/sandy enthusiast too and uh all the femslash, obviously? except for summer and taylor because i have… genuine emotional issues about the way that one played out
  • Notp: ryan and marissa what up
  • Funniest character: TAYLOR TOWNSEND
  • Prettiest character: s3 marissa cooper Made Me Gay
  • Most Annoying Character: seth but also i love him
  • Most badass character: probably julie i mean, really
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: honestly like… i hate that BOYS come to mind but zach and luke are the only characters i would really LOVE to befriend? like i love all of the main girls too but i have almost nothing in common with summer and i think marissa and i are too similar to like… have… .. fun…? wait! maybe taylor! but i would probably end up punching her at some point because i only have so much patience for people who are super type a but until then we’d probably enjoy ourselves, maybe, at least mostly
  • Female Character I’d Marry: any of them willing to put up with me they are all angels
  • Male Character I’d Marry: whoever got the most $$$$ my mama taught me well! i learnt everything i know about life from this show!
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: trey obviously but like out of the Major Characters FUCK jimmy cooper

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Hi i saw you recently post about skam so what is about and where can be found?

OH MY GOD, FINALLY AN EXCUSE TO GUSH ABOUT SKAM!!!  THANK YOU, YOU GLORIOUS HUMAN BEING.  Okay, Skam is a Norwegian web series that is currently in its third season and follows students at Nissen, a high school in Oslo.  The idea is to immerse you in the fictional life of whatever major character the season has chosen to focus on, so they have social media accounts (Instagram, for example) that are updated throughout the week, as well as text exchanges, until we get a new episode on Friday.

Season 1 is about Eva.  The squad™ in this season, I can’t even fucking explain it to you.  We’re plopped down in Eva’s life, which is given the impression of already being well-lived in, as she meets the friends who are going to stick.  There’s Sana, who probably has the most badass introduction of any character in fictional history (goddamn, I love her), Vilde, who’s high-maintenance and kind-hearted, Chris, who is extremely comfortable in her own skin and hilarious to be sure, and Noora, who is one of the most thoughtful and socially cognizant young characters I’ve ever seen on screen and who has one of the best first lines ever: “Girls who call other girls sluts have 90% more chance of getting chlamydia.”

It’s more real, both in terms of behavior - it digs in better to what millennials are actually like rather than the cliches of what we’re like, and in terms of losing the Hollywood-style glam - kids get zits, their thighs touch, they smudge or mismatch their make-up, etc.  They’re not professionally put together, they’re high school students.  And this show, my God, it has so far embraced creeds, sexualities, body types and races with such care and delicacy that it warms my cold, cold heart.  And most just blend into the background without mention, it’s a part of society that people are different in a myriad of different ways - bellissimo.

I think this is my favorite season just for the fact that I think it’s so, so important to see girls taking care of other girls - THE WAY THESE GIRLS CONSISTENTLY DO - and watching them build this bond between them was damn good.

Season 2 (part 1) | (part 2) is about Noora.  Noora.  Noora, Noora, Noora.  Noora is so special because she’s not inflexible and hard, she’s not portrayed as a bitch or frigid, while still getting to be - completely undeniably - a strong character, with a backbone and then some.  You rarely get to see one without the other when it comes to women but HERE SHE IS.  She has extremely solid opinions and ideas about the way the world should work but also recognizes that she doesn’t know everything, that she can be wrong and that sometimes she needs to bend.  Her interactions with Sana in this season are some of my all-time favorite interplays between any of the characters ever.

Season 3 is about Isak.  Isak has been lurking in the background of seasons 1 and 2 and by the end of season 1 we’re twigged to the fact that he’s likely gay.  Season 3 is him coming to terms with that and his realistic and emotional relationship with Even is probably some of the best romance (romance, period) that I’ve ever seen.  But honestly?  HONESTLY?  My favorite thing about this is his squad™, because at every turn they are such boys.  Horrible teenage boys who talk nonstop about hooking up and can be awkward around feelings but who are also fucking bros.  The scene of Isak, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus sitting around a table and strategizing what Isak should say to Even?  I can live off the goodness in that sequence for years.  Dead serious.  And Isak is almost never made to feel different by them.  When he tells Jonas the person he likes isn’t a girl, Jonas doesn’t even have a visible reaction, just guesses a boy instead and when Isak tries to play ‘straight guy’ before he comes out and make fun of a gay man, Jonas shuts him down so fast and so hard that Isak nearly swallows his tongue.  Mahdi is horrified that the school might think he fought with Isak because he’s gay, that people are saying he’s a homophobe (and this is before he even knows Isak is gay).  And Magnus finally gets to meet Even and throws his arms around him because anybody that important to Isak is going to be that important to him too.  Special mentions for a moving speech given by Eskild (Isak’s out and proud roommate) and Sana this season too.

Basically: I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOW ENOUGH.  Especially as I know people in my neck of the woods are in need of this kind of pure and heart-warming goodness these days.  I promise you: it delivers.  All links are embedded in the season mentions SO GET WATCHING.

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Fairy tail, obv


favourite female: i luv juvia ok & also erza  
favourite male: jellal 
3 other favourite characters: frosch!!!!!!, kagura, & sting + rogue!!
3 otps: jerza, gryon, stingue
notp: gratsu lmao
funniest character: probably natsu 
prettiest character: kagura & juvia
most annoying character: lucy lmao
most badass character: erza but mirajane is cool & im forgetting a name that’s on the tip of my tongue rip
character i’d like as my bff: frosch!!!
female character i’d marry: erza tbh
male character i’d marry: jellal i luv him
character i hate/dislike/least like: lucy shes annoying af

send me a fandom!!

okay no I’m sorry but I’m still not over how badly teen wolf treated Arden Cho! Like not only is she the most adorable person ever but she’s also so incredibly talented and they just wasted her. She deserved so much better. and Kira was such an amazing character. She was cute, adorably awkward, so kind and loyal and probably the most badass character on the show. They could have done so much with her storyline but nope, they royally fucked that up! Come over to shadowhunters, Arden!! We all adore you and you’ll get the treatment you deserve!

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“As much as I hated SAO, Yuuki Asuna was probably the most realistic and the most badass character (at least in the first arc). I like how she was rushing to get out of the game because she was losing her time and the real world. The other thing I like about her is that she was able to be in a relationship while being a badass fighter. ALO was a huge insult to her character in my opinion.”