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I’m sorry for interrupting your scrolling, but this is really important! 1. Please, drink some water and stay hydrated. 2. If you haven’t already eaten something, grab some fruit or something relatively healthy along with that glass o’ H20 3. If it’s really late/you haven’t slept, the tag you’re in will still be there after a nap. Sleep is important and I don’t need you missing out on it! 4. Open a window or go outside for a little bit. The fresh air could help clear your mind. 5. Try not to be on tumblr too much, there’s a whole world out there and there’s probably something else you could be doing. 6. WORK ON AN ASSIGNMENT OR STUDY IF YOU’VE BEEN PROCRASTINATING! By putting it off until the last minute, you’re just going to get more stressed about it. 7. Take care of yourselves. That’s my #1 goal.

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“Wow, I know we didn’t spend a lot of time together back when we met, but your tact is all coming back to me now,” you said with a laugh, situating your phone between your shoulder and your ear. 

“Is that a yes?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, the thing is–”

“We saved your ass,” Dean interjected, and you heard Sam say his name in the background, reprimanding. You took a breath, fighting the urge to both laugh and roll your eyes.

“There’s that tact again,” you said. “No, the thing is, you did save my ass and I stand by saying I owe you one. I’m just wondering why you’re calling it in on this. Seems like something you two could handle on your own.”

There was silence on the other end for a bit, long enough that you pulled your phone away to make sure you were still connected.

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice finally came through.

“Sam?” you replied with a smile. 

“You’re right; we probably could handle this on our own,” he said.

“What the hell, man?” Dean asked.

“But,” Sam continued louder, ignoring Dean, “I think we were both just hoping to work with you again. It’s not that often to find other hunters we can trust. Or who we like.”

You chewed your lip, letting them sit in the silence this time.

“I guess I don’t have much else going on right now,” you finally said, unconcerned at the smile they probably heard in your voice. “Maybe this time I can save you two.”


Imagine Getting a Call Out of the Blue From Sam and Dean Calling In a Favor

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Can you do a reaction to them getting massaged by you. Like you being really good at it

[A/N: Quick note, since I am getting request for reactions I’ll be now opening those up as well so feel free to request them ☺
Much love~💖]

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


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Ah namjoon. He would just love the fact that your hands can do fucking wonders. He’ll probably keep asking you to give him a nice back rub every now and then because he just can’t get enough. “BABE,” his loud voice calls out to you. “What do you want!?” you call back. You entered the bedroom with namjoon already laying on his stomach. “Can you give me a massage?” “I just gave you one an hour ago,” you said. “PLEAAAASE,” he’d whine making you laugh. “Alright, alright but this is the last one for today.”


Jin really likes the fact that you know how work your hands to please him ;) the way you massage his back sends him to heaven. So after a long day of doing whatever tired him out he’ll straight to you, grab your hands and tell you to work your magic. “Y/n I could really use one of your massages,” he plops down by you on the bed already tugging at your sleeve. “Long day?” you ask and he hums back tiredly. He’s still tugging a bit at your sleeve and you giggle. “Was it dance practice?” jin nods, “three awful hours of horrible dance practice, so please make me feel better.”


He really appreciates your wonderful talented hands. He really does. Although he probably wound’t ask for them very often no matter how much he loves your massages. When yoongi feels like he’s very stressed he would most definitely come to you to relieve his stress. And he just really enjoys your touch in general. “Ok, how about here,” you press your hands onto his back with just a bit more pressure and he groans a bit too loudly with pleasure. “That feels great.” You continue to give him a massage and listening to him hum happily to the feeling making you grin. “You’re really loving this aren’t you?” “Sooooo freaking much, god you have no idea.”


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So knowing hobi he probably wouldn’t really ask for your wonderful massages but instead plop down in front of you at random times to give his shoulders a good rub down. “Really hobi?” “Yes,” he reaches behind him to grab your hands “please you give really good massages.” He’d win you over with his cute antics and have you work your hands on him. “Ah, that feels really nice,” he sighs happily and let’s his head fall back. “You’re hands are wonder full,” “just my hands?” you gave his shoulders a tight squeeze. “N-no you to- don’t be so rough.” You giggle and continued on to massage your boyfriend.


