probably not tho

theres a new “gay” and “lesbian” “history” course being offered next semester and ppl seem to be excited abt it but the entire concept just feels so ironically ahistorical and is structured specifically around the 20th century US so i dont trust it to not be white as hell and im like 😒

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I'm a pretty new VIP, but what's the deal with that blue bracelet TOP's wearing?

omg okay the blue bracelet is part of the gtop conspiracy theories (Im joking but not really) so Jiyong and Seunghyun have matching Chrome Hearts bracelets that they’ve been wearing since May/June 2012 (which is when that IG picture Seunghyun uploaded is from)

Jiyong wore them pretty obsessively, but Seunghyun stopped wearing them frequently after 2012 which is why I was excited to see that picture he uploaded. The bracelets are also in the ‘Who You’ MV which I argue was heavily influenced by gtop’s relationship

ok im done and all outta ideas ;w; Camille as Gemini for the Zodiac collab! I know she looks more like a Virgo, but I tried to give it a two-sides-of-the-same-coin-look instead, due to her lack of, uh, well, a twin OTL that blob in her left hand is supposed to be a heart but you can only google “anatomically correct heart” so many times before the people next to you adapt worrying looks—

but hey

f l o w e r  c r o w n s  ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

Check these out too, yo!!:

cidsin - Aquarius
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peanut-unit - Libra
didgeredoo - Scorpio
ohpineapples - Capricorn
klexenia - Sagittarius 
firead - Cancer

( –  I thiiiink that’s everyone so far???

bluetolkien. less nighttime as opposed to the previous probably nighttime. i forgot the clouds but tbh who needs clouds?? this is more fun than i thought. COLORS?? COLOR THEORY?? COMPLIMENTARY COLORS?? no everything is blue, that’s it.

Hi! Um, I’m Lola and I’ve been stalking the tags for awhile and finally decided to join the fandom. I follow a few of you with my main blog themagebae, but if you don’t want your dash spammed with Dragon Age and memes, please don’t follow that blog. I play both HSS and HWU and my GameCenter account name is Lyriumlacedelf. So, um, yeah. I think that’s everything. I hope we can get along! :]