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You know what would be great? Not constantly wanting to revise my stories while I’m still writing them

Imagine, McCree’s probation period in Blackwatch is finally over, and he’s trusted enough to let him go home to visit his mother. Reyes assigns someone to accompany him, much to Jesse’s chagrin, and of course the kid puts up a tantrum about Reyes not trusting him enough, that he doesn’t want to be shadowed by someone just to visit his damn ma. 

When the time comes to fly out, it turns out Reyes has placed himself as Jesse’s escort instead, taking some time off work to go ‘visit the woman who raised a pain in the ass like you’ and get to know Jesse better. Jesse’s still a bit miffed, but he feels better knowing it’s his boss, whom he’s learned to trust and care for more than he has the other agents just yet.

Meeting his mother was probably the best and worst thing Reyes could possibly do, because seconds in the door there’s the threat of throwing him under the horses should he hurt a hair on her little Jesse’s head. The omnics that she houses chime happily that they would love to help, come the occasion. 

A Change of Plans (Almost)

@itswilma requested:  Hi! Could you please write drabble 9, “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”Love your writing!

@purplesandwichcrusade requested:  Hi! Love ur blog ❤️❤️❤️ I was wondering if you could do 20, 29, or 50? I just need more Newt fluff in my life😂 thanks so much!

@propertyofmendes requested:  Hey! Could I request a #9 from the prompts list with cute!reader x pouty!Newt? Thanks!

@makeshift-prime requested: Can I please request a super fluffy number nine on the prompt thing?? Also your work is so good and cute!! I love it!!  

Thank you for the lovely requests! As usual, I have combined more than one request to make a oneshot. I actually still have about 30 requests in my inbox so I might be closing requests for a bit. This is also probably the worst thing I have ever written and I’m not too pleased with it. (I also changed it from girl talk to guy talk in the drabble). I apologize if my writing pains you as much as it pains me. Give me feedback!  I seek validation.

Warnings: legit just one bad word

“I don’t know…” Newt wasn’t convinced that it was a good idea. He and Jacob were sat on his bed, talking in hushed tones. He had needed Jacob’s help planning something but now that he’d had time to actually think about it, he was trying to back out. Jacob thought it was a wonderful idea and was trying to urge him to continue the plan.

“Come on,” Jacob sighed. “You’ve already bought it and everything. I doubt you can return it.”

“Maybe I should just wait a bit longer,” Newt considered. “Like a year or two.”

“A YEAR OR TWO?!” Jacob yelled, tempted to punch his best friend for his stupidity. “Are you actually serious?”

Newt looked positively terrified at his friend’s reaction to his words. “I just don’t think I’m ready.”

“You bought a ring, of course you’re ready,” Jacob said returning to his usual tone.

“Don’t say that too loudly,” Newt hissed, covering Jacob’s mouth with his hand. “She might hear you.”

Jacob was about to respond when he was cut off by a knock at the door and a warm voice filtered in from the hallway. “Are you two alright?”

“Y/N,” Jacob called jovially but shared a nervous look with Newt. If you had heard what he had said…

“I heard yelling,” you explained, poking your head around the door. “Is somebody hurt?”

“We’re fine. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.” Newt squeaked. “You can go now, nothing to worry about.”

He got off the bed and tried to close the door on you. This was unusual behavior for Newt and you grew even more suspicious. You slipped into the room before Newt could force you out and scurried past him. You plopped onto the bed you shared with your boyfriend Newt and gave him a cheeky smile.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily!” You laughed as Newt rolled his eyes and groaned. “Now, tell me why you guys were yelling.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Newt pleaded. “Just let us finish talking and then you and I can go for a walk.”

“What are we talking about?” You lay on your stomach and wiggled your eyebrows excitedly. At this point, you were just annoying you boyfriend on purpose. “I’ll talk with you guys.”

“This is guy talk!” Newt complained. “So leave.”

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” You fake pouted.

“Please Y/N,” Newt begged. “I seriously need to talk to Jacob about something important.”

“Fine,” you huffed. “I know when I’m not wanted.” You sat up and haughtily climbed off the bed and strode from the room.

“Y/N,” Newt called regretfully but Jacob shook his head.

“Let’s just figure this whole proposal thing out,” he reasoned. “Then you can go apologize for being a dick. I doubt she’s even actually mad at you.”


You were sitting on a couch in the living room reading a book when Jacob emerged from your bedroom. You looked up at him with an unamused expression. “Am I allowed back in my room yet?”

“Yup,” Jacob smiled, sitting down next to you. “Newt actually needs to talk to you.”

“Shall I still pretend to be mad?” You laughed.

“He was so worried,” Jacob chuckled. “I could barely keep him from running out here to apologize.”

“So, I’ll take that as a yes.” You grinned mischeviously before getting up and flouncing into your shared room. “Am I allowed back in my own room?”

“Sorry about that,” Newt muttered shamefully. “Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad.” You shook your head and laughed. “I can’t believe you actually thought I was.”

“You’re not?” Newt looked up hopefully and you shook your head. “I was going to go out and apologize but Jacob wouldn’t let me.”

“I know,” you giggled. “He told me.”

“Did he tell you anything else?” Newt asked nervously.

“Just that you needed to talk to me.” You shrugged. “Why? Was he supposed to tell me something? Do you want me to go ask him?”

“NO!” Newt let out a strangled yelp and grabbed your arm. “But he was right when he said that I needed to talk to you.”

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” You immediately jumped to the worst conclusions.
“No, everything’s fine,” he reassured you. “Can we go for a walk and talk about this. I want to take you somewhere.”

“Okay,” you agreed. “And you promise you’re okay?”

Newt nodded and placed a quick kiss to your lips. You turned to the door with a smile and a blush. When you were looking away, Newt reached into a drawer and pulled out a small black velvet box and stuck it in his coat pocket.

“You ready to go?”

