probably still could be worked on a bit


“Wow, I know we didn’t spend a lot of time together back when we met, but your tact is all coming back to me now,” you said with a laugh, situating your phone between your shoulder and your ear. 

“Is that a yes?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, the thing is–”

“We saved your ass,” Dean interjected, and you heard Sam say his name in the background, reprimanding. You took a breath, fighting the urge to both laugh and roll your eyes.

“There’s that tact again,” you said. “No, the thing is, you did save my ass and I stand by saying I owe you one. I’m just wondering why you’re calling it in on this. Seems like something you two could handle on your own.”

There was silence on the other end for a bit, long enough that you pulled your phone away to make sure you were still connected.

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice finally came through.

“Sam?” you replied with a smile. 

“You’re right; we probably could handle this on our own,” he said.

“What the hell, man?” Dean asked.

“But,” Sam continued louder, ignoring Dean, “I think we were both just hoping to work with you again. It’s not that often to find other hunters we can trust. Or who we like.”

You chewed your lip, letting them sit in the silence this time.

“I guess I don’t have much else going on right now,” you finally said, unconcerned at the smile they probably heard in your voice. “Maybe this time I can save you two.”


Imagine Getting a Call Out of the Blue From Sam and Dean Calling In a Favor

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Happy Birthdays

Characters: Y/N Ackles, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki, Conan O’Brien

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None really - just J2 being J2.   

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: So not a planned fic but after I saw the Conan interview this idea have been haunting me.

I stole bits of the interview that would fit my story, but disregarded some of it cause in this story Jensen isn’t have has never been married to Danneel, therefore no JJ. No hate what so ever against Jensen or his beautiful family. This is only fiction and let’s just assume the amazing Danneel Harris is happy with someone else.

Thanks to @torn-and-frayed for being awesome and betaing this for me last minute.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You couldn’t have been more excited for your husband. He had literally been buzzing for days previous to this interview. It had been a long time since he had been on a show like this and Conan was one of his all time favorites. You couldn’t have been more proud of him as you sat in the front row with Gen waiting for your husbands to take the stage.

You smiled, applauding the boys along with Gen and the rest of the audience when they took the stage. Jensen looked so confident and relaxed, which made you even prouder. Jensen hadn’t always been this relaxed in front of a big audience. When you had first met, this would have terrified him and you would probably have been backstage trying to calm him and take his mind off what was about to happen rather than sitting, smiling and waving at him in your chair next to your best friend. Jensen had grown immensely and you had been at his side every step of the way. First as his friend, then girlfriend and for the past few years, his wife. You loved him more than you had ever thought possible to love another human being and he made you proud every day.

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How to be a Good Boyfriend. (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Request:  Evan x reader something fluffy please!

WC: 4,097 (I’m sorry)

A/N: I’m going to put this under a read more because it’s long. I’m not even sure if this is good or even fits the request. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Evan wanted you to know how much he loved you, he really did. It was hard sometimes because of his anxiety. He had never been in a relationship before. He didn’t know what to do. He never felt like he was giving as much to your relationship as you were. You constantly tried to reassure him that he was, but in his on special way. He never accepted that though. Evan wanted to be an affectionate boyfriend that could do sweet things for you. Not a boyfriend who was flustered to even hold your hand.

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“Do you think daddy would like this?” Your daughter’s voice snapped you back to reality as you turned around and saw her holding her latest masterpiece. It was a picture of a flower with hearts and glitter surrounding it, she loved coloring pictures but making pictures for Harry was her favorite. You couldn’t help but smile as you walked over to her and kneeled down to her eye level.

“He’s going to love it.” She just gave you a big smile as she handed you the picture, you quickly stood up and headed towards the fridge. “Lets hang it in our special spot shall we love?” You asked and when you turned to look over your shoulder you smiled when you saw her nodding her head and clapping her hands together.

“Yes the special spot! So he will see it when he gets home!” Her voice was full of excitement as she danced around the kitchen, you laughed as you turned and watched her. She was the spitting image of her father, dimple and all. Her brown curls were tucked away from her face with a headband and as she danced her dress swayed back and
fourth causing her to giggle and dance around more.

She bounced her way out of the kitchen making you laugh and shake your head as you imagined that if Harry was home he would’ve joined her in her excitement dance and it would’ve ended in a fit of giggles and a tickle fight on the couch in the next room. You couldn’t help but sigh as you looked around and the reality set in, Harry was gone for three more weeks. You knew he didn’t like being away for long periods of time but you also knew that this was his job and he didn’t have a choice sometimes.

You were in the middle of cooking dinner when your phone rang, you knew by the ringtone that it was Harry. You smiled as you quickly hit answer and put it on speaker phone so you could continue cooking.

“Hiya petal!” You smiled bigger as his voice filled the kitchen, “what ya doin love?” You added the diced vegetables to the pot of soup you had on the stove.

“Just makin dinner, what are you up too?” You heard noises in the background but you knew he was probably out and about in whatever city he was in at the moment.

“Ah it is about dinner time isn’t it?” His voice was soft and you found yourself nodding as if he could see you. “How is she doing? Think talking to her would be a bad idea?” You continued to stir the pot as he spoke.

“Think she would love that, she is doing better now.” As if on queue you heard little feet coming down the stairs and heading towards the kitchen. “Lovey, I think someone wants to talk to you.” You said as your daughter appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, her smile was big as she heard noises coming from the phone on the counter.

“Daddy!” You smiled wide as she made her way towards you by the stove. “Daddy, where are you? What city are you in? Do they have good food there? Mommy is making chicken soup because it’s cold outside! Is it cold where you are?” You had to hold back your laugh as she spilled out question after question, you heard Harry chuckle a bit on the other end of the phone.

“Hi my little love!” She reached up and grabbed the phone off the counter and held it in her tiny hands. You saw her walk around the island and climb up into one of the stools so she could get comfortable. “Well where I am at now is a bit chilly.” You could tell he was smiling by the way his voice sounded. “The food is good, nothin beats ya mum’s cooking tho.” You rolled your eyes at his comment and you knew if he was home he would’ve shot you a little wink.

“Do you miss me daddy? I miss you a lot! Like more than I miss Christmas time! And ya know I love Christmas!” You turned around and your smile fell a bit when you saw your daughter’s face. She was smiling still but you knew it was slightly forced and her eyes were getting a bit watery.

“Oh my little love,” you heard Harry take a deep breath. “I miss ya so much that I can’t even tell ya how much! They don’t even have a word fo it!” You watched as her face lit up a bit as he spoke. You could tell by Harry’s tone that he was probably fighting back tears.

He hated not being able to hug his daughter and kiss her worries away. He knew she wasn’t used to this part of his work, she had always been too little to really understand when he was on the road but now that she was getting older she took it harder when he left for weeks at a time.

“I love you daddy!” You smiled as she blew a kiss to the phone. “That was a kiss! Did you feel it?” You heard Harry laugh lightly and heard a kissy noise.

