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A Viktuuri love child that just wants to play hockey and, "No, dad, you cannot add rhinestones to my jersey!"

“But you’d look so pretty!” Viktor whines.

“No. NO RHINESTONES.” Koichi eyes him warily, defensively covering his jersey and holding it against his chest.

“How about this?” he asked, casually fishing out a random bag of pink glitter from his pocket. There’s a long silence before Koichi lets out a high-pitched scream and makes a getaway dash towards the door and out of the room, tripping several times throughout the apartment until he (literally) runs into Yuuri in the kitchen carrying a coffee mug in one hand and a skating magazine in the other.

“Ah, what’s up kiddo?”

“Dad, dad won’t stop chasing me with glitter, PLEASE STOP HIM.” 

Yuuri tries to stifle a laugh but fails. “I don’t know, you could probably pull off the sparkly shimmery look.”


“Fine. Viktor, stop chasing our son with glitter.”

“Yuuri do you want to know why his hockey games are so boring?” Viktor asks, appearing abruptly in the doorway with a huge nerf gun loaded with glitter. Koichi swallows loudly. “Obviously because everyone’s wearing the same dull outfits.”

“Viktor, you’re not going to–”

“ До свида́ния, boring jersey.”


Cut scene, next practice Koichi shows up at the rink sporting a jersey untastefully covered in glitter that’s painful to look at. 

You know what, Booth and Brennan will always be my #1 otp because they gave me so much as a couple. I mean, I’m not talking about sex or smut because that’s fanfiction material (like you go girl, want to see your fave ship bang on a piano? go and read that !!!! that’s what that website is for) but everything else. The ‘platonic’ aspect of their relationship has always been the best part of their dynamic to me, but they were still able to overcome that phase and be a family. This being said, that original dynamic has never been compromized, not to me at least, because when it comes to the important stuff, Booth and Brennan are still partners first, they are still the people they would give up their life for, they would fight for each other. While the majority of other ships kinda change once they get together. Booth and Brennan never completely changed, so much that people complain because they’d rather have them being romantic the 100% of the time. I don’t. Also, it’s the little things that matter to me, like it might sound stupid, but I find it extremely adorable and precious that Brennan knows Booth by knowing his injuries. Every time something happens, she’s able to compare factures and other stuff to Booth’s. And that’s so IC, that’s something I really want to see because it’s them. And it’s been this way since she first found out about his past in 1x15 and it never changed. She imagined him on that autopsy table in 11x01 by looking at the bones, just like it happened on 12x04 with Aldo and in other many occasions. Brennan saying like I know that because of your brain tumor. She knows his brain scans. YAAAS. Give me this stuff. Give me Booth and Brennan that can’t sleep without each other at night when one of them is struggling with something, give me them talking about taking someone’s life and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Give me them hurting each other to save each other. They would never cheat on each other or hurt each other because they want to. They only do it because it’s the only way. Yaas. Screw sex, just give me this stuff.

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Who do you think is responsible for the censorship of sanvers, the writers or the CW? I'm inclined to believe it's the latter. I feel like this is probably standard practice for various networks with "family" shows, but I'm seeing a lot of anger directed towards the writers specifically, and I don't know if it is the most productive thing. Not that the writers shouldn't be criticized for other things.


[this got very long]

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Even though Harry is my favorite actor from the cast, I think his acting is a little over the top in the sneak peek from next episode. I mean I know Magnus is dramatic, but he is sort of coming across as a caricature of who Magnus actually is in that scene.

You know, it’s interesting you point this out because I personally don’t believe this is a misstep on Harry’s part; I think this is a deliberate choice in terms of how Magnus behaves with various people. The reason I say this is because I’ve noticed it’s been a very consistent trait Harry has given Magnus when he’s around those he doesn’t fully trust or know.

I think in S1 and throughout most of 2x01, we see him largely around Alec, someone he’s willing to be more genuine with (Clary, too). But watch him in 1x04 (with Elias where he twirls like 3x in the scene, but also when he’s flirting with Alec while Jace is watching – when he flips that table with his foot, please), 1x07 where Jace and Luke are both present (Jace’s presence is usually the main factor because Magnus isn’t especially fond of Jace), 1x12 during the Institute meeting and when they’re going to find Ragnor (again, Jace (and Hodge) are present). Even the way he approaches Jace and Clary in 1x12 after the kiss is over, there’s a swagger you don’t see when his focus had been Alec.