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Like hobi, jimin would want your massages at random times because he loves them so much and it’s like his only other excuse to have you touch him. Whenever you give him one of your famous massages he’ll honestly just praise you while you do so. “You really know what you’re doing,” he groans into his pillow. “You act like I’ve never done this to you,” you dig your hands into his back earning another groan from him. “You’re too good at this,” he laughs a little. “I’m never going to get tired of this.”


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Taehyung is all for your massages. He’ll even call you the goddess of them because he thinks you’re just that great. This boy would literally do anything just to have one from you. Well maybe not anything but he just really likes them. Once your hands are on him he’s a happy puppy. “I feel like I’m in heaven,” he mutters to himself. “Are my massages that great tae?” “Their magical,” he’d moan little when you hit the right spot his back and mumble thank you over and over again.


This bunny right here loves your massages so much that he just kinda commands them now. Not in a rude way of course, he’s just trying to funny or whatever. He likes the way your hands feel on him. He sometimes would tell you how it makes him feel relaxed and all good inside. “Is this ok?” you ask him as your hands work on his back. “Perfect,” he hums and nuzzles his face into the pillow he hugged. “How much are you enjoying this?” “Way too much,” he admits laughing a bit. “I live for this.”

I hope you liked it☺
Much love~💖

BTS Reaction to you sleeping nude

At the rate I’m going, I’ll hopefully finally have my to do list cleared out by the end of the week! This was requested by an anonymous user. I hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie


Most of the time, he would probably be worried about you getting cold. On the nights that he was in the mood, he would still be too worried to wake you up, not wanting you to lose sleep. He would have to really be desperate.

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He wouldn’t care. Odds are, he would be too tired to really pay attention to your lack of clothing. On the rare occasion that he was paying attention and did notice, he might say something about it, but basically just let it go. You might notice extra blankets appearing on the foot of the bed though, but if you ask him, he’d say Jin probably put them there due to the fact that it was supposed to be pretty cold that night, but you know the truth.

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You would wake up in the middle of the night due to him stroking your skin, but when you asked, he would play it off as if his sleeping habit had changed from stroking himself, to stroking you. He would then try to think of a different way to get you in the mood to mess around.

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Well, Jungkook said Namjoon sleeps wearing nothing….but in seriousness, Namjoon would most likely sleep in the nude too, since he would want to be in a relationship where you guys could be completely comfortable doing that without it always turning into sexy time. Although some nights he wouldn’t be able to contain himself.

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Early on in your relationship, if you chose to sleep nude then, he would get really flustered, and would probably try to put space between you guys so he wouldn’t seem too forward with you. Later on, he would leave hints if he was in the mood for you to pick up on. If the hints worked, not much sleeping would be happening. If they didn’t, he would still try to be gentlemanly and, once again, try to keep a little bit of space during the night both to respect you and try to keep his frustration down

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He would probably comment on how comfortable you must be and say something like “why didn’t I think of that?”. He would then decide to sleep naked too, but due to his cuddly nature, would always end up with a boner after not very long, so every night ended up being sex filled, or he would have to sleep somewhere else just to be safe.

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At first, he would refuse to sleep in the same bed with you because he would be really flustered and nervous. The later it got into your relationship, though, the more comfortable he would get, until he became more like Namjoon, being able to sleep naked with you and it not escalate into anything.

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EXO-K Scenario; He apologises after wrongly accusing you

This is when you have had an argument that he thought you were cheating but eventually found out that you were not cheating after all and they go to apologise to you. If you do like it then please request more!


he would probably come up to you while you were sleeping and carefully climb into bed next to you. he would cautiously wrap his arms around you and drag you close to him and slowly nuzzle your neck while mumbling  ‘Honey….wake up’. Once you did wake up, he refused to let go of you until he was 100% certain that once you left the bed you were still his girlfriend and still loved him.

“Y/N, you know that i really do love you”

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Baekhyun would waste no time at all. Whether you were studying, working , sleeping or watching TV, he would immediately jump onto you while cuddling the life out of you. He would place multiple kisses all over your face and neck if he could reach it and just would not let you go unless he really really had to. Like if you needed to pee or he had to go and practise.

“Y/NNNNNN Forgive me please!

