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Broken Happy Ever After / Jin x Reader

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Overwhelmed by the sudden realization that this life was not as easy as it had first seemed, you choose to put an end to your marriage, despite loving Jin with all of your heart. However, he’s not going to let you go without a fight.

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Warnings: strong language, A N G S T, but also some fluff i’m not an absolute monster

Words: 6k.

Request: Hey! Could you do a scenario with Jin ? It’s about him and his wife (the reader) ? A sasaeng aggressed her and she was so traumatized that she decided to divorce and start a new life, somewhere away from Seoul, but Jin kind of managed to make her stay ? (Angst) 😋

Thank you for requesting this! I hope you enjoy!  🖤        

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·  .  ·  *  ˚ blackpink as girlfriends


  • literally the fluffiest and timidest bean there ever was when she asked you out
  • like she had this whole speech planned and when she asked to talk to you privately she could barely get the words out but you understood lmao
  • being in a relationship with jisoo is adorable bc 24/7 pictures of you. on her phone on a polariod camera whatever she has and she thinks you look aesthetic it has to be taken
  • probably gloating about you to the members and they eventually get sick and tired of it they actually have to call you to get her to shut up lol
  • lots and lots of dates involving food. picnic? mcdonalds? fakinga proposal at restaurants to get free cake? she does it. and she always always buys. no argument.
  • spams you with pictures of dogs!!!
  • she likes to stay over at your apartment or what not since she lives in a dorm with 3 other hyperactive girls who scream at the littliest things
  • she likes to sing to you!! a lot!! you get to hear this angel faced touched by god goddess sing??? like idk abt u but i’d d i e
  • she’s too shy to talk to you in english, but she’ll probably like to hear you talk about your day in english (or your mother tongue) because it relaxes her for some reason
  • nose kisses
  • cheek kisses
  • cute kisses in general


  • is attached to your side 24/7 begging for cuddles
  • shes either a big spoon or a little spoon is depends on how her day went.
  • shes like to tell you stories about her life in new zealand and trainee life, etc.
  • she acted really confident when asking you out, but she was probably like omg theyre gonna reject me n i fucked up the friendship, blah blah. but when you said yes to her offer to go on a date, her smile was so cute aw
  • her phone lockscreen is probably you as cheesy as it sounds
  • coffee dates where you dont really drink your coffee, because you’re too busy staring at her
  • random talks in english
  • ok but dont imagine jennie telling you she loves you in many languages dont imagine jennie telling you she loves in many languages ihoKDJKHKJHDSKLJGHSUILHAIIIIIIAK
  • subtle matching clothing. like rings or wearing the same colour or shoes.
  • probably writes stupid songs about all the things she loves about you
  • probably wrote a list and sang it lol


  • confesses to you with a song while shes playing guitaaaaar!!
  • buys you flowers and shows you cute pictures of dogs
  • little spoon 
  • cute dog cafe dates and dates in the park 
  • buying you random gifts and things that remind her of you
  • takes secret photos of you on her phone and she has a gallery of 100+ photos of just you,,, doing random mundane tasks.
  • you want her to read to you because you love her accent
  • probably wants to impress your parent(s)/career(s)
  • compliments from her 24/7
  • writes small songs about you and plays guitar while singing but will never show you them unless you accidentally catch her doing it
  • bc then she will be all shades of red
  • shes pretty romantic. she’ll take you out to fancy restaurants and probably taken you out on 218912 candle lit dinners.
  • but those aren’t always your dates!! you go to amusement parks, museums, concerts, etc!! all that fun weird stuff!
  • yall probably went laser tagging once lol


  • brings you flowers on the first date!!!!!!!!
  • listen to her talk in thai (and having conversations in thai if you know it)
  • she sends you pictures of dogs she sees
  • and as well as memes
  • cool, chic couple selfies and alWAYS ALWAYS has to send them to the group
  • because she cant post them on instagram because she’s under a “dating ban”
  • matching hoodies!! 
  • takes you on dates to the randomest places. the aquarium, carnivals, conventions…. ya
  • buys you tickets to go to your favourite group’s fansign/concert because she loves you THAT much. and she goes with you but she’s always like, in a mask and hat and sunglasses n shit
  • reading fanfiction of her and she’s always says “i would never say that” but your argument is “you would. you’ve said it to me before.”
  • “you did. when we played mario kart that one time and i sent a blue shell at you lol”

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It's school holidays here (New Zealand) at the moment and that means an increase in kids loitering in our store, and general trouble. I'm sick of having to delete photos, games and other crap off our display phones and laptops because parents won't actually parent, AND someone wrote illegible crap on our main doors, outdoor signs, and outside wall this morning, and we're pretty sure it was school kids because they probably weren't old enough to buy spray paint because they just used a sharpie

Things maori people will celebrate over waitangi day

• culture and language
• whanau and friends and aroha and all that togetherness kinda jazz
• not being dead?
• maybe having an extra day off if they’re lucky

things maori people won’t celebrate on waitangi day

• the treaty

Alright so @uncommonly-average tagged me in this AGES ago (thank you!!) and I am LATE and also sorry for putting off my life because I think I have been tagged in things like this before (and completely forgotten about all of them, of course)