“I felt it! Just gave you one back!” She smiled and patted her cheek. You turned the stove off before making your way over to her. “I love you quite a lot, can I talk to ya mum a bit? You go wash up for super!” She pouted as you helped her down off the stool. She slowly made her way out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“You love me quite a lot as well?” You knew he was rolling his eyes at your question. You noticed the line got quiet and you had to check to make sure the call didn’t get dropped. “Harry?” You took the phone off speaker and held it to your ear, you heard the sound of a door opening and shutting and what sounded like footsteps. “Harry can you hear me?” Your voice was a bit loud due to the fact you weren’t sure if he could hear you or not.

“Can hear you just fine love.” You felt the phone slip from your hands and land on the counter as his voice came from in front of you. You couldn’t believe the sight that was in front of you. He was standing in the doorway of the kitchen with a bag at his feet.

“Harry!” Your voice came out as a squeal as you crashed into him. His arms wrapped around your waist as yours wrapped around his neck. You were soon being lifted off the ground as you felt his face burry into your neck.

“Missed you my love.” You felt him kiss your neck a few times and as you both heard the sound of feet hitting the bottom of the stairs you felt your own feet being placed back on the ground. “Is that my little love?” He unwrapped himself from you and bent down as he faced the doorway. Your daughter’s face was one of shock and excitement.

“Daddy! You’re home!” The excitement in her voice was enough to make you smile ear too ear. You watched Harry open his arms as she went running towards him. You stepped back and watched him pick her up and twirl her around and place kisses all over her face making the sound of her laughter fill the room.

“I’m home,” he stopped spinner her and turned his head to look at you, his dimple was prominent as he smiled wide. “I’m home with my two girls, just in time for super.” He shot you a wink and you just rolled you eyes. You still couldn’t believe he was home, he was in the kitchen holding your daughter, he was going to be here for a while by the looks of his bag on the floor by his feet and you couldn’t be happier.

surviving (and maybe even thriving) in the sherlock fandom after s4

…OR, maybe even kind of sort of learning how to enjoy oneself again while being a johnlocker.

This is a post for people who are on the fence / still turned off by s4 / still struggling with how to frame it for themselves. 

In light of the upcoming fic writers’ retreat, in anticipation of (I hope) having a conversation or two about this very topic, and in partial response to comments that my good fandom friends have dropped recently about their struggles with feeling like they don’t want to engage with the show or the fandom after s4, I’ve been thinking about how to continue on as a johnlocker, and why I feel more motivated than ever to find a way to have a relationship with the show (albeit a substantially altered one than before), and what fandom engagement means to me. 

It probably doesn’t look like it, because I’ve participated full throttle in all kinds of conversations about the show since s4, but I do get why s4 was entirely offputting for a lot of people. While I strongly suspect that mofftiss are doing something interesting and unusual with s4, that whatever-it-is came at a heavy price: a series that looks like a hot fucking mess and actively does things that one should never do (i.e., constantly throwing into question the reality status of the story one is telling) if one wants to avoid frustrating the shit out of one’s audience. 

What’s worse, the series was promoted with a promise of FINALLY answering the question of who Sherlock loves, without delivering on that promise in a way that was in any way definitive (John? Molly? Irene? Chips?) or satisfying (JOHN???). We got a scene that was really close to the kind of thing we’ve always wanted to see, at the end of The Lying Detective, an episode that also brought us an interaction between John and Sherlock that was so awful, it singlehandedly ruined the show for a lot of people. 

Even though I love the shit out of talking about the puzzle of s4, I love it because I love how smart everyone in the fandom is, and how much I’ve learned about Doyle, and the many many intertexts the show engages with. I love how stunningly great people here are with teasing complex arguments out of this hot mess. 

I don’t love that we got this weird thing to figure out instead of actual story. I don’t love that for some reason a major plot point was John and Sherlock detonating their relationship even more profoundly than they had before. I still think that the more skillful thing to do would have been to make a puzzle for viewers to figure out, but make it actually enjoyable to watch. (Personally, I did enjoy TLD, but I’m a sucker for Nick Hurran’s direction, I thought Ben and Martin performed incredibly, and I have a high tolerance for creepy shit and violence, so.)


I’ve been thinking about a few of the strategies I’ve put in place / fallen back on for approaching all of this. I don’t know if any of this is helpful but here it is, for what it’s worth.

Acknowledge that the showrunners are human people and human people make good choices and bad choices and questionable choices

Before s4 aired, I wrote about the fact that mofftiss had set up a highwire act with extraordinarily high stakes, as of the end of s3. This meant they could pull off an astounding feat of storytelling, or they could fall. Instead they sort of burned down the circus tent and re-encoded all the elephants…not what any of us were expecting. I mean, surprises in storytelling can be great, but this was like hey everyone, suddenly the show is going to be performed in Esperanto instead of English, have fun with that.

Questionable at best.

To sum up: good choices resulted in the following:

Ben and Martin in s1 and 2 creating this beautiful dynamic together, eyesex and all the subtext and a tragic love story with mistakes and denial and pining and hope. s3, which bumped up the subtext to the point of ridiculousness. And TAB, which doubled down on that subtext EVEN HARDER. The purple shirt of sex and the swishy coat of alone protects me and a stalwart and broken John who is finally strong enough to partner his Sherlock and enough sexual and romantic tension to drown the population of the earth planet and a Mary Morstan who is actually Moran and there’s always two of us and hey did I mention romance yet?

We got all that, and then we got–this s4 thing.

Let me tell you about writers (speaking as one). They shit the bed all the time. They make weird choices. They have strange ideas. They fail to stick the landing. When that happens, it’s their tragedy. It doesn’t have to be yours. 

Maybe this story isn’t done yet. I don’t think it is. I’m willing and able to reserve judgement, but this post is for those of you who aren’t, or can’t. 

You can still like the parts of the show that you liked before. You weren’t wrong for liking what worked for you before. You would not be wrong now, for still liking those bits. All the shitty choices the showrunners could make, did make, and might still make, do not make you wrong for liking the bits you liked.

You can still like the parts of the show that you liked before. 

Need permission for that? Here it is: BECAUSE MAY SHEPARD SAYS SO. I’ll make you a certificate if you want. 

Need more specific help? Here’s another idea:

Get selfish. Get really, really selfish.

Remember that you are here for you. You came here, probably, because thinking about John and Sherlock together is something you enjoyed. Back immediately after s4 aired, and I was still stuck firmly in the wtf zone, I had to have a talk with myself about this. 

I asked myself what I liked about the show. Why John and Sherlock, together, were so crunchy and beautiful to me. It came down to one thing: the fact that I read the show as a love story. 

I’m here for my own entertainment. This is my happy place. This is where I come when my regular writing is stuck or I want to try to hack out a new part of my skill set. I get a lot out of thinking about John and Sherlock, as characters.

I still read the show as a love story, and I will continue to do so.

That means, in light of s4, doing a lot more reading in to the little moments than I used to have to. It means cherry picking a lot harder. It means ignoring vast swaths of what we actually saw onscreen. (The fact that this is the current state of meta too helps a whole heck of a lot.) 

Playing the what if game a lot harder than I have previously has become the rule of the day. 

What if John and Sherlock are in love? They are. For me, they are, and they always will be. Will they be in canon? Get yourself to a place where this question doesn’t matter, where your personal happiness doesn’t hang on this. We’re several months on after s4. It’s time to give your head a shake and remember that John and Sherlock love each other and will always find their way back to each other, because we say so. 

