probably show him the scar on his stomach

It’s been a bad day

In case anyone has been having a bad day!

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It’s been a bad day. You didn’t want to talk about it. All you wanted to do was go home and hide away from the world in the comfort of your bed. You were feeling overwhelmed with school work. The semester was about to end so you have so much work piling on top of you. Some stranger accidentally spilled coffee on you. You had to walk home in the rain from the train station to your apartment. 

By the time you got to your building, you were drenched from head to toe. You walk up to your floor, your wet shoes squeaking against the floor. When you got to your door, you put your hand the knob and turn to see that it’s already been opened. Your eyebrows knit in confusion, worried that someone might’ve been broke in. You cautiously open your door and step inside.

 The sound of music coming from your stereo fills the room and the smell of something being cooked in kitchen is inhaled through your nose. You walk over to the kitchen and you see a tall body standing in front of the stove, wiggling their hips to the music and your lips instantly pull up into a smile at the sight of your boyfriend. You didn’t know he was back in town.

You slowly walk up behind him, wrapping yours around him from behind causing him to jump in surprise. 

“Oi!” He shouts, body tensing before relaxing when he recognizes who it was. “Yeh scared me, pet.” 

You don’t say anything, nuzzling your face in between his shoulder blades, inhaling his musky scent. He smelled like home. You feel him rest his hands atop of yours on his stomach. He then brings it up to his lips, pressing a few kisses against your palm.

He immediately knew it hadn’t been a good day. Usually when you see him after a few days, you jump on top of him with joy and pepper his face with kisses but today, you stand silently behind him with your arms wrapped around his chest.

You both stand in silence, Harry giving you the peaceful quietness that you need. He turns the dial of the stove on low heat before turning around and cupping your face in his hands. Your sad and tired eyes meet his pale green ones.

“Wha’s wrong?” He asks, gazing at your face. He takes in the deep purple bags underneath your eyes and knitted brows that created stress lines which he smooths out with his thumb. He notices the slight breakout on your face, usually which occurs when you’re stressed.

He feels you hug his chest, your head resting into the crook of his neck. He kisses your head, wrapping his arms around your back and rubbing it in a soothing manner. You shut your eyes, feeling relaxed in the comfort of your boyfriend’s strong arms.

“Just been a bad day,” You mumble, voice muffled when you speak into the crook of his neck. “Thought you weren’t gonna be back till Thursday.” 

Harry sighs, swaying you both. “Thought I’d surprise m’girl. Missed yeh, pet.”

You kiss neck, “Missed you too.” 

He pulls you back by the neck, tucking some strands of hair behind your ear and you sigh contently at the feeling of his hands stroking your hair. 

“Look so exhausted, love. Haven’ been sleeping ‘nough hm?” He asks, rubbing underneath your eyes. 

You shake your head, grabbing his hand to hold in yours. You intertwine your fingers with his ring clad ones. He glances down at them before looking back up at your tired face.

“Just been tired from school,” You sigh. 

He nods, turning to the stove for moment to turn it off. He then faces you again, wrapping his arms around your back. You instantly wrap your arms around his neck, burying your face into his warm skin. You feel his hands trail down your sides and over your bum (in a non sexual way) and to the back of your thighs. He pats your thighs, signaling you to jump so you can wrap your legs around his waist. 

“Le’s take a bath to relax hm? Yeh smell like coffee,” He chuckles.

You sigh, pulling your head back to look at him. “Some asshole spilled his coffee all over me. Didn’t even apologize for it,” You say bitterly, playing with the hair at the nape of neck as he carries you to your bedroom.

Harry pouts, kissing your nose, “If I were you, I would’ve told ‘im off. Teach ‘im some manners,” He says.

You snort, twirling his hair around your finger, “No you wouldn’t. You’d probably be the one apologizing to him instead,” You emphasize, knowing how polite your boyfriend was. The guy tripped over a dog once and apologized to it. 

He playfully glares at you, biting the tip of your nose and you squirm away, scrunching up your face. He chuckles, tightening his hold under your thighs.

When you both reach the bathroom, you move your arm from his neck to flick on the light. He pecks you on the lips before setting you down on the sink. You feel him let go of your body and watch him as he crouches down beneath your sink to grab a rose scented bath bomb. He turns on the water, sticking his hand in to feel the perfect temperature. 

You watch him with a smile on your face when you see him turn off the faucet and throw in the bath bomb to let it dissolve. Until then, he turns back around to walk towards you. He notices the small smile on your face and he gives a grin of his own. He puts his hands on your thighs as you hook your fingers underneath his shirt to drag it up his torso. When his bare chest is revealed, you lean forward to kiss chest as he puts his hands on your thighs. 