Five things you’ll find in my bag:
1. My phone
2. Cherry chapstick, probably melted
3. Sunglasses
4. Earbuds
5. A little voodoo doll keychain that I got at the beach

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:
1. Books. Everywhere. In the floor, on the bed, the dresser, the shelves,,
2. Old awards from academic team and end-of-year recognition
3. A bunch of Star Wars merchandise
4. Nail polish that I forgot to put away
5. Jackets and sweaters hanging on doors and chairs

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:
1. Travel to New Zealand
2. Write something decent and get it published
3. Adopt like 7 cats
4. Fix my eating and sleeping patterns lmao
5. Get over my fear of driving because I honestly feel like a disappointment

Five things that make me feel happy:
1. Having the house to myself
2. Listening to music with the volume all the way up
3. Going for walks or pacing
4. Really long, hot showers
5. Having a clean room

Five things I’m currently into:
1. Star Wars 100%
2. The Score
3. Harry Potter, to some extent
4. Self-care ™ (I have a thing for soap)
5. Dancing?? Idk I just dance a lot when I’m alone

Five things on my to do list:
1. Pass the driving test
2. Finish watching the Clone Wars on Netflix
3. Get out more bc I can’t be a hermit forever
4. Start waking up earlier in the morning
5. Start drawing and writing again

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The 23 Question Game.

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1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? - this is going to be so shitty to say but probably New Zealand 😂😂 but I’ll spice it up and say Auckland or Wellington. Or maybe Melbourne, Australia.

2. Do you wear jewellery? If yes, what? - Nose ring, 7 studs, my chain, my taonga, 4 rings. Jesus. I’m a thug.

3. How do you spell this word: Colour of Color? - COLOUR

4. What is a stereotype about where you live? - Fucked if I know 😂 that it’s always sunny? That all Aussies say “mate”? “Fairdinkum”? These are pretty much true.

5. Do you sleep with your closet door closed or open? - IDGAF

6. What laptop/computer/phone do you use for tumblr? - My phone for sure unless I’m writing shit which is never these days aye.

7. What makes you bored? - doing nothing at work. Don’t mind doing nothing at home but work is the worst!

8. What is your favourite four legged creature and why? - Probably a dog. Like a Bull Mastif, don’t like animals that much really.

9. If you could live in one fictional universe, what would that universe be? - Harry Potter for sure no second guesses!

10. Sweet or spicy? - I honestly can’t even choose.

11. What do you order from McDonald’s? - Chicken and Cheese Burger, nuggets, coke. The fucking standard.

12. Favourite milkshake? - LIME

13. Curly or regular fries? - Chips bro

14. What was the weirdest text you have ever sent to someone? - “You left your fkn wig in my car”

15. What was your laziest moment? - When I was pregnant and binge watched 4 seasons of Game of Thrones?

16. Do you like rollercoasters? - meh I dunno

17. Last time you threw up? - 2012, my aunty’s birthday hitting red wine. Didn’t put me off though so…

18. Have you ever been catcalled? At what age? - Yup….

19. What was the best pasta you have ever eaten? My mother in law makes good shit but I don’t tell her or I’ll never hear the end of it.

20. If you could make all pancakes into one shape, what shape would you choose? - ugggh who has time to make it into any other shape?

21. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? - snake 🐍 😂😂

22. Are these questions weird? - Not the worst!

23. What is the weirdest question in this tag? - Why you judging me for my choice of milkshakes? It only bought one boy to this yard 🤷‍♀️


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this is my copy of the hole 1995 tour book that the crew were given. This is for australia, new Zealand and japan. It lists the crew and bands travel itineries. probably my fave piece of hole memoribilia. I need to scan it these are just phone pics

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Could you please give me some facts about Youngji please?


- She has a sister;

- Her father works in a café;

- She has two dogs;

- She was a former CCM trainee and she did a lot of dance covers with T-ARA’s Ahreum during her trainee days;

- She’s very sensitive and polite;

- Youngji said that, if she wouldn’t have succeed on entering into KARA trough the Kara Project program she attended, that was it. It was her last chance, and she promised it to her parents;

- She puts work before everything else;

- She’s good at cooking and she loves eating salad wraps;

- She’s very humble and is known for always having a blank face;

- The other members said that because she’s always surprised at everything she sees, since she’s new to the entertainment, they feel rookies too in a good way. They also said she is the energy booster of the group;

- To learn all the choreographies, Seungyeon said she praticed 24 hours every 2 days;

- She knows how to imitate Psyduck;

- She loves playing sports and she said she played soccer, volleyball, ice skating, and more;

- She’s confident about her legs;

- She’s been in New Zealand for two years;

- She uses a 2G phone because she wants to focus on promotions and work;

- On her dancing covers trainee videos, she was always the main dancer. Her most popular dance covers are Warrior, Sherlock and Dr. Feel Good;

- She always says “I’ll work hard”;

- She was a SONE, PINK PANDA and KAMILIA before entering into KARA. She probably still is;

- Before entering the KARA Project, she also had a facebook page, but she cancelled it as soon as she entered the program;

- Karaholic (international KARA forum) send her a photobook with dedications and a bracelet to congratulate her to be a KARA member. Youngji was seen the next day wearing it, during “Mamma Mia” promotion days.