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Chanyeol probably would not apologise for a bit, he would let his pride take over him first before admitting he was wrong. He would probably be thinking like ‘o

h come on, that was not my fault, she should not have let it happen!’

But after a day or two tops, he would probably begin to feel the guilt. Either that or he was missing you too much. He would be at your doorstep ,strumming a guitar while singing a cheesy song he made for you.

“Oh darling, will you please forgive me?”

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Kai would not do the talking, his dogs would. Once he realised he was wrong, he would get his pet dogs and leave them by your door step before quickly knocking and running to hide behind a tree or something. Once you opened it, you found the three dogs each holding small boxes in their mouths which turned out to be ‘i’m sorry’ gifts from your boyfriend, who you caught hiding behind the tree.

“ am i forgiven?”

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Now suho, would spare no expense to get you to forgive him. In fact, the minute he found out that your secret boyfriend was actually your brother in law, he would already be hatching his master plan to get you to forgive him. He would probably start by surprising you with you favourite flowers laid on your bedside table, which would then be followed by multiple small but cute gifts leading to the kitchen downstairs where he would be trying to make you breakfast.

“Come have to forgive me now”

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Now, being the shy yet irrestible penguin he is, he would probably be too embarrased, scared and nervous to even look you in the eye. But when he missed you to much, he would take all of his couage to go up to your house and knock on the door. When you allowed him in, he took you to the couch where he would sit you down and he would be opposite you and basically pour out his heart to you , asking for fr forgiveness, and the look on your face when you did forgive him would be poriceless.

“R-really? I am still allowed to call you mine?”

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Imagine, McCree’s probation period in Blackwatch is finally over, and he’s trusted enough to let him go home to visit his mother. Reyes assigns someone to accompany him, much to Jesse’s chagrin, and of course the kid puts up a tantrum about Reyes not trusting him enough, that he doesn’t want to be shadowed by someone just to visit his damn ma. 

When the time comes to fly out, it turns out Reyes has placed himself as Jesse’s escort instead, taking some time off work to go ‘visit the woman who raised a pain in the ass like you’ and get to know Jesse better. Jesse’s still a bit miffed, but he feels better knowing it’s his boss, whom he’s learned to trust and care for more than he has the other agents just yet.

Meeting his mother was probably the best and worst thing Reyes could possibly do, because seconds in the door there’s the threat of throwing him under the horses should he hurt a hair on her little Jesse’s head. The omnics that she houses chime happily that they would love to help, come the occasion. 

Done Chapter 3: Hush in the Room

Alright chapter 3 and once again more shout outs. Thanks to its-moonie-chan for all of their help in the last chapter and for being so amazing and supportive of my writing. Now onto the fic.

read it on a03

Chapter 1/Prologue / Chapter 2

In the castle, most people wake up for breakfast around 7 in the morning. However, unless they all wanted to eat the food goo again, which had quickly become their least favourite non-toxic food in the universe, it meant you could find Hunk in the kitchens cooking up something new for them to eat a little earlier.

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Namjoon Scenario: Precious Moments.

Request: Can I have funny Namjoon scenario where he tries his best to prepare things for his daughter first day of school but he keeps on breaking n messing stuffs, being the god of destruction he is that everything didn’t turn out as he planned. So u and Hyejoon ended up comforting him by telling him all the sweet things he has done for u both. U can decided on how u want it to end ❤️❤️❤️

Genre: Fluff / Family.

-I can’t believe she’s already in elementary school Y/N- Namjoon said as you two laid in bed at night. -I know this is her second year in school but, don’t you think Hyejoon is growing a bit too fast? I remember when I was in school everything was too slow-

You hummed and smiled snuggling closer to your husband. It was the night before your daughter’s first day at school, Hyejoon was actually quite excited to go back to school since she enjoyed her time there, luckily for everyone. 

-It’s because you’re her dad and she’s our little girl, and because it’s not you at school- you explained making him chuckle.

