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Something I love about the cluster is that there are the characters who we immediately think of as “the ____ one”, the one who’s clearly the most dramatic or smart or funny one, and sure, they seem like that at first, but then you dig deeper and you see that it’s not them who is that quality. 

For example, the fighting ones. We think of Sun or Wolfie, but look at Riley every time there’s a moment to fight. That girl looks pissed. She is ready to fight and she’s not going to let anyone hurt her cluster. You know who’s blown up more things in this show? It’s not Wolfgang. It’s Kala

We have the smart ones, like Kala and Nomi. Or the ones to get you out of trouble, like Sun or Will. You know who else is smart? Who else helps them get out of sticky situations? Lito. He’s a jack of all trades, and his skills pop up in ways that are small but ensure their safety. Sun needs to kill her brother? Fine, yeah, Lito’s going to ace that drink-making and make sure she’s in the place she needs to be. Sun needs to escape? They need to save Riley? They need a distraction? Lito is going to act his ass off and make sure they can leave or enter a situation with no suspicion around them. 

And finally, the dramatic one. 

Lito’s the first person who comes to mind but you know what? Forget that, he may be dramatic but you know who’s even more dramatic? Wolfgang. Wolfgang “I’m Going to Interrupt a Woman’s Wedding Buck Naked” Bogdanow. Wolfgang who was nervous about meeting with Lila and instead of simply asking for help, went and made sure to dramatically walk past each Sensate. And what’s more, after each asks him what’s wrong, this boy deliberately says nothing and only tells Will he can handle it. And then walks away. He pulls the most dramatic ask for help so yeah Lito may be more vocal with his drama but Wolfgang Bogdanow is just as fucking dramatic. 

And that’s not even really touching on Nomi, or Capheus, or Sun, but it’s there. And it’s amazing that even though each Sensate has a specific role, something we attribute to them, we see the others be just as good as them in it, be just as helpful, or smart, or even dramatic, and it’s a nice reminder that these are 8 people who are connected, and in more ways than one. 

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

[ oops there’s a sam version

HEY YOU LOT 👋🏻‼️❣️ N O O D L E 🍜FROM 🦍🦍 HERE‼️

Love tastes like iced coffee. Love tastes like chocolate and sushi and raspberries and cheese and hot cocoa. Love tastes like lips in the cold air, love tastes like sugar on your tongue, and love tastes like stolen kisses.
Love looks like long drives and clear night skies. Love looks like your head on my chest and love looks like Christmas lights and a single rose. Love looks like your eyes. Love looks like your smile.
Love feels like happiness. Love feels like warm sunshine and cold mountain air and our arms wrapped around each other. Love feels like the way your body fits next to mine, love feels like our fingers intertwined. Love feels like falling asleep in your arms, love feels like a chest full of light and cheeks that hurt from smiling and love feels like the way you look at me when you think I don’t know.
Love sounds like laughter and teasing and “I hate yous” that we will never truly mean. Love sounds like “get home safe”. Love sounds like “I adore you”. Love sounds like loud music and songs you wrote and love sounds like the way you say my name. Love sounds like everything but the word itself because we’re both too scared to say it. Love sounds like a song that’s being sung over and over and over in my head; love, love, love, love.

nnnnnhhh fat cats aren’t cute, cats’ bodies aren’t designed to handle excess fat, it’s nothing at all like an overweight human. obesity in cats can cause things like feline arthritis and fatty liver disease and the former can be really difficult to discover because cats will hide any sign of pain or discomfort so even if a fat cat seems fine, it might actually be in pain from just moving

if you like looking at cats that appear to have a round shape then consider long hair or semi-long hair cat breeds which are basically 90% fur with a healthy cat underneath

please be kind to our feline friends and don’t let them get fat

anonymous asked:

Could you explain your painting process? :0 I am curious to see how you block out your shapes and colors. Love you work btw!!!

