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Top 5 ships

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1. BELLARKE (Bellamy Blake + Clarke Griffin, The 100)

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I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I said that these two dorks haven’t become my OTP of all time. Nothing will ever beat them for me. These two beautiful souls whose lives on the Ark dictated that were never supposed to meet, fell down to earth together only to find their heart and soul in each other. They are canonically each others’ weakness but even more beautiful is that they canonically give each other strength. The only people they care about more than each other are their actual blood related families. Their enemies-to-friends-to-lovers (the later yet to be explicitly canon) tore me into itty bitty pieces and their journey of growing to respect, trust, care about, and eventually love the other has me in tears at the most inappropriate times. All in all, nothing will ever satisfy the hole they’ll leave in my heart after this show is over (#brooke is bellarke trash)

2. Percabeth (Percy Jackson + Annabeth Chase, The Percy Jackson series)

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(Gotta love the dark-haired boy with light-haired girl aesthetic).

I’m pretty sure this pairing was the first time I actually shipped something, before I even knew what shipping was. I read this series when I was super young and absolutely fell in love with them. And apparently I’m a sucker for friends-to-lovers because holy shit this is probably one of the best and healthiest examples of that and I love it. And screw anyone that says that your best friend can’t be your lover. To that I say your lover should be your best friend. Props to Rick for making this one of the coolest relationship developments i’ve ever read/seen (second after bellarke of course)     

3. PB & J (Pam Beasley + Jim Halpert, The Office)

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Where do I even start??? These two are probably the biggest dorks i’ve watched fall in love. Honestly, their love was so pure and true. And honestly one of my favorite scenes with Jim is when he completely rejects that one girl in s8 while they’re on a business trip (i can’t even bother to look her name up rn) because it helps shows just how committed and loyal they are to each other and ugh, they are honestly #goals.

4. Jily (James Potter + Lily Evans, The Harry Potter series) 

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In terms of “fanon” I think this is as close as it gets for me because even though we all know that they get married and are actually super in love with each other, we never really get to see that first hand. The only times we hear about them are when someone else is describing it. But to me, at least the way I see their relationship, it’s beautiful. It’s a story of growth, and maturing, and bravery, and tragedy. They died so young and had so much more of a life to live with their son whom they no doubt loved with all of their being. I just can’t help but imagine how much Harry’s life would have been different had he been able to grow up in a house with parents who loved both him and each other unconditionally. 

5. Ten Rose (The Tenth Doctor + Rose Tyler, Doctor Who)

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This was a big one for me. Before Bellarke they were my OTP. I was absolutely in love with both Billy Piper and David Tennant’s portrayal of these two characters. Rose Tyler was the actual loml. She was spunky, and happy, and wonderful. And so was Ten. They complemented each other so well and both of them brought the other down to earth when one would get lost in the clouds. AND I WAS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER WHEN I WATCHED DOOMSDAY! I LITERALLY CRIED FOR DAYS ABOUT HOW THE DOCTOR WAS ABOUT TO BUT NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” AND OH GOD I’M GONNA START CRYING!!!! 

So there you go! All of the ships that leave me on a puddle when it’s least convenient. And looking back I realize I’m actually huge trash for the “friends-to-lovers” trope. But i mean, is it all that bad?? 

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"Pam, you're so pretty."

It’s hard for me to remember that sometimes I watch other TV shows. That other TV shows came before The Mindy Project. But I did, and they do, and those shows have so much merit to them and so much to appreciate that I feel like I don’t normally feel like talking about.

But today I was thinking of this scene from The Office. It’s one of my favorites and one of the most romantic scenes within the entire show.

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It’s voting time!!

Part 13/7 (Friday) - 3/14 (Friday) Get those applications emailed to us. You have one week to pour your personality and passion for Teen Wolf into your application!
Part 2: 3/15 (Saturday) - 3/16 (Sunday) We’re going to use this weekend to pour over all the applications. The five of us will each pick our favorite applicant out of the bunch. 
Part 3: 3/17 (Monday) - 3/21 (Friday) This is where the fun happens. YOU GUYS get to vote for who you want to be on this episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast! (Oh, but there’s a catch.) On Monday when we link you to your options and the voting page, you will be voting on nameless/anonymous entries. We’re going to share a portion of the top five’s applications and allow you to vote on answers alone.* Once the votes are tallied, we will contact the winner. 

Beneath the cut you will find FIVE of the entries to be a guest host on our last podcast of the season. The winner will join Karen and Natalie to discuss “The Divine Move” on Tuesday, March 25th. But we want you guys to make the final call on who!

We asked all of our applicants to tell us “what their favorite scene is in Teen Wolf and to analyze it a bit” - you’re going to find their answers below. So, follow the read more, and vote for your favorite!

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It’s important to diversify your beach reads. That’s why we’re so excited about Daughter of Deep Silence - it came out just in time to add a delicious and thrilling edge to summer TBRs everywhere! A revenge thriller with a dash of romance that blurs the lines of identity and the truth, it will absorb you until the sunshine is way past gone. Today, Penguin Teen Author Spotlight invites Carrie Ryan to share with us more about the writer who penned this gorgeous read!

Name: Carrie Ryan 

Novel: Daughter of Deep Silence 

Available: May 26, 2015 

Who’s your favorite author, living or dead? JK Rowling. Because she made the world more magical and I probably wouldn’t have a job without her. 

What’s your favorite thing about your book? I loved writing the scene where Frances (the main character) listens to Grey (her love interest/nemesis) take a shower. Even with a closed door between them, she’s keenly aware of the sound the water makes splashing off of him. It’s deliciously tense and angsty! 

If you could spend one year on a deserted island with one character from literature, who would you choose? Dumbledore. He’s got some great stories. Also magic. 

Where do you write? My office is my living room. I used to have a chair I always sat in, but my dog has decided that it now belongs to him (no one’s bothered to tell him that he doesn’t quite fit in it). 

Who is your favorite hero or heroine of history? Rollo the Viking. I did a lot of research on him for my first middle grade novel, Infinity Ring: Divide and Conquer, and had no idea how important a role he played in history! Not only is every sitting monarch in Europe descended from him, so is my husband (so I have a personal reason he’s a favorite!). 

Do you tweet? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever tweeted? I love to tweet! Writing can feel like such an isolating job, but with twitter it’s so easy to keep up with friends and other book lovers. It makes the world feel smaller in a good way. 

What is your favorite season? Spring! I love when the days get longer and the air warmer and the trees burst with buds and flowers. Plus, there’s still a part of me that will forever associate spring with the coming of summers off.

If you could teleport anywhere in the known universe right now, where would you go? Fiji (for the reason why, see below :) 

Do you have any writing rituals? Usually I’m writing with a Diet Coke within reach, either a cat or dog curled up nearby, and a quilt my sister made for me thrown over my legs. 

What is your idea of earthly happiness? Sitting next to my husband on a warm beach with a cold drink and a great book. 

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to? My husband and I went to see Colin Hay (formerly of Men at Work) in a really small theater a few years ago. I had no idea how funny he is – it was almost like getting a sketch comedy show and a fantastic concert all in one. 

What are you currently working on? Right now I’m working on two projects. The first is a new stand-alone contemporary YA that I can’t talk that much about except to say that it’s a story I’ve wanted to write for years and I’m super excited about it! The second is the next book in the Map to Everywhere series, a middle grade series I’m co-writing with my husband.


Thanks, Carrie! We can’t wait to hear more about this new contemporary YA you’re working on!

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