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Oh my gosh. I just thought of something. Spoilers for those who haven’t finished their Sun or Moon play through!

I’ll try to read more it, but mobile users be aware, your phones are magic and don’t seem to care about that. You’ve been warned.

Technically Hala is a member of the Elite Four at the end game, but he’s still the current kahuna. While Hau is a good choice, kahuna’s seem to generally be slightly older than kids. So who on the islands might be a next possible kahuna before Hau?

…I mean, it’s kinda right there.

Guzma still vaguely sees Hala as his master, is getting trained by him, and once wanted to be a captain. Imagine if one day he was elevated past and above that to being a kahuna. Tapu Koko just appearing before him, giving him a nod like “You’re finally ready” before flying off.

And Guzma takes it full on serious, like he’s rough around the edges but he tries his best and Hala watches over him and helps correct him along the way when needed? Kahuna Guzma?!

late night kiss pt. 1

A/N: This isn’t a request, but rest assured, the next request is being worked on! I just couldn’t get this idea out of my head, it seemed super cute. Enjoy!

summary: Spider-Man came crashing through your window at midnight and you had no idea what to do.

pairing: peter parker x reader

part two. part three. part four. part five.

You’d changed into your fuzzy pajamas at 10pm and it was now almost midnight. Deciding you should probably go to sleep, since you had school the next day, you sighed and turned off your laptop, plugging your phone into the charger on your small desk.

Your window was still open, but you lived on the seventh floor, so you weren’t too worried about anyone getting up, considering the fire escape had been broken off from the first level to the fourth during a gang fight that Spider-Man had intervened with.

You nuzzled up into your bed after brushing your teeth and turning the lights off. You closed your eyes and let out a breath, sleep almost immediately claiming you.

A loud bang erupted from near your window and your body startled awake again. You looked over at your window and saw nothing, groaning since you’d just been about to fall asleep.

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midnight sketching; I realised something these days and it is that I really wanna improve at character design. It’s quite obvious since I wanna work in the animation industry if I ever become good enough. So I’ve always wanted to but I never really set it as a clear goal to myself. So here it is. From now on I’m gonna focus on that, leaving all the ‘cute pretty girls’ behind. Yes, they sure are fun to draw, but they’re not really helping me improve. 

There’s a lot more going on in my head right now but it’s almost 2am and I should probably just shut up now. sleep tight!


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#100 and space? Love your art!!

sleeping is for losers

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i just found out that a diminutive for the name Lance is Lanny


i so see his family using that nickname sometimes and lance thinks it’s super embarrassing (his siblings constantly use it against him lmao just to embarrass him in public)

aka pls try to use this nickname, he’ll hate it

So we all laugh at how Theron’s been wearing that jacket since he was a teenager, right?

What we haven’t talked about is how it’s totally genetic. Theron’s had that jacket for maybe 20 years. Satele has been wearing the same damn outfit for like 50+.

In case we needed more proof that they’re related, I guess. Like mother, like son.