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Yep, I was there. Graham asked if anyone had met Harry. Brendan said, “No, but I saw him on SNL. He’s totally gay, it’ll be like Barry Manilow and he’ll come out when he’s 75.” Everyone was like … and the subject was changed. It will probably be cut.

thank you for the full story and DOUBLE YIKES UGH


An average 21 year old girl who likes exercise and being outdoors. She came into contact with a strange cat and afterwards she sort of became one, at least partly. To this day no one knows what happened to the strange cat or if Felicity’s changes can be reversed.

Comic projects she’s attached to: None currently

Finished this a few days back but was debating whether to post it or hold on to it to post at a better time, but decided what the heck. I can’t promise a fancy quick-comic for all my character’s bio posts (like the ones that’re part of larger comics already,) but for smaller ones like Felicity I’ll try to. Plus it’s an excuse to do more comics in general. I’ll admit that the actual bio portion here is pretty sparse, but I could always add more later if I ever do more with her character beyond doodles.

bitty being nervous about nhl scouts. part 1

Ransom and Holster were arguing about something when Bitty’s attention returned to the world around him.

“There was a scout there, bro!”

“Yeah, to check out your cheekbones!”

“No, man, to check out us. Get us all NHL contracts! Right, Bitty?!” Ransom bumped him with a shoulder. “You’ll be able to afford King Arthur Flour. For every pie you make.”

Bitty choked on his own spit and got into a coughing fit, doubling up while two enormous bros patted him sympathetically.

“Is Bitty dying?!” Chowder had dashed back from where he’d been giving Tango a big-brotherly pep talk ahead of them. “Bitty, speak to me!”

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Ezra Koenig gives an “update” on Vampire Weekend’s LP4

every day I get comments & questions about the next Vampire Weekend album. obviously, we gotta take our time & get it right but the fans deserve some information. I know it feels like it’s been an eternity since the last one but time…is strange. this is what’s been happening:

2013- MVOTC release
2014 – still touring/promoting
2015 – mental health year (putting 3 albums in stores was taxing), worked on a vibey project you’ll hear abt soon
2016- writing LP4, long days in the library researching w/ the grad students
2017 – recording, trying to finish ASAP what else can I tell you without playing myself? hmm, it’s a lil more springtime than the last one. guitar’s not dead. there are songs (currently) called “Conversation” & “Flower Moon.” Flower Moon is hard to finish but I think it belongs on the album. working title is still Mitsubishi Macchiato cuz it is a helpful concept. I should probably stop there cuz all of that information is subject to change & I can’t tell you the really good stuff anyway 🍍🔥🍍🎶🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌚

Corruption Pt. 1 // Jungkook

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You’re tired of being innocent, so you take matters into your own hands with your best friend.

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 996

A/N: This is a series I’m starting, it’s gonna eventually become a smut, so be warned. This story will be updated every Monday.


The lights flashed in brilliant colours, dancing and swaying across the room as if they were flowing with the beat of the music that blared throughout the club.

“Take another!” You friend, Mi Na shouted, handing you your fourth shot. You took it and downed it quickly, grimacing at the burn of the liquor sliding down your throat.

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first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night

The pounding headache that currently plagued you was going to be a serious problem. You took medicine to try and ease it but it hadn’t kicked in just yet.

Your best friends Pietro and Natasha took you out for drinks the night before to celebrate you landing your dream job. One drink turned into four and the night got hazy after that. You knew that it wasn’t the smartest thing to go out the night before you were to start a new job, but you were in a good mood and wanted to.

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Mistakes and Erasers (Part  2) | Jeff Atkins

Summary: After a campus party you found yourself awake in another bedroom that isn’t yours. Naked.

Warning: Mature Language.

Note: The amount of feedback and love I have received from you, is incredible. I can’t believe you guys loved the first part so much. I didn’t want to upload this part so soon, but I couldn’t resist. I wanted to thank you for the lovely messages! ♥ You made this week much more bearable. 

gif is from the lovely knightlley

‘Why won’t you answer me, Clay?’ you muttered under your breath. Since you came back from your late-night adventure you tried to reach your best friend, but he wasn’t answering. Clay always knew what to do. He was the calm one. He was always the one with a plan. With a way out. While you were surrounded with chaos. And ‘idiot’ was engraved on your forehead. As if on cue, your phone started buzzing and Clay’s name appeared on your screen.

‘Why weren’t you responding?’ you muttered. Instead of Clay, you heard other people mumbling words you couldn’t quite understand and the aggravating sound of a coffee machine in the process of making coffee which made you realise Clay was in the middle of one of his tutoring sessions at Baristas, the most popular coffee shop on campus.

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“Family. Familia. Famille” - [Tom Hiddleston - One shot ].

Based on: Imagine: Tom being your ex, the one your family loved and welcomed when the two of you were together, and even wanted you to marry but things never worked between you. A couple of years later, he’s invited to a family event, which makes things super awkward for you because you’re still single but you don’t want him to know, and you’re well aware of how communicative and pushy your relatives can be, not to mention how much they will be praising him all evening long.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Family drama/fluff. 


Mia rolled the end of her side braid around her bun and secured it with a bobby pin while staring at herself in the mirror.

The curtain next to her billowed open and the cool ocean breeze raced through her, reminding her to pay attention to the sound of the crashing waves outside her parents’ beach house; something she hadn’t indulged in, in a long time.

Her bedroom door opened and it took her visitor less than 5 steps to reach her and rest her chin on her shoulder while putting her hands on her arms.