-You’re right, but Hyejoon really likes school though, she’s so clever and she actually enjoys learning, I notice how she speaks more about what she learned than making friends, I sometimes worry about that-

-You worry about everything- you kissed his cheek. -But yes, I think she’ll come around with friends when she’s ready, it’s good to let her have fun with all the learning process, she has still a long way to go-

-I think I should make something special for her- Namjoon said after a few minutes of silence. -School is a important part of life, it marks the childhood-

-What will you do?- you asked amused but loving the way Namjoon was always so thoughtful towards you and Hyejoon, he payed close attention to your daughter and the way she experienced things in life. 

-I don’t know, you two already did all the shopping and prepping for the school things, and her first day it’s tomorrow… maybe I could do something special tomorrow morning- 

-Hye would love that- you kissed his lips this time. -I’d love it too-

Namjoon sighed like he had just signed in for a big test making you giggle and give him another kiss. -You should rest now Joonie, tomorrow will be a big day, for all of us-

Namjoon nodded, kissing the top of your head as he felt you getting more comfy to sleep, but he stayed awake for a while more, if he was going to make it special for Hyejoon then he needed a plan.

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continuation of the ODSS-1b fig newton story

the person who sent in those other asks was totally right so ive continued my earlier story some to reflect that. i might write more in this same vein? im not sure. this is sorta… idk, it’s not the Best thing but it sure is a thing, and at least i remembered to save it this time lmao

The first time you notice them is probably a Thursday. You’re just guessing, though; you’ve been in the library for a long time. They’re in the psychology section, which intrigues you, so you walk up behind them silently. They have their index finger on the spine of a book titled “Dissociative Disorders: a Guide” which you’ve read and don’t like, so you tell them so,

“That one doesn’t have reliable sources and contains lots of misinformation.”

They flinch, and drop the other books they’re carrying. As they bend down and scrabble to pick them up, they also duck their head, hiding behind a thick curtain of dark hair.

“Oh, sorry,” you say, and kneel down to help them. Oops. You hope they never think to call that in. You’ve been here for practically Ever, you should have this down by now.

“I’ve got it,” they say suddenly, severely, almost sounding scared.

You catch a glimpse of a tattered notebook before it disappears behind a Chemistry textbook. When they’ve finished gathering their stuff back up, they don’t look at you, but still ask,

“Um… How do you know the book is bad?” 

“I’ve read it,” you tell them, “and I was in a position where I needed accurate information, and it lead me to Make a Deal that maybe wasn’t the best choice.” 

They look up at you then, dark eyes striking and intense, and say,

“You made a deal based on the information in a book on dissociative disorders.”

It’s not quite a question, but you nod anyway. You narrow your eyes at them, and they dip their head to let their hair cover the left side of their face back up. They’re still looking at you with the other eye, and you’re beginning to suspect they’re in a similar situation to where you were upon arriving at Elsewhere University. They’re a freshman; you can tell because a copy of the orientation brochure is sticking out of their Chemistry textbook.

“I can recommend a better book if this is for a class project…?” you let your voice tilt up at the end of your sentence to make it into a question, and they hesitate, before shaking their head.

“It’s maybe a little bit personal.”

You nod, because that’s what you thought.

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Heart to heart.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,937
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 5 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The next Friday, you were standing in front of your fridge, glaring at it. “How dare you.” You mumbled. “I’m starving, and you might as well be empty.” Nothing looked appetizing enough. Shutting the fridge with a sigh, you turned to the counter and opened the bottom drawer, and pulled out some take-out menus.

You were bent over the counter flipping through them when you heard a knock at your door. “Coming!” When you pulled it open, you were surprised to see Jared. “Hey. I thought you were heading home, like usual?”

He shook his head. “Gen’s..” He shrugged. “She’s still pretty pissed at me. It was strongly hinted at that I should probably stay away for a bit.” He licked his lips.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but you kinda deserve that.”

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a happy realization!

Just about all the writing advice about getting into traditional publishing has started with, Write a damn book and then worry about starting a career. Just get a book done without worrying about if it’s publishable or not. GET SOMETHING DONE.

And I’ve always been bad about the ‘get something done’ part. I’ve got a tendency to self-sabotage and self-doubt and generally take every bit of advice about how hard it is to get published to mean YOU WILL NEVER BE PUBLISHED. 

