probably should add those tags!

so. background. I’ve got a few weeks of MSc lectures in a hella faraway campus. most of the other students are staying in the accommodation on-site for the duration, but I’m getting up at 6am each day to commute so I can be back for my cat and house/flat viewings that have been scheduled recently. (landlord is kicking us out because he wants to renovate the whole house, hence the house hunting.)

but for one night, tonight, I’m staying at the utterly-beautiful-countryside-in-autumn faraway campus because there was a spare bed available and I was having mad FOMO.

and, um. so, uh, my crush cooked lunch for me and him (alone! together!) today after the lecture and I guess normal, well-adapted humans would be able to tell if that sort of thing is a “signal” but I’m like, he’s just really nice? and would have done that for anyone who just turned up here to stay for one day? he also suggested trainspotting for movie night tonight, just one in a series of unusually-frequent-for-an-english-person references to liking scottish things. I am a scottish thing.

the bit of my brain scoffing at this flicker of hope, saying I’m interpreting the data with a very biased eye, is this my Rational Brain or is it my Socially Maladapted Due To Long-Term Depression Brain?