OK so I was reading through Noctis’ wikia and it says he had a part time job at a camera store when he was in highschool

A camera store

He’s a prince, he could have gone anywhere he wanted, and still he chose to work in a camera store, probably for the sole reason that his boyfriend bestfriend is so much into photography ? A guy he just started really talking to, if we consider he started his job a bit after entering highschool ? He still chose this over working in idk a fishing gear store, just how canon is promptis my heart hurts

EDIT: nevermind apparently it’s a false info :/


Okay, if we all ignore the fact that this is just crappy drawn fanart stuff it might actually be helpful! :’3

Click on the pictures for a better view or open them in a new window.
Since I already made a tutorial on “How to draw in the Hetalia Studio Deen Style” and “How to draw bodies (in the Hetalia Studio Deen Style(?))” I thought it might be helpful if I show you the differences between the “Himaruya Style” and the “Studio Deen Style”!
I hope this is helful for you guys and I hope you can read everything ^^;

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Hi I'm the anon who asked for the hc with crush, not s/o, liking a fictional character (with Dazai, Chuuya, and Aku). I actually meant crush as in, they're not romantically involved yet, aka it's just someone the guys really like but aren't dating ^^' Although your ocs were really good too, so I'll wait to ask this again when the inbox is opened. Thank you for your hard work ^o^!! Sorry if I wasn't clear before.



• Tbqh he’d probably still do more of the latter things I stated before like attempting to act like that character for a little bit just to get his crushes attention.

• Would also trick Atsushi into investigating this character and write a detailed report so Dazai could point out personality flaws and insert why-that-character-sucks, while talking about he’d be much better at all those things.

• Still very dramatic about you liking a personality that’s different from his. He’d flop on the couch at the ADA, drape his arms over his eyes, and sigh really loudly until you asked what was wrong with him.

• He’d use this little ploy to actually be serious for once, and then ask you out for lunch or something. All the information Atsushi gathered for him would be used again, but in a different way. He’d talk about the story line and the plot, skimming over the actual character a bit, and let you gush about the series. Dazai finds it really cute how you can just go on and on about something so passionately, but if you mentions the character-love he pretends to be shot in the heart by your words of ‘betrayl.’


• Gets a bit jealous and the ends up feeling like an idiot for being jealous but this doesn’t stop him from secret research on this fictional-dude because damn it you should like him.

• If you have merchandise on you constantly like a keychain or a phone charm he ends up playing with it and asking what you like so much about the character. He’s digging himself into a hole because he ends up getting annoyed that you like things about this person that are not even remotely close to his personality. He pretends not to be bothered by it but he ends up drinking a little too much wine later that night.

• Drunk Confession Chuuya is mobile and he ends up stumbling his way to your house and tells you in very slurred words that you would have a better time with him than ‘whatstheirfuck’ and he would be honored if you would let him take you out on a proper date.


• Frowns a lot when you mention this fictional character of yours but he keeps silent and just lets you ramble on while he inwardly dies a little.

• Point blank asks why you’re investing your time in something that isn’t tangible, and then is really surprised when you get a bit upset and explain that fictional characters are supposed to be relatable even if they’re just made up people.

• A few days after this conversation a little light bulb goes off in his head. He’d never thought about why he liked reading certain books but he can kind of understand your thought behind the feelings, and he knows he’s a bit obsessive about calligraphy and its literally some damn ink. He won’t admit he did something wrong but if you openly let him know you’re upset he buys you a rare collectible of that character and leaves it on your desk.

• He gets a bit disgruntled that you seemed to be attracted to that type of a person, but he never had his hopes high to begin with. However, his feelings don’t seem to go away so he keeps being by your side and hoping you’ll be attracted to him.

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Have you ever consider teacher he tian and student guanshan? (or vise versa)

I have!!! It’s a guilty trope pleasure of mine that I’ll probably write one day as a bit of a mini-fic (like Hush length). I’d probably have He Tian be the teacher, since they both lend themselves easily to the dynamic: delinquent Guan Shan, quietly terrifying He Tian. I can’t imagine someone with Guan Shan’s temperament could be a teacher, tbh? Unless it was like, idk, a wood-working (omg pun intended but so funny) class, or something practical? That’s usually where you find those, um, unconventional teachers? At least, that’s certainly the case for me when I was at school. 

Guan Shan’s personality, as we’ve seen it, would come out more if He Tian was in that position of power again. I don’t think Guan Shan be able to talk/act the way he does if he was a teacher? (Though, yeah, He Tian as a teacher would still be breaking like a billion rules if he acted the way he did with Guan Shan anyway.)

Maybe a university setting … That would make me feel less old and weird, and still have that kind of ‘forbidden’ quality to it. XD

Thus morning was a little rougher. She didn’t sleep well, I could tell as she’s very sleepy now. I did work on handling a bit more. Still hard to get her out of the cage. I removed most of her toys. She’s exploring more now. I also turned her ladder into a platform and put the blanket she came with on it. I’m probably going to wrap it with cotton bandage and pet tape to create an actual bed. She ate a bit. Still not really a fan of the new food and I can tell she didn’t really get fruits or veggies. It’s there though. She responds really well to soft music.

When Sister Ursula first arrived I disliked her but was quite prepared for ctm to work its magic and turn things round.

Last episode I didn’t see how they possibly could and was beginning to wonder if they would, and was as close as I will probably ever come to really wanting to slap a nun.

And now here we are. She still might not be my favourite person but they did exactly what I hoped they would do if she was staying - let her learn from the others (and yes ok maybe a bit be proved wrong by them), and (bonus) receive comfort/wisdom from Sister Julienne so she’d see her as the compassionate leader she is, and then return her leadership to her. Extra bonus in her also then leaving for good!

This show is so. Damn. Good.

mylittlehony replied to your video “8 February, 2017 – Since all of my best laid plans seem to go awry, I…”

Let me know how your clicker attached to finger works out, because my last method of holding the clicker while riding was probably why my finger broke. At the moment, I’m wrapping it round the handle of my crop, but the problem is always how to reach it fast with the thumb.