Thanks anon! And sure I’ll try my best to explain (you get to have Winter’s Tale fanart since I watched it last night and now I want to draw horses with glittery wings haha)

I usually start out with lasso tool to block out the main shapes until I’m happy with the placement and general idea.

Some of the shapes I fill in with the bucket, and others I brush in.

Also the colors I pick are sort of a placeholder or like a suggestion; not necessarily the colors I want for the final piece (I think I want it to be more on the blue/cold side but we’ll see). If I’m okay with how it looks I start refining the shapes and adding more colors.

Yeah. Lots of tweaking haha; changed the background to a darker color, edited the characters, added shapes, etc. Start breaking the big overall forms into smaller shapes. I use color balance in Photoshop a lot to mess around or get colors to work together (like when you see the whole image turn a kind of blue/pink color). Not quite painting here yet, more just adding details and getting it to the mood I want (which at this point is magical/whatever feelings I got from watching the movie).

And for picking/figuring out colors I honestly just paint until I think it feels right which isn’t a very helpful thing to say haha I use colors that try to convey the mood?

Like here for example:

First one’s a bit too light/happy feeling; second isn’t quite what I’m going for, needs to have more impact; third is kinda just neutral; fourth is a lot better but I don’t like all the reds, feels a bit chaotic. I think basically you have to noodle around until you find one that works.

Paint time! Changed the colors to be a little more warm towards the end. And more continued breaking the shapes into smaller shapes. After this is pretty much cleaning up shapes/edges and adding little details here and there.

(I’ll post the finished image in a different post).

Hope that answers your Q anon : )


varying sentence starters from pink guy’s / filthy frank’s album, pink season, organized in order of the tracklist.
very long post. different triggers apply, you’ve been warned !

❛ i don’t got time for another little bitch ! ❜
❛ are you fucking serious ?
❛ stay the fuck out of my business. ❜
❛ i don’t fuck with pussies, call me gay. ❜
❛ i don’t fuck with cunts, call me homo. ❜
❛ i got a gun. ❜
❛ what the fuck are you doing ?
❛ this is some fucking bullshit. ❜
❛ this ain’t a fucking game, bitch. ❜
❛ shut the fuck up. ❜
❛ you’re a fucking cunt. ❜
❛ nobody even wants you here. ❜
❛ can you shut your fucking mouth ?
❛ you’re just really fucking dense. ❜
❛ are you stupid or disabled ?
❛ come && catch these hands. ❜
❛ i hope you win the lottery && die the next day, && your daughter has to see you get lowered to your grave. ❜
❛ ooh, that was a little dark. ❜
❛ i’m sorry. ❜
❛ very poor taste. ❜
❛ i shouldn’t have said that. ❜
❛ i do it for my city. ❜
❛ please stop calling me gay. ❜
❛ it was just a little mistake. ❜
❛ i regret to inform you, i fucked your girls pussy. ❜
❛ she’s so nice. ❜
❛ she lets me use her body. ❜
❛ i treat her badly, but she comes back every time. ❜
❛ it goes to show that none of these hoes are worth a dime. ❜
❛ hello, i would like to schedule you to pick me up, as i am on the prowl for pussy. ❜
❛ i’m cooking all the dumplings. ❜
❛ i’m cooking up a storm, boy, none of that beef shit. ❜
❛ they say i’m the man in your nightmares. ❜
❛ that’s a personal issue. ❜
❛ i’m a motherfucking meme machine. ❜
❛ without memes, i will die. ❜
❛ i’m tryna get my dick wet. ❜
❛ feminism: the pussy’s in charge. ❜
❛ flex like david ike. ❜
❛ i think i know the truth. ❜
❛ high school sucks. ❜
❛ i got these pussy bitches wailing like the japanese. ❜  
❛ breathing more cushion than the seat’s got. ❜
❛ i’m here to be an act, not a role model. ❜
❛ suck my dick. ❜
❛ we fall again. ❜
❛ i never thought i’d see you come from beneath me. ❜
❛ everything is dark && empty && i don’t know how to fix it. ❜
❛ i don’t know why i feel like shit. ❜
❛ i’m dying inside. ❜
❛ i think there’s something wrong with me. ❜
❛ every time i go outside i look like i’ve been doing meth. ❜
❛ you think this is about my feelings ?
❛ when the sun go down, i’m sippin on lean. ❜
❛ if you really didn’t care, you’d let it be. ❜  
❛ take a look around, motherfucker, everyone’s diggin’ me. ❜
❛ i live in a constant state of fear && misery. ❜
❛ do you miss me anymore ?
❛ i don’t even notice when it hurts anymore. ❜
❛ what’s wrong with the world ? ❜    