You’re right, it’s an exaggeration and it’s not representative of who Magnus actually is. But I think that’s the point: it’s a deliberate front he puts up, a way of deflecting people from seeing the real him. Magnus does not like to be seen as who he really is. He’s an extremely guarded individual, and the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the gestures, even his speech patterns – that’s all there to shield him. The real Magnus is a privilege reserved for the rare few who have managed to sneak their way into his heart. At the time of that scene, Simon isn’t one of those people.

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So, someone already translated Friki doc episode 6 Review and omi don't think i will survive and the entire jonerys family when we will see THAT intimate scene, its probably bigger than the boatsex

same anon same..this is me after reading the full translation..I’M SO yes, i already knew a lot of that stuff, but there is one PRETTY BIG thing that we didn’t had sure about it before and now we have it, and it’s so DREAMY, like it’s better than anything ive ever imagined..and i you said, it’s bigger than the boatsex

It’s so INTIMATE..i’m no kidding, i will have several heart attacks

i’m just gonna say this, the jonerys family will be blessed..episodes 3, 4, and 5 are gonna be heaven..but episode 6 will be the death of us (in the most amazing way possible)

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During the scene in your earlier chapters, Branch and Poppy have a run in with Cloud Guy at a gas station. I'm curious as to what REALLY happened. Like, it ended with Branch almost beating him with a stick in the movie, but it couldn't of just been over a life or death tunnel situation. A part of me thinks it has something to do with the line "A little slappy, Make daddy happy" but has nothing to do with handshakes. I'm just curious, what happened at the gas station???

I always saw it as a mirroring of the scene in the movie.

I cant find a version that gives you the whole uncut clip but yeah, its pretty much went down the same way in the fic. Imagine Branch and Poppy coming out of a convenience store by the gas station, debating over which way to Bergen Town and this sleezy looking dude comes up behind them (probably kinda high) doing a sinister voice and then offers them directions. Poppy’s down, Branch is NOT and the guy starts getting more and more on his nerves as they try to get a straightforward answer out of him.

Also Branch most definitely took “little slappy” as a creepy advance (although it was probably just cloud guy being his usual spacey self) The guy grabs his hand and starts doing a bunch of weird shit with it and as soon as Branch realizes he’s being made look stupid in front of Poppy, he fUCIGKN SNAPS

hi, this is really important ! please dont scroll past. i think its time that the fandom really had a talk about its most toxic abuser… ocelot.

as a mentally ill abuse survivor its incredibly concerning to me to see so many ppl in the mgs fandom blindly supporting and even identifying as the character revolver ocelot… this is not ok. hes canonically a murderer, torturer, an abuser and a RAPIST, and there are many pedophilic undertones in how hes written. maybe a lot of ppl havent actually played the games, and dont know about this content. but im going to write it all out for you and hopefully youll realize that yr supporting rape and abuse by apologizing for the things ocelot does :/

im not even going to focus on all the times ocelot is shown to murder or torture ppl… im sure everyone knows abt that, but i would remind you that hes canonically a sadist who ENJOYS torture.

anyway, lets start with mgs1….

in mgs1, if snake submits to ocelot’s torture, you get a scene where ocelot says hes going to rape meryl:
“The torture will stop as I promised… But I’ll take the woman in return. I’ll have my fun with her… before I kill her.”

you might be able to say that this is just a threat and empty words to upset snake (tbh this is really some apologist rape culture stuff to even go there as your first response to this, but i wont even get into that) if not for this later scene in the meryl ending, where meryl heavily implies that she had to endure stuff “worse than” torture:

S: Meryl… it must have been terrible.
M: It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t give in to the torture.
S: Torture?
M:  … And things even worse than that…

i think its pretty clear in light of what ocelot says in the other clip what things "even worse than that” means….

ive seen some people claim that this isnt in the japanese version of the script, but thats not true. i speak japanese so lets look at the JP version and ill translate as literally as i can.

スネーク: メリル?メリル、大丈夫か? (Meriru? Meriru, daijoubu ka?)
Meryl? Meryl, are you okay?

メリル: 大丈夫か、しか言えないの・・・? (Daijoubu ka, shika ienai no…?)
“Are you okay”? Is that all you can say?

