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Anonymous said:Could you make one about what dating Embry

A/N: Embry is probably one of my favourite members of the Twilight wolf pack, he’s a cutie and a right sweetheart and pretty funny. He’s adorable and I would love to write this imagine for you. Enjoy, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Embry Call would include:

- Loving the fact that he’s a more loving and caring person than his pack brothers.

- Embry always tickling you.

- You getting annoyed with Embry for protecting you so much to the point where you can’t get involved in major conflicts with the Cullen’s.

- “Why do you treat me like I can’t protect myself, Embry?

- “Because it isn’t your job to do that. It’s mine. And I said for you to stay here so please, listen for me!

- “Whatever!

- Embry always getting lost in your eyes.

- Embry thinking of you sexually so the wolf pack tease you and him.

- “Do you really have to think of me in that sense?

- “I can’t help it!

- Lot’s of hugs.

- Lot’s of kisses.

- Lot’s of cuddles.

- Embry’s arm always being around your waist.

- Embry always falling asleep when watching a movie.

- Pranking each other.

- You always falling asleep on Embry.

- “I love you, (Y/N).

- “I love you too, Em.

- When you’re hurt, Embry always scoops you up, cradles you and helps you feel better.

- You being close to the Cullen’s and Embry disliking it very much.

- “They could hurt you!

- “They won’t!

- “But they can!

- “Embry Call, you stop this right now!

- Embry always comforting you when things get too much for you.

- Curling into his midsection when cuddling.

- Crying into his chest.

- Walks in the rain.

- Long walks at night time.

- Long walks on the beach.

- You never listening to Embry and getting involved anyway.

- “I told you to stay out of this!

- “I’m not going to sit here and do nothing!

- “You’re human! You can’t do anything.

- “I can be bait.

- “NO WAY!

- When Embry get’s angry  and is going to phase you talk in a low comforting voice to sooth him.

- When he starts shaking you kiss his lips and he’s calmer than a cucumber.

- Embry telling you that he’s a werewolf right off of the bat.

- You not believing him.

- Him showing you.

- You fainting.

- Embry driving you home at night time.

- When you fall asleep on your couch with him when watching movies he always carries you to bed and tucks you in before leaving.

- Whispered sweet nothing’s in your ear.

- Always holding hands.

- Embry always being close to you.

- Embry getting severely jealous when males talk to you.

- You getting jealous when females talk to him.

- Trusting each other no matter what.

- Loving each other even when you two fight.

- Being sweet to each other.

- Going on weekend dates.

- Calming his mother down whenever she calsl the cops, thinking that Embry has ran away.

- Making him watch movies with you.

- Making him food.

- Embry always being grateful to have you.

- Bringing Embry out of his shell.

- Obviously being his imprint.

- Practically being the cutest couple ever.

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Uliana Lopatkina rehearsing a variation from Paquita

If anyone hasn’t seen the documentary this is from, you need to watch it now!

One Tall Gif per Episode → 1x01 “Woman in White”

You’re really serious about this, aren’t you? You think you are just going to become some lawyer, marry your girl…”

I didn’t mean to write anything about this when I started capping for this episode, but when skipping through the episode and stopping at this moment on the bridge I was just overwhelmed again just by how immediately you “feel” Dean. It doesn’t take half a season to get grasp on who he is, what makes him tick and what he struggles with. All of it is right there in those first 42 minutes. And this moment here and what follows is one of the most iconic moments of the entire show to me. The scene where Sam talks about that “he wouldn’t even know what their mother would look like if it weren’t for pictures” and that “even if they found the thing that killed her, that she is gone and that she won’t come back”. The scene where you can see so many emotions flash over Dean’s face. It’s those lines Sam says that make Dean shove Sam against the railing of the bridge, make him say “don’t talk about her like that” and with that setting up perfectly - in the first episode ever - just how important Mary is to Dean. And that - her importance for Dean - is a major part of the narrative leading into S12. And well, since the S11 finale called back so much to the Supernatural pilot, it is almost ironic how Sam’s “she will never come back” is turned on its head and paves the way for the much more interesting and highly emotional question that Sam asked Dean in the beginning of the episode: “Do you think mom would have wanted this for us?” Of course we know she didn’t due to later seasons and episodes, but man, I’d be lying if I said that this aspect isn’t the most interesting story element of S12 so far. Especially as Mary almost appears like a “Woman in White” in her nightgown she wore on November 2nd, 1983…

31 Day Homestuck Challenge- Day 6
Fave Flash. 

[S] Seer: Descend is probably one of my favourites! Not only does my favourite character get a really cool arc but it was also released on my birthday! How cool is that? I tried something a bit different with hair and stuff for this to make it easier for me :p

(P.s you should check out @utterhomestucktrash, @strife-kind, and @the-overbear bc they’re also doing this rad challenge)

The Amnesia lyric video is probably one of my favourite things in existence