Will do! It was still a bit awkward, and I fumbled the mark a few times, but hopefully with more practice and some adjustments I can sort out the best method. Someone out there should design a less bulky, more manageable clicker for riders. Haha! I know, I know… I could and maybe should come up with a verbal marker… ;)

BTS reaction: seeing a drawing you made of them

Ooh, I love drawing people (I’ve only had the time/inspiration to draw Yoongs and Kookie so far tho). And this is a pretty cute request. Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would probably blush quite hard, and not be able to sit still. He’d find it so cute that he’d just giggle and sort of squirm where he sits for a bit, before deciding to pull you in for a hug. He would be so flattered, and probably find a place at work where he could keep it, to stay motivated.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He would have no idea what to say. He would just be very very happy. And he would especially love that it’s not realistic, but instead you’ve sort of made his face in your own style. He would probably just say a quiet ‘thank you’ and pull you in for a cuddle. And he would 100% hang it in his studio later on. He’s probably got several pictures of the two of you there already.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

He’ll feel incredibly flattered. Like, he would be slightly confused as to why you hadn’t drawn one of the “better-looking” members instead, but he would be very pleased that you didn’t. He’d probably keep it on a drawer in his studio so he can look at it when he’s feeling down. Because it will be a reminder that he’s got you to come home to later on.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He’ll be a flustered mess. He’s probably never had someone draw him, with the possible exception of kids, and then the members for games and stuff. And it’ll be even more special since you were the one who drew it. You can be sure that he’ll treasure that thing forever.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

He’ll giggle so hard and just pull you in for a hug without saying anything. He’ll feel so flustered and special, and think that you’re so cute, and that will simply be his first reaction. He’ll then obviously thank you and tell you that he loves it. Then he’ll have to think for a while to figure out a good place to keep it.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

Again, a giggly mess. He’ll definitely give you a kiss to thank you. And also compliment you on your skills, and tell you that he could never draw anything that awesome. He’ll probably frame it and keep it on his bedside table, or something like that. And definitely brag about it to the members as well.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He would probably be kinda stunned for a moment. He likes to draw as well, and the thought of you spending hours on that beautiful drawing of him would probably make his heart flutters a bit. When he can find the right words again, he’ll tell you how much he loves the drawing, and you. And he definitely wants to keep it forever, but he’d probably be a bit flustered to have it some place where anyone can see, so he would spend some serious time thinking about that.

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Rules: Complete the survey and say who tagged you in the beginning. When you are finished tag 5 people to do this survey. Have fun and enjoy!!!

i got tagged by @wonderfulcinderella and I haven’t done it actually! :D

1: Are you named after someone?
I am not.

2: When is the last time you cried?
I have no idea bruh. I don’t cry very often, so circumstances have to be extenuating.

3: Do you like your handwriting?
I absolutely do not. I’ve tried to change it 3 or 4 times with mixed results.

4: What is your favourite lunch meal?
Wraps. mmmmm

5: Do you have kids?

6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
If I could work up the courage to talk to me, yes, probably.

7: Do you use sarcasm?
Nope. Never. Not even a little bit.

8: Do you still have your tonsils?
…as far as I know.

9: Would you bungee jump?
Ooo absolutely.

10: What is your favourite kind of cereal?
Honey Bunches of Oats

11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Every time. My bro’s gf is scandalized.

12: Do you think you’re a strong person?
I believe I am, for the most part.

13: What is your favourite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate Trinity.

14: What is the first thing you notice about people?

15: Red or pink?

16: What is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself?
My nose for it is rather large and in charge

17: What colour pants and shoes are you wearing now?
Blue jeans, no shoes

18: What was the last thing you ate?
Yakisoba noodles

19: What are you listening to right now?
The Little Inferno soundtrack

20: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
I’m gonna go with peach.

22: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
My mom~

23: Favourite sport to watch?
Ice skating tbh

24: Hair colour?
Dark brown

25: Eye colour?

26: Do you wear contacts?
No, but I do wear glasses

27: Favourite food to eat?
Homemade mac ‘n cheese

28: Scary movies or comedy?
Since scary movies usually end up being comedies, let’s go with scary movies

29: Last movie you watched?

30: What colour of shirt are you wearing?

31: Summer or winter?

32: Hugs or kisses?
Kisses. Love me some kisses.

33: What book are you currently reading?
Grave Mercy by Robin LeFevre on my Kindle

and on iBooks Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

34: Who do you miss right now?
My bro. He’s gone for the weekend. :c

35: What is on your mouse pad?
I exclusively used trackpads I’m afraid.

36: What is the last TV program you watched?
Brooklyn Nine Nine which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

37: What is the best sound?
I like pianos and violins

38: Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
The Beatles.

39: What is the furthest you have ever traveled?
All over the continental US. I’ve been to almost every corner.

40: Do you have a special talent?
I don’t think so. XD

41: Where were you born?
Washington State

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Last night, I was given the privilege to see the Broadway version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and it was the best show I’ve ever seen.

Phantom of the Opera is still probably my favorite musical… But when I saw that live (via the restaged version) I was really disappointed by what they did to Act II, so that soured my experience of it some.

So in terms of seeing something live, viewing The Little Mermaid has been my best experience, hands-down.

It. Was. Just. So. Good!

And everyone seriously needs to make an attempt to go see it once in their lives.

In fact, I wish I could go see it again right now.

I’d seen through gifs a bit of how they made this show work–in having the cast be on wires the whole time, so they can be hoisted up and look like they’re swimming–but I wasn’t sure they were going to do the exact same thing as that when I saw this, because I knew the stage I’d be at wasn’t built for that…

But they did.

And it was positively breathtaking, enchanting, stunning- I CANNOT praise the visuals in this thing enough:

And the talent/strength of the cast (which is also the best cast for anything I’ve ever seen)….