スネーク: メリル、つらい思いをさせた。(Meriru, tsurai omoi wo saseta.)
Meryl… you had a terrible experience.

メリル: いいえ、つらくはなかったわ。奴等の拷問に私、屈しなかった。(Iie, tsuraku wa nakatta wa. Yatsura no goumon ni watashi, kusshinakatta.)
No, it didn’t get that bad. I didn’t give in to their torture.

スネーク: 拷問?(Goumon?)

メリル: それ以上のひどいことも・・・。私も闘ってたの、あなたと同じように。(Sore ijou no hidoi koto mo… Watashi mo tatakattetano, anata to onaji you ni.)
And things more cruel than that… I was fighting too, the same as you.

this is pretty much just how it was translated in the english version. its not explicit, she doesnt come out and exactly say I WAS RAPED, but with ocelots rape threat earlier in the game its very clear what she means… ocelot at the very least ordered her to be raped, if not partook in the act himself, which he probably did because he CANONICALLY is a sadist who enjoys torture. yes, ocelot is gay, but you dont have to be attracted to someone to rape them…

heres a scene in mgs3 where ocelot gropes eva without her consent:
yes, hes touching her breasts because hes trying to figure out who she is and not for gratification….. but it still displays that he has NO CONCERN for eva’s sexual boundaries. thats SEXUAL ASSAULT.

and of course later in this same scene where ocelot proclaims his interest in torture…

so ocelot is canonically a rapist and a sexual assaulter… thats undeniable. but theres also a lot that implies that ocelot is an abuser, and it doesnt take a lot to conclude that he groomed solid snake and liquid snake for problematic purposes :/

for instance, look at this convo between kaz and ocelot in mgsv where kaz accuses ocelot of getting off on torturing eli, an 11-12 y/o child:

K: Ocelot. You get too many kicks from your “art of interrogation”.
O: It’s not a matter of art. It’s about quick, minimal strokes of psychological warfare. That’s what gets the answers. And it’s the best way to keep both questioner and subject safe. The risks only increase the more an interrogation drags on. At that point, it causes as much pain for the inflicter as the inflicted.
K: Hmph. Like I said, too many kicks.

obviously kaz is far from an unbiased observer here, but we know ocelot. it’s not at all unreasonable that he’d think this. whats most notable about this is that ocelot doesnt even deny the accusation… he goes on and on abt how his method is the best and does say he wont “go overboard”, but he doesnt actually contradict kaz’s accusation that he’d get off on torturing a child :/

then later on when ocelot finally does interrogate eli, the way he touches him is very uncomfortable:

what reason does ocelot have to violate elis personal space like this? its not explicitly sexual but in light of all his other behaviors its very questionable…

theres more stuff that ocelot does, too, thats not so easy to point out w specific clips. like the fact that ocelot spends the entirety of mgsv abusing kaz.

i think its pretty clear that ocelot has romantic feelings for big boss (he outright says so here:, plus lots of other things to support it, im sure i dont have to dig that up to convince ppl on tumblr at least lol), but its not so obvious that big boss ever reciprocated them. imo, he didnt… theres really no point where big boss is shown having any feelings like that for ocelot. i think this is a lot clearer in the japanese version, the english version actually seems to have made their relationship MORE familiar. for example, big boss actually never calls ocelot adam in the truth tapes… he calls him “junior” (furigana over “son of the boss”). i sure hope big boss wouldnt call his lover “junior”….

オセ:では……ジョン。9年間忘れたことはなかったが私はしばらくあなたを忘れます。(Dewa… John. Kyuunen kan wasureta koto wa nakatta ga watashi wa shibaraku anata wo wasuremasu.)
Well… John. I haven’t forgotten you in nine years, but I will forget you soon.
ボス:ザ・ボスの息子(ジュニア)。また頼む。(Junia. Mata tanomu.)
Junior… I’ll rely on you again.

also something i think that backs me up is how ocelot speaks to bb in these tapes… he uses very polite and formal language with him. he doesnt speak like this anywhere else in the game, not even to venom… he uses ore pronouns and casual/masculine speech usually. but when talking to bb it totally changes. he uses masu form, deferential language, and watashi, which is very formal/feminine for a male character to say. it’s very respectful but also not intimate. this is the way you talk to a stranger or your superior. he clearly respects big boss, but doesnt consider himself to have the right to use familiar speech with him. i think its really unlikely that a male character would be written in japanese speaking to his lover this way…

so, if ocelot is in love with big boss, but big boss doesnt return his feelings, i think this speaks a lot to the subtext of his behavior in the games. we know that despite this ocelot dedicates his whole life to bb… he even dies for him… so i think that really sheds some light on what he does to kaz in mgsv.