- She always praises her unnies;

- Her favourite colour is red.

Hope it’s okay :)

I’m never going to leave you again - Calum Hood

Waking up alone wasn’t exactly how I planned to spend my last day in London with my boyfriend Calum Hood. Especially after what happend last night.

„Are you kidding me? All I want to do is celebrate with my boys after 3 amazing shows“

„Oh? Last time I checked, Michael had an accident, Ashton isn’t feeling well as well and Luke is also probably tired after the show.“

„You don’t know anything. Just because you came here doesn’t mean I have to spent all of my free time with you ok. I’m so glad to continue the tour without you..“

„Fine. Go have fun with the boys. I won’t bother you anymore..“ I sighed, tired of the fight.

I heard Calum mutter to himself „ Finally..“

Fighting back the tears I went and grabbed my suitcase putting all my stuff in it and making my way to the door. I looked back one last time expecting Calum to at least say bye, but as I looked at him.. nothing. He was just sitting on the bed, head in his hands.

That’s the thing I noticed about Calum. Everytime he’s tired or exhausted, his short temper comes out and he’s getting annoyed at everything. But this time was different. His voice was louder and deeper as he screamed at me. He probably already had some drinks with the boys. And still he looked like the most beautiful and sweetest human being, sitting there frustrated.

I whispered a quiet „bye“, hoping that he heard me. I hesitated to walk out the door, just wanting to throw my suitcase back in the hotel room and throwing myself at my beloved boyfriend. But I knew I couldn’t. Not that I was afraid of him, of his actions. He never laid a hand on me, but he’d probably scream at me again. And I knew I couldn’t handle it at the moment, feeling so weak and intimidated. As I exited the door I hoped, I wished he would rush out the door to stop me from leaving. But he didn’t..

My eyes began to tear up at the thought of last night. I shook my head and looked at my phone and kinda expected a message from him or the boys, but nobody had texted me. What did that mean? He never ignored me after a fight. Were we over? Maybe I shouldn’t leave yesterday. I was lucky enough to get a hotel room for this night but I had to get ready and leave now to catch my flight. I decided to fly back home, there was no reason to stay here in London and I couldn’t fly to New Zealand either, cause Calum made it clear that he didn’t want me there..

It’s been three days. Three days without Calum and I haven’t heard from him since the fight. He was probably enjoying his free time now as he had some days off. I couldn’t believe I lost him. The fight was still stuck in my head like it happened an hour ago and I wished I could just run back into his hotel room and throw my arms around him like I used to.. The sound of my phone brought me back to reality. Telling me I just got a message. It was from Ashton.

„Hi, Cal is really down after the argument. He thinks he lost you and refuses to continue the tour without you. Can you please get here? Ash xx“

I read the message a few times before deciding to answer:

„I don’t know Ash. Why didn’t he at least call me or tried to make me stay when we were still in London? It’s too late now x“ I hated myself for that answer but before I could write anything else Ashton texted back.

„I know it’s hard, but he loves you! Please think about it. Ash xx“

As I finally landed in New Zealand I got nervous. After thinking about Calum the whole night I decided to fly over here and surprise him. I just wanted to hold him and tell him how much I love him, although I was still a little scared to face him.

My heartbeat increased when I entered the arena where they’re going to have a show tonight. I knew Calum had to be somewhere and I was desperate to find him. I walked along the backstage hall as four tall boys passed me by with frustrated faced, looking down. Before I could do something Michael looked back at me and cleared his throat. Everyone’s looking back at me and stopped walking, except for Calum. „Calum!“ Luke said, still staring at me. He turned around and looked directly into my eyes. I didn’t know what to do, neither did he. „I-I..“ but before I could say anything else he walked over to me, grabbed my hand and dragged me to the nearest room which happend to be their dressing room. „I’m sorry“ We said at the same time with tears in our eyes. He chuckled a little bit before interwining his hands with mine. He closed the gap between us, putting his forehead against mine and clenching his jaw. „ I’m so sorry“ letting out a shaky breath and finally looking in my eyes. „I never wanted you to leave. I hate myself for letting you walk out the door that night.“ He let go of me and walked over to the sofa, sitting down. „God, I’m the worst boyfriend ever to let you leave in the middle of the night in a big city with no place to stay. On top of that I didn’t even try to- to fight for you, to make you stay or let alone apologize for everything I said.“

I walked over to him, standing infront of him and pressing his head against my stomach. „I love you“ he whispered as he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist. „I love you too“ I said as I sat on his lap, straddling him and kissed him passionately. He kissed back immediatly, deepening the kiss and stroking my hair lightly. „I love you. I love you. I love you!“ He said between kisses. „I’m never going to leave you again!“ „You better!“ He smirked before kissing me again with lust in his eyes.

Ok, so this was actually my first time writing a fanfic/one shot. Please, tell me what you think about it and if I should start writing Imagines and stuff on my blog. Thank you xx Also sorry for typos or grammar mistakes ._.