probably still my favourite shot of him

“”//simon minter

request: simon using prompts 14&29

i just did 14 cause i’ve already done 29 with harry, you can read that here if you want :), it’s similar to this one. someone also sent in a request for 14 but never gave a name so i did it with this one. 

hope you like it @sartarsauce xo

Filming videos with members of the sidemen weren’t usually that messy, but somehow you found yourself head to toe in a mix of flour, tomato sauce, beans, orange juice, mustard and eggs after filming a video with Josh. When he had invited you over to film a simple quiz video, he forgot to mention that there were forfeits.

Luckily, you had known him for years and he offered the shower to you, throwing some clothes at you to change into afterwards.

After your shower, you returned to the kitchen to find Josh, only to find a note on the kitchen table that said he had gone to pick up Freya and he’d be back soon with some food. You sighed, annoyed that you’d have to entertain yourself for a while.

You decided to watch a bit of television whilst you waited and you were halfway through an episode of Grey’s Anatomy when you heard the front door open and close. “Josh?” You called out, hoping he was back with some food.

“No, it’s the next best thing,” Simon Minter said laughed as he entered the living room and you rolled your eyes in amusement. Simon was one of Josh’s roommates and you often found yourself talking to him at parties,  however the relationship never went any further than an innocent flirt.

“Where’ve you been?” You asked, pausing the TV and turning to face the blonde, only to find him staring at you with narrowed eyes. “Simon?”

“That’s my favourite t shirt!” He suddenly exclaimed, pointing at the plain black t shirt you were wearing.

“Your favourite t shirt?” You raised your eyebrows at him, wondering how on earth out of all the shirts he owned, that this was his favourite. “I don’t think it is, Josh gave it to me.”

“It’s definitely mine,” Simon insisted, still glaring. “Take it off.”

“Are you serious?” You laughed at how ridiculous he was being, considering he probably owned another 5 t shirts just like it.

“Of course I am,” he said. “Take. It. Off.

You shot him a smug grin, “why don’t you?” You jokingly suggested, standing up and holding your arms right up as if your were a child.

Without missing a beat, Simon took two strides towards you, placed his hands on either side of your face and kissed you. It took you a few seconds to realise what was happening before you dropped your arms and wrapped them around his neck as you kissed him.

He gently led you backwards and before you knew it, your back was hitting the coach as he crawled on top of you without breaking the kiss. Simon’s fingers played with the end of the t shirt, eventually breaking away to pull it over your head and smirking down at you afterwards.

“There,” he breathed. You shook your head at his antics before pulling him back down to kiss him.  

Josh and Freya chose the wrong time to return home.

My Infinity War Theories?!!?!

Alright! Let’s get started! 

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Okay, so I think we can all agree that the trailer for Infinity War scared the shit out of all of us and also got the wheels going turning us all into little Sherlocks.. I’m just going to get right into it because I’m not witty enough to have a witty introduction… 

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Alright so, Thor is with the Guardians. That was apparent from him landing on their windshield, that’s cool with me. I actually like the idea of Thor meeting them first. This leads me to think something bad is going to happen to Thor at the end of Ragnarok by the way.. Why else would he be floating around in space? 

Anyways (Drinking game, every time I say anyways take a shot, you’ll be right messed up by the time I’m done haha kms), Having Thor with the Guardians might be a could way to get the Guardians to go to Earth. Either They heard about Thanos’ in coming attack or Thor did and they tell each other. Either way, Thor would want to help and I’m pretty sure there’s a few Guardians who would like the chance to punch Thanos in the throat(heart?). So, the Guardians could be Thor’s ride back to Earth to warn the Avengers and probably explain why exactly he’s been MIA. It’s probably going to be hilarious once he gets back to Earth and realizes the petty and tiny humans have been fighting each other. 

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The next part I want to talk about in the trailer is everyone’s favourite villain Loki’s appearance where apparently he’s ping ponged back to the dark side after seemingly being chill with Thor in the Ragnarok trailer. Seriously.. He’s like a bungee jumper when it comes to hero and villain. (Still love you tho, boo. And my pet cat is still named after you lol). Loki appears to be handing the Tesseract over to who is most likely Thanos since later on we see him open up a portal and walk through it and the portal looked almost identical to the one Loki opened for the Chituari in the first Avengers movie. I’m hoping Loki will realize he’s dun goofed again and bounce on back to the good side with his bro Thor. 

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Next, we go to my bby in New York getting goosebumps on the school bus, which I got way too excited about because one of my favourite powers Spider-Man has is his “Spidey Sense”. I love seeing it in the films, especially Andrew Garfield’s in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But it appears that they’ve gone with a more realistic/accurate version of the Spidey Senses in Infinity War. Peter’s hair standing on end on his arm, as he gets the itch that something is coming makes me think about how he gets involved. Would Tony actually ask Peter to join this fight after trying to keep him away from danger for basically the whole Homecoming plot or would Peter convince him into letting him try? Maybe thats how he finally gets that sick Iron Spider suit from the end of Homecoming.