“Isn’t it odd how even when we look the same, I’m still the prettier one?”

Mia rolled her eyes at her identical twin who stared back at her in the mirror.

“Fuck off”.

Ava laughed.

“You look nice. I wonder why”, she said and Mia caught an ironic note in her tone but brushed it off.

“It’s been a while since the whole family’s gathered”, Mia said with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m sure, Aunt Marie will appreciate your effort. Come on”, Ava chuckled.


Ava frowned and studied her sister for a second.

“Oh!” she exclaimed raising an eyebrow, “You don’t know”.

“Ava”, Mia sighed, “You’ve been here for a minute and you’re already getting on my nerves. What is it?”

Ava stood up, walked towards the door and opened it before glancing back at her dumbfounded and two-minute younger twin.

“Mother invited Tom”.

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Here’s a little update schedule, in which the order these fics are listed is the order I hope to update except I am more often than not a piece of trash who gets a new idea every .2 seconds in which this will be updated. This list in itself is a work in progress and is probably going to be ever changing!! Titles are also subject to change, since it can evolve as the story grows. 

+ Practice Makes Perfect; Taehyung
fluff/smut/light angst, Idol /FanAU 

Maybe landing the lead role for that drama was a good thing for Kim Taehyung, especially if you were willing to offer some assistance in helping him prepare for his part.

+ Purpose pt 2; Jungkook
angst, Assassin AU

You’ve only known one thing your entire life: ending somebody else’s. That is, until you get paired with the infamous Jeon Jungkook for your newest assignment.

+ Stand By You; Jungkook
angst/smut/fluff, Bodyguard/Attack On Titan AU

In a world constantly plagued by death and fear, it’s only natural that humanity’s strongest solider, Jeon Jungkook, be assigned a guard for the home front. There’s one problem though: they can’t stand each other.

+ Hold Me Tight pt 3; Taehyung 
angst/fluff, Hwarang/Royalty/Soulmate AU

Kim Taehyung is expected to spend the rest of his life within the company of nobility after joining the ranks of the kingdom’s newest royal guard. He anticipates a lot of new experiences, new people… but the spark of a touch more powerful than anything before in his life is definitely not one of them - from the shadows of maids and housekeepers nonetheless.

+ Pixie Dust; Jimin
fluff, Peter Pan AU 

He tells you to close your eyes, have a little faith, to trust in him; it’s the first time in your life that you do so. 

+ Still Here; Jungkook
angst/smut/fluff, Peter Pan/Demon AU 

Contrary to the popular belief, Jeon Jungkook isn’t a keeper of the innocent, whisking those who wished to stay young forever away to an island of rainbows and evergreen grass. He is a thief, a monster, a demon, living for no one but himself—until he meets you. 

+ Piece By Piece; Taehyung
fluff/smut; Single Parent AU 

When your boyfriend leaves you alone in the city, pregnant and afraid and way too young, you desperately try to keep the pieces of your life together. However, birthing and raising a child on your own is a challenge in it of itself, until a little hep comes your way in the form of Kim Taehyung.

anonymous asked:

Would you mind doing number 3

I would not mind at all! Here you go, nonnie :)

3. He’s been gone for quite a while

“What are you doing?” Charity frowned at Vic and Adam as they seemed to be re-enacting a scene from the Chuckle Brothers as they tried to stick a banner up along the far wall of the pub.

“Trying to put this up,” Vic explained, as if it wasn’t already obvious. “Adam, it’s not level!”

“Jesus Vic, Aaron won’t even notice,” Adam sighed, quickly losing interest in the task he’d been set.

Charity narrowed her eyes and tilted her head as she tried to read the message on the banner with Vic and Adam both standing in her way.

W E L C O M E  H O M E

“Who’s that for?” she asked dismissively.

“Aaron and Robert,” Adam answered, sighing as Vic nudged him again to move his side of the banner up higher. “They’re back off honeymoon today,” he answered, shooting a beaming smile in Charity’s direction.

“Ahh, have you missed you little friend?” Charity teased him.

He rolled his eyes back at her, only half concentrating as Vic finished off fixing the banner to the wall.

“Well, he’s been gone for quite a while, ain’t he – ”

“And Robert has,” Vic reminded him, unsure why her brother always seemed to get forgotten about.

“Yeah, but what with this and prison I feel like I’ve hardly seen any of him for the past few months,” Adam replied.

Vic and Charity shared a look of feigned sympathy between them.

“Aw, bless,” Vic teased him; Charity joining in with her.

“Shut up, alright,” Adam moaned back. “I’m more looking forward to having a hand at the scrapyard again, to be honest.”

“Well that’s charming.”

All three of them turned to see Aaron and Robert sauntering into the pub, bags in hand, Aaron shaking his head with mock disapproval at overhearing Adam.

“Oh mate!” Adam beamed as he made his way over to him, embracing in their familiar brotherly hug. “You know I’m only joking,” he added with his arms still wrapped around Aaron’s shoulders.

“Yeah, whatever,” Aaron laughed. “Back at work tomorrow then am I!”

“Damn right,” Adam teased, pulling back and offering his hand out for Robert to shake as Vic peeled herself off her brother and hugged Aaron.

“Sort us a pint, eh, Charity,” Robert requested, smiling as he realised she’d already started pouring them one each.

“Come on then, tell us all about it,” Vic grinned as she took a seat at the bar, “What did you get up to?”

Aaron and Robert looked to one another, mouths open wide and smirking as if they were looking for something to tell her, both of them breaking into simultaneous laughter when they realised they hadn’t got much they could offer that was fit for public consumption.