Gosh, as if it isn’t hard enough to sing, act, and dance in front of a live audience–but these guys had to be on wires the entire time, that were probably painful, but you never would’ve guessed it by seeing them!

The cast? Absolutely phenomenal. Every single one of them, even to the extremely minor characters.

I felt like I was listening to the Broadway recording for this musical (that I love), while seeing them.

Ariel, in particular, was a delight. I feel like Ariel’s a tough character to pull off (even though she’s my favorite Disney princess), because so many people hate her and think she’s spoiled. But Diana Huey sold her SO well. And made her sympathetic, and embodied movie!Ariel, and… I just loved her so much. And her charm and smile that she always had, even when her arms were probably killing her from waving them (to look like she was swimming the entire time). And her voice! (I honestly need to go follow this talented woman on social media now, like she asked us to.)

Prince Eric (Matthew Kagergis) was also great. And while at first they gave him some new traits for this that I wasn’t sure I was exactly fond of, they/he REALLY grew on me–until I felt like I was just watching a more developed version of Prince Eric from the cartoon. And his voice was to die for? Like, literally? He was very Raoul de Chagny-like to me. And if you know me, you know I love Raoul, so I greatly approve (especially since Eric and Raoul have their similarities), and now I think that  he should go play Raoul eventually, honestly. LOL.

And this musical makes Eric and Ariel’s relationship makes so much sense, guys. So much sense.

Ursula (Jennifer Allen)… Ursula is a big name to live up to. And the Ursula we got did not disappoint at ALL. Something’s only as good as its villain, and I think we got the top of the line here. Pat Carroll would have been proud (actually, all of the cast felt like the movie incarnations, while also being themselves and putting their own spins on things). But her voice, her humor, her mannerisms… The way she tried to appeal to Ariel- just everything was so spot-on. And I feel like I’m not doing the actress that played Ursula enough justice, by not saying any more, but what else is there to say? She was perfect. Done and done. And “Poor Unfortunate Souls” was everything that it needed to be, and more.

Sebastian (Melvin Abston) was the greatest thing ever! Another tough name to live up to, because I think he’s everyone’s favorite from the movie and the original Broadway Sebastian set the bar really, really high. But Abston just brought it home in every level. And I was just so glad to view/experience his portrayal of Sebastian, because I feel like a Little Mermaid without a good Sebastian isn’t The Little Mermaid. And I love him and Ariel’s relationship SO much. And “Under the Sea” was just a real joy, and probably the stand-out moment (like “Be Our Guest” is for the Beauty & the Beast musical), and it- Gah! I wish I could see it again!

Scuttle (Jamie Torcelllini) and Flounder (Connor Russell) were a lot of fun. And Flounder in particular was just very lively and hilarious.

Flotsam (Brandon Roach) and Jetsam (Fredrick Hagreen) were lovely, and I adored their costumes that lit up (so much costume porn in this. SO much. Especially Ursula’s outfit!), and how they were on skates the entire time to move around! Now THAT takes talent!

King Triton (Steve Blanchard) was also really good…

But I really can’t gush about this musical enough. 

While Ariel is my favorite Disney princess (and The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie), I know of people’s problems with her–and I feel like this musical did a really good job of addressing them, and making you root for her. And making you realize that she really didn’t belong/fit in in the ocean, but rather in the human world, and that’s why she wants it so badly and does all that she does. (And also for her love for Eric, when she meets/falls in love with him, of course).

I also like some of the stuff that they did with Triton and Ariel’s relationship–that made it feel like it had more of a plot and conclusion at the end, than even the movie did?

There’s also a really nice scene with Eric and Triton at the end, that I really appreciated.

And the dancing scene! You guys remember the dancing scene from the film? Well, they have that here! But there’s an entire story reason for it now, that even comes back to tie into later parts of Act II. And it was just so well done (and so well thought out), that I couldn’t have been happier that they placed that arc there.

There’s even a nice bit where Eric isn’t hypnotized like he was in the movie–and even when he hears who he believes to be the girl who rescued him, he doesn’t care at that point because he loves Ariel. And that’s when they almost have their kiss on the third day, and-

There’s an effect that they have at the ending, that I have no IDEA how they did it. But it was so climactic, and needed for that scene, and-

And “If Only” did not disappoint! “If Only” is my favorite song from The Little Mermaid on Broadway (the amazing quartet that I have always remembered the most from it), and I had high-hopes for it… And it met every single one of them. And ahh! I just love that song so much! And have I mentioned how amazing a singer Huey is? I’m mentioning it again.

This was such a good show guys. SUCH a good show. And I honestly couldn’t have asked for more, from the Broadway version of my favorite Disney movie. I’m going to happily remember it forever.

And if you haven’t seen this yet, make it happen! None of you will regret it, I can promise you that. Quite to the contrary, really:)

Just note that there ARE some slight story changes, so be prepared for that. Don’t expect it to be exactly like the Disney movie. But the alterations didn’t bother me at all (they were really minor, anyway), and I can see why they had to make those decisions, so it didn’t ruin my perception of the story at all. -shrugs-

How could I have forgotten to mention Ariel’s sisters?! Who were also superb? One of my favorite moments has to be when they’re singing about how Ariel’s annoying them lately, with her having her head up in the clouds, and then they finally realize she’s in love. It’s a really humorous scene–and Ariel’s floating in towards them and then leaving, UPSIDE DOWN, with a huge grin on her face while she’s doing it, and it’s absolute magic. ^_^

-imagines show from last night. and floats away in bliss-

Gust Of Wind (part 2)

(Negan x Reader)

Negan had been a bit forceful about it but that was just how he was. You had no doubt he would have left you alone if you hadn’t agreed to become one of his wives. That was something you didn’t want, so even though you knew this whole thing would probably end badly for you, you had agreed.  You liked Negan but he’d never want to be just with you. That way you could still be around him, not exactly like you hoped but better than nothing right?