After seeing that Spectre in love with Batter pic
AU where Batter comes to purify but then everything just falls in love with him so he’s like “crap I can’t kill it”
The Guardians
Everywhere he turns
He has thousands of admirers
He must run
There’s too many
They all want hugs
Does he purify or become a celebrity


Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post

“How did fighting turn into shagging?” Harry asked. He looked annoyed and scared all at once.

Draco was starting to wonder why he was bothering to omit the truth. They were both going to feel like shit anyway. So far, he’d spoken no real lies, but he was leaving out what was possibly the thing Harry would hate the most.

Had it meant so much to him? The things Harry had said and done, that he was protecting him now?

“I honestly don’t know, Potter,” he said, and that was no lie. He could never have predicted them falling into bed together, especially after the fighting. “We yelled at each other, we cried a little. We landed a few blows, we cried some more. It’s a bit of a blur, I only remember moments of that, until you said you couldn’t stop thinking about me.”

Merlin, he wished he did remember everything that had happened following their exit from the floo. Everything else had such clarity in his mind, the fight at the party, and the intimacy that had followed the fight in his flat. But that fight, he didn’t remember. Perhaps it was disorientation from the floo, combined with how much alcohol he’d had. He only remembered snatches of yelling and pain, and crying. They’d managed to avoid making each other bleed, at least.

Or maybe it would have been better if they had made each other bleed. Then maybe the rest never would have happened.

“I didn’t.” Harry looked completely shocked by the notion.

Draco shivered. He had been just as shocked at the time. “You did.”


“After everything you did, why can’t I stop thinking about you!” Potter screamed at him.

Draco’s words died in his throat. What did that mean? That…that wasn’t angry. Potter’s voice had cracked, his shoulders were heaving with heavy breaths, and he looked almost scared, now that he’d said it.

“Fuck, Malfoy!” he said, sounding shattered. “Why have we never done this before? So much shit between us. So much of my life spent fighting you while fighting everything else. You’re so caught up in everything I went through, and I’ve mostly come to terms with everything else, but not you! Every time I see you, I want to talk, to clear the air. It drives me mad, not having that closure.”

He was crying again. Merlin, why couldn’t they both stop crying? They were grown men. Here they were fighting and crying like they were those stupid teenagers all over again. He wanted to call him pathetic. It was such a perfect opening, but those weren’t the words that came tumbling from his mouth.

“That’s why you’ve been watching me again?” he asked. Merlin, that explained the way the git looked at him sometimes, across the halls at the Ministry, in meetings. “Haven’t you kicked that habit yet?”

Potter’s posture slumped, and he made a pained sound. “I was right to follow you that year! If I had been better at it, if I had noticed more, or understood what few things I did notice, then maybe I could have stopped you!”

Draco’s chest constricted. He’d had those same thoughts himself. Even if it might have meant the death of his family, his own death in fact, he hadn’t been able to stop himself from imagining. He’d still do the same thing though, it was something he was unable to lie to himself about. But he was able to imagine what might have happened if Potter had stopped him.

“I can’t stop though,” Potter said. “I can’t stop noticing you in every room. Noticing your expression, your posture. Checking to see if you’re up to something. I just want to know what you’re up to so I can stop watching you!”

Because even though Infidelity and Honesty didn’t go over so well, I still love Draco’s pov enough to share a small portion of it…