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Mystic Messenger Valentine’s Day Greetings


  • What kind of spell did you cast on this chocolate? You suddenly look way prettier!
  • I didn’t receive any chocolates today. I’m planning on only accepting one.
  • The chocolates you gave me are so precious, it may take me a few months for me to finish them.


  • When I eat bitter chocolate, I feel like an adult.
  • I made chocolates while thinking of you. They should…taste good…probably. 
  • I put a lot of effort into putting your name on this chocolate…but I think it turned out well! I’m proud.


  • They say that chocolates relieve fatigue. Eat them when you’re tired! 
  • You’re giving these chocolates to me? Thank you, I’ll enjoy them!
  • It’s not expensive or anything, but I found myself buying chocolates for you. Please accept them.


  • You made this? Really? It’s much more delicious than chocolate made by an expert.
  • You are sweeter than any of the chocolates I have ever had.
  • I want to preserve the chocolate you gave me for the rest of my life. What should I do? This is tough.


  • Do you want to try the chocolates I made? The contents are random, though. Haha!
  • It’s weird for a guy to give chocolate? Who cares about that stuff anymore? If you like someone, just give them chocolate!
  • People say that eating chocolate gives you a similar feeling as falling in love. Want to test it out?


  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Five male members plus Jaehee equals a total of six people. I wonder if I’ll be short on ingredients?
  • I’ll give a special chocolate to V!


  • The members seem to like your chocolate.
  • To me…Rika’s chocolate held a lot of meaning.
  • Valentine’s Day…After I lost Rika, I stopped caring about these things.


  • That chocolate…be cautious about eating it.
  • Valentine’s Day? If you fall so easily for a Hallmark holiday like that, you definitely won’t be able to escape my trap.

[I cannot for the life of me catch Unknown’s last line. It starts with “As it gets sweeter, and the time of hopelessness approaches…” Just know that it’s something edgy and mysterious, as usual.]

Just a Minute

For Mod Shiro @shaladins-are-alive

Prompt:  Shiro trying to get Katie to hold still for a few minutes to braid her hair.

They’re sitting on the common room couch: Pidge studying off an Altean tablet loaded with language learning resources. Shiro just watching her. If he could have been any help to her studies - like back at the garrison when he would help the cadets prepare for their tests. But this wasn’t astrophysics or flight navigation. It’s an alien language. One that he should probably put some effort into learning too at some point. Maybe he could ask Pidge to help him. Later. Right now he thinks she’s pretty cute lounging comfortably against his side. He can be happy just to spend some quiet time with her.

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This is…sad, honestly.

First of all, if anyone here follows my Twitter or has seen my bio on Word press, they know I’m a conservative leaning libertarian. So, I’m not a SJW.

Second, when I told you about what some stupid shits said about Vaylin, your response was, “Well, something had to be done”. We all know what that something was. Yes, we know that Senya probably should have put more effort into teaching Vaylin not to crush people, but it’s also implied she tried to hide her daughter’s power.

Third, I always had a sinking feeling that you never liked my characters. I figured it was anxiety though. But I told you all the AUs, crossovers, etc and WE PLAYED TOGETHER. So fuck you for leading me on.

Fourth, I’m not the evil one here.

I will not harass you, but you will not get to me. You will not ruin my characters or control me.

Have a nice life.

To the father’s who unintentionally offend their daughters: 

I will not hold you accountable for what you don’t understand
I get that you’re a man 
Trying to raise a daughter the best that you can 
But the young woman that I’m becoming some times stands still
When you say some really hurtful things not considering how it would make me feel

For example, I know I have put on a little weight
I know the most recent guy I dated was probably my biggest mistake
I know that I should put a little more effort in my hair
I know it doesn't make sense to you why I care
I know why you don’t get it’s so important that you’re there
I know I have big feet, I know my nails are too long
 I get it, you were right about him, and I was wrong 
No, I never cared for sports and don’t want to be a player on a team
You knew when you had a girl that during that special time of the month, she would be mean
I’m not up for any arguments or pointless conversations
If what you said was negative, it was negative and that won’t be changed with an explanation
What you put my mother through hurts more then you will ever know
Regardless of whether or not she forgives you, I need my own time to let it go
Sometimes it would be nice to know that you are proud of what I’ve done
Sometimes I wish you would chase after me when I can’t take it anymore and decide to run 

But even then I refuse to get mad. I refuse to get angry. Even though it hurts me to my very core and sometimes I feel like I can’t take it anymore…You’re just a boy.

—  But if I was a boy…

anonymous asked:

The fan that met Seb at the bookstore said that he was awkward and shy. Also, many of his costars have said that he's quiet but he doesn't seem that way at conventions or in interviews. Do you think he turns up the charm for fans and in reality he's more introverted/reserved?