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Top Ten PHRACK Scenes-Number 7

End scene all three seasons

Okay, so  I’m cheating a bit here but each scene is equally important and delightful.

Kitchen scene end s1:

I adore that they are lost in each other’s eyes in the kitchen. In that moment, no-one else exists. It takes Dot to remind her of her guests to break the moment. It’s a measure of how important Jack has become to Phryne that she asks him to help her celebrate. Her hand on his emphasises her heartfelt request. Also, I think the shot at the end of Jack leaning against the doorway watching Phryne is probably my favourite. (Warning:Gratuitous shot of Jack ahead)

Stairs scene at the end of season 2.

 I think we all collectively held our breath after Phryne left Jack comforting Rosie. Would he decide to return to her? But then we saw him in the car, obviously debating with himself and we all breathed a sigh of relief when he knocked on the door. A man of honour? Not always Miss Fisher and then DAMMIT Aunt P shattered our dreams. Still, it established the setting for season 3 rather nicely.

And finally the farewell scene at the airfield at the end of S3.

Whilst I still have trouble with how Jack could possibly be expected to follow her, I adore the interchange between them. Phryne is most definitely committing to him by asking him to follow. She will always seek adventure but she makes it clear she wants Jack by her side. And it’s about time we were finally rewarded with a kiss and what a delightful kiss it was. Arms flailing, feet stamping and a collective ‘aawww’ , closely followed by ‘About bloody time’ could be heard across the country as hearts melted everywhere.


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so...jalex smut recs? :)

Ayyyyyyy! Right … Sorry this has taken me so long to reply to, but I really wanted to do it thoroughly, so here we go!


alltimefanfiction is the holy grail, and my main starting point.

  • Good tags to search through are smutsmutjalex and smutslash
  • This is a masterpost for more specific tags - eg ordinaryjob or bdsm
  • My favourite masterpost for jalex smut is this one - I have read every single one and they’re all great
  • These ones also look good - I trust those mods omg
  • Basically just keep looking around and you’ll find some amazing ones

Whilst that has given you enough jalex smut to probably last you a year, here are some of my favourite authors -

Basically any smut written or reccomended by them will be amazing.

Now, for some personal favourites:

Bear in mind, this shit is all pretty kinky … it works for me haha but not everyone!

I’m planning on adding to this (for myself just as much as you, lovely anon) as I’ve missed so much but I read it all on my phone and never save links so it would take forever to find everything … But tbh it’s quite a useful reference ;)

Hope it helped! 

Ashton Cheats On You Part 2:

“I told you that boy would ruin your career,” your manager said as she studied your outfit for the premier. “I told you time and time again that dating band members was a bad idea.”

You ignored her because when Anna had a bee in her bonnet, she could talk about it endlessly for hours. Instead, you smoothed the grey fabric of your dress over your waist. Your stylist had picked it since you’d mentioned liking the blossom that trailed from the shoulder to where the dress finished around your knee.

“You say that like I’ve dated every band member going, Anna,” you remarked as she helped you step into the towering heels. “Ashton slipped up.”

“And since that girl sold her story, the media has ten different versions of what’s happening between you two. I think my favourite was probably to get revenge, you slept with the rest of the band and now you’re questioning who the father of your unborn child is.”

You shot her a glare, she held up her hands.

“I’m just simply saying that since he’s still on tour and you’re promoting the movie, it doesn’t look great for you two,” she added while she passed you the small grey clutch with your phone in. “It’s been over a month and you haven’t been seen with him out in public.”

She was right, the week you’d spent with him on tour had been mostly in the hotels apart from when he had the concerts and you’d sit backstage to watch. He’d been distant, still beating himself up over the kiss even though you’d told him it was okay. Of course it wasn’t okay but you loved him and you tried your best to forgive him for it. You just needed him to forgive himself.

“We’ve talked it through,” you repeated for what felt like the hundredth time.

Anna raised her eyebrow at you. “You know for me to tell people you’re in a relationship with the boy, you actually have to interact with him, right? I know you’ve been dodging his calls all day.”

“He can’t come to the premier,” you said with a sigh. “I just wanted him to be here.”

Anna gave you a sympathetic look as she led you out of the hotel room. Jack, your body guard, joined you.

“Sorry, I had to call somebody about a thing,” he explained. “You look amazing though, grey is your colour. Have you heard from Ashton?”

Anna spoke before you could. “She’s been avoiding him, he can’t come tonight. I don’t think she even knows what’s happening.”

“It’s complicated,” you muttered as you got into the elevator.

“Sweetheart, sometimes love is a bitch. You have to accept that and do the best you can. Now, when I give the press something to counteract the rumours of you being knocked up, do I tell them you’re still together or not?” Anna asked.