You drag your lips over his tattooed chest before brushing it against his neck. You reach his natural pink lips and immediately press yours against his. He grunts in surprise, cupping your face in his hands as he responds to the kiss. 

You were so happy he was back. He’d been away for a few days due to some shows and you’d been missing him ever since. These last few days had been stressful and tiring and you didn’t have him to calm you down. But now that he’s hear, you felt like crying because you were so happy and you knew he was going to take care of you. You knew he doesn’t like seeing you overwork yourself.

You pull back from the his lips, breathing against his lips. You look up at his beautiful pale green eyes, seeing them stare down at you with adoration. He pecks your lips once more before pulling himself back to remove your own wet shirt from your body. He unbuttons your jeans and you lift your hips, holding his shoulders as he tugs down them down your legs along with your underwear. 

You jump down from the counter and put your hand on his waist that was still covered with his skin tight jeans. You unlatch his belt and pull down his jeans, bending down to get it past his knees. You feel him move your hair to one side as he unclasps your bra, your chest immediately feeling lighter. Once he’s removed from his jeans and you’re bra meets the floor, you both stand bare. 

He offers you a hand which you gladly take, slotting your fingers through his and bringing them up to your lips to kiss them. He turns his head to give you a smile for the gesture. He lets go of your hand, sitting in the tub first with his legs apart. He grabs your hand again, helping you sit between his legs.

You immediately groan, loving the feeling of the warm water against your skin. You feel your body start to relax as Harry wraps his arms underneath your breasts. You press your back against his chest as you shut your eyes and let your head rest on his shoulder, letting the water soak into your skin.

He presses his lips against your neck before sliding his hands up your body. He puts hands against your shoulders and dings his thumbs into your shoulder blades, undoing the knots in your back. You moan at the feeling, causing him to chuckle. 

“S’tha’ feel nice, pet?” He asks even though he already knows your answer from the sounds you’re making. 

“Mhm,” You hum. “I’m so glad you came. Already made my day a bit better.” You tell him, making him smile in happiness.

“Tha’s probably the nicest thing yeh’ve ever said t’ me,” He chuckles and you lightly elbow his stomach. 

He groans in exaggeration, “S’not even been an hour an’ yeh’re already abusin’ me.”

You snort, turning your head to kiss the scar beneath his chin, “You love the pain.” 

Harry smirks, “Sure do, baby.”

“Idiot,” You say but smile nonetheless.

After taking a bath and eating the nice dinner Harry made, you both snuggle up on the couch watching a show on Netflix. You’re curled up against his side, cocooned in a soft, warm blanket. He lays in front of you, allowing your back against the couch because he doesn’t want you to fall. You nestle your head on his chest while he massages your scalp with his hand while the other trails down your back. Every now and then, he presses a kiss to your face, sometimes your eyelid or your nose. You would smile at the gesture and kiss his jawbone, your hands tracing patterns on his chest. Your sock clad feet are tangled at the end of the couch. 

You feel his chest rumble when he laughs, causing you to smile and look up at him because you loved the sound of his laugh and it always brings an involuntary smile on your lips. You put your hand on the side of his face, turning his head to look at you. He looks at you with curious eyes, angling his head down to look a you, his small double chin making an appearance. You smile at him, leaning forward to kiss his soft lips. He grins against your lips as you tangle your hands in his hair.

You pull back slightly, mumbling against his lips, “Love you.”

He tightens his grip on your body, “Love yeh too.”

I hope you guys liked it! Possibly posting a smutty one later! Thanks for reading xx

Later that night, when they had scattered to the winds, he’d gone home. His cabin was familiar, of course, but empty in a way he’d started to grow unaccustomed to. It seemed that every shadow held the flicker of her golden hair reflecting off the candlelight, every stab of moonlight illuminating her pale skin on dark sheets. She’s here in every single breath he takes, every damned chocked sob that rattles his chest.

First, he drinks. She would probably not approve of it, but he empties what’s left of his flash, and finds a proper bottle buried in a cabinet and drinks that too, until his vision is blurry at the edges. It’s not the first time, and it will not be the last. In the early days, he spent more time than not like this, the searing pain of it all dulled quite nicely by the amber liquid.

Slowly, he strips off all of his clothes and tries to not think of how she would have urged him to hurry up. They’re far less his clothes than hers, anyways; he’d gotten them for her, to show her he was trying, to show her he could be a part of her life, one of the heroes.

He wonders if the real heroes are drinking tonight too.

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