Not quite. You had tried but it just didn’t work out for you. The other girls were nice but you still decided to stay in your little room and be by yourself. They all looked like they had fun and a great time, it wasn’t really for you though. Seeing Negan with someone else hurt and it dawned on you that agreeing to this deal had been a huge mistake.

You sat on your bed, concentrated on your book when you heard a knock on your door. Negan walked in shortly after and sat down next to you.

„We’re having a party, you want to come?“ He asks while taking the book out of your hands with a smirk.

„I’d rather stay here…if it’s okay with you?“

Negan gives you a strange look before kissing you on the cheek, „Sure you can do whatever the hell you want.“

Negan really wasn’t the most emotional guy ever but even he realized something wasn’t quite right. You never smiled anymore, didn’t talk to anyone and just looked sad all the time. Normally he’d know it was is fault but he had tried to be nothing but nice to you so he couldn’t wrap his head around what was wrong with you.

Avoiding people around here was harder than you’d think. When you walked around outside the next evening you ran into Negan, surrounded by his other wives and some saviours, laughing and drinking. You were sure he had stopped by your room to get you too, luckily you had been out.

„Y/N come join us.“ Negan yells over to you. You had hoped to sneak away before he noticed you were here.

„Ah…sorry I’m busy.“ You wave your sketchbook around and vanish behind the next corner where you sit down in the grass. Maybe drawing the night sky was a good way to distract yourself, it looked beautiful today.

„You love him don’t you?“

You look up in shock, Dwight suddenly standing next to you, „W-what?“

„I know that expression….you look like me.“

„Right…she was your wife, wasn’t she?“

„Yeah, was.“

„I’m sorry.“

You didn’t think anyone would notice, hell you barely did. You knew you liked him but being in love was another thing. But that’s what it was, otherwise you wouldn’t feel that stab in you heart every time you saw him with someone else.

“Now that’s interesting.” You hear Negan’s dark voice behind you and turn around at the harsh tone in his voice.

You had talked to Dwight for a while and started to joke around. It was the first time in a while since you had been able to genuinely laugh again.

“You fucking avoid me all day and always walk around looking like someone just died and now I find you having a good time with him?” Negan begins to scream and you grow very quiet.

“Negan it’s not….” Dwight starts but he shuts him down with just one look.

“Fucking answer me! You want someone else is that it? You want him?”

Your lower lip starts to shake and tears begin to form in the corner of your eyes as Negan continues to scream and throw accusations at you.

“She’s in love with you, you freaking dick.” Dwight suddenly yells, seeing how you become more uncomfortable by the second.

Negan stops, looking over to Dwight and then back to you. The tears start to roll down your face and you begin to sob, finally breaking down. You run back inside, just wanting to be alone. That wasn’t how this was supposed to go, not at all.

“Fuck….” Negan mumbles while staring after you with a guilty look on his face.

anonymous asked:

1200€ isn't that bad, i mean it's not great but i'm sure you'll be fine. don't you get a little money for studying as well? honestly, its good experience and something you probably could put on your resumé.

1200€ is absolutely terrible for a full time job in sweden. i dont know about your country but here its shit. 1700€ is normal after taxes for an average low tier full time job. 1500€ is acceptable but still a bit low. 1200€ is disastrous. i do not want to work 40 hours+ a week for that amount of money when i got the same amount working 20 hours a week in the game store.

also im gonna study part time on the side and the money just isnt worth the stress

Thinking out loud

I’ve always envied craft/collection rooms that were well put together and coherent.

Slowly, I think I’m creating that kind of space for myself despite not having the means to do exactly what I want. I think I’m making a room worthy of envy. (And you’re all invited to play in it.)

There are a few things here and there that still need worked on. Obviously the mess, which I’m getting through bit by bit. It’s coming together much better now that I sorted things into groups. Not nearly as overwhelming.

I think matching (real, not see-through plastic) table cloths under the BJD would help bring things together on that side of the room. I could probably get one large cloth and cut it in half.

I’d really like to paint 100% of the furniture white, but let’s be honest, that’s not within my physical ability. I’d also like to paint the walls a nicer color, but that’s also not something I’m up to. It’s a rather large room, and I’m not interested in tearing everything down again to do it. The cream is ok.

I might put backs on the book shelves. When I bought them, I didn’t feel like hammering in all the tiny nails and discarded the backs. Now, I could easily use foam board or cardboard and fabric or colorful papers to give each shelf a theme/room look. As long as I resist making them character specific (like Sailor Moon), I can still move things around at will.

I need to do more in the working side of the room to make it more inviting. I’d really like SiL to get her things, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I could get some long table cloths to cover the work station and photo/wrapping station. That might help. Then I wouldn’t have to look at the ugly boxes underneath.

It is weird that drawing a zombie apocolypse story somehow comforts me in times of stress??

Considering an idea for her name! Maybe Trixie/Trixy?
Cos her personality started off just being kind of a generic cute kid, but now its ended up developing into a kind of jerk with a heart of gold. She’s the sort of kid who’s always trying to be more grown up than she really is, and is all ‘hmpf my mum is so childish, I have to do all the work around here!’ And she’s a bit mischievious and pragmatic, if there’s ever any tough decisions to be made then its gonna be her advocating for doing whatever it takes to survive.
Oh but she is still also a cute kid!
And since she’s now the walking dead there isn’t much of her personality remaining at first. Probably the first sign she’s becoming more aware is that she starts being a bit more rebellious again! It could be really depressing for her mum to have to see such a bright and boisterous child turn into a silent doll that cares about nothing anymore. Honestly that’s kinda what she was like back when she was first adopted…

Oh or possibly Trudy or Trisha or something?
But I think Trixie is good cos a Tr- name suits her but ‘Beatrix’ really doesnt. The dreaded Full Name Ultimatum is even worse when you’re a Trixie!
I dunno if its just cos I love FF9 but Beatrix is like the ultimate badass serious elegant regal name. its hard to misbehave when you have that.
Mum: I believe in yoooooou
Trixie: Noooooooooooo
*puts cookie back in cookie jar*