If you don’t believe this, try because May Shepard says so. I’ll say it until you believe it, too: John and Sherlock are in love. The show is a love story.

I will read the show as a love story, regardless of whether it wants me to. Hey show, get ready for some sweet sweet interpretation. I hope you’re in the mood.

Still not convinced? Try this thought experiment:

Put Some Distance Between You and S4

So a few nights back I was chatting with @laughing-at-the-darkness​ (who is the best, go follow her immediately), and I jokingly said that what we need in this fandom is a reset, like the kind of perspective you can only get ten years after a television show has finished airing. 

Try this on for size:

The year is 2027. You’re looking for some good content to watch. You remember hearing, dimly, about the fact that, a while back, BBC made a Sherlock Holmes adaptation with some pretty famous actors. 

You read about it a bit first. Ah yes: the adaptation that everyone was raving about, but that did a weird thing in its fourth series. Bearing this in mind, you decide to watch. 

You’re charmed by series 1-3, and the one-off Victorian special. You decide to watch s4, bearing in mind what you know about it, that it seemed to go off the rails relative to everything that had come before. You watch, prepared to laugh along at Mary’s bullet tango and the way she just won’t seem to go away and Sherlock has a sister who is also an X-Man? What???? 

You watch it. You shrug. You carry on thinking that s1-3 and TAB are great, like you were prepared to do. 

We know what we know now: that s4 is a difficult part of canon, a stumbling block for a lot of us. If you can accept that, then you can move forward, liking the parts you like, and leaving the parts you don’t.

Moving On

I still personally have some questions about how to deal with s4 as a fic writer. There are so many potential interpretations–how does one go about sorting through the detritus? A lot of people don’t want to / can’t bring themselves to rewatch, so how much can I assume they do and don’t remember about the episodes? But these are mostly logistical issues, and solvable with some rational decision making. (I did start a fic a while back based on TST, but I wasn’t ready to finish it, and I don’t think people wanted that type of fix it in that particular moment.) s4 changed the stakes for a lot of people, so writing fic now is all about writing to a different emotional register, I think. I’m personally having fun with that, while sorting through the implications for the wips I started before s4 aired. I’m hoping we can talk about some of these issues, as writers, and as fans, but that’s a post for another day.

In any case, I’m here, John and Sherlock are in love, and I hope this is helpful in some way. I don’t want anyone to lose the thing that used to give them enjoyment, nor (on a more selfish note) do I want to see people still leaving the fandom if they don’t have to. 

Mission Bad Boy - 7

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Warnings: Mentions of sex, predator drug (spiking drink), self-loathing

Notes: okay it’s getting really dark wtf. I swear to all hell it’s as dark as the oblivion now WHY AM I SUCH AN ANGSTY PERSON. What’s sad is most of this shit actually happens. I just.. I can’t. 5k words

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Originally posted by btsgifdump

“This is uncomfortable..”

You could feel eyes boring into the back of your skull while you ate your rice, your grip on the chopsticks tightening slightly. It was obvious when people stared – the feeling of discomfort always gave those people away. Whether it was good or bad, you could tell by looking back. You had, and your eyes landed on a group of three boys, the two paler ones simply glaring, while the third decided to stick to occasional glances.

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BTS Reaction to you sleeping nude

At the rate I’m going, I’ll hopefully finally have my to do list cleared out by the end of the week! This was requested by an anonymous user. I hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie


Most of the time, he would probably be worried about you getting cold. On the nights that he was in the mood, he would still be too worried to wake you up, not wanting you to lose sleep. He would have to really be desperate.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


He wouldn’t care. Odds are, he would be too tired to really pay attention to your lack of clothing. On the rare occasion that he was paying attention and did notice, he might say something about it, but basically just let it go. You might notice extra blankets appearing on the foot of the bed though, but if you ask him, he’d say Jin probably put them there due to the fact that it was supposed to be pretty cold that night, but you know the truth.

Originally posted by dreamyoongi


You would wake up in the middle of the night due to him stroking your skin, but when you asked, he would play it off as if his sleeping habit had changed from stroking himself, to stroking you. He would then try to think of a different way to get you in the mood to mess around.

Originally posted by mn-yg


Well, Jungkook said Namjoon sleeps wearing nothing….but in seriousness, Namjoon would most likely sleep in the nude too, since he would want to be in a relationship where you guys could be completely comfortable doing that without it always turning into sexy time. Although some nights he wouldn’t be able to contain himself.

Originally posted by ksjknj


Early on in your relationship, if you chose to sleep nude then, he would get really flustered, and would probably try to put space between you guys so he wouldn’t seem too forward with you. Later on, he would leave hints if he was in the mood for you to pick up on. If the hints worked, not much sleeping would be happening. If they didn’t, he would still try to be gentlemanly and, once again, try to keep a little bit of space during the night both to respect you and try to keep his frustration down

Originally posted by chimcheroo


He would probably comment on how comfortable you must be and say something like “why didn’t I think of that?”. He would then decide to sleep naked too, but due to his cuddly nature, would always end up with a boner after not very long, so every night ended up being sex filled, or he would have to sleep somewhere else just to be safe.

Originally posted by mvssmedia


At first, he would refuse to sleep in the same bed with you because he would be really flustered and nervous. The later it got into your relationship, though, the more comfortable he would get, until he became more like Namjoon, being able to sleep naked with you and it not escalate into anything.

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Ticklish (Batboys + Bruce Wayne headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you write headcannons for how the batfam members would react when their s/o finds out they’re ticklish? 😂 like i imagine all of them freaking out bcuz there’s NO way a little tickles could bring down highly skilled and trained bois (but it does)
Tag: @pinkwitch21


  • This boy isn’t one bit ashamed of his sensitivity to tickles
    • How in the hell could any criminal use that against him anyway
  • he would try to hold it with you,like really really hold it
    • But that really didn’t work out
      • He would let go the most adorable giggle you’ve ever heard


  • He would hold it so hard
  • like on any given day you probably wouldn’t get him with thee tickles
    • but the day he’s off guard and way too tired for life
    • Best time to get him with the mistical tickles
  • he’ll still hold it, with chuckles falling from his locked lips
  • He can’t hold it too long anymore
  • He would gently swat your hands away
  • He would try to give you a pointed look 
  • but there would be tears in his eyes
    • be ready for a counter attack


  • He would be crazily easy to tickle
    • just from a very gentle touch
  • He would be super embarrased 
    • Like tomato faced
  • He would be begging you to not tell his brothers
  • he doesn’t need them to have more ammunition


  • You need to catch him hella off guard to get him to not hold it
  • The son of Batman does not get ticklish
    • Little did he know that Batman was also ticklish
      • But “an assassin does not get ticklish beloved!!!”
  • He would be really embarrased
  • he’d try to hide it as much as he can
  • but there’s no hiding  that from you
  • He would tell you to never do it again
    • He secretly finds it kinda cute
      • Be ready for a super secret sudden attack
    • Dami is out to getcha


  • Batman has no feelings!
    • He can’t feel a punch to the face, let alone tickles
      • HAHAAHAH like anyone would believe any of those statements
  • he’s actually pretty ticklish
  • and in private he’s not too shy about it either
    • A way to seem more normal to you, ya know
      • But don’t you dare tell anyone else about it
  • Ya’ll would have like straight up tickle fights
    • Sometimes it endsup in a pretty gentle pillow fight after Bruce relentlesly attacks your sides and your only option is a pillow to his face


With love,

anonymous asked:

that was an awesome piece :3 don't feel like u have to do anything u don't want to! but if u do want, could u maybe write smth with lance in his full werewolf form and/or playing fetch or getting petting?

