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Prompto’s Photos, chronologically - 38/?

- Photogenic Gigantuar Edition!

To quote a friend, re: the first one: “THE BEST PROMPTOGRAPH”

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Okay following from previous anon who are your tumblr acquaintances then? Who do you talk to often? I need new blogs to follow

Oh okay okay! I can definitely do that.

Well the obvious is of course @denialanderror we talk all the time. She’s funny and posts mostly marvel.

@marvelatmytrash is so lovely! She was my first friend on here and she is the one who encouraged me to post any stories at all. She’s an absolute gem!

I don’t talk to @meleedamage that much but she has great content. She’s incredibly witty. Be prepared for massive gif posts and dick jokes.

@poe-also-bucky is a new friend. She’s one of the sweet soft ones but she is also the first to defend another blogger if they’re getting heat. She posts a nice variety, (unlike meeeeee :D) marvel, star wars, cute animals, quotes.

@rotisserierogers is a lot of fun. Her tags are hilarious and she’s doesn’t hold back. Posts a little more variety within Marvel.

@k-nighttt​ not a marvel blog, but we talk a bit and she has a beautiful aesthetic blog! I don’t know why she follows my marvel trashblog tbh lol. Her blog is gorgeous and she’s a total sweetheart with FANTASTIC taste in music

@hisredhenley and I don’t talk much, but I ADORE her blog. She reblogs lots of great marvel edits and fanart which my dash ALWAYS needs because I follow so many writing blogs. I just love this one.

@creideamhgradochas reads SO MANY FICS and she leaves the absolute best reviews. They’re just so fun to read. But she’s my source for new fics or when I am trying to find a fic, it’s probably somewhere on her page. She’s been a little quiet lately and I miss her!

I don’t think I’ve ever talked to @keepbuckybaby but this was the first blog I followed here on this account. Really great visual content. BEAUTIFUL EDITS! Like, seriously. Go check them out.

A lot of these blogs also write and write damn well! I’m pretty sure I’ve reblogged fics from all the writing blogs listed here.

I’m sure there are some I’m missing from this list, but off the top of my head, these are the blogs I talk to most or whose content I just had to mention. :)

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What do you think about @co-kai-ne, @dulcetyeoll, @the-ooverdose, @baekheuyn, @grinding-on-baek, @305heaux?

@co-kai-ne sofi is amazing tbh… she’s so funny and she’s like the best thing about this fandom sooooo if u don’t follow her … i’d do that now :-)

@dulcetyeoll nidia is wonderful, she’s kind hearted and it’s very rare to find people like that these days, i love her :’)

@the-ooverdose rena is a person who is amazing inside and out, and i love her to bits and tumblr wouldn’t be the same without her <3

@baekheuyn sarah is funny and cute and i’ve only recently just met her but she’s lovely!!

@grinding-on-baek i don’t follow her but her edits are always on my dash and she seems lovely, i should probably follow her lol xD

@305heaux one of the best exols out there, she’s so nice and tbh when she followed me i kinda freaked out lkskgkah, but ily sophia <33

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May I ask why you ship Jonerys? I don't know, I guess I /can/ see the allure, but the fact that they're aunt-nephew as well as how much their personalities clash really kind of turn me off :(

This wasn’t meant to be hate or judgy btw! I’m just genuinely curious as to what you like about Jonerys!! <3

Haha, don’t worry, anon, you can be judgy all you want on this matter tbh. What i don’t like is people coming to other’s inboxes and harassing them tbh. But I don’t expect anyone to think I’m “right” in shipping incest really. Because I know it’s wrong and i said it over and over and i’ll say it again if I have to xD

Wow, why I ship Jonerys… this will actually be a very long answer? I hope you forgive me, it’s just that… it isn’t simple at all. Because the reason I ship jonerys is basically related to the reason i ship anything ever + my “ship sense”.

So let’s go by items, cause I know i’ll talk a lot.

  • Let me start with this: When I first started shipping them (back in 1x01), I didn’t know they could be related.

This is not a “reason” why I ship them, but the reason why I saw this possibility and i just leapt into the ship wagon without any fears (LOL)

And yes I’m aware many people already knew about the R + L = J theory back then (in 2010 if i’m not mistaken) but I was a casual fan, and I didn’t. And, tbh, many many didn’t. So if you go back and watch the show right from the beginning, you’d never suspect those two characters could be related.