I have been kinda thinking of that in general as their dynamic, yknow?
Trixie does not comprehend why this mum insists upon loving her. STop itttttt
Nuuuuu let me hate you, don’t get my hopes upppp, don’t tell me I’m good I’m badddddd
That’s the dynamic they first had when she was adopted. Trixie had a history of being ‘unadoptable’ and had stopped hoping that she’d ever find a loving family. So she was suspicious for AGES!
Tho also it means all this genuine love was super effective on her, and now she’s like I Would Die For You.
And then she did.
And then she came back.
And she still loves her mum.
And she’s still like ‘noooo stop with the loveeeee i am not extremely happy right now even though i literally clawed my way out of the grave to hug you’ XD
And her mum is still insisting upon never giving up on her, even now she’s a hellish abomination of undeath and pointy teeths. THE STUBBORN DUO!


You had just gotten back to the bunker from a trip into town, arms laden with groceries and supplies. As soon as the heavy door shut behind you, you could hear some distorted sound echoing in the entryway, reverberating against the walls and ceiling.

You quickly dropped the bags on the table and moved farther into the bunker. “Sam? Dean?” Checking the time you realized Sam was probably still on his long morning run or work-out. With a perplexed look you followed the sound of singing farther into the bunker and found the source… it was drifting out of Dean’s bedroom, the door standing open. 

You laughed into your hand and bit your bottom lip as you listened. He was replacing the words of House of the Rising Sun with a narrative about what he was doing and other lyrics about the hunt you were all leaving for the next day.

Well there is a house/In Idaaaahooooo/With a murdering spiriiiit/And its up to Y/N, Sam, and meeeee/ to blast it back to hell! Da da da, da da, da daaaa roooock saaaalt, and cleeeean all the gggguuuuuuuns! Cuz Baaaaaby’s taking us theeeeere to gank some evil shiiittt

You dared to peek around the door into his room and saw that he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to you, his duffel bags and gear spread out in front of him. You stepped into the doorway, an amused grin on your face, and leaned your head against the doorframe.

“Do you take requests?” you asked, causing Dean to whip around in surprise. You bit your bottom lip again as you looked at him.

“Oh… heh,” he scratched the back of his neck. “I didn’t think anyone was home…”

You giggled. “Just got back. But don’t let that deter you. That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. You should contact some labels about getting a record deal. ‘Da daaaaa rock salt?’ I mean, that’s lyrical gold!” you teased.

“Shut up, Y/N,” Dean laughed, looking slightly abashed. “I just can’t contain my creativity, ok?”

“Ooooh. Okay. Yeah, we’ll go with that.” You gave him another smile which he returned with a goofy grin. 

Happy Holidays!

For the wonderful @havillird,

Merry Christmas!! I hope you had a great day!!

From your @pjosecretsanta, Jenna ❅

  • When it came to Christmas, Annabeth was more or less like The Grinch
  • For Annabeth, holidays like Christmas usually meant family dinners from hell
  • Annabeth could still recall the times she had gone to Boston with her father for family dinners
  • There was usually arguing, a fair bit of yelling, and probably more alcohol than was wise
  • She had her cousin to keep her company, but she suspected he didn’t even know what was happening most of the time
  • Then there were the times they stayed in Virginia with her step-mother and younger brothers
  • Once or twice a Christmas party was thrown and work colleagues and friends were invited
  • Annabeth was mostly ignored during those
  • Her step-mother made her wear awful Christmas dresses and uncomfortable shoes
  • Plus, making Annabeth sit through dinner while bored out of her mind was a challenge for any ADHD 7-year-old, demigod or not
  • And since Annabeth was The Grinch, Percy was Cindy Lou-Who
  • Nothing was better than Christmas time for Percy
  • For one, he got to see his mom after long months away at boarding school
  • Two, well. Nothing was better than Sally Jackson’s Christmas baking
  • They would spend hours making Christmas treats, and even though blue was not a Christmas colour, they made blue snowmen cookies
  • They decorated as much as they could get away with without pissing Gabe off
  • They didn’t have room for a real tree in their small apartment, and nowhere to store a fake one, so Percy had his own mini Christmas tree that was only about a foot tall and didn’t shed all over the place
  • It even had mini decorations (Percy usually lost a few every year)
  • and after Gabe was gone, Percy and Sally had the first Christmas where they could really go all out
  • Lights everywhere, fake snow, a real Christmas tree
  • Percy feels truly content for the first time in months
  • and although opposites might attract, it doesn’t mean they don’t clash either
  • The first time Annabeth and Percy talk about Christmas is the year they find (and lose) Nico and Bianca
  • Annabeth mentions her dad want her to come back to California for the holiday and Percy notices the look on her face
  • “You don’t want to go?” “Not really.”
  • “Why? Because… of what happened”
  • “Sort of. I just don’t like Christmas. At camp, it’s bearable, but with my dad and step-mom? No thanks.”
  • Annabeth rolls her eyes at Percy, pretty sure he stopped listening at “don’t like Christmas”
  • “You don’t like Christmas?” the disbelief in his voice makes Annabeth snort
  • “No. You wouldn’t like it either if you were made to dress up and be quiet surrounded by adults who ignore you.”
  • Just the thought made Percy twitch and he sympathized with her.
  • And Percy doesn’t really think about it before he blurts out “You could spend Christmas with me.”
  • One blonde eyebrow raises as she stares at him and Percy awkwardly rubs the back of his neck
  • “I mean, with my mom and me. You know, dinner, presents, hot chocolate and cheesy Christmas movies.”
  • It’s not like his mom would mind. She loved Annabeth. And the more the merrier.
  • Annabeth tilts her head and considers it. What would she prefer? Dinner with her family who only sort of liked her, or dinner with her best friend and his mom, who treated her better than her own family did?
  • No competition.
  • “All right.”
  • Percy looks surprised, and Annabeth smiles.
  • “I’d like that. Thank you, Percy.”
  • “Sure. Uh, no problem.”
  • The only problem now was to find Annabeth a decent Christmas gift.
  • So Annabeth sends word to her dad and Percy goes last minute Christmas shopping
  • And then Christmas comes all too soon
  • Annabeth is standing awkwardly in front of the Jackson’s door, wondering if she should have brought something besides the few measly gifts she managed to get (A scarf for Sally and a gift card to some skater shop Percy mentioned before)
  • But she shakes her self and knocks and within seconds Percy is opening the door and smiling at her
  • Annabeth calms down and steps inside. “Merry Christmas.”
  • “Merry Christmas,” he parrots back and offers to take her coat
  • Annabeth almost laughs, surprised at the chivalry but manages to smother it and wordlessly hand him her coat.
  • Sally pops out of the kitchen and tell her to make herself at home
  • Annabeth glances around
  • She can smell the pine tree from where she’s standing, along with all of the wonderful things Sally is cooking
  • There are decorations everywhere
  • Fake snow, tons of lights, snowmen, an electronic iceskating rink with mini figures spinning around and changing colours every second
  • There’s cookies on the coffee table, shortbread, gingerbread, chocolates
  • She joins Percy on the couch and they argue on what Christmas movie to watch
  • It’s a Wonderful Life vs. Christmas With the Kranks
  • Surprisingly, Annabeth concedes and Percy crows in triumph
  • “Consider it your Christmas gift, Seaweed Brain.”
  • Percy just laughs and turns the volume on the TV up 
  • And for once, she really does feel at home on Christmas.