Heres the first part of werewolf Lance adventures. When I tried to imagine Lance as a wolf, or a dog, all I could think of was that video of that husky screaming. So mostly these parts are going to be of husky behaviour. Anyways I hope you guys like it, and if you want to know what video I’m talking about it’s right here > (

Although the paladins were weary at first, they quickly got used to the large brown wolf that would wander aimlessly around the castle. They jumped at first and seemed uncomfortable around him but soon realized that Lance was much more at home when he was in his wolf skin. However, they did notice some amusing similarities to his canine counterparts. One of these was his love of being pet.


Hunk has always been an affectionate guy and when Lance sat down next to him when he was cooking in the kitchen, he couldn’t resist running his hand through his best friends fur right between his ears. He meant to only do a quick sweep, just enough to feel how soft the fur was, but a faint thumping sound stopped him and he looked behind him to see Lance’s tail wagging on the ground. Looking at his face he saw that Lance’s eyes were closed and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. Hunk took his hand away and almost burst out in laughter when Lance’s eyes opened and his tail thumped to the ground. He looked up at Hunk and let out a low whine and shuffled forward to come closer to Hunk’s leg. Hunk decided to test his luck and focused instead on chopping the strange fruit in front of him. He let out a surprised gasp when Lance leaned his entire weight on his leg and let out another sad whine.

“Geez, okay Lance I get it,” he said grabbing onto the counter so he wouldn’t fall over. Lance let out a pleased huff and took his side off of Hunk who immediately threaded his fingers through the fur on top of his head. After a few minutes of silent petting, Lance licked Hunk’s hand and trotted out of the room, leaving Hunk to look after him. After that incident, whenever Lance would sit by Hunk he would immediately start petting wherever he could reach on his friend.


Pidge was familiar with the antics of dogs; her family had a dog on earth after all. She was kind of expected the wants of a wolf to be a bit different, however similar the two were. This came as a surprise when she was sitting in the hanger using her laptop on the floor when Lance strolled in. Of course in his wolf form as he had been doing frequently since they found out about it. It didn’t bother Pidge as much as she thought it would; probably because she could still see a little bit of Lance even when he was a wolf. She spared him a glance when he came in and quickly looked back at her work, wanting to get it done as quickly as possible.

“Ack!” She cried out in surprise when a weight settled against her back and curled around her. She looked down and by her right arm, Lance’s head settled against the ground.

“Lance, what are you doing?” She asked with a raised brow. He nudged her arm with his nose. She brought it away and settled it back on her keyboard.
“I know what you’re doing Lance, I have a dog,” she replied get back to her work. He let out a little whine and flopped onto his side and started wiggling around. Pidge tried to ignore it and focus on her laptop but glanced back to her side for a second.

“Oh my god,” she whispered when big blue puppy eyes stared up at her. She put down her laptop and turned a big to get both her hands in the dark brown fur. He shuffled around her closer and she scratched through the fur on his chest and back. He let out a happy groan and laid his head on her leg. She eventually picked up her laptop again but leaned back on her friend. If anyone walked into the hanger an hour later they would find the two asleep with Pidge still leaned against the wolf.


Unbeknownst to the other paladins save for Keith; Shiro had a husky waiting for him at home and when he saw Lance walking around he immediately thought of his baby, Koko. He didn’t know how Lance would react if he started petting him so he laid off and looked on with a pout whenever Lance would pass by. That is until one day, he was reviewing the teams training notes standing with one hand at his side and one touching the screen. Suddenly he felt a head nudge under his hand and he looked down to see Lance, one ear pressed under the hand and his tongue sticking out in a dorky dog smile.

“Awww” Shiro immediately gushed bringing his other hand up to his face. Lance didn’t expect this reaction and cocked his head making Shiro choke. He knelt down on the floor and started scratching him behind his ears and petting down his back. The sound of a thumping tail sounded through the room. Shiro started cooing at Lance and praising him as he pets the wolf’s fur, even going so far as to squish his face up and kiss the canine’s nose. Lance didn’t seem to mind and happily soaked up the attention with a happy whine and a soft headbutt to the leader’s chest.

“Am I interrupting something?” Keith asked as he walked into the room and heard Shiro baby talking Lance. Shiro jumped up with a blush and tried to act nonchalant.

“No, what are you talking about?” He asked bringing up the plans again. Keith only quirked an eyebrow when Lance rested his chin on Shiro’s leg to look up at him with sparkly eyes.

“Dude, just pet him, everyone else has been,” he groaned looking at the heartbroken expression on Shiro’s face. Without a word, Shiro dropped to his knees and hugged Lance around the neck and started scratching his back as he mumbled into the dark fur.

“Augh,” Keith rolled his eyes before leaving the two to themselves. From them on whenever Lance found Shiro, he would push his head into the leader’s hand or rest on his leg if he was sitting. He would always break and start petting Lance with a big grin. He thought that Hunk would be his favorite person to go to for pets, but Shiro seemed more than happy to provide the werewolf with as much attention as he wanted, as long as it didn’t interfere with their work. Which Lance had no intention of interrupting anyway so it worked out well for everyone.


While the other paladin had innocent and quite fun experiences when they first started petting Lance, Keith was not as lucky. He, Lance and Pidge were sent on a mission to dismantle a small Galra base of operation on a previously abandoned planet. The mission was relatively easy, requiring only the green lion and they quickly were able to take apart the base, but not before Lance was shot through the stomach, where his armour didn’t cover. He let out a yell and fell to the ground before he aimed his gun and shot the guard through the head ending the fight.

“Lance!” Pidge screamed. With the rest of the guards down she and Keith were able to run to Lance. He pressed his hand on the wound trying to stop the bleeding. He looked into his friend’s eyes and gave them a weak smile and a thumbs up.

“I’m okay guys,” he tried to reassure them. They propped him up and helped him to his feet.

“Can you make it to Green?” Pidge asked. He gave a short groan but nodded his head. They slowly walked towards the lion, who thankfully flew closer to them when she sensed the panic of her paladin. They dragged him up the ramp and carefully laid him down on the floor of the cockpit, with tears in her eyes Pidge jumped in the pilot’s chair and started towards the castle ship. Keith let out a sad sound as he started pressing on Lance’s wound as well.

“Lance, what are you doing?” He said when Lance started shifting into his wolf form. He only gave a low whine and flopped his head onto the ground in front of Keith. He once again went to put pressure on the wound and was glad to feel that the bleeding was stopping and the wound was starting to heal over.