Back to the ‘write a book already’ advice. I’ve been feeling guilty that I still want to prioritize finishing IADM over starting original work, because while I love fandom and am so grateful for all its feedback and support, I also want to be traditionally published. I’ve written 60,000 words for the story already and it’s probably at least 20,000 words away from being completed. That’s so much time I could have spent on writing a story about hagfish to be published in some literary magazine with a circulation of twenty-five people, all of whom want to be published by the magazine. 

BUT WAIT. 60,000 words? That’s novel-length. If I finish IADM, that is my FIRST NOVEL plunked down and out of the way. I can look at it and say, “Sath, you have already written a novel and you are ready to do more.” It’s not even a particularly SHORT novel - I’m over the 200 book page mark already. I can actually do the thing I’ve wanted to do since I was about 9 years old or so! I CAN DO THE THING. 

So y’know what? NO MORE GUILT. I am doing big important author stuff by working on IADM! I AM GUD AUTHOR. I am PUMPED UP. 

*flexes wristbrace*

anonymous asked:

how would junkrat, mccree and roadhog deal with a clingy, lovey s/o?


· He wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference since he would be the exact same way.

· He loves holding onto his S/O, whether it’s holding hands, hugging, or straight up glomping each other in public/private, he’s ok with it.

· The only time he would probably be annoyed by his clingy S/O is when he’s working on a new bomb. The one time he needs to focus on making sure it’s stable enough not to detonate in his hands.


· Doesn’t really know how to react, he suspects it’s the honeymoon phase of the relationship so he just laughs it off as such.

· When he sees that you’re still clinging to him, will talk to you about it and ask if you could tone it down a bit, at least in public. He reassures you that he loves holding your hand or hugging you in public, it’s just that sometimes he needs to do other things.

· Is just as clingy as you are in private however.


· He really doesn’t know how to react to you. Sure he’s used to Junkrat always trying to climb on him and get his attention but he always just ignored him. He doesn’t outright ignore you but he’ll put his hand on your shoulder as a sign to tell you to calm down.

· He will try to understand that you are just trying to show affection towards him so he will hold your hand, play with your hair, or put a hand on your waist when out.

· He will definitely be more possessive and over you in private, he is after all a private man and much prefers showing you his affection away from prying eyes.

OK so I was reading through Noctis’ wikia and it says he had a part time job at a camera store when he was in highschool

A camera store

He’s a prince, he could have gone anywhere he wanted, and still he chose to work in a camera store, probably for the sole reason that his boyfriend bestfriend is so much into photography ? A guy he just started really talking to, if we consider he started his job a bit after entering highschool ? He still chose this over working in idk a fishing gear store, just how canon is promptis my heart hurts

EDIT: nevermind apparently it’s a false info :/

“so this is how liberty dies ... with aramis hanging from the ledge of a married woman’s window”

Summary: Truly, Constance thinks, it must be a unique sight: four idiots dangling out a bedroom window in Louis de Bourbon’s perfectly nice back garden, breaking the law. 

Treville’s going to kill them when he finds out.

THE TITLE IS THE BEST THING I’VE ACCOMPLISHED IN MY WHOLE CAREER SHOUTOUT TO @emilybrontay FOR HER HELP anyways this was done in an effort to feel creative whilst simultaneously writing a really dry essay on ethics. it’s definitely part of @hansolosbutt‘s modern detective (brooklyn nine nine) au. hopefully i’ve given enough context in the fic for it to actually make sense, but at this point, who KNOWS. reviews are love and sunshine and excellently placed star wars references. speaking of, it is universally acknowledged fact that modern au anne has watched pride and prejudice over 200 times and also wants to be padme amidala when she grows up.

Constance Baudin prides herself on being good at her job.

At least, that’s what she told Deputy Commissioner Richelieu in the aftermath of the attempted murder two weeks ago. The Deputy Commissioner had said, “I must confess I was shocked to hear the matter was dealt with so gracefully, Detective,” and Constance, who perhaps had been experiencing one of Aramis’s severe bouts of utter lack of self-preservation, had said, “I pride myself on being good at my job, sir,” in front of Captain Treville, the bloke from Major Crimes, and someone who she thinks might have been the DA’s assistant.

Thank God Richelieu has what Porthos calls a right perverted sense of humor under that mustache of his, else Constance might’ve lost her job right there for giving attitude to the Deputy Bloody Commissioner.

