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When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.

Trump Threatens Chicago with Martial Law

Three things. 

1. As we’ve seen from his first 5 days in office, we can not blow off his tweets as hot air, and at this point we should be recognizing clear threats of violence for what they are.
2. There is precedent for what Trump is threatening, be it sending the Feds to increase the already violent Chicago police culture, a crack down on voting under a Sessions Attorney General, or worst case scenario something like this

3. The murder rate in Chicago is not the highest in the Nation. Both LA and NYC have it worse. This threat is motivated 100% by spite, probably against Obama (possibly Rahm too). And it is just the beginning of what will happen to other blue (and purple states).

THIS IS A WORK OF GENIUS!!!!!!  @redbloodedamerica

Intro to Episode 278 of the Andrew Klavan Show at The Daily Wire.

Those of you who still follow world events through the mainstream media may find you’re beginning to have some serious questions like: why is that big head on my television screen lying to me all the time?why is everything I know about the news completely untrue?,  and how come I can’t get a date?

But perhaps the most important question that is troubling followers of mainstream news is are the Russians good or bad?  If they’re bad what’s bad about them?  And if they’re good why don’t they speak English like normal people?

The history of Russia as told by the mainstream media is very complex.  In the old days Russia was good because they helped us defeat the Nazis who were bad which was good but then bad because then the Russians murdered millions of people and enslaved everybody which can’t be good.

During the Sixties the Russians were good because America was bad because America was fighting Communism which was good which was bad…the fighting I mean was bad…because when America was fighting Communism you could get sent to war and killed and that was bad because you were good.

Then Ronald Reagan was elected and he was very bad because he was Republican, so when he said the Russians were bad they must have been good.  Reagan said the Russians were so bad that their country would collapse and all the smart people at the mainstream media said HAHAHA you stupid Reagan because they were good and he was bad and then the Russians country collapsed but not because of Reagan because he was bad.

Now, all the people who said Russia was good became college professors so they could teach young people that they were good and America was bad.  Then the young people grew up and got jobs as journalists which was very bad.  George W. Bush and Mitt Romney said the Russians were bad but they were Republicans so they were bad and the Russians were good.  Then America was good because we elected Barack Obama who was good and he said the Russians were good so the Russians were good and we sent them a great big red RESET button which wasn’t bad until they pressed the button and Crimea disappeared which probably wasn’t so good.

Barack Obama, who was good, said we should do business with Russia because they were good so Donald Trump’s friends did business with them which was bad because Trump was bad and when he said Russia was good Russia was bad but not like Reagan said it was bad because Reagan was bad so he couldn’t be good but Russia was bad because Trump said it was good and he was bad.

The important thing to remember is Republicans are bad.  So if they say Russia is good it’s bad and Democrats are good so if they say Russia is bad it’s bad.  That’s how the mainstream media tell it anyway….because they suck.

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The Secret Service think Bucky is a hoot and a half, and at least 40% of them are wary of the VP's drills but Sam, I have gotta ask. Has Clint ever thought - 'y'know what this White House needS? We need to set Darcy Lewis loose in here. wouldnt that be SUPER DUPER FUN?' i will give up an arm and a leg to see that

Oh, I think Clint is WELL WARY of Darcy. She tazed Thor. The Secret Service don’t mess with her but she’s polite to them and brings them gum so they never really have to mess with her either. 

She is a PoliSci major, so once she graduated Clint hauled her into the White House and put her in charge of the interns, which means she basically knows everything that happens everywhere and is actually Tony’s personal spymaster. 

Clint also made her Chief Editor Of The Presidential Playlist. There are weekly playlist updates on the White House website. It’s the most-visited page on the entire site. Darcy’s very proud. 

one of my favorite political memories was in 2008, the night obama won and freed us from the chains of the bush administration. i stayed up watching the coverage with my parents and we watched jon stewart and stephen colbert leap out of their seats and dance and cry and laugh and run out the door, through the office and onto the rooftops where the sun was shining and birds were singing and they all looked out into the light sighing about how great america was now

and then someone was like “you know bush is still in office till january right?”

and they were like “sh*t that’s right” and went back inside


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But that’s not to say that it is isn’t a great book. Garrow won the Pulitzer Prize for his 1986 book, Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (BOOK | KINDLE), and Rising Star is obviously inexhaustibly researched to the point that former President Obama will probably learn more about himself by reading the book than he was previously aware of. Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama by David J. Garrow is available now from William Morrow and, besides being fascinating reading, will also help you build muscle if you use it in lieu of weightlifting.