“Lance, do you heal faster like this?” He asked. Lance sat up slightly to look at him with foggy eyes and gave a tiny nod. He was about to collapse against the ground again but Keith caught his head and laid it across his thighs.

“You did great out there today,” he commented softly stroking down his head and neck. Lance gave a weak wag of his tail in response and licked Keith’s wrist when it came close enough to him. “Jesus, now I know why everyone pets you, you’re way friendlier like this,”

Lance huffed but didn’t move away from the petting he was receiving. Thankfully, by the time they made it back to the Castle, Lance was completely healed and dodging Pidge’s questions about werewolf healing. He knew that eventually, she would get to do tests about it, but for now, he was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep. He ignored the others and made his way to the lounge where he curled up on the couch and fell into a deep sleep.

He woke to a weight against him and blinked his eyes open. He couldn’t lift his head up because there was a weight lightly lying against it. He could see Hunk and Keith sitting in front of him on the game system and knew that he wasn’t in trouble. He looked towards his tail and saw Pidge watching the two of them playing the game. Which left… he lifted his head and Shiro’s head flopped in front of him still snoring lightly. He let out a snort at his face catching the attention of his teammates. They smiled at him before they turned their attention back to the game. Lance’s tail continuously hit Pidge as he wagged it, and he laid his head on top of Shiro’s chest in order to watch the game.

“Lance fucking stop, I swear to God!” Pidge screamed as his tail hit her in the face for the fifth time. He only let out an amused bark in response.


Can you do a reaction to them getting massaged by you. Like you being really good at it

[A/N: Quick note, since I am getting request for reactions I’ll be now opening those up as well so feel free to request them ☺
Much love~💖]

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


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Ah namjoon. He would just love the fact that your hands can do fucking wonders. He’ll probably keep asking you to give him a nice back rub every now and then because he just can’t get enough. “BABE,” his loud voice calls out to you. “What do you want!?” you call back. You entered the bedroom with namjoon already laying on his stomach. “Can you give me a massage?” “I just gave you one an hour ago,” you said. “PLEAAAASE,” he’d whine making you laugh. “Alright, alright but this is the last one for today.”


Jin really likes the fact that you know how work your hands to please him ;) the way you massage his back sends him to heaven. So after a long day of doing whatever tired him out he’ll straight to you, grab your hands and tell you to work your magic. “Y/n I could really use one of your massages,” he plops down by you on the bed already tugging at your sleeve. “Long day?” you ask and he hums back tiredly. He’s still tugging a bit at your sleeve and you giggle. “Was it dance practice?” jin nods, “three awful hours of horrible dance practice, so please make me feel better.”


He really appreciates your wonderful talented hands. He really does. Although he probably wound’t ask for them very often no matter how much he loves your massages. When yoongi feels like he’s very stressed he would most definitely come to you to relieve his stress. And he just really enjoys your touch in general. “Ok, how about here,” you press your hands onto his back with just a bit more pressure and he groans a bit too loudly with pleasure. “That feels great.” You continue to give him a massage and listening to him hum happily to the feeling making you grin. “You’re really loving this aren’t you?” “Sooooo freaking much, god you have no idea.”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

So knowing hobi he probably wouldn’t really ask for your wonderful massages but instead plop down in front of you at random times to give his shoulders a good rub down. “Really hobi?” “Yes,” he reaches behind him to grab your hands “please you give really good massages.” He’d win you over with his cute antics and have you work your hands on him. “Ah, that feels really nice,” he sighs happily and let’s his head fall back. “You’re hands are wonder full,” “just my hands?” you gave his shoulders a tight squeeze. “N-no you to- don’t be so rough.” You giggle and continued on to massage your boyfriend.


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Like hobi, jimin would want your massages at random times because he loves them so much and it’s like his only other excuse to have you touch him. Whenever you give him one of your famous massages he’ll honestly just praise you while you do so. “You really know what you’re doing,” he groans into his pillow. “You act like I’ve never done this to you,” you dig your hands into his back earning another groan from him. “You’re too good at this,” he laughs a little. “I’m never going to get tired of this.”


Originally posted by hellosarang

Taehyung is all for your massages. He’ll even call you the goddess of them because he thinks you’re just that great. This boy would literally do anything just to have one from you. Well maybe not anything but he just really likes them. Once your hands are on him he’s a happy puppy. “I feel like I’m in heaven,” he mutters to himself. “Are my massages that great tae?” “Their magical,” he’d moan little when you hit the right spot his back and mumble thank you over and over again.


This bunny right here loves your massages so much that he just kinda commands them now. Not in a rude way of course, he’s just trying to funny or whatever. He likes the way your hands feel on him. He sometimes would tell you how it makes him feel relaxed and all good inside. “Is this ok?” you ask him as your hands work on his back. “Perfect,” he hums and nuzzles his face into the pillow he hugged. “How much are you enjoying this?” “Way too much,” he admits laughing a bit. “I live for this.”

I hope you liked it☺
Much love~💖

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Painting a room and things end up in a paint fight

Between the seven of them, the Voltron team was incredibly busy.  There was always training to be done, the castle to fix and clean, information to absorb, machines to build, fights to prepare for- easily two dozen people’s worth of effort split between less than ten.

However, once in a blue moon, certain conditions struck.

Projects were on pause until proper supplies could be found.  Repairs were holding for the moment.  There were no local distress signals, no messages from their allies.  No immediate battles to fight, nothing they knew to prepare for.

There was always something to be done, but those tasks weren’t always the most pressing.

Or interesting.

“This whole room?” Lance asked in dismay.  He held the handle of his paint roller in one hand, the other sulkily pushed into the pocket of his jacket.

It was hard to argue the room didn’t need a good layer of paint.  The previous coat was cracked and faded, giving the whole area a shabby feel.  While nearly all of the castle was bare-walled, relying instead on the inlayed lights for decorations, this seemed to be some sort of fancy meeting hall.

It was the sort of place that hadn’t need to be touched up when they were only fighting for their lives.  As they gained allies and prestige and took part in more political battles, well..

The room was needed, now.

But it was big.  And all of it needed painting.

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Sakura Kiss // Cha Eunwoo


the prompt: could you possibly write a Greek Mythology/Demigod AU with Eunwoo of Astro? Where like you’ve been cursed to live as a nature spirit (like a naiad or a nymph or something) and the only way to break it and become human again is to have a demigod kiss you~ In comes Cha Eunwoo, child of Athena (or you can pick a different god if you’d like!) who’s on a quest, part one of which is to receive a kiss from a nature spirit, which will supposedly grant him the power necessary to face some monster (which is part 2 of his quest)~ so he meets you, and thinks ah, perfect opportunity, and you see him and think ah, perfect opportunity~ And the two of you basically spend the next three days trying to be as seductive and flirtatious with each other as possible TRYING to get the other one to just kiss them already so they can move on with their lives??? Romantic tension, mostly comedy and fluff please~!!

words: 2768

category: percy jackson au + fluff

author note: i tweaked it a lil bit i hope you don’t mind bc i like how this turned out. also yes the title is the title song from ouran high school host club kiss kiss fall in love my friends

- destinee

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my lovely bby wow i love him so much


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Imagine, McCree’s probation period in Blackwatch is finally over, and he’s trusted enough to let him go home to visit his mother. Reyes assigns someone to accompany him, much to Jesse’s chagrin, and of course the kid puts up a tantrum about Reyes not trusting him enough, that he doesn’t want to be shadowed by someone just to visit his damn ma. 