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INTERVIEWER: you can stay with me here nicklas.. we’re being joined by another guy here. to the crowd; how do you feel about this duo?

*crowd cheers*

INTERVIEWER: william, you take your first world championship where your father finished his world championship career. and become MVP. how was it?

WILLIAM: it’s incredible. but i could not have done it without these boys. we did an amazing journey so it’s incredibly fun. and then to get to come here and celebrate it with all of you, it’s unbelievable. 

INTERVIEWER: during the shootoffs.. it looked as if the two of you were talking strategy. did you do that nicklas?

NICKLAS: me and william? 

INTERVIEWER: yeah it looked like it on tv..

NICKLAS: I asked him where he was going to shoot

WILLIAM: yeah that didn’t work out very well

INTERVIEWER: the two of you have a history from washington. we’ve talked about it before. but could you tell us a bit about it again nicklas?

NICKLAS: must have been like ten years ago now and william was probably around 13.. so yeah- then you had to babysit, and now we were line mates pretty unique and very fun. he deserves everything.

INTERVIEWER: william, what was nicklas like as a babysitter?

WILLIAM: one of the better babysitters actually. but i’ve still won over him at ping pong, so that makes you live a bit longer.

INTERVIEWER: william, nicklas- massive congratulations to the world championship gold.

The captain’s wife

Summary: Jyn and Bodhi uncover surprising information about Cassian’s personal life and will soon find out whether he still harbors feelings for a certain general despite a falling out years back.
Word count: 10.5k
warning(s): swearing, abuse 

Jyn walked off the ship, Bodhi laughing at her side, “You mean, he actually took on 3 rathtars at once with an empty ion blaster?”

“It was awful, I’m surprised the idiot’s still alive.” She smiled back at him. Cassian came up behind them grumbling about how it wasn’t an ion blaster and it wasn’t empty. The three of them continued to discuss the details of their last mission as they walked to the conference room to give Mon Mothma information they’d gathered on their supply run.

“Andor.” You muttered as you saw the team arrive. “Do you have the mission report?” The captain stared at you silently, his team mates unable to decipher his expression. He looked almost angry but there was a hint of despair in his eyes when he looked at you. He continued to stare, not replying back.

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"Girl Problems"

Inspired by that wonderful time of the month all girls know. Because I’ve had it bad DX

Warnings: none; I’d say mentions of periods, but they’re a part of life, we should all be used to them haha

“Lin! Please explain to me why your book is on the floor!” You were yelling from the kitchen at the moment, hopping up and down stupidly and holding your foot. You had been rounding the kitchen island and hadn’t expected a certain boyfriend’s book to be left on the floor. In short, you stubbed your toe, swore like a sailor, and were now trying not to fall over.

“What? Why is it on the floor?” Lin’s answer came from the living room a moment before he poked his head around the doorway. Deep brown eyes flicked curiously from you to the book lying a foot away from you.

You gingerly set your foot back down, wincing. “I don’t know,” you replied. “I thought you left it there.”

Placing a hand at his chest, he fixed you with a wounded look. “You think that I leave my stuff lying around on the FLOOR?” he asked, and you took one look at his wide, innocent eyes and snorted. Walking across the room, he bent and scooped up the book in one motion. “I think I’m a much better boyfriend than that.”
“Yeah, you think,” you teased. You leaned an arm against the island and rested a hand above your hip. You were starting to get a little pain there, but you brushed it off. Your period was supposed to come this week, after all, it was probably just a little side effect; your cramps could get a lot worse, so you figured this was a beginning one.

“Are you suggesting I’m not a great boyfriend?” he asked in mock offense.

“Mmm, you could work at it a little.”

“Wow. That’s harsh.”

“You knew what you were getting into when you started dating me.”

“I dunno, I think you held this back.”

You gave a little burst of laughter, adjusting your grip on your side. Yeah, that was starting to hurt a bit more, but you could still ignore it. “Held it back?” you echoed.

“Oh yeah.” Resting an elbow against the kitchen island, Lin grinned at you. “You used to be sweet.”


“Now you’re not.”