I only found out about 3 years ago (I THINK) when i restarted my GOT watch ( i stopped watching GOT i 2010 - i think- i still don’t remember why. Doesn’t mean i stopped watching Jon/Dany, cause I always loved the idea of then - i’ll explain later.

 and I began watching again right after season 5. I don’t remember HOW but I think a friend of mine explained the R + L = J theory to me then)

Now to the reasons: 

  • Their story always had potential

So okay, Game of Thrones is probably one of the only things I watch where THE PLOT is one of the things that drawn me the most. And, in general, i ship a lot of things because i like the potential of the story of said couple happening : 

I have always been drawn to the idea of jon and dany becasue their characters are….so different and so similar at the same freaking time??? 

They were both… orphans, pushed around by the obligations implied in their families- without truly deserving any of the “rewards” their families could offer (jon was a bastard, dany was just being used as a wife for her brother’s plans), both characters started the show being…innocent and gentle? (yeah? noticed that?) and for that… they also suffered, just the fact that everyone expected so little of them, treated them so bad was enough for me to want them to be heroes and rise above everyone and be together and rule the whole thing (season 7 hello, ily)

Also, I LOVED how ever since the beginning, there was this ice versus fire symbology about them. Jon being, Jon Snow, a Stark (winter is coming and all), living on the north, going to the wall etc; Dany being a Targaryen, mother of dragons, from the south, literally surviving fire.

Ice and Fire indeed. (now canon, oh season 7)

Now, even though i knew so little of the books, i DID know that they were called a song of ice and fire. And i caught that idea in my mind right away. When I first started watching the show… i was like, okay he’s ice and she’s fire and there’s gonna be a ginormous journey ahead of them but they’ll meet in the end and they’ll be the key to all of these lands problems (again, season 7, hello and I love you)

I knew (or “felt”) THEY were the key, or one of the keys, again because their characters were the ones who were pushed around, belittled by others, but they still remained being honorable (let’s not enter discussions about whether they TRULY were of the writers just think they were and portrayed them like that but people disagree cause that’s another conversation entirely). So, i just… why wouldn’t i ship them? Let’s get these two opposing but similar forces together, those two characters who suffered so much and were humbled and then rose –and they’ll rule this thing together

And, for real, when you watch the show you can see all of their symbologies in their journeys (i can’t even describe everything but i can try to find a vid to help), even the way they’d cut the scene would somehow show Dane struggling with something, then cut to Jon (or vice versa). The fact is, for me, Jon and Daenerys meeting and ruling is one of the most plot satisfying things that could happen on this show.

Not to mention that : 1- for people familiar with the book, we all know there’s a whole prophecy of Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised and all…. (hey season 7). We also know that Jon and Dany have traits that would make them both  fit description to some extent. Again…. badass.

I’m not even sure if i need them to be involved or if i just want them to rule everyone together or what. I can barely explain it. All i know is that I find their journeys interesting and so intertwined, i love the idea that everyone in westeros was fighting and killing each other while those two big forces were rising and being awesome while everyone was doubting them. And i like the idea of them joining their forces. 

PS; i disagree that their personalities clash that much actually? I think they aren’t that similar and they aren’t that different, if it makes any sense.

In ways, Dany wants to be a queen no matter what and Jon doesn’t care about that, however they BOTH care about the people they are ruling - unless most of the other leaders on the show. THAT and the parallels I explained above… and more

  • And Finally: My Ship Sixth Sense!

Yes. Yes I’m aware this is crazy. But here’s the thing, and I was just talking about it with friends of mine yesterday, I’m an INFP anf there are a lot of shows/books/movies where i’ll just look at a ship one moment and a light bulb will turn on in my heart and i’ll go OKAY IDK HOW BUT THIS WILL HAPPEN

Jon/Dany are …. the best example of this happening to me. Even before i even watched the show I had this feeling, when I saw their respective first scenes, that feeling was SCREAMING at me. I’m not psychic (LOL),  thing is… i kinda tend to pick up cinematography, music, editing hints without realizing it (not just me BTW, infps are wonderful at “”predicting”” ships). So THAT + the things I explained up there probably resulted in this “intuition/feeling” i had about Jon/Daenerys since the beginning.

And that feeling was SO STRONG right from their first scene that…. to be honest… i wanted it to be true? As some sort of pride/fun thing, maybe a bet i made with myself (LOL), i wanted to see myself and my crazy ship sixth sense being right. 