“Oh, right, I get it,” Vic smirked knowingly. “I don’t wanna know! Guessing you hardly left your hotel room?”

Aaron smirked sheepishly and dropped his head, unable to hold her gaze, focusing instead on the pint that Charity had placed before him and letting Robert take the lead.

“We did,” Robert insisted. “We saw Liv and her mum, and Chas. But there wasn’t much we could do and they limited the visitors at the hospital. So we just did a lot of sunbathing…and…celebrating,” he added with a knowing laugh, placing his hand against Aaron’s shoulder as they stood next to one another at the bar.

Charity rolled her eyes at them.

“Got any pictures? It’s meant to be like paradise over there,” Vic asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, probably got a few on my phone,” Robert answered as he took his phone from his pocket, not thinking as he got his gallery up on his screen and tapped on the first image of the view from their hotel room.

He passed his phone to Vic, looking at the screen as she swiped through the images, explaining each one in turn, from the picture of Aaron on the beach, to the bar they went to for drinks most nights, and a few of the places they’d eaten in. There was one of Aaron and Liv, too, and one with Chas.

She flicked onto the next image – a blurred shot of their hotel room floor – and Robert had a moment of realisation about what image would appear next in his photo gallery.

“And that’s enough!” he let out suddenly, eyebrows raised, as he grabbed the phone back from his sister just in time.

Aaron glanced up at him, wide-eyed as the realisation hit, and he stared up at his husband in disbelief at what had almost happened. He thought he’d die of embarrassment if those images were ever seen by anyone other than his husband.

“You two are unbelievable,” Charity sighed, shaking her head as she smirked towards Vic and Adam, all three of them sharing a knowing laugh about what they’d just narrowly avoided.

“You’re just jealous,” Robert shrugged, before leaning down and placing a kiss against his husband’s temple, making a mental note to make sure those pictures got moved pretty sharpish to the hidden file on his phone where he kept the rest of them.

Aaron Dingle was for his eyes only.


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“You can try to forget what happened, but you can never forget what you felt.”

Summary: Seeing you that night was just a careless mistake. It was just another party and another one night stand… But why was it so hard to get rid of you… Why did you have to be around? Why couldn’t I seem to let you go? Was this fate… or just a coincidence?

“What’s the matter? Afraid of a little temptation?”

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // 

Part 8 is finally here~ 



The rest of the boys eventually seemed okay with it however I could feel eyes glued to me and I looked at Mark and he doesn’t show any type of face expression, instead he just stares right at me. Jaebum leaves the room and then I couldn’t help but to question Mark right away.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I blurted out and that’s when I caught all of the boys attention this time.

“Because.. I know you like Y/N.”

Wait they bought it? But weren’t they questioning me before? I was about to speak up but I got caught off when the boys looked all at one direction and see Jaebum standing there.


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More Silmarillion and lotr sketches :)

Young Galadriel, young Celeborn, and a little Celebrían.

Also Beren and Lúthien. 

As I’m reading the book I’m sketching out the characters as they appear in my mind. I’m having lots of fun sketching out how I imagine the characters… but I’m falling behind :’O

Thingol and Melian

inspired by that @pansexualriphunter post :  “at some point after rip is rip again but before he’s actually allowed out of the medbay (they gotta make sure he’s healthy or whatever) someone takes the jumpship back to 2017 and raids a local party city (see: pays for the goods provided, thank you very much) and so when rip goes to the bridge for the first time in a while he’s greeted by cake and a banner that says “congrats on not being dead!” and there are balloons and its a pure moment.”

Rip found comfort in knowing that, despite his absence, his team was still as confusing and exasperating as ever. 

Obviously, things hadn’t gone back to the way it was before New York – seeing as there were two new members that he didn’t know. Amaya, he knew from the short time he had spent with the JSA and the few History courses that he remembered.  Nate Heywood was another story, though. He had recognized his name and had made the connection to Henry, but Rip had no recollection of his grandson gaining powers. Which was something he intended to discuss about with Sara as soon as he was allowed of the medbay. To say he wasn’t surprised when Ray cornered him on his way out would be an understatement. His too-wide grin alarmed him, though.

 “Can I do something for you, Mr Palmer?”

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MBTI FUNCTIONS: How to Tell If Your Functions Are Introverted or Extroverted

So, I’ve been trying to figure out a more concise way to explain/differentiate between the extroverted and introverted versions of the functions. It seems like there are lots of people who get stuck specifically with questions like “I can’t tell if I use Fi or Fe.” Or, “What’s the difference between Te and Ti?” Or, “I understand Se, but don’t understand Si. Help?” And I think I’ve found a way to explain the difference across the board.

Extroverted functions are pliable. They are flexible and are in constant flux and motion. These are the things in your life that you see as “fun”, these are the things that you take as they come to you and don’t take too terribly seriously.

Introverted functions are sturdy. They are concrete and extremely difficult to change. These are your “values”, these are the things in your life that you’d never back down from.

I know that talking about “values” brings about images of Fi specifically, but just hear me out.

To explain in detail, I’ll use my own functional stack: ENFP.

So, we’re gonna start with THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NE AND NI.

First, we must define iNtuition as a function. INtuition, in my definition, are the purely creative abstractions everyone is capable of making. To some, it’s the seemingly useless “what ifs” or “what could bes” that plague their mind when they should be doing more important things. To others, it is the well from which they experience the world, experiencing life less as a participant and more as an observer. Life is to be extrapolated upon before all else. Symbolism and pattern recognition come easy to all higher iNtuition users, but everyone has some version of iNtuition and is perfectly capable of being creative.

