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Okay no offense but your spoilers seem to indicate that rucas is heavy. So how is lucaya alive and well? Kinda feels like you meta too much in your answers and it ends up being less than it actually is. Meaning you pick up things that writers didn't intend.

If y'all don’t understand that more than one thing can be happening at once by now, and that’s okay…idk what to tell you anymore.

Riley and Lucas care about each other, they’re good friends, and on top of it they have feelings for each other that they’ve never properly explored or really talked about successfully. They’re gonna have important moments too. Although they don’t really have moments TOGETHER—their “moments” in this episode mostly occur separate from each other. You’ll see what I mean.

Like, just because Riley and Lucas probably aren’t going to be the big strong endgame romance doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a solid story that gets handled thoroughly and with care. I used to want them rushed along to the finish line too, but the more things unfold (and after a full BMW rewatch), the more I appreciate how intricately the writers are spooling this thing out. It’s NOT a triangle.

And I promise you, there is INTENT when it comes to things like blocking and word choice. Whether I’m correct in my interpretation of that intent remains to be seen, but there’s *absolutely* purpose and intention to that kind of thing.


18. No Cuntry for Old Men (Season 2 - Episode 8)

Another funny moment from the makeover episodes that I described as “boring”? At this point, I probably sound like a bigger liar than Skarlet Starlet, but hear me out. The older men that the season 2 queens had to makeover were really interesting in a subtle way.

For instance, Raven’s mother, Golda Lamé, decided to get dressed up for the occasion. When she lifts her shirt, we see an assortment of paper clips, beads, and other gaudy accessories. Who knew Joslyn Fox guest starred on season 2?

The other drag mothers also have some eccentric personalities. Pandora and Litter Boxx bond a little too much, and Pandora is scared that her mom is “hitting on her.” Don’t get too proud Pandora, you know we’ve all heard your music. It’s a voice only a mother could love.

Tatianna is glad to have the youngest man because he’ll be the easiest to make over. He swears that he’ll be able to control himself on stage, but I guess it all Depends®.

Jujubee, on the other hand, is anxious about her senile mother messing up her routine on the mainstage. She voices her concerns with the great quote: “none of these bitches better die overnight.”

Once they’re on the stage, all of the duos are pretty solid in their routines. I specifically love this image of Raven and her mom at the end of the song.

Raven carried the older woman during season 2, and then Chad carried Shannel during All-Stars. It’s like the circle of life.

In the end, Pandora and Litter Boxx are eliminated for having the worse makeover. I’m sure that Pandora is pretty upset because she left before winning a challenge; but for her, it’s an honor to just be chosen.

-100 Funniest RuPaul’s Drag Race Moments

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Do you have any favorite stand out individual episodes =from every/any series)? I always loved micro cosmos from the original series, but I don't really remember enough about the other shoes to pick any favorites...

Man, I have to admit it’s been too long since I’ve gone through the original series to really remember which particular episodes are favorites. Aside from the obvious climactic battle with Boddole-Zer, I’d probably pick some good Max/Milia moments, and some Roy. And the xmas episode Romanesque is touching.

Macross 7, though… let’s start with Episode 26: Deathmatch at Planet Lux, because nothing can match the majesty of Speaker Pod Gamma. This is the payoff for all the (often very slow) build-up in the first half of the series, and it’s glorious. And it kicks off a whole sequence of great episodes culminating again in 38: Sivil of the Forbidden Planet, with Gigile’s sacrifice. And then of course the whole ending sequence, from the hilariously titled Basara Dies through A Voice Reaching Across the Galaxy is great. Also the Encore episode Fleet of the Strongest Women is good silly fun, and the end of Dynamite with Basara singing to the space whales is weirdly epic.

As for Frontier, it has lots of fun moments spread out through a bunch of episodes. I did really dig the two-part finale, Last Frontier / Your Sound with its epic battles and medley of all the series’ best music.

The other series are all too short to really pick out episodes.