theres a lot more evidence that bb had a more intimate relationship w kaz (see: the entire sauna tape, date with kaz… basically, the whole of peace walker), and i think its clear that ocelot was jealous. he didnt overtly attack or insult kaz but thats exactly his MO… long manipulative conspiracies meant to take people down without them even realizing.

if you look at all of their interactions theres a revealing pattern in how ocelot speaks to kaz. he more or less does everything he can to undermine kaz in front of bb (venom). he contradicts kaz constantly, and sets himself up as the “rational voice” always. he negs kaz for being “too emotional”. this really is basically gaslighting… he puts up a civil front but in everything he says and does hes undermining kazs authority and the validity of his emotions. he’s trying to make kaz feel hysterical and invalid and worthless. its abusive.

i have no doubt that ocelot was a big factor in withholding the truth about v from kaz, too. the way he speaks to kaz in their post-credits scene, he seems really self-satisfied hearing how devastated kaz is to learn the truth. almost like he’s gloating. he knew that hiding it and then telling kaz later would totally destroy bb and kaz’s relationship, and he enjoyed doing it. he took away everything that kaz had and left him emotionally destroyed. just killing kaz wasnt enough, that’s how petty and vindictive and sick ocelot is.

lets not forget about the fact that ocelot was involved in les enfants terribles. in light of everything else ocelot does i find this so suspect. i dont think its really a reach to conclude that he had an ulterior motive getting involved in that project. big boss didnt return his feelings, but what if he could groom david or eli to?

in the post-credits scene with kaz ocelot more or less says that hes going to spend the rest of his life watching over david and eli. ocelot probably had a lot more involvement in eli’s life that we never saw but thats a lot of speculation… there is one concrete thing that proves ocelot was probably attracted to bb’s sons though. in mgs4, during the final fight, where he kisses snake:

and before you say that this is liquid ocelot and not ocelot, this kiss scene can ONLY trigger in the part of the liquid ocelot fight where it calls back to mgs3 and ocelot is coming back to himself. AFTER he’s been injecting himself with nanomachine suppressors and undoing the liquid brainwashing. he ONLY wants to kiss solid snake after his identity returns…

so, you dont think its a little bit messed up that this man participated in a project to clone a man who hes canonically attracted to… and then displays attraction to his children too??? ocelot helped make david and eli. he’s basically one of his parents. he helped raise them, directly and later indirectly. how is this not child grooming? ocelot loved big boss, but was rejected by big boss, then involved himself in a science experiment to clone him, then spent the rest of his life watching over and shaping the lives of these kids. umm….

i mean, think about it… what do you think ocelot got out of les enfants terribles? why would ocelot, who is otherwise so loyal to big boss that he would and does die for him, betray him like that?

kind of problematic, huh. :/

ocelot tortured people. he murdered people. he raped meryl, and probably others too. he destroyed kaz’s life out of jealousy. i think ocelot probably abused liquid, and likely solidus too.  

i think ocelot is an interesting character… but hes a really bad person. i think if you look at all of this and try to defend him or even identify AS him… you kinda need to take a look at yourself imo. either you’re claiming that you too are a murderer, a sadist, a rapist, and an abuser, or you’re an apologist, erasing every horrible thing that ocelot did. whats wrong with you?

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Hello, what psd do you use for your gifsets because it's truly stunning. Also your blog is super pretty and amazing. <3

wow thank you so much lovely anon, this is so sweet and it truly means a lot ♥♥

i make my own psds, but here’s the psd i used for my last shadowhunters set:


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In my film class they told me that everything is there(a scene) for a reason(object, person, animal, etc) im pretty sure jk is there for some reason e_e (the filming crew bg hired is v good) especially been a scene with continuation, they even put the exact same clothes so its really fishy. Tae getting late in the shot for sd is a different story either they couldn't film the scene again without his mistake or the director thought regardless his mistake it was good for the plot.