Now, the true difference between Ne and Ni comes in how concrete and immovable you feel your creative extrapolations are.

Do you see your creativity as a fun aspect of your personality? Do you enjoy “free associating”, tossing around ideas without a care in the world? Are the meanings behind the art you take in and the art you create subjective or constantly changing? Then you’re probably Ne. Ne sees their creativity as not to be taken seriously. Creativity is fun!

Or conversely, do you see your creativity as a serious part of your personality? Do you find that there is “one true meaning” behind everything, and it is your job to figure out what that meaning is? Do you take this job very seriously, and not as a fleeting experiment that you grow bored of? Do you feel somewhat affronted when other people tell you your interpretations or art or events are “wrong”, or maybe even if they only imply it? Then you’re probably Ni. Creativity is serious business to an Ni user, and it is not to be joked around with or taken lightly. The deep, hidden meanings of art and the world at large are sacred to Ni, and there is only one true answer. Creativity is important, not necessarily “fun”.

A great way to see the differences in reality is to think about how you watch television, or read books, or take in anything creative. Ask yourself this: How many times do you enjoy watching a show or reading a book? Do you enjoy it maybe once, possibly twice, feeling like you got the idea the first time, only rereading if you didn’t completely understand it? Or, do you find yourself constantly rereading/rewatching, getting a brand new experience out of the media each time? If you do the former, there’s a good chance you’re Ni, taking the meaning of that media deeply seriously, and yet finding no reason to revisit that media for another analysis. If they want to reread it, they will, but the experience will be almost identical every time, unless something has caused them to change their interpretation, which would need to be drastic. If you do the latter, you’re probably Ne, who can rewatch the same movie over and over and gain an entirely unique perspective on it each time. They enjoy reanalyzing media for the sake of reanalyzing it, and will rarely experience an idea in exactly the same way as before.

This method can be pasted onto every function, perhaps making them a bit easier to understand. Here are THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FE AND FI.

Do you find personal interactions fun? Is making friends something you would consider a past time, where the friendship never has to go much deeper beyond enjoying the others’ company? Are your feelings malleable and changeable based on your surroundings and the situation? Do you feel like you mold your likes and dislikes based upon who you’re with? If so, you may be Fe.

Do you find personal interactions very serious? Do you think that friendships are deeply personal and should be made with people who you have a deep connection with almost exclusively? Are your feelings concrete and unchanging, even if the circumstances surrounding you were altered? Do you find changing or altering your feelings towards things/people/or situations to be betrayal of your true self, almost always standing your ground when faced with opposition? If so, you may be Fi.

For this one, think of how you resolve conflict. Are you someone that gets accused of bringing up the same grievances over and over? Do you find open discussion easy, often pouring your concerns out as you feel them? Do you feel like you can never quite put certain problems you have to rest, and you need to constantly revisit problems in your own mind? Fe users, in a similar way as Ne users, can have a different emotional experience within a similar sounding crisis every time. Their feelings are changing and malleable, and what upset them one time may not upset them another, and vice versa. This could explain the stereotype of Fe users enjoying soap operas and rom coms, as each viewing is a totally new emotional experience, and new and changing emotional experiences are enjoyable to the Fe user. Feelings are fun!

Or, do you find conflict deathly serious? Are you annoyed when certain topics get brought up over and over, feeling like your feelings were sorted the first time? Do you find that open discussions are painfully difficult, and get described as having to “pull teeth” to get your feelings out of you? Do you find your own emotions exhausting and intense, which leads to emotionally avoidance behavior? Fi feels it’s emotions almost painfully, finding the idea of actively seeking out emotional experiences to be ridiculous and sometimes scary. Conflict is more difficult with Fi, but the resolutions are usually more concrete when they finally happen. Feelings are deathly serious.


Do you find problem solving fun? Are there multiple ways to figure out a scenario in an efficient manner? Is the outcome of your problem solving most important to you rather than the framework used? If so, you may be Te.

Do you find problem solving very serious? Is the manner in which you solve a problem incredibly important, with the efficiency not factoring in at all? Is the framework, or frameworks, you use very important to you, preferring to find one catch-all frame that works for everything rather than using any old frame willy-nilly? If so, you may be Ti.

For this one, think of how you solve technical issues, such as a math problem or a flat tire. Are you most worried about getting the answer as quickly as possible? Or do you agonize over finding the exact right way to correct this situation, accounting for every possible misstep, taking the process far more seriously than the product? Te finds problem solving enjoyable and often feels a rush of joy whenever they find a solution. Results are most important, while the actual process itself is not meant to be taken very seriously. Problem solving is fun! But, Ti finds problem solving very serious and time consuming, preferring to ruminate over multiple possible processes to try and find the “most efficient” one, while becoming somewhat inefficient themselves. So, to Ti, problem solving is very serious.


Are physical experiences fun to you? Is eating the same food always a somewhat different experience for you? Do you feel most confident when you’re dealing in the world directly in front of you? If so, you may be Se.

Do you find physical experiences to be very serious? Do you prefer to weigh your chances on which experiences you’ll “allow in” based upon your own experience or stories you may have seen or heard? Do you approach the world with an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude? If so, you may be Si.

