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Nike, in Greek religion, the goddess of victory, daughter of the giant Pallas and of the infernal River Styx. Nike probably did not originally have a separate cult at Athens. As an attribute of both Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and the chief god, Zeus, Nike was represented in art as a small figure carried in the hand by those divinities. Athena Nike was always wingless; Nike alone was winged. She also appears carrying a palm branch, wreath, or Hermes staff as the messenger of victory. Nike is also portrayed erecting a trophy, or, frequently, hovering with outspread wings over the victor in a competition; for her functions referred to success not only in war but in all other undertakings. Indeed, Nike gradually came to be recognized as a sort of mediator of success between gods and men.
 - Encyclopedia Britannica entry on the Greek goddess Nike

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anonymous asked:

Can someone write me some Hades smut?😥

Sure thing lovely;)

Quick and short cause I have some other things to work on for y’all. Maybe hades!harry, maybe not. winkwink.


It’s cold. You have no idea why the underworld would be cold, all set aflame, but it is, yet it also makes sense because it’s under everything, gets no sun, and it’s also winter. The moment you walk into the realm of shadows, it turns to winter over your head, out there in the world. That was the deal.

Hades, Harry, is by the Styx, talking to the souls, a frown upon his face, he hates when the souls wail and beg, for prayers don’t appease to him. Harry himself is rarely seen outside his domain, and to those on earth his intentions and personality are a mystery, but you, his Persephone, his Kore, his love, you know he is nothing but hospitable to the souls. You know he doesn’t enjoy much whenever he has to torture them, or scream at them. To you he isn’t a mystery to be solved, but a god to be loved.

You wait for him in your room, sitting comfortably in the middle of the large bed, covered in silky red sheets and velvety golden cushions. He’s taking so long today, you think to yourself. Rowing down the styx and probably having to contain his anger at the annoying wails of desperate souls, as he does when you’re around. He tries not to scream, or not to bother you with the yells of agony the souls let out, for as long as you’re around. He already has you for 3 short months, he’s not about to let anyone or anything take that away from him.

You run yourself a hot bath, not being able to stand how cold it was today in the underworld. The gold tub is cold to the touch but you take a moment to breathe in and out and let the warm water calm you as you close your eyes and rest your head back.

The water feels warmer and warmer and you open your eyes startled at the quick change in temperature, only to find Harry standing there in only a robe, a smirk on his face showing his dimples, as his hand in the water heats it up.
“ Cold, love?” You bite your lip and nod. Harry is quick to drop a kiss on your lips before disrobing himself shamelessly and getting in the tub with you. “C’mere, I’ll keep yeh warm” he says lowly and you scoot yourself closer to him, laying between his open arms, your chest to his, straddling him. 
“Missed you today” you mumble to him kissing his strong jaw. He moans. It’s the sweetest sound you know.
“Mmm… Been busy today pet… But I missed yeh as well”

Soon you become a mess of groping hands and tangled limbs under the water, as your lips crash against each other sloppily, tongue fighting with tongue, and you start pulling at his hair. You feel his warm hand lay on your thigh, almost burning but not quite. He never burns you, just a bit, just how you like it, just enough to make you tingle. Just how he knows it gets to you. You hiss.
“ I… I want…”
“ Tell me… What do you want?”
“ I want you, my king” The words leave your lips easily. You can feel him against you under the water and the desire builds up with each passing second of his burning touch on your now hot skin.
“ Yeh want me?” he teases, acting surprised, laying kisses on your neck and shoulder blade and back to your lips. Licking, biting, sucking. You grab a hold of his arms, feeling like you might fall backwards from just the feeling of him so close and warm, and the feeling of him rubbing against your pelvis. You nod once more. Yes, you want him.
“ Please. Please make me feel good, Harry, my king… Please” you sigh the last word against his lips as you move your hips slowly against his growing member. You’re begging and he twitches under the water.
“ Yeh know you’re the only soul I want to hear begging, don’t yeh?” he smirks as you bite at his earlobe, and wraps his arms around your torso, easily picking you up, carrying you out of the water and walking towards your bed.

He removes the silk cover-up while he still holds you up, only to let you fall on the soft material of the bed. He hovers above you, warm as ever, and immediately kisses you. Hard. Passionately. With lust.
“ Harry…” the moan of his name escapes your lips, between kisses. His mouth is hot against your neck and soon you feel him at your entrance.
Your king will make you feel so good, y/n” He says as he thrusts deep and hard inside you, making you let out a high pitched yelp, followed by a string of moans as you wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.

His hips move in a delicious rhythm, that has you seeing stars. You don’t feel cold anymore with his hot body on top of yours and the way he holds your leg in a position that makes him reach the deepest part of you. His eyes squint in pleasure and he grunts at the way you squeeze tight around him, so warm and ready for him. His hands roam your body, gripping at your sides and leaving red handprints from the hotness of his touch. The closest he is to his orgasm, the less he can control his flames. He’s careful to never burn you, but his hands are warmer and warmer with each thrust of his hips, and each moan that escapes your parted lips in a panting voice.
“ Harry… More, p-please.” Your mouth hangs open in an ‘O’ shape, as Harry pulls out of you for just a moment, adjusting himself underneathe you, and moving your legs to slam into you rough, harder. You scream when you feel him fill you up to the brim.
“ That’s it, y/n. Scream.” He says. 

It’s a feat he loves, how no one could really hear you scream his name from the underworld, or so he thought. That feature filling him with pride when Zeus once came around, asking if you were ok. “I’m fine, why?” you asked, only for Zeus to say he thought he heard screaming, not necessarily from the souls, leaving Hades to smirk while he heard the interaction. He’d done that. Made you scream so much, his brother could hear it sitting at his throne, up there at Mount Olympus. And Hades promised himself to make his Persephone scream just as loud ever since.

Harry could feel his climax, right there, right at the brim of explosion, as he flipped you around so that he was back to being on top. Your back arched off the mattress, as you could feel yours as well. It was so close. You were so close. Harry’s hands become hotter and hotter, now leaving slight burns wherever he touched, marking you once more. You hissed at the feeling, and screamed when his hot hand played with your clit. It was an overwhelming sensation, the burn and the pleasure mixing together perfectly.
“ Yeh like that? Gonna cum for me, pet?”
“Harry! Harry! Oh, I’m going… AAAHHH!” you couldn’t help but scream and moan and wail as tears filled your eyes when you felt your orgasm take you over. Coming in waves of unbelievable pleasure and scratching at Harry’s back.

He rode out your orgasm feeling himself become hotter, the flames on his head rising, as he settled to his knees, rocking into you with all his might, the bed shaking in rhythm with his hips. “I’m… Oh, I’m there, y/n”, but he didn’t have to say much. With one last slam he let himself go. His orgasm taking over him and you feeling him come in thick hot spurts inside you, and leaving a burn across your stomach. Pulling out of you and looking intently at the glistening strings of his cum and yours dripping out of you, Harry sighs and pants, tries to catch his breath.
“ Such a nice… King” you breathe in and out, still short of air. “ Thank you for fucking me like that”
“ Should fuck yeh again for that dirty mouth” He caresses your burns and peppers kisses on your face.
“ Should I beg?” you say before feeling his member twitch against your thigh.
“Yeh know you’re the only soul I want to hear beg” He whispers and flips you over so you’re on top of him, his shaft still glistening and ready for you once more. The stamina gods can pack is amazing.