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so, my buddy littledivinity and i have been talking beauty & the beast a lot, because ‘tis the season, and we somehow stumbled upon the idea of the story being told about a middle aged belle and the beast instead of youngins, and how that would make the story even more resonant.

and then just now i randomly thought, “what if nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor starred in such a film?”, because my soul needs nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor to fall in love again on a movie screen like it needs few other things in this life. plus, you know, musical, bright colors, awesomeness, hurrah!

and then i thought, ‘but wait, actually, what i really want in this life, even more than brightly colored musicals, is more lowkey and lovely fairytale movies like exquisite and incomparable 1998 masterpiece ever after

and just picture it!

nicole kidman is the longtime spinster school teacher who lives in a quaint vaguely magical 19th century-esque country village, but she’s a badass teacher who exposes her students to different philosophies of thought and probably takes them outside for nature studies and calisthenics. (so, basically, miss stacy from anne of green gables.) the school board hates her, probably, and is very suspicious of what kind of IDEAS she’s filling the local kids’ heads with (why does she keep saying it’s okay for girls not to want to be wives and mothers, or that it’s all right for boys to cry???? is it possible that she is A WITCH???), but her parents were very well regarded in the town when they were still alive and so that bought her some respect for awhile. but there’s a new fancy schmancy family with school aged kids in town, and they’re extremely disapproving of miss nicole, and trying to find a way to oust her as schoolteacher and replace her with a man who is probably very similar in temperament to mr. collins from pride & prejudice. a man who will put patriarchal gender roles back into childhood education!

meanwhile, ewan mcgregor is a grumpy old hermit duke or something who once had great wealth and privilege but has fallen into disrepair. maybe someone cursed (magically? complicated vengeance-ly, a la the count of monte cristo? who knows) his family long ago due to their shady rich people business dealings, and his father killed himself to escape the scandal and his mother died of heartbreak and his fiancee who he thought loved him steadfastly dumped him to marry another, and now ewan’s the last surviving member of his once-great family and he just lives alone this grand old manor house that has gone totally to seed. he isn’t an actual beast, because it seems like in this day and age that’s going to require levels of CGI that my quaint b&tb retelling movie just don’t need, but let’s say that he’s quite unshaven and dirty and generally off-putting and he sometimes ventures out into the forest that separates his estate from the village, but is never seen actually frequenting the village. there are abundant rumors that the forest and manor house are haunted by a beast/ghost/warlock/vampire (how does he SURVIVE if he doesn’t come to the weekly market for food???), and everyone knows you don’t go there. also, people like to gossip a ton about his family and the scandal even though it was decades ago and they all dead. because people suck.

so one night, some of nicole’s rowdy teen pupils maybe steal some wine from one of their parents’ liquor cabinets and venture into the woods and dare each other to go past the gate of his manor house, and he catches them at it and gets HELLA PISSED @ THESE UPPITY HOOLIGANS INVADING HIS PROPERTY. kids today!!!!!!!!! he probably locks them in the stables so he can deliver them a 5 hour lecture on why they suck, and also why all of humanity sucks. which isn’t the worst fate ever, but, like, he kind of looks like a straight up crazy ax murderer (crazy hair! crazy beard! tattered clothes! definitely hasn’t bathed this month!!!), so there’s some serious panic in the hearts of these kids.

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Even though it’s only two pages, I really wanted to point out something I find so heartwarming about the flashback in the newest chapter.

At the beginning of chapter 83, when Eren asks Armin why he wouldn’t fight the bullies, claiming that they think he’s a loser because of it…

…Armin simply says “I haven’t lost because I didn’t run away.” [Translated here]

This part reminded me of what Hannes said about Eren way back in chapter 45 (specifically about him standing up to bullies):

Sounds like Eren was inspired by a certain someone’s words =‘)

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May I have your permission to ask about the magic garden story? :)

Why of course! So my family believes in a lot of supernatural things, which makes sense considering we live in a haunted house, are descended from witches, and my mom happened to be raised on a native american reservation. This of course means we believed in fairies and magic too.

So in school one day our teachers had us plant seeds and claimed they were magic, and if we planted them at home they would attract fairies. It was probably an attempt to get kids outside and interested in nature, but me and my sister were ecstatic at the thought of meeting real fairies and seeing their magic. So we brought them home and with our mom’s help we started a garden in front of our house.

Mom really didn’t want to disappoint our dreams and went out that night, dug up all the seeds, and planted fully grown plants in their place with the help of a flashlight. The next morning she told us that our area only had night fairies that were often mistaken for lightning bugs, and that they must have used their magic on our seeds because they knew we probably wouldn’t notice their visit otherwise. It became known as the magic garden and ever summer a swarm of lightning bugs would fly around it and we’d try to catch them before they could disguise themselves as just any other lightning bug.

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I find the sound of rain to be incredibly soothing. If it weren’t such a health risk, I would probably go outside in the rain to sit or explore nature all the time.

(Give me a word and I’ll tell you something about myself based on that word.)


So I was looking at this scorpion website to think of Tyrian Headcanons; and I came across these treasures. Things I can conclude:
–He’s not colorblind.
–Needs glasses though (Someone PLEASE draw him with glasses omfg).
–Has a great sense of smell.
–Digestive system is probably off the charts.
–Thirsty asf.
–Possibly an insomniac.
–Possibly a child trapped in an adult’s body.
–Hates going outside on sunny days.
–Loves nature though.
–Probably has a relative whose a spider Faunus.
–Either asexual asf or REALLY good at sex (Which would explain why he hasn’t died yet).
–Hates the cold.
–LOVES the hot.
–Is. A. Mama’s. Boy. Now THAT I can safely say.
–Has probably been called a Scorpling at least once in his childhood (Which I believe is fucking adorable).
–…Confirmed penis size? *gets shot*

So there’s one moment in Crisis Core that is unbelievably heartbreaking to me for very subtle reasons, and that’s the moment when Angeal vanishes and Sephiroth immediately declares that he’s betrayed Shinra, despite Zack’s insistence otherwise.

Because Angeal and Genesis where Sephiroth’s only friends. But they had already grown up in each other’s pockets before they’d ever met Sephiroth. So Sephiroth probably always felt a bit like an outsider, and was probably really insecure about the nature of his friendship with each of them versus their relationship with each other. Just little things they got that he didn’t–assumed facts about growing up with a relatively normal family, being country-village kids together, having inside jokes and shared memories from their youth. And not that they ever purposefully excluded Sephiroth–half the time they probably didn’t even notice the gap, or think it was such a big deal. But Sephiroth couldn’t not notice it. It was just another thing that made him different.

So when Genesis left, Sephiroth was probably just waiting for Angeal to leave too, because he’s always picking Genesis over me, because it’s always been the two of them and I was the add-on, because I’ve never been good enough by myself, and then it really does happen, Angeal leaves, and Sephiroth was right and he’s hurt and he’s pissed because he knew it was coming and it hurts anyway, so he takes it all out on Angeal, but it’s not Angeal’s leaving Shinra that Sephiroth cares about. It’s the proof that he really was the third wheel on Ang and Gen’s friendship after all.


Callin’ this yarn Springtime, Bennett Peak in my head; it accidentally matches the willows (yellow and red) and junipers (green). 

(Saw SO MANY DEER by the way; also three softly honking Canada geese, which Small Dog got somewhat worked up about but did not jump into the river over, happily. And a lizard. And three magpies and two bald eagles and maybe a golden eagle or a young bald eagle and antelope, which don’t really count because there’s so many. Two ravens on fenceposts, another flying. The cactus is beautiful this time of year. I need to probably get out more.)