When the time comes to fly out, it turns out Reyes has placed himself as Jesse’s escort instead, taking some time off work to go ‘visit the woman who raised a pain in the ass like you’ and get to know Jesse better. Jesse’s still a bit miffed, but he feels better knowing it’s his boss, whom he’s learned to trust and care for more than he has the other agents just yet.

Meeting his mother was probably the best and worst thing Reyes could possibly do, because seconds in the door there’s the threat of throwing him under the horses should he hurt a hair on her little Jesse’s head. The omnics that she houses chime happily that they would love to help, come the occasion. 

Changes (Werewolf!Jungkook)

Plot: A relationship between hunter!reader and werewolf!Jungkook

Part: One

Word Count: 1006

A/N: so I wanted to say a h u g e thank for you 5,300 followers, I can’t say it enough but I’ll keep saying it, thank you thank you thank you!!! I will be posting updates to this story daily, I don’t know if I’ll do it up until the epilogue or just do it for what I have written but I will keep you guys updated!! We’ll just consider it Jungkook week(s) so the link for this is werewolf!Jungkook (here)

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The next time you saw Jungkook was six months ago. You hadn’t recognized him in the slightest way, having no idea he was the same boy you’d saved five years ago. When you had “met” Jungkook six months ago, he had seemed like any other twenty year old, any other college student. Glasses perched on his nose, a beanie covering his bed head because he had woken up too late to actually style it, a baggy shirt hiding his muscled body while the tight jeans clung to his thighs gave it away. He was in both your writing class and your astronomy class, purely by coincidence but a happy one. You had made it to your writing class just a minute late on the first day, finding most of the chairs taken except for two. You had chosen the one next to him in your rush to get to the closest one and that one choice that almost didn’t happen had changed your life entirely.

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EXO-K Scenario; He apologises after wrongly accusing you

This is when you have had an argument that he thought you were cheating but eventually found out that you were not cheating after all and they go to apologise to you. If you do like it then please request more!


he would probably come up to you while you were sleeping and carefully climb into bed next to you. he would cautiously wrap his arms around you and drag you close to him and slowly nuzzle your neck while mumbling  ‘Honey….wake up’. Once you did wake up, he refused to let go of you until he was 100% certain that once you left the bed you were still his girlfriend and still loved him.

“Y/N, you know that i really do love you”

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Baekhyun would waste no time at all. Whether you were studying, working , sleeping or watching TV, he would immediately jump onto you while cuddling the life out of you. He would place multiple kisses all over your face and neck if he could reach it and just would not let you go unless he really really had to. Like if you needed to pee or he had to go and practise.

“Y/NNNNNN Forgive me please!

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


Chanyeol probably would not apologise for a bit, he would let his pride take over him first before admitting he was wrong. He would probably be thinking like ‘o

h come on, that was not my fault, she should not have let it happen!’

But after a day or two tops, he would probably begin to feel the guilt. Either that or he was missing you too much. He would be at your doorstep ,strumming a guitar while singing a cheesy song he made for you.

“Oh darling, will you please forgive me?”

Originally posted by sehunoh


Kai would not do the talking, his dogs would. Once he realised he was wrong, he would get his pet dogs and leave them by your door step before quickly knocking and running to hide behind a tree or something. Once you opened it, you found the three dogs each holding small boxes in their mouths which turned out to be ‘i’m sorry’ gifts from your boyfriend, who you caught hiding behind the tree.

“ am i forgiven?”

Originally posted by intokai


Now suho, would spare no expense to get you to forgive him. In fact, the minute he found out that your secret boyfriend was actually your brother in law, he would already be hatching his master plan to get you to forgive him. He would probably start by surprising you with you favourite flowers laid on your bedside table, which would then be followed by multiple small but cute gifts leading to the kitchen downstairs where he would be trying to make you breakfast.

“Come have to forgive me now”

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn


Now, being the shy yet irrestible penguin he is, he would probably be too embarrased, scared and nervous to even look you in the eye. But when he missed you to much, he would take all of his couage to go up to your house and knock on the door. When you allowed him in, he took you to the couch where he would sit you down and he would be opposite you and basically pour out his heart to you , asking for fr forgiveness, and the look on your face when you did forgive him would be poriceless.

“R-really? I am still allowed to call you mine?”

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Done Chapter 3: Hush in the Room

Alright chapter 3 and once again more shout outs. Thanks to its-moonie-chan for all of their help in the last chapter and for being so amazing and supportive of my writing. Now onto the fic.

read it on a03

Chapter 1/Prologue / Chapter 2

In the castle, most people wake up for breakfast around 7 in the morning. However, unless they all wanted to eat the food goo again, which had quickly become their least favourite non-toxic food in the universe, it meant you could find Hunk in the kitchens cooking up something new for them to eat a little earlier.

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anonymous asked:

how would junkrat, mccree and roadhog deal with a clingy, lovey s/o?


· He wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference since he would be the exact same way.

· He loves holding onto his S/O, whether it’s holding hands, hugging, or straight up glomping each other in public/private, he’s ok with it.

· The only time he would probably be annoyed by his clingy S/O is when he’s working on a new bomb. The one time he needs to focus on making sure it’s stable enough not to detonate in his hands.


· Doesn’t really know how to react, he suspects it’s the honeymoon phase of the relationship so he just laughs it off as such.

· When he sees that you’re still clinging to him, will talk to you about it and ask if you could tone it down a bit, at least in public. He reassures you that he loves holding your hand or hugging you in public, it’s just that sometimes he needs to do other things.

· Is just as clingy as you are in private however.


· He really doesn’t know how to react to you. Sure he’s used to Junkrat always trying to climb on him and get his attention but he always just ignored him. He doesn’t outright ignore you but he’ll put his hand on your shoulder as a sign to tell you to calm down.

· He will try to understand that you are just trying to show affection towards him so he will hold your hand, play with your hair, or put a hand on your waist when out.

· He will definitely be more possessive and over you in private, he is after all a private man and much prefers showing you his affection away from prying eyes.


((sequel to humid, papaya, and sunscreen))

When Keith Shadis asks something of you, it’s not as much as a request as it is a demand. That’s why, when on his rare day off, Levi wakes up a little before six am to the sound of his phone blaring on the nightstand and sees Shadis’ name on the screen, he knows that he’s screwed.

As it happens, one of the waiters had called in sick, and though Levi keeps insisting that he’s a bartender and not a waiter, this difference seems inconsequential to Shadis. Even as he’s trying to reason with the man, Levi finds himself stumbling out of bed and reaching for his clothes, a part of him already having resigned to his fate. It’s not the first time he’s been called in at a moment’s notice, and since it’s common knowledge that he’d sell his soul for a bit of extra pay, it probably won’t be the last.