Yep, everything is put there for a reason. Sometimes the reason is just “because it looks good there”, but as pretty as Kookie is I don’t think that’s probably why he suddenly appeared lol

I haven’t really examined SD that closely, but if it’s true that it was a mistake leaving V out then it’s likely that his presence in the shot just wasn’t important enough to justify the expenditure a retake by the time they realized.

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Kaminari for the character ask ^^

  • Why I like them: 

What is there not to like about him though? Kaminari is one of many of my faves, he’s a lot stronger than a lot of people make him out to be and has a lot of potential to be a really amazing hero, not to mention he’s pretty darn cute and I want to squish his cheeks. 

  • Why I don’t: 

There’s nothing I don’t like about him, he’s an all around good character.

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie):

Literally anytime he shows up??

  • Favorite season/movie:

Same as the last one,,

  • Favorite line:

I can’t really remember anything at the moment but if I do i’ll come back to this,,,

  • Favorite outfit:

I really love the redesign of his hero costume, like its probably one of my fave outfits out of all the students,,

  • OTP

More like ot3 cause I can’t just put him with one, I love kiribakukami,,but I also really love kamisero

  • Brotp

Probably him and Jirou, like I know there’s a lot of people who ship them but I like to think of them as just really close friends.

  • Head Canon

I actually have a whole list of HCs for him in my #denki tag if you wanna take a look.

  • Unpopular opinion

Don’t really have one for him

  • A wish

I wish he’d have more appreciation because he deserves it,,

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:

Traitor theory, I don’t ever want that to be a thing with him.

  • 5 words to best describe them

cute, perfect, soft, dorky, awesome (i could go on but it says only 5)

  • My nickname for them


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What do you think is with Glossaryck and the gem on his forehead? In Page Turner he refused to take the it off when he was asked to remove anything magical from himself. I thought that it was probably just because it's naturally stuck on his forehead or something, but then I remembered this show is really good at teasing and foreshadowing. he said it wasn't natural too in BBTBC

The lines in BBTBC were definitely not needed by the scene, so I’m pretty confinder that they put them there on purpose, to make the viewers notice it, realistically foreshadowing something. Maybe Ludo is going to try to use it, or it’s a piece from the same crystal used to create the wand centuries ago, or a key to the forbiddenest part of the spell book, or a piece of hard candy that got stuck there in a terrible confectionery store explosion.

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Have you come across or written any meta involving Lady Toni bringing up Benny to Dean? I was just curious as to what your thoughts were on dean's reaction and whether you think it could be interpreted in favor of a past Dean/Benny relationship? Thx!

Hi Nonny!

I haven’t come across any meta yet as I haven’t checked my dash or checked in with my fellow meta writers all weekend yet. I only just published my episode review which does briefly mention this moment though I am sure that my fellow meta writers have spoken about it already.

Yes. I do think it is a subtle nod to a past Dean/Benny relationship, or at least in such a way that Lady Toni thought there was a relationship there.

The reasons I think this are:

a. The main question she asks Sam is about Ruby. Ruby and his relationship with her. She sneers when she says it, which leads me to believe that she thinks the idea of a human and a monster being in a sexual/romantic relationship is disgusting. She wanted to know about Sam’s relationship with Ruby because she wants to paint him with the same brush. As another monster.

b. She then asks Dean the exact same question about Benny. This time, with a slight smirk and a pause as she says ‘befriended’. she even sips her tea. Its pretty clear to me that she things they had the same kind of relationship that she thinks Sam had with Ruby.

c. She threatens his manhood (among other things) in a mirror scene to the scene with Cas exactly a season earlier. We speculated at the time that the subtext of that scene with the angels threatening Cas’ genitals was because he is probably the only angel who would actually care about his vessel getting castrated. Because the angels think that Cas has reason to use them. Lady Toni did the same thing but more subtly. By threatening Dean in such a way it was a punishment for ‘sleeping with the enemy’. 

So yes. Lady Toni at least thinks Dean had a sexual relationship with Benny. The key to figuring out if there was any truth in her thoughts was in Dean’s reaction. He holds her gaze, keeps his eyes on her. He doesn’t look at Sam though Sam looks at him. (Which I think implies that Sam thinks they had a sexual relationship as well) There is the tiniest shake of his head. If he had looked at Sam, I might have said yes. As if to check if Sam was disapproving of him or about to find out something he didn’t want Sam to know. 