For this one, think about how you handle your fears. Are your fears not terribly concrete? Do you experience fear in the moment, but allow yourself to take each experience as completely unique? Do you go into each new scenario, even if it’s the same event, as new? So, although you may have been afraid the first time, you may not be afraid the second? Or, are your fears very concrete and very serious? Do you tend to avoid bad experiences like the plague after you’ve had them? Is discomfort something you take very personally, which you avoid at all costs? Se could smell the same smell on two different occasions and have a totally different take away each time. Si will tend to experience their senses in a similar way each time, wanting to experience only those things they enjoyed while avoiding that which they didn’t enjoy.

I hope that this method shined some light upon the functions!! As a final summary:

Do you think creativity is fun (Ne) or serious (Ni)?

Do you think feelings are fun (Fe) or serious (Fi)?

Do you think problem solving is fun (Te) or serious (Ti)?

Do you think physical experiences are fun (Se) or serious (Si)?

One Night

Request: heyy so im basically a nobody but can you do an imgine where y/n is Rick’s little sister and she falls in love with the joker? btw i love your imagines 😍😍😍 - by @dani-leto

|Okay, so I’m soooo freaking sorry for being sooo late. But I’m back, with new ideas and new content!! My Tumblr will change a little. From now on I will write not only about Joker but about Jared Leto and whole 30 Seconds to Mars. BUT this blog will be based on Joker, while my Wattpad (@Emu_ki) will be based on Jared..  So feel free to go check my stories there.! Love you dolls!! Let me know what you think about this one ;)|

“Why you are so late??!” A loud man voice reached you from the living room just after you entered the house.

It was 2 am. You came back after a party. You took off your black high heels and checked pretty messy (h/c) hair. “Maybe I didn’t need to come back home huh!?” You replied getting pretty pissed off.

You were already 19 years old and still everybody acts like you are ‘the little girl’. “You MUST to get home!” The voice replied getting closer to you. Rick showed up. “But let’s be realistic, my little kid is sleeping and this kind of time is heaven for me and June and with your night life it can be ruined…” he said while leaning next to the wall. He was chewing a Pb&J sandwich. “Then why aren’t you sleeping too?” You narrowed your eyes and walked to your room.

Right after graduation you asked Rick for a place to live. He was your older brother. You weren’t sure about his answer.. He had wonderful family life with June and it was too much to ask, but you had to. For your surprise he agreed and now you had your own room in his house.

Yeah, life with a small kid wasn’t easy, but you had to help. For some time at least.. You loved to go out with friends, it was your addiction. You always had so much fun, the night vibes always pull your mood up, drinking and smoking got you relaxing, but it wasn’t very often just because it wasn’t the right way to spend your money. Every night there were new places, new faces.

Last nigh wasn’t an exception. You and couple of your other girl friends went to one of the ‘greatest’ club of all. And that was a huge mistake, after 1hr you had to leave that place, just because that place sucked at giving the great atmosphare. Well at least you had an opportunity to meet a guy. Rick would be go insane if he would know that you danced with The King of crime…

You lay down onto your bed with your clothes and smiled. You still could sense his aroma. You closed your eyes and once again you saw that wonderful man, a real gentleman. His green hair, pale skin, red lips, silver smile.

That night he gently approached you by the bar. He gently placed his hand around your waist after taking a shot of alchohol with you. He face structure and deep eyes just took over you. There was no big chit chats going, he just offered to dance together, you accepted not only from a fear about being dead, but from the curiosity of being so close to such infamous criminal. Your body was touching his  while you both took over the dance stage. Your friends were looking at you with fear but non of them were brave enough to free you from is grip.

After a dance he kissed your cheek super soft “We’ll meet again baby doll” he whispered before leaving. And now you are blushing as hell in your bed. You closed your eyes and it took only a few seconds to fall asleep.

Next morning you woke up when the sunlight touched your face. You sat on your bed and yawned while looking around the room. You quickly dressed up and opened your room’s  door and almost bumped into a Rick. “Good morning” He laughed at your sleepy face expression. “You got a single letter.” Your eyes got wider both of you knew, nobody sends you any kind of letters. “Morning morning” you quickly took your letter and without ceremonies opened the envelope. Rick was interested too but as soon as you saw the first word you quickly closed the bedroom’s door and sat on the carpet.

Morning, doll face…  I forgot to ask your name. 

Indeed… You are that military boy’s lil sis, huh?? This ain’t that fun, darling..

Now, let’s keep it in secret bunny, I will see you very soon…

Everything is planed, I know you want is as much as I do…”


Your jaw dropped, so many questions were in your head it started to hurt  little. “Very soon?” You whispered and looked at your window. What have you done, one single dance probably changed your whole life. Maybe he is faking it? No, it’s a lame joke for the Joker. Then you read it once again.. MINE. You read bolder letters.. His.. No, it wasn’t a joke. You took a deep breath and threw that envelope to a garbage bin and went downstairs. You ignored  Rick’s questions and nagging about a secret lover. You just continued to live a normal life, somehow..

- 1 week later -

One week without secret envelopes, messages or something different. Just before you leaving the house for some shopping with friends June stopped you. “Y/N?.. Look, I found it this morning in front of your bedroom door.” June held a purple rose. She said bedroom door?! No, how? “Bedroom?!” You repeated and took that rose from your hands. June fixed her glassed  “Maybe you dropped it somehow before bed time?” You tried to come up with logic reason, but sadly no ideas came up, so you continued with June’s idea. “Ah yeah, probably, thank you” You smiled and left the house. A rose, INSIDE?..  You head was spinning, he was inside.. It has to be Joker’s, obviously it’s his…

- 2 weeks later -

Another week without any mysterious gifts or letters. It was a Friday evening. You were sitting on your bed reading some sort of book about psychology. Every single type of different psychopathy made you more and more interested. You looked at the phone it was already 1am. You put the book on the night stand and got under the blanket. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes.