This was going to be longer omg but I hope you like them!! (Possible Pt. 2? Maybe? We shall see!)

Next Time

The idea of going home to his empty house made Draco’s stomach twist painfully. It was why he remained in his office well after business hours. He sat rigidly in one of the stiff couches placed around the fireplace. They were stylish, of course, but largely uncomfortable. Astoria had selected every piece of furniture in his office, and mostly for their visual appeal.

A small pain knifed through his chest. Six months after her death, there were times when it still hurt like the first day. He had brief moments of peace when he could function as if he hadn’t lost his wife in childbirth. These blissful bit of time usually happened when he was working, which was probably why he now spent all his time at the office. He hated it, yet it was the only place in the world where he felt like himself again.

The stiff fabric of the couch was scratching him through his silk shirt. The room was too quiet. His head was too heavy for his neck. He slouched forward, cradling his ear against his palm. The light from the fireplace was making the shadows dance, mocking his grief. A wave of his hand would put the fire out, but he found he couldn’t summon the courage to sit not only in silence but darkness as well.

Draco heard someone come into the room but hadn’t the desire to raise his gaze. A pair of women’s shoes entered his vision. They were flats in a shiny, off-putting nude color, scuffed at the toe. Only one person would wear shoes with so little appeal. He lifted his eyes to see two paper cups, placed carefully on the low table by ink-stained fingers. A bottle of fire whiskey followed.

“It’s the good stuff,” she told him. “The shopkeeper reassured me.”

Draco glanced at the label and grunted.

“It’s third rate at best, Granger,” he commented, his voice rough with heartbreak.

“Bugger,” she swore as she unscrewed the lid. “I paid five galleons for this!”

A screw off lid? That should have been her first clue.

“Five whole galleons?” Draco pretended shock.

“I’m the underpaid researcher, remember?” She poured a finger of whiskey into each cup. “I don’t use sickles to wipe my ass.”

“Head of Research,” he corrected her. “And I pay you an obscene amount for what little you accomplish.”

Draco caught a whiff of her perfume as she settled next to him, ditching her shoes and curling her feet onto the couch. Her scent was, perhaps, the only pleasing thing about her. It wasn’t cloyingly strong; he never smelled it after she had left his presence, but perhaps that was the appeal. She had to be near him, intimately near, for him to be aware of it.

He took the cup she offered and studied the dubious contents. How was he to tell the clarity of the color if it was shrouded in waxy paper? Every feeling rebelled.

“I warned you when you begged me,” she arranged her skirt around her knees, “To take the position that I would not fudge my results. There are more important things than locking down patents on potions. Cheers.”

The paper cups made a horrid scraping sound as she knocked them together.

"I beg to differ,” he muttered before throwing the liquor to the back of his throat.

It wasn’t awful. He’d had worse. The cheap bottles of centaur piss they’d smuggled into the Slytherin dormitories had burned like Fiendfyre. The woman seated across from him coughed and clutched at her throat. A brown curl sprang free of the tightly cinched knot at the back of her neck and bobbed around her chin.

“Nobody could possibly want to drink this!” She started pulling at her collar, buttoned all the way up. Merlin, he hated the way she dressed.

“Nobody with taste buds,” he agreed, sinking another mouthful.

“Well, I’m sure it will do the job regardless.” She was peering into the cup suspiciously, another curl falling to the side of her neck.

“Trying to get me drunk, Granger?” he smirked. “Just remember that no matter how drunk I get, I will not sleep with you.”

She laughed. “I’m holding you to that promise when you’re drooling against my neck later.”

“That happened one time!” he objected.

“Though how you confused me with Astoria will always be a mystery.”

The truth was, he hadn’t confused them. Draco had wanted to taste the skin at Hermione Granger’s neck, and they had all been drunk enough to get away with it. Astoria had laughed uproariously when he had drunkenly confessed later that night. Two days later, she had donned a Gryffindor schoolgirl uniform complete with red lacy knickers and rocked his world. That was the kind of woman he had married. The woman he had loved with every fiber of his damaged heart. The woman he had lost.

The pain was back, gripping his chest like a vice. He leaned his head back, trying to hide the misery on his face. A few tears rolled down his cheek and into his collar.

“I liked her.” Granger’s voice was sad.

Draco shook his head as if it could chase away the pain.