However he doesn’t give her any snarky comments, so that is telling in itself. He remains quiet. So in Dean Winchester talk that actually does speak volumes. There is truth in there somewhere. I think that whatever happened between Dean and Benny it is still something that Dean feels strongly about. Do I think it was sexual? Maybe. Its hard to tell with that one, because when you go back and asses their interactions in season 8, Dean’s thoughts were always on Cas, or on Sam, but mostly Cas. Benny was almost like a rebound lover who Dean didn’t quite treat as good as he should have, whilst he was still trying to ‘get over’ his ‘ex’. But the subtext is all there and therefore I cannot possibly say no it didn’t happen, and yes I do think that this moment was a subtextual nod to it at any rate.

Perhaps it is even foreshadowing Benny’s return?? 

In my perfect #Arrow world...

A rant to make sense of that weird scene in the loft (which I vehemently deny happened because Felicity was totally kissing the air beside her shoulder and remembering when Oliver Queen had his huge hands on her and *gasp*)

Well, after the episode last night, I needed to rant. A lot of you may disagree or maybe agree or just call me plain nuts while shaking your heads. Just bear with me. 

The one thing Arrow writers have always done effortlessly is write Felicity Smoak. While yes, they do use her to prop up other marginal characters and they don’t give her storyline the proper time to be told, fact is that they introduced this character with no existence anywhere in the comic world and made her a character that was not only fearless, inspiring and amazingly well-rounded, but also someone so lovable that the audience (most of them) could relate to her. They’ve always shown her with a backbone of steel who didn’t take the almighty Oliver Queen’s shit - not when he tried to intimidate her in 1x15

and not when he lied to her and she broke up in 4x15. 

Her breaking up their engagement and still remaining behind with him alone even as everyone left, working with him day in and day out (which let’s admit would not be easy after you’ve slept with the gorgeous man for almost a year and loved for half a decade) is a direct consequence of how amazingly strong she is. Most people take time away after breaking up. Not her. She remained, not out of a sense of obligation but because she wanted to be.

(gif @olicity-i-believe-in-you​)

Now that is what I call an awe-inspiring woman. No wonder Oliver Queen loves her so much. And no, it’s not about Olicity not being together. As much as I adore them as a couple, this step back was necessary and will only evolve their relationship (which is already so good at this point they’re better than 50% married couples on earth).

Anyhow, the point of this rant, apart from my obvious love of all things Felicity (including her wardrobe because that is a fucking class act!) is the sudden decision by the writers to introduce a completely random man in the loft with her in the first episode, with no backstory whatsoever. It’s not even like Ray Palmer who had to be a love interest for Felicity to be on the show for most of the season and then go frolicking into his own supersuit. 

Nope. This guy is completely random. So why introduce him at all? That too in such an intimate setting with a woman who is so careful about who she lets in her space. And we know this because in the three seasons before Oliver and Felicity started playing house, we never ever ever saw them inside Felicity’s space- not Digg, not Roy, not Oliver, the closest people to her. Her space was always kept protected (and this is the Olicity loft for goodness’ sake). And now a random guy is in the sacred loft massaging her knots? It just doesn’t add up.

Fishy. Very, very fishy. 

And so my brain goes on a weird path and comes up with this (because let’s be honest, if this was a fic and this was the situation given, I’d write this). This is what I want to be happening.

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I don’t think Charlotte was the one driving Alison’s car. I think someone drove her to the church and left and put back Alison’s car.
Here why:
•When Alison called the girls she only mentioned waking up to Charlotte no being there. She never mentioned her car being gone. I mean it’s kind of important to mentioned it cuz then she’d know that Charlotte took her car and went somewhere.
•In this picture. They don’t show Charlotte getting off of the driving seat. They just show her walking and the car’s lights are on. Why would she not turn off the car?
•Is someone even allowed to drive after 5 hours of getting out of a mental institution?
•The police didn’t mention Alison’s car being at the crime scene.
Therefore, I think someone drove Charlotte to the church and then drove back to Alison’s and put her car back. I think that someone is probably probably working with the person who killed Charlotte because they literally lured her there.
What do you guys think?
(Ps. A lot of people are saying this isn’t Charlotte but when she’s walking if you stop where she’s by the light. You can see its her. Same nose. Cuz Vanessa’s face is too cute to not recognize.)