After some time a loud scream woke you up. For a second you thought it was just in your dream. But a woman screamed once again and her scream was followed with gun shots. You quickly stood up and slowly opened your bedroom door. You slightly peaked out and looked down the hallway.

Rick was holding his gun, pointing to the front door. “Daaaaarling!!! My sweet Y/N…” Voice came from outside “Please tell your sweet military boy to put down the gun!! I just missed my kitten” You recognised the voice after a long and loud laugh. It was Joker. At this point you felt weak and super confused. 

June looked at you “H-how does he know your name!?!” She was shocked but not as much as you were. Joker knocked at the door couple of times “excuse me.. but is it safe now??” He asked while giggling. “Sweetie, should I use my guns?!” He continued shouting from outside.

“N-no, he will kill you!” You walked out of the bedroom talking to June and Rick. You were coming closer to door when Rick grabbed your hand “Hell no you are NOT going to see him!” He shouted while gripping your hand harshly. “June, go get the baby and hide!” He commanded and looked directly into your e/c eyes. “I’m not letting you go with that psycho” he said loudly.

Then there was a knock once again “Sweet sweet Y/N, I will count to ten..” You got scared about the mind in your head seeing bloody Rick or June with a kid in her hands. “He. Will. Fucking. Kill. You” You said seriously. You weren’t sure about what was happening around. Heart was shouting to go and hug that monster while your brains told differently. You shook your head and hugged Rick tightly “I will come back” You whispered and reached the doors.

“I won’t let you go without a fight!” He shouted and he was right. It was stupid for him to let his younger sister simply leave his house in the middle of the night with this unstable serial killer. As soon as you opened the doors he started to shoot at Joker goons without a break. One of the goons shot into his hand and made him drop the gun. After that with a strong hit he knocked Rick down.

“10 seconds boss” a goon said and Joker quickly ran next to you. He moved his hand around your waist. “Let’s go princess” he purred and was about to leave with you. At some point you really wanted to go, have some different life but you knew it was stupid and insane to do this with the Joker himself. You looked at the Rick a little bit scared then looked into those icy blue eyes of Joker and let him lead you to his car. You made a choice by your heart.

Even if it was a mistake, you had to try it out. You followed the Joker and sat next to him. You had no other choice actually, he was probably planing to kill everyone if you were going to reject his offer. And now you are sitting next to the most dangerous man in the whole Gotham only in your pyjamas. His hand was around you. “Welcome darling.” He purred once again making you blush. 

Now you were in the new family. Untraditional family. But it was a new beginning. You looked back at the house. Your eyes got teary a little but Jared made you face him “I hope you liked my purple rose”…

He changed the subject…

He probably will change you too.. 

 "Sorry Rick, I fell for this monster…

I didn't think we were gonna have this conversation BUT I GUESS SO.

Alright. All you Gorillaz fans who have seen the new picture of Noodle? What was your first thought?

“Jamie shouldn’t sexualize Noodle.”

“Just because she is of age, doesn’t mean you should reveal more of her.”


And Jamie doesn’t sexualize. Yes he draws nipples and stuff, but that’s ANATOMY. Look up ‘Sexualized Noodle’ I bet you’ll see.. Probably a lot of weird pictures of noodles… Erm..

Change subject.

Really though. Have you seen any pictures Jamie has of Noodle’s nipples? If you read any of the older interviews, he says that he’s proud Noodle has grown up. She’s like his daughter in a way. A daughter he can draw and basically control (but hey, isn’t that every Dad’s dream?) Please don’t think that Jamie is lewding her. I’m pretty sure worse has been drawn of her..

All The Things I Love About You~Sirius

FOr the very patient anon who requested a Hufflepuff x Sirius 

 Im so so so so so sorry that this is so late, I’ve just been super busy. I’m working on the wheelchair request tonight also! Love you,

You were shy, and everyone knew it. It was just how you were wired. You didn’t like speaking up in class, everyone thought you were friendless, and you had a soft, quiet voice and a, in your perspective, a dull personality.

But in truth, you had friends, and you were completely outgoing and yourself when you were with them and you truly weren’t dull, you just didn’t express yourself in the ways others did.

You had been sorted into Hufflepuff on your first night at Hogwarts when you were eleven. Your housemates immediately took you in and made you family. You grew close with some of the girls there and everyone was incredibly friendly.

But now, you were in sixth year and not much had changed, but you had a boyfriend.

The phrase “opposites attract” really applied to you ad Sirius Black.

You were a Hufflepuff, he was a Gryffindor.

You were shy, he was outgoing.

He was a major flirt with a confident attitude and you were insecure in yourself and never made the first move.

You were complete opposites, and before you were together, he found you quite annoying really…

It wasn’t a bad annoying, just a “I don’t understand this creature and I understand all women” kind of annoying.

You two were sat next to each other in transfiguration in fifth year and he was always trying to talk. Professor McGonagall originally moved him to the seat next to yours when he wouldn’t stop talking to James Potter.

She threatened to move the two of them if they didn’t stop talking- they kept talking. So, they were separated. In an attempt to get Sirius to shut up, the Professor put him next to you, who wouldn’t talk and would pay attention no matter what he tried. It worked.

Sirius was the “make friends with everyone” guy, and you were not.

But you two became friends. It started slow. You passed notes, it made you comfortable, you two met in the middle of your wide expanse of differences. Then he asked you out.