“Do you want me to be honest, Anna?”

“I want something to give to the media you won’t have chance to speak to, I’m not sure they care if it’s true or not.”

There was a black limousine waiting outside of the hotel. You walked towards it and slid into the back seat. Jack sat next to you then Anna joined, still waiting for her answer to type into her PDA.

You turned to her and gave her your best red carpet smile. “Of course we are!”

The camera flashes always made you feel dizzy. Anna had disappeared and left you to walk down the carpet with Jack trailing behind you.

“You could always tell them I’m your date,” he mumbled to you after the third interviewer asked if you had brought anybody to the premier. “I mean, I’m still good looking, right? I’m not Ash but if you stood about thirty feet back and squint, I might.”

You laughed then bit your lip to stop yourself from looking insane since Jack had dropped back once again. Another reporter shouted your name so you walked over to him. His hand held out a microphone with the station he was reporting for on.

“May I say you’re looking beautiful tonight?”

He smiled widely at the camera as you blushed.

“Thank you!” you replied.

He looked down at the notes he had on you. “So how are you feeling now you’ve released the second film of the trilogy?”

“I’m hoping the fans feel I’ve done the amazing heroine justice. I think the film really relates to the book.”

The interviewer nodded as you spoke then grinned when you’d finished.

“But, as much as we’re all excited by the new instalment, your fans really want to know what’s happening with you and your boyfriend, Five Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin.”

You felt your smile falter for a moment but you recovered before anybody noticed, you opened your mouth to speak but you felt somebody come up from behind you and place a hand on your hip. You guessed it was Jack, probably worried about a threat but when you heard the person speak, you knew it wasn’t him.

“Sorry I’m late,” Ashton said quietly into your ear. He looked up and smiled at the camera. “My plane was delayed.”

“We better get inside,” you told the interviewer who you could tell was thrilled to have caught Ashton’s appearance on camera.

You glared at Jack. Ash was wearing a grey shirt to match your dress so he couldn’t have just magically known.

“That phone call,” you whispered to Jack. “I hate you sometimes.”

Ash loosened his grip on your waist when you were away from the prying eyes of the reporters. He looked at you with uncertainty. Jack hung back, allowing you some room.

“I thought you couldn’t make it,” you said.

“Jack called and said you were upset about it,” he explained as he glanced over at your bodyguard. “Management let me spend my rest day coming here instead of doing some photoshoots. I know how important this is to you.”

You looked down at the floor; you weren’t sure what you two were anymore. The more you tried to figure it out, the harder Ashton tried to push you away.

“Thanks,” you said quietly. “Anna will be happy.”

“I fly to London and all you can say is your manager will be happy,” he said with a soft laugh. “I thought you’d be happy.”

You finally told yourself to look up at him. “I am, but I don’t know whether to be happy because my boyfriend is here or happy because we’ve just saved ourselves from a publicity shit storm. You can’t even touch me, Ash, without feeling guilty.”

“I fucked up,” he said firmly. “I fucked up, not you.”

“And I forgave you for that, Ash. I just want you to forgive yourself.”

He nodded slowly. “I’m trying.”

“I still love you, okay? I just can’t take you being so distant. Stop beating yourself up over it,” you said as you took a step closer to him.

“I’ve almost ruined your promotion of your movie, everybody just wants to know if you’re still with the cheater,” he said as he turned his head away from you.

“Hey,” you said gently, your hand turning his face back to look at you. “I know that but I love you, Ash. How about we just start this again? Forget the past and we start this relationship over.”

His face broke into a smile as he pulled away from you. He held out his hand for you to shake.

“I’m Ashton. Even though we’ve just met for the first time, I think I already love you.”

You laughed, shaking his hand. You pulled him towards you and kissed his lips.

“You’re an idiot, Ash.”

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Oh yeah, I remember but still Neighbour Kook is probably one of my favourite one shots tho. Ay agsfdk basta, ya se porque decís que es como tu hijo, i'ts like sending your baby to college. I swear to god if I act like a bitch in the date with him I'm going to kick my own ass. Don't break my babyboy heart because va a haber balas apuntando a tu casa sino ahre

aghhh thank you so much 💞 YES EXACTLY todavía es mi bebé i’m not ready to let go of him I swear :( I won´t say anything about how the date will go, it’s such a mystery, wow the suspense it’s terrible, who knows what might happen? surely not me 👀
You Fit Me Better Than My Favourite Sweater
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by brightbluelou

Harry didn’t mean to fall in love with his best friend, and he definitely didn’t mean to get pregnant. Despite that, it’s probably still the best thing that’s ever happened to him. And after that, well. It just kept getting better.

or; the one where Harry and Louis are friends-with-benefits and Harry unexpectedly gets pregnant. Harry never wants to stop getting pregnant after that, but Louis thinks seven kids is probably enough.

Ao3, One-Shot