Hell if I know, nonny. :) I don’t get the sense that he’s an extravert. It probably depends a lot on who he’s interacting with, and how genuine (and not creepy, fans) they are. Quiet people can be hard to read. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you should leave them alone, or if you need to put some thought/effort into how to get to know them.

anonymous asked:

So I saw that it seems like you haven't been getting any asks. I want to send asks but I have no idea what I should say. However, I feel like I needed to say something to let you know that I'm here. Also I think you deserve to have a lot of more notes on your blog. I'll try to ask more stuff in the future (sorry this is really long)

yO thanks M y. D u d e
(Sorry I’ve barely been up for an hour and still haven’t had my coffee. Otherwise I would put more effort into this response, probably consisting of an ecstatic pterodactyl screech or two)

anonymous asked:

the sextuplets seeing their s/o without makeup for the first time?

I know like… nothing about makeup and stuff, so I apologize if any of this is wrong or weird sounding ;n;

Osomatsu would be shocked. He had no idea that makeup required more than lipstick! Plus, even without makeup, you were far better looking than he thought he deserved.

Karamatsu wasn’t prepared to see you without makeup. He knew you wore it, but didn’t realize how different you looked. He definitely preferred your more natural state, and wanted you to stop putting in so much effort just for him. In fact, he thought that he should be the one wearing makeup!

Choromatsu probably wouldn’t even notice until you pointed it out to him, and would still have a hard time telling the difference. You would think it as an insult, but would brush it off as soon as he said, “You’re still as beautiful as before!”

Ichimatsu was confused. You said you weren’t wearing makeup, but your face wasn’t ugly, and you still had beautiful complexion. His assumption was that without makeup, you looked ugly, basing his theory off of himself.

Jyushimatsu looked at you with his usual happy face, asking if you weren’t wearing makeup. When you answered with a yes, he cheered. “I knew it! You looked really cute today, but in a different way than usual!”

Todomatsu would notice right away, as he knew what people looked like with and without makeup. Another thing he would do right away was ask you how you still look like some kind of deity, even without makeup.

Speaking of Underswap heacanons..

..I feel like, Papyrus should still love puzzles overall.

He’d carry like a rubix-cube around him 24/7 and his puzzles wouldn’t just be some lazy note put on the floor.

They’d be like that Hotland puzzle a lot of people tend to get stuck on. The one with the switches and arrows.

It’d be so simple..that it’s hard.

He should still being going on with that ‘nyehehe’ thing he’s got

He really wouldn’t be..a napper, per say. Because I think Sans, even as he is, would actually still fall asleep and then Papyrus would have to pick his bro up. Papyrus just stays awake a lot of the time.

He’d still love race cars and action figures of course. And probably robots too.

Like..sure, he’s still be uh.. ‘lazy’ but..not exactly? Like, he’d still put effort into things. He wouldn’t just..not do anything. It’d be more effort than what canon Sans is normally shown to be. Like he’d offer some advice and try to motivate the player, since it’s Chara who’s the main human of the Underground. Like, he’d chime in a little more often on Sans calls.

..Like sure, I don’t think his uh.. ‘Everyone could be a good person if they try’ would be a thing. But still–Papyrus would still like to see the good in everyone. He still would think there would be a smidgen of hope.

..however, even with this hope, he’s not going to let it over rule what he’s got to do as the Judge of the underground.

Pretty sure he’d still love making pastas as well as keeping things nice and tidy.

Capable of getting mad—and stomping his feet. He’ll show more emotions than just have a lazy ass look on his face. Sure his grin can hide his pain, but it’s Papyrus–he gets emotional at times.

Voice may raise higher than usual if he gets excited.

Papyrus won’t go to sleep in the final battle, but he will get tired. He gets tired in the Undertale verse too.

A year and a half ago I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. I didn’t like that, for some reason, so I decided to work on it. For years I had been told by gym teachers and coaches on my sports teams that I should run harder, get in better shape, etc… but because I’m me, and don’t take criticism well, I shrugged it off. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. In college, and for a time thereafter, I drank more than I probably should have. I didn’t even really think about it. 

I don’t remember when I even started thinking about it, or why. At some point, though, I found the drive to put whatever effort was necessary into being better at this one, absolutely meaningless thing. It wasn’t until I wanted to better myself for my own benefit that I found the motivation to get up at 5 a.m. and run, even when I didn’t want to.

Not only did I start dedicating mornings to the ritual of running, but I altered the rest of my life for it. I stopped drinking so much and stopped eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. I wanted to run a little better, so I learned how to really listen to what my body was telling me about my diet, my sleep habits, etc… I did end up running a mile without stopping… that came quickly, but progress is addicting so 1 turned into 5. That turned into 5, every day. Then, when 5 came easily, it turned into 7. I caught a passion for it, and I rarely go a day without it. I didn’t set out to become a runner, but now it’s the most important thing in my life.

A year and a half ago, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. Today I ran for two and a half hours, bagged two peaks, and can’t think of anything I would have rather done with this day on Earth. 

None of you care about this (or should), but I just felt like reflecting for my own sake on something I am very happy about. 

Please go find something, if you haven’t already, that you’re motivated to work on and get as good at it as you possibly can.