He transfigure a goblet into your favorite flowers and spelled it out in sparks in the air. You had to say yes, no matter how embarrassed you were that he made a bit of a scene. Since then, you had been going strong and were deeply in love.

Tonight, you were feeling down. You weren’t feeling yourself and all you wanted to do was cry. Your lovely roommates let you have the room to yourself so you could focus on feeling better without having to worry about prying eyes.

But about halfway through your self hate party, there was a knock on your door.

“Come in.” You said, wiping the tears from your eyes and sniffing.

The door creaked open and revealed Sirius carrying some food from the dinner you missed.

“Hey, love. Want some dinner?”

You looked down and nodded, hoping he wouldn’t see your tear stained cheeks.

He brought your food and sat next to you on the bed, which dipped at the added weight that wasn’t there the moment before.

“You okay, (Y/N)?” He asked as you ate.

“Not really.” You sighed, looking into his grey eyes.

“How ‘bout you finish up eating and we’ll cuddle. That’ll fix it, right?” He smiled.

“Okay.” You said softly, relieved it would be a relaxing night.

You finished your food and laid back with Sirius. His arms were wrapped around you tightly and you were facing each other. He kept talking about Quidditch or something you didn’t actually care about. But then, right as you realized you probably looked very uninterested, he changed the subject.

You heard him saying things he loved about you. Placing a kiss to your forehead every time he said something new.

“I love you.” You whispered, interrupting him in the middle of one of his sentences.

“I love you too, babe.” He flashed a smile and you nuzzled into his neck as he continued rubbing circles in the small of your back and telling you why he loves you.

The Elf and the Dwarf

Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain.

Chapter Summary: Visits and Apologies

Chapter Categories: Humor, Small Bit of Angst, I guess. Idk

Strike Through = Current Chapter

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8

The next month passes by quickly. Half of the dwarves helped rebuild Dale including the Company minus Thorin, Fili and Balin. Since becoming the heir to the throne, there was a lot that he needed to learn and both Balin and Thorin helped him with that. Some dwarves also chose to stay behind to protect and rebuild Erebor.

Y/n had not seen any of the members of the Company aside from Bilbo. He had not yet gone home and chose to wait until the Coronation was over to leave. Of course, he sent word to Drogo asking him to watch over the place incase any of those Sackville-Bagginses came by. He once told y/n that they were an annoying bunch especially that Lobelia and she laughed.

Half of the Kingdom of Mirkwood also aided, but Rivendell did not. Bard did not want the Rivendell elves to make this long journey especially since they had enough help as it is.

Lord Elrond returned home, reminding y/n to be conscious of her heart. The question of choosing a mortal life came up once again and for once in y/n’s life, Lord Elrond snapped at her saying that because he was not her father, he did not have a say. That shocked her, but it made sense. While her brothers and Arwen looked alike, she was different. She was shorter and more humanlike.

After apologizing for snapping at her, Lord Elrond explained that she was given to him by her father for safekeeping. There was a certain darkness that was brewing and it was not safe for her. He had also explained that her mother was of the human race and had died during childbirth.

She had, once again, asked about the mortal life and he told her, rather reluctantly, that she could choose to become mortal whenever she wanted to, but advised her not to do so just yet and she didn’t.

Y/n has been getting daily visits from Bilbo and continued to spend a lot of her time with Bard’s children, teaching them to protect themselves with the permission of their father.

He didn’t want them to be so defenseless like they were when orcs attacked their home. What started off as three children began to turn into 20 children/teens, 30 dwarves and 40 men. Training them had become a part of y/n’s daily life.

“Alright children, remember!” y/n shouts as the lessons come to an end.

“Always keep your guard up,” they respond. Tilda, Bain, and Sigrid help her with putting the weapons away. “It’s a nice thing you’re doing here, lass,” a voice from the doorway says and they all turn to find Dwalin with his usual weapons attached to his back.

The children look at her and she nods towards the door. They leave her alone with the dwarf warrior.

“It’s the least I could do after Bard’s kind hospitality,” she says, pulling a tarp over the weapons. The only weapons the children were allowed to use were wooden sticks and dull arrows.

“You could be doing the same thing in Erebor!” Dwalin argues as he takes a seat on one of the chairs.

“I’m not going back to Erebor. I’ve made a life here in Dale. I have a purpose,” she tells him.

“Which is the same purpose that was supposed to keep you at Erebor!” he shouts and she winces, tucking her hair behind her ears, a habit she had when she was scared.

Dwalin sighs, knowing exactly why she tucked her hair behind her ears.

“I didn’t mean to scare you lass. I really didn’t. It’s just that it’s not the same without you,” he tells her, massaging his temples.

“And yet, its been a month and the only person that came to visit me was Bilbo. It is obvious that I do not matter to the company given the fact that no one had even made the small effort to say hello. I’m fine Dwalin. I love it here. I belong here,” she tells him, pulling out her bow and aiming for the targets located both high and low.

“Is it because you’re with people who are the same height?” he asks and that causes her to miss her target and smash into the wall behind. That question had taken her aback. She was never one to judge anyone and he knew that. For him to suggest that was an insult to her heart.

“Why would you even ask such a question?” she asks him, gaining her concentration back.

“Because it’s obvious. You have more in common with the people here than you do in Erebor.”

“It is highly insulting, master dwarf that you think I left you all behind because of a simple height difference. While it is true that I have more in common with the race of men, that is not the reason I left,” she says, plucking her arrows out from their intended targets.

“Then why?”