Still, there’s always room for haggling, and he manages to convince Shadis to let him go as soon as breakfast is over. It’s just a couple of hours, and at the end he’ll get to snack on the leftovers, so it could be worse. From the moment Levi steps in the kitchen and sets to work slicing up fruits and plating cheese and ham, he’s counting the minutes to his eventual freedom.

By the time it’s fifteen minutes to ten, he at last breathes a sigh of relief. Shadis is in an unusually good mood today, and since Levi’s section of the dining room is already nearly empty, maybe he could leave a little early. There’s a few of older German ladies finishing their tea by the door, a couple who are more interested in making heart eyes at each other than actually eating, and a young girl with her parents who’s going back for seconds of cereal. As long as no-one else shows up, Levi’s sure that Shadis’ staff can handle the rest just fine.

As he’s gathering up plates from an empty table, he hears a painfully familiar laugh sound from behind him, and before he’s even turned around he knows exactly who it is.

Eren’s stopped to exchange a few words with the German ladies, and as one of them reaches up to touch his arm, visibly swooning, Levi has to resist the urge to fling a plate at her. Eren’s as handsome as ever, the sleeves of his pristine white shirt rolled up to his elbows and his hair wispy and mussed like he’d just rolled out of bed. The first couple of buttons of his shirt have been left open, revealing a delicious stretch of his neck and collarbones. Obscene, Levi thinks, his gaze drawn to the strong lines of Eren’s jaw and the curve of his mouth, shameless, illegal, how dare he?

Then, Eren looks up at him, and though a little surprised, flashes Levi a beaming smile. Definitely illegal.

Levi flees to the kitchen with the dishes, but he can’t hide in there for too long, because of course Eren decides to sit in his section. He looks at Levi from head to toe as he approaches, a slight smile playing on his lips, and suddenly Levi feels so very naked despite of being in full uniform.

“Good morning, sir,” he intones in clumsy German, not missing how Eren raises a brow at him. “Would you like tea or coffee?”

“Buenos días, querido,” Eren replies with a smile. “Coffee, please. How nice to see you here. You don’t usually work mornings, do you?”

“I do not. Just a moment, please.”

He’s quick to head back into the kitchen, brewing a fresh pot of coffee while trying to forget about those heated green eyes. He remembers what it had felt like, the softness of Eren’s lips against his and how perfectly their bodies had fit together. And his hands, dear fucking God, he remembers those hands stroking delicate patterns over his stomach and then wandering even lower, remembers how Eren had reduced him into a whining mess just with his graceful fingers.

All those thoughts are doing nothing in helping him calm down. He takes a deep breath, then a second one, before picking up the coffee and jug of milk with shaky hands. He can do this. It’s just breakfast, he’ll survive.

Eren’s exactly where he left him, though he’s gotten himself some toast and a heaping bowl of strawberries and Nutella from the buffet. Levi watches, transfixed, as he pops a strawberry in his mouth, his tongue flicking out to clean off some of the juice running down his finger. His eyes meet Levi’s and he grins, looking like he wants to devour him right there and then.

Levi clears his throat heavily. “Milk or sugar?” he asks as he fills Eren’s coffee cup, trying not to acknowledge how he can practically see down Eren’s shirt from this angle.

“Plenty of milk, thanks,” Eren replies, an edge of concern creeping into his voice as he goes on, “I hope you’re not working all the day into the evening today.”

With a quick glance towards the clock, Levi picks up the milk. “I was supposed to get off about five minutes ago, actually,” he quips, fighting back a shiver when he feels Eren’s hand trailing along his waist, “until someone decided to show up for breakfast at the last moment.”

Eren’s touch wanders lower until his fingers are resting over the swell of Levi’s ass. His eyes are alight with playful mischief as he says in what’s barely a whisper, “Ah, you know you can get off in front of me, I wouldn’t mind.”

Levi’s hand slips, and it’s like the world slows down for a few fateful moments. He watches in horror as the jug of milk falls from his grip, its contents splattering all over the table and the floor, and worst of all, Eren. It clatters loudly against the tiles as it lands by Levi’s feet, and even with his attention solely on Eren, he can tell that everyone in the room is staring at the two of them.

It’s silent and still for a long while. Eren’s the first to speak up. “Well, that’s not exactly the kind of white and creamy fluid of yours I hoped you’d cover me in,” he states, more amused than anything. His wet shirt is clinging on to his chest and stomach, showing off the outlines of his muscles, and that kind of a distraction is not helping the situation at all.

“Fuck,” Levi whispers, panic creeping into his voice. “I am so, so sorry.”

“Hey, it’s fine, darling, don’t worry about it,” Eren’s quick to assure him with a warm smile as he reaches to grasp Levi’s hands. “It was probably a bad idea to grope you while you’re working. My apologies.”

“What is going on here?”

As Levi turns, he finds himself face to face with Shadis, and that’s more than enough to divert his attention away from Eren’s body. The man has schooled his face into the most neutral and polite expression he can manage, though the twitch in his left eyebrow betrays the fact that he’s only seconds away from flying into a fit of rage.

“It fell,” Levi says, but before he can go on, Eren interrupts him.

“It’s fine, it was my fault,” he tells Shadis with one of his most charming smiles. “I touched his ass, I had it coming.”

Shadis falls silent, looking like he’s reconsidering every life choice that has brought him to this precise moment in time. After clearing his throat, he states, “Mr. Jaeger, we have a strict policy regarding inappropriate behaviour and harassment towards our staff.”

“No, but I liked it,” Levi blurts out, both Eren and Shadis turning to look at him, the former adoring and the latter slightly nauseous. “It was consensual ass touching.”

“Well,” Shadis starts off, opening and closing his mouth a few times. “In that case.”

“I should probably go change my clothes, though,” Eren states, rearranging his wet neckline and somehow succeeding to bare even more skin. Levi hears one of the German ladies gasp like a dying fish. “Would you mind serving me breakfast up to my room?”

“Yes, of course,” Levi rushes to exclaim, his face burning. “I’m sorry.”

Eren gives a dismissive wave of his hand. “No apologizing,” he says, his voice taking on a breathy tone as he adds, “Though I could always punish you a little, if that’s what you’re into.”

“I’m gonna go now,” Shadis interjects flatly, his eyes taking on the thousand-yard stare of a man who has already seen too much. Off he goes, not looking back, and though Levi’s still bright red, at least he’d managed to avoid Shadis’ wrath.

After dabbing at his mouth with napkin, Eren stands up. It gives Levi an even better view of his stomach, wet fabric hugging his abdomen, and though he’s seen Eren shirtless by the pool countless times, this is completely different and more erotic somehow. If they weren’t in the middle of the dining room Levi thinks he’d probably be dragging his tongue across Eren’s clothed torso by now.

The amused glint in Eren’s eye tells him that he’s been caught staring. He grasps on to the lapels of Levi’s uniform as he leans in closer. “Meet me up in my room in five minutes,” he whispers, his breath hot against the shell of Levi’s ear. “Bring the strawberries and Nutella. I wanna find out how they taste when I eat them off of your body.”

Unraveling Oblivion

A/N: A request from @gnarlytricksbro for a smutty Spencer x Reader where he is super subby. ;) @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @sweetg @lukeassmanalvez @yoinkpeter



I could sense it as soon as Spencer walked in the door.

