probably some sort of fever dream

My family and I have been watching Voyager quite a bit frequently (and making fun of the writing and hating on Paris - there’s a reason I like watching with them). Since none of us are good at getting to bed early and its summer, we’ve probably watched 3-4 episodes in an evening.

This is all well and good until this week, when my dad came down with some sort of nasty virus, and ended up with a fever.

This meant he ended up dreaming fever dreams, and of course, due to our recent binge watching, an entire night of them were about Voyager.

Now, most people would just dream about the characters, or whatever the scary alien of the week had been in the most recent episode.

My dad is not most people. He is an engineer…..

….He spent the entire night dreaming about ways to get Voyager’s crew back to Earth.

This included (for some reason), calculating that given the number of people he could transport at a time, and the length of the transport cycle, he wouldn’t be able to transport all 146 (i think this was the number his brain decided on) crewmembers in the time he had in which to do so.