“Because I cannot stand to look at Thorin knowing that he will never love me back!” she shouts, rounding on him.

She sighs, not believing that her temper got the best of her yet again. She must pull more of her mother’s side rather than her father’s side.

“My father warned me of dying of a broken heart and by staying here I will not do so,” she says putting her arrows back.

She walks to the door and he follows her.

“Will you at least come to Erebor tonight? For the coronation. The city of Dale has been invited. I don’t see why you wouldn’t come,” he tells her.

“I am going, but as a guard. I have become Bard’s personal advisor and guard in exchange for a place to stay,” she tells him.

SECOND PERSON POV: (A/n: parts below belong to my short little imagine thingy. Well technically it belonged to this story. Continue on)

You both turn the corner only to be pushed to the ground in a heap of limbs.

You look up to find Fili smiling down at you.

“You know, when I imagined being between two dwarves, this is not what I was thinking of,” you say, smirking up at him.

He smirks back and asks, “oh yeah? And who is the other dwarf?”

“Not you,” you reply, shoving him off and standing up.

“Don’t give me any ideas,” Dwalin growls as you help him up and you can’t help but send a wink his way.

“Dwalin and Thorin eh? I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming,” Fili mutters and you just punch him in his shoulder.

“What do you want Fili? Besides wanting to feel me up?” you ask him as you walk back to the way he came.

“Uncle let me have a free day and I wanted to come and visit you and apologize for not talking to you sooner,” he says, hanging his head in shame.

“It’s something that’ll take a while to forgive, but I’ll work on it my little lion man,” you respond. He looks at you, smiling slightly.

“Now about that fantasy of yours,” he starts and you tug his mustache braids, making him shut up. You look to Dwalin as he chuckles.

“What I wouldn’t give,” he says and you blush.

“Where is Kili?” You ask trying to change the subject. “Probably having sex with that elf of his,” Fili shrugs. “You sure are horny aren’t you?” you ask him. “Want to do something about it?” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows. You tug on his mustache braids again.

“You’re getting on my last nerves. Anyway, her name is Tauriel and you’d do well to remember your future sister in law,” you tell him.

He shrugs.

“How is managing the gold coming along?” You ask. “Balin is the only one that Thorin trusts to enter it. Not even Dain. It is getting harder and Balin has been trying to put it away but there’s just so much one can do,” he informs you and you nod.

“That’s when you’re supposed to offer help lassie,” Dwalin says. “What can I do? Your kin do not like elves so they would not like me. Besides you guys must’ve had treasurers before why not create them now?” you ask.

“Because trust lies low in the walls. Especially with Thorin being almost killed,” Dwalin growls out and you stop, heart beating hard. 

“It’s fine lass. Thorin can handle himself. Tossed the dwarf out of Erebor. Ever since then his trust dwindled down to those of the company,” Dwalin explains.
You sometimes hated how he could see right through you, but majority of the time you were grateful.

“I would’ve strangled that dwarf myself. Any who, instead of putting just Balin, put Kili and Nori there too. I know Nori is the last person you’d want there but who else can you spare? Oin is a healer, Gloin needs to keep those furnaces going, Bifur makes money by selling toys, Bombur is busy cooking, Bofur is busy mining, and Dori is too busy henning over Ori while he’s working on his scribes. Those two are the only ones available,” you explain.

“Which is why we need you back,” Fili presses. “I can’t. I’m an advisor for the King. The only advisor,” you say.

“Uncle never mentioned it,” Fili mutters.

“Not a surprise. He hasn’t spoken a word to me since basically calling me a traitor. Your King is a piece of work,” you huffs. “Thank you,” a gruff voice says. 

You all turn right to find Thorin.

You immediately look down, embarrassed.

“Fili, Dwalin. I have a meeting with Bard and ask for you two to attend. I will be there in a moment,” Thorin says and Fili looks at you nervously.

“Go on little lion man,” you say, smiling at him.

He nods and the two dwarves walk away trying and failing to remember when the council room is.

“Y/n. I shall hope that you are well,” he starts, trying to make small talk. “As well as I can get I suppose,” you say. He sighs.

“We did not leave off on the right foot did we?” He asks as you both continue walking. “No we did not, but that’s how we always are, isn’t it? Always getting into fights. Never liking each other,” you say, putting your arms behind your back.

“I never said that I didn’t like you,” he replies.

“It was implied. It has always been implied from the moment I met you. It’s because of the ears,” you say, laughing to ease the tension. Thorin only cracks a little smile, but it is gone in a second.

“That was not my intention,” he says. “And yet that’s what it seemed like. What are you doing here Thorin?” you ask him, stopping. You just wanted him to get to the point.

“I came here to apologize. For everything. For treating you like filth, for not trusting you, for like you said basically calling you a traitor. Just for everything that I have done to you out of ill-will,” he lets out looking you in the eyes.

“It’s going to take me a while to forgive you, Thorin,” you say.

“And i know that and I will wait for eternity if I have to,” he replies and you giggle. “You’re a silly dwarf,” you respond. He just smiles in return and you continue walking.

“So about you, me and Dwalin,” Thorin says, smirking. Your face turns very red.

“Nothing to be discussed,” you retort, quickening your pace and he just watches you, laughing.

A/N: Sorry, this is absolute shit and is absolutely rushed. As per usual, this story was written for myself so if you see any mistakes, that’s probably why. I also wrote this whole story (and am continuing to write it) after I finished watching The Almighty Johnsons so you see a bit of Anders in here. I apologize for this crap and I’ll try to make future chapters better.