“No you didn’t,” he choked out. He took another drink.

“I did! We weren’t best friends by any means,” she said as Draco snorted, “But she was a force of nature. I admired that about her.”

“You both have that quality.”

“Did you know, not long after you hired me, she tried to make me over?”

“When did that happen?” The idea was preposterous, mostly because it was obvious from Granger’s wrinkled linen skirt that Astoria had failed. And she never failed.

“A few months into the job. She swept into my office on a random Tuesday and announced that we were going shopping.”

Granger shuddered, the look on her face communicating deep distaste.

“I complained the whole time. Laid into her with lectures on unreasonable societal pressure on women to look a certain way, and how a woman’s worth was more than her appearance.”

The sound of her warm voice was the perfect counterpart to the tingling in his extremities. He took a shuddering breath and gulped down more whiskey.

“She would smile and agree and hand me another over-priced blouse. She asked probing, intelligent questions to keep me talking. Usually, while I was handing my purse to the cashier.”

He knew that strategy intimately. A wan smile tugged at his lips.

“I felt good about myself near the end. Like I had gotten through to her about the futility of dressing oneself to please others,” she sounded so amused. “Except I got home with eleven bags of clothing, three of makeup, and a hat posh enough to require a gilded box the size of a large dog.”

Draco coughed on a chuckle. There was an entire closet at home devoted to hat boxes.

“And why have I never seen you wearing such a hat, Granger?”

“I gave it to Lavender,” she answered absently.

“My wife put in all that work, and you just gave it away?” He tried to sound astonished, but he was also slurring. Mostly, he sounded drunk.

“I think I was a bit scared of her after that. I mean, how did she do it?“ Hermione asked the last in hushed tones, sounding absolutely puzzled.

He was laughing. It felt like glass in his lungs, and more tears escaped from under his eyelids, but it was something. Then there was the smooth sensation of a silk handkerchief against his cheek. He clutched at it, inadvertently grasping her fingers in the process. Her hand felt nothing like Astoria’s. This woman was a scholar, a warrior. She had callouses from quills, from thumbing through stacks of old parchment, from gripping a wand tightly during years of war.

He yanked away, balling up the scrap of fabric and chucking it to the floor.

“I’m not a child. I don’t need you to babysit me,” he snarled. Bloody hell, his head was swimming.

“That’s funny because you’re acting a bit like my Godson when he throws a tantrum,” she snapped at him. “Except Albus is cute, he can get away with it. If you want me to leave just say so.”

He was sure he wanted her to leave, but the words wouldn’t come. “Did you think you could just waltz in here and make everything all better?”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Nobody can make it better! I just didn’t want you to be alone.”

“What do you know about it, anyway?” he shouted. “You’ve never lost anyone!”

Her face closed down. Draco realized he was wrong, but he was deliberately trying to hurt her. Instead of making him feel better, the pain in her eyes made him want to apologize. If anyone had suffered, it was Hermione Granger.

“Next time I’ll just leave you to your misery!”

“There won’t be a next time,” he responded wearily.

“Fine with me! Saves me five galleons.”

Hermione stood up briskly, and stomped away, unsteady on her feet.

“Don’t forget your ugly shoes!” he called after her.

With a huff, she marched back and shoved a foot into one shoe before bending over to pick up the other. She groaned as she righted herself, using the back of the couch for support. Most of her hair had sprung free from its confines and was bouncing around her head. She was flushed with anger and alcohol, her skirt slightly crooked and her shirt untucked.

Draco started chuckling. She glared at him as she hopped on one foot, trying to get the other shoe in its rightful place.

Suddenly, she lost her balance. She spun around with wide eyes and ended up flat on her bottom, her shoe flying from the tip of her feet across the room to land against a rather expensive painting. It rocked dangerously for a moment before stilling. A further disheveled Hermione sat on the floor, blinking rapidly and breathing hard into the silence.

A laugh escaped his chest, bursting from his mouth with raucous joy.

“Stop laughing, you prat,” she whined, rubbing her leg. “I think I twisted my foot!”

But she was laughing too, her eyes bright and sparkling. Draco pushed himself up and paused for a moment to allow the room to stop spinning before wobbling over to her. He pulled her up unsteadily, clutching at his aching sides as he led her back to the couch. She slumped next to him and watched as he poured more whiskey. Nearly half the bottle was gone.

“My nose is tingly. Tingling. Ting. A. Ling.” She snorted.

“Lie down before you hurt yourself.”

It was the closest thing to an apology she would get, and she knew it too. She gave him a long-suffering sigh and followed his instructions. They ended up lying on opposite ends of the couch, their legs tangled together. Hermione summoned a blanket and covered both of them. He had questions he wanted to ask, but none of them came out right.

"How did you know?”

How did you know I needed you?

She stilled. “I do know the date. And Pansy says you’ve been locked in this office all week. More than usual.”

“What are you doing here?”

Why do you care about me?

“Theo and Blaise are in France. A business trip you sent them on if I recall. Pansy says you’ve locked the Floo.

He caught the implication. She was right. He didn’t want any witnesses to his breakdown. And yet here he was, leaking all over his furniture with one curly haired swot offering him a handkerchief.

"Besides,” she continued. “We’re friends.”

It was a question.  He wanted to snap at her, to scare her away, so she never came back with her understanding eyes, yanking joy out of him like pulling teeth. He didn’t deserve this respite, this brief moment of peace, with Granger’s skin pressed against his and her sweet scent on his clothes. It felt like a betrayal, in more ways than one.

Draco had a sudden vision of his wife, arms crossed, foot tapping in that particular way of hers, communicating to him her utter disbelief at his stupidity. She shook her beautiful head and grinned out of the corner of her mouth.

“Ogden’s Finest,” he muttered, half asleep. “Anything between 1945 and 1947. If you pay less than seven galleons, it’s not worth it.”

Granger shifted next to him but didn’t respond.

“For next time.”

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