You stuck your tongue out at him and he laughed, the sound warm and light in the empty room. When it faded, it left his smile glowing, those coffee-dark eyes glimmering affectionately. You couldn’t help but blush under that lovestruck gaze and he must’ve noticed, because he stepped closer to you. Abandoning the book on the countertop, he reached up to touch your cheek. You released a breath at his fingertips ghosting across your skin and your eyelids fluttered when he grazed his forehead against yours. Your head tipped invitingly and you felt rather than saw him lean in to kiss you.

The pain in your abdomen abruptly flared and you couldn’t bite back your gasp.

Lin blinked and pulled back. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, instantly shifting into concern.

You pressed your hand to your lower stomach and tightened your jaw. “It’s nothing,” you managed. Trying for a convincing smile, you tapped your stomach. “Just…girl stuff.”

“Can I do anything?” He was studying you like you needed to be taken care of, and you felt a flash of stubborn denial. It was just a period. You could handle that on your own, you had been for years.

“I’m fine,” you insisted. “It’s really not that bad.” Then you tried to step past him to get to the couch and, like the “perfectly fine” girl you were, you squeaked at a new burst of pain. It was enough to leave you stumbling, caught off-guard by the sudden intensity.

“(Y/N),” Lin protested, catching hold of your upper arms to keep you from tripping over yourself. “I don’t think you should try to ignore this if you’re hurting.” His brow furrowed worriedly and you ducked your head to hide an embarrassed flush. God, you couldn’t even take care of yourself.

“I’m fine, really, Lin,” you tried again. “I don’t think I need…” The next throb in your abdomen didn’t leave and you were embarrassed to hear the whimper that escaped you.

“That’s it.” Bending down, Lin hooked an arm under your legs and the other under your back, scooping you up. You gave a tiny yelp of surprise, instinctively grabbing hold of his shoulder. “You’re not going to move until you stop hurting,” he announced. He was already starting to carry you to the doorway.

Sighing in defeat, you decided that there was nothing to do but listen to him. He wasn’t about to let this go anytime soon. And honestly, it was kind of endearing, how caring he was. You leaned gratefully against him and nuzzled into his chest. The soft fabric of his sweater tickled your nose and when you inhaled, you could smell his cologne and something sweet underneath that was just Lin. Maybe letting him take care of you wasn’t as bad as you’d thought. “You gonna just carry me everywhere then?” you asked drily.

“Absolutely.” He bent to press his lips to the top of your head.
“Anything to make you feel better, cariña,” he murmured into your hair and you smiled goofily. “I’m gonna put you in bed, okay? And get that heating pad you like and some chocolate, so you can have something to do while I get your bath ready.”

Emotion welled up in your chest and you pressed yourself farther into his embrace. God, you were so lucky to have someone like him. You’d had boyfriends before who found anything remotely related to periods gross and untouchable, but not Lin. Slow and soft, you traced your nose up to his collar and gently kissed his neck. “Thank you,” you whispered, loving the way he shivered, the way he smiled at your affection.

Yeah, okay, maybe he was right about being a great boyfriend after all.

Rental Love*(4\?)

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Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
Look no further. Your solution is here!
I will attend holiday events with you as your paid date.
Accepting all genders as applicants.
Email if interested. Interview & application will be set up there.
Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.
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anonymous asked:

Im a lil confused when you say being a billionaire is to be a thief? Like I get how profits come,from exploitation but like say I saved every penny I could til retirement and had 1million dollars would that be the same thing as exploitation or would it just be money smarts? Sorry if this makes no sense

theres a huge difference between a multibillionaire and a multimillionaire. 

To put in perspective, a million seconds is about a week. 
A billion seconds is ~31.7 years.

You saving every penny to be a millionaire and live comfortably, tho still rich scum, not as fucking bad, you probably did have to work a bit for it, maybe, unless you inherited it or won it, like its just not the same thing. It’s not money smarts to starve the world with an amount of money you could never spend in your lifetime on yourself and your life betterment. 

When it comes past a point of self-preservation, and turns into preservation of power over others at their expense, it’s theft. 

Our multi-billionaires are getting so rich, even the multi-millionaires are losing money because of them lmao.

[I’d argue that being rich is theft regardless but, that’d take a really long time and I’m just too mentally ill to put that much effort into answering a question so for now I’m just going to stick with multi-billionaires/billionaires]