He’d had an awful day at work.

When that happened, this happened…

“Mistress,” he said softly. Not asking, more pleading.

I needed to take control. Our relationship consisted of switching, but lately I’d been the sub. However, when we switched roles, I reveled in letting that side of me free. “Yes, honey. Bad day?”

Spencer swallowed hard. Reflected in his eyes were the horrors of his job, and lately the cases had been even worse. “Yes.” Though he was taller than me, I leaned up and kissed his forehead. I knew exactly what he needed. He wanted to relinquish all control and have me make every decision for him, which was something I was all too happy to provide for him. 

First, he needed some tea. Tea always made him feel better. “Sit,” I said softly, guiding him to the table with a gentle, but firm hand. After placing the pot on the stove, I kissed the curls atop his head, running my fingers through them and  massaging his scalp. He hummed in appreciation, which put a smile on my face as I reached for the tea and some cups in the cabinet. “I’m sorry, baby,” I said, placing the cup of tea just the way he liked it down in front of him. “Whenever you want to talk about it, I’m here to listen. Until then, I will tease you into oblivion. How does that sound?”

My baby reached back, his fingers grazing over my palm. “Good. Really good.” After taking a sip of his tea, he spun around in his chair and wrapped his arm around my waist. I could feel his steady breathing against my stomach; he hadn’t been this subby in a while, and though I loved being the dominant one, I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. He was only this subby when work was really draining him; I couldn’t imagine what was going on in his head, but I could help him forget for a while.

Spencer probably could’ve sat there for hours with his arms wrapped around my waist, but I knew his mind would still be racing. Leaning down, I kissed the top of his head again. “Grab your tea, you can finish it on the couch next to me and then we can go inside.”

Awash with content knowing that he didn’t have to make a damn decision, he got up from the table and followed my instructions, leaning against my chest on the couch while he finished his tea. It took him about 10 minutes to finish and all the while I played with his hair; that always made him melt and I loved playing with his bouncy curls. It was probably one of my favorite things to do. 

Once he finished, I took the cup to the sink so I could wash it later and grabbed his hands again to pull him off the couch. “We’re gonna go inside and you’re going to sit on the couch while Mistress touches herself. No touching for you.” I smiled as I booped his nose and walked inside, his footsteps resounding closely behind me. The way he blushed when he was all subby made me melt. 

It wasn’t going to be difficult for me to get all worked up; I was already halfway there. Spencer sat down across from the bed as I pulled my shirt up over my head and discarded it on the floor, along with my bra, jeans, and matching underwear. “Eyes here,” I said as I sat down. I spread my legs and pointed down to where the arousal was already shining. “No touching me or yourself.”

I leaned back into the pillows with a satisfied smile as I heard him groan in frustration. Now his mind was somewhere else other than work, and I planned on keeping it here for a while. The sounds of his soft moans were all I could hear as I slid my fingers between my slick folds, moving them back and forth, up and down, and in and out to the rhythm of his breathing. Quickly, I brought myself to orgasm. When I pulled my fingers from my center, they were slick with arousal. Walking off the bed, I stopped in front of him and held my fingers in front of his mouth; he didn’t need to be told what to do, he just did it, cleaning my fingers and moaning at the taste of me that he couldn’t have up close and personal. I’d never imagined myself loving this kind of sexual power, but it came surprisingly naturally to me. 

“Now that you’ve cleaned me up, Mistress is going to bring you to the brink over and over and over again until you’re begging me to let you come and then, and only then, will I allow it.” Again, he hummed in anticipation as I climbed into his lap and began grinding about his length, stiff against his pants. “Already hard for me, I see.” He smiled into my mouth. God, I fucking loved this man, dom, sub and anything and everything in between; he was mine. “Good boy.”

After climbing off of his lap and pulling him out of the chair, I peeled his shirt off and discarded it with my clothing before pulling his belt from its loops and pushing his pants and boxers to the floor. “This is all mine.” When I grabbed his length, he gulped, eyes going wide with possibility. “Are we clear?”

“Yes,” he said, his voice strained as I pumped his length.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good boy.”

With some leverage on his shoulders, he fell back into the bed and I climbed on top of him, strategically placing kisses underneath his chin, on his chest, and on his stomach before gliding my tongue down the length of his cock. He twitched against me, his hands desperate to touch me but under strict orders not to.

After tasting the pre-cum that was dripping from the tip, I ran my tongue up and down, following with my hands. “Oh my god, Y/N, I-”

“Excuse me?” My voice oozed warning.

“Mistress,” he said, swallowing hard as I reprimanded him. “Please.”

“Please what?”


“More what, honey? Be specific.”

“Take me in your mouth…please Mistress.”

“Only because you asked so nicely.” With a shudder, his head fell back down onto the bed. I went back to working his length, gliding my hand up and down before wrapping my lips around him. There was something about looking up at him, having the power to do and say as I pleased, that always left me shaking; I couldn’t help but start to touch myself again as I took him deeper into my mouth. It didn’t take him long to begin falling over the edge, but as soon as I felt his muscles tighten, I removed my mouth from him. “Not yet, sweetheart.”

Two more times, I brought him to the brink and refused his release. He lasted longer and longer each time, to the point where I’d denied him for nearly 30 minutes. After switching between gentle strokes, firm grasps, soft licks and sweet kisses for another few minutes, his orgasm began to crest again. “Please, Mistress, I can’t hold it anymore. Please…”

I loved when this happened; he always got super desperate and forgot to use my title. “Please, please, please…”

God, I loved it when he begged. Subby to the extreme. Reaching down between my legs, I started to stroke my clit while continue my gentle assault on the tip of his cock. “Please what, sweetheart?”

Spencer was shaking with the force of staving off his release. It was getting more and more difficult and my hand kept moving faster and faster. “Please let me cum, Mistress. I can’t wait anymore.”

“Okay, baby. Cum for me.”

Oh, those magic words. They had barely left my mouth when he cried out, his whole body tensing while he released himself into my mouth. While I disposed of his release, I continued to stroke him gently, allowing him to ride it out at his own pace. “How are you feeling, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Better,” he said, his eyes heavy with sleep. “Much better.”

I could’ve easily ridden him until sunrise in the state I was in, but he was starting to get tired - my torture and his job mixing together to form the perfect potion for sleepiness.

It was a little early for bed at only 9:00, but I could tell he needed sleep, so I crawled into bed and under the covers. “Come to me. You can sleep on my boobies.” I shook my chest playfully and told him we were done with the scene for the night, so he no longer had to call me by my title. 

“The best kind of pillows,” he chuckled softly. His eyes were closed, head resting against me, one arm under the pillow under my head, and the other clutching one of my own. “Can you play with my hair until I fall asleep?” He was mumbling. He’d be asleep in no time, and undoubtedly in the morning, he’d be up for talking about whatever he’d seen this past week. 

“Of course, love.” 

As my fingers swirled and twirled around his hair, his breathing steadied out, his body rising and falling as he allowed sleep to overtake him. That’s why I loved us. We always knew what the other needed. I smiled to myself as my own eyes began to close, hearing one last thing before I fell asleep. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, too, Spence.”