So even after I found out they might be related (cause it was only kinda confirmed last year), the feeling never stopped - all the clues I saw, the story unraveling, nothing changed….and there was a moment i was just,,,, the heck with it, i know it’s wrong but i also know it’s a tv show, not any tv show - game of thrones where the morals are messed up anyway- so i just wanna see this happen cause the story is demanding it and my ship sense is demanding it and it would be interesting as heck to watch.

  • EPILOGUE (LOOOOL) : Now, a few vids, because this show has so much info is hard to list and i DOUBT i made much sense on the story part: (specially towards the end you can see the parallels and contrasts all at the same time)  –: i don’t think the song they picked match the show but this vid shows so so many parallels (the most recent one)


Get to know me anime edition→ [1/5] Teams◄

            ∟10th Generation Vongola Famiglia 

  ❝Regardless of our internal strife, in times of crisis, when we are attacked by    scumbags from the outside…We, the Vongola, are always as one!❞

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Thoughts on The Picture of Dorian Gray? Also, is it at all graphic?

well, well, well. sorry, but a malicious grin is required here, my dear anon. not only you asked the right person in terms of enthusiasm, because the picture of dorian gray is actually my most favorite among my favorite books, but also because i read it so many times, both in the original version and in the cut one, in the translated one and in the commented one, that i do, i do, i do know it like i know the back of my hand - or probably i know it still a little more than the back of my hand.

also, you are talking with the person who actually wrote the italian wikipedia page of this novel and edited the english one lol - so yeah. i do have a lot of thoughts about the picture of dorian gray and oscar wilde in general.

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안녕! so it’s been a while but i’ve finally passed my next follower goal! can you imagine it? like wow. i actually never really thought of getting pass this next goal seeing as i lost a considerable amount of followers because of blog style changes ;; but that’s alright, i understand. 

i’d just like to thank all the wonderful blogs i follow, for keeping my dash filled with beautiful edits & graphics which i’m so envious about because how to edit & wonderful gifs and updates to fill my kpop soul ;; haha! 

thank you to the people that i’ve conversed with, i’m so sorry if i didn’t continue our conversation because i forgot or something along the lines of that ;; really sorry. plus, i’ve been busy with exams but that’s probably also an excuse. /please don’t kill me/

a hello to the ‘somewhat’ new people that i’ve followed? & followers. come say hi, i’m such a mega loner like pls i need messages can’t you feel the thirst? lol. TALK TO ME ABOUT WINNER. 

i know i’m probably always on queue & stuff but i try my best to take some time to go on tumblr and just do random stuff ;; like edit my themes lol. & it’s really great to see that people appreciate it ;; so thank you too. i keep on saying thank you. i don’t know why, don’t judge.

i don’t really know how to end this off well because it’s been a while since i made a follow forever because i seriously suck at graphics & editings and like i finally made a decent one that could probably pass as shitty edits ;; so yes. 

just thank you to every ;; really. /sends you hearts/ “edit is made by me, don’t judge i suck”

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oopi: damn maris ur like my best friend on here and i love u so much even though we have our differences sometimes we’ve known each other for like a year already and i cant believe there was like a 5 month period where we didn’t talk we drifted apart for no reason//??/ and im sorry for that but it’s okay now cause we talk everyday and im really grateful for that wow

thsfrays: emily wow first of all im so thankful you made my ff edit its amazing and so are you. ur so funny and nice i could talk to u forever if you just answered ur texts damn lol but besides that ur also one of my best friends on here and u also make my life a little better when i first met you i thought you were really intimidating but when we talked more i discovered u were as lame as me (im joking probably)

louishs: hi valia im sorry we dont talk as much as we used to but i just want you to know i still love u a lot i admire how much you focus on school and how you get good grades and you try so hard and that you dream big. you give me such good advice and ur so smart you don’t deserve a lot of the shit you get and i just wanted you to know that ur amazing

twinkofficial: sophie ur so funny oh my god i could talk to u for hours and hours and when you went to ur 1D concert on the 7th u sent me a bunch of HD videos and i cried w/ u but i cried mostly cause i wasnt there with you oh my  go d i love u alot even though you like white boys damn

glittersoldier: alice im so sorry we dont talk as much as we used to but ur so fuc kign funny ohm y god we need to talk more i love u


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i’d like to have a special thanks to my friend emily thsfrays!! she made the ff forever edit and i love her.

anyways just know that i love all of ur blogs and im sorry if i missed anyone!!