probably not the best use of a kawaii face

"You are fake nihonjinnn!"?

The last place I expected to be weeb-attacked was at my school’s scholarship students afternoon.

I go to a private school with a scholarship, and we usually hold this big scholars dinner at the start and end of each year. This was my second year so I was excited to meet year sevens. My friend was off in the bathroom, so I went to go introduce myself. I said hi to one girl who looked kind of nervous, but I didn’t see anything wrong with her - she had short curly brown hair and a Naruto shirt. I kind of like anime so that was cool. “Hi,” I said, and introduced myself. 

I would have said more but my friend came back so I said bye and we went off to go do this opening thing. An hour or something later us girls all got together to take I photo and I invited the girl before. During the photo I did a little ‘peace’ thing with my hands, like I usually do.

After the photo we all dispersed and somehow I was left with the girl. 

“You did little peace sign! That’s so kawaiiiiiii!!!” was all I could hear. wtf?! The girl, who had seemed so quiet and nice before was all desu-ing up in my face. Now, I didn’t want to be rude or anything, so I just brushed it off and laughed.

“Ahaha… Really? Thanks..?” I said, trying to slip away. Help me!! “Anata nihonjin desu?” she blurted out. See, I’m South Korean, and I guess I am kind of used to getting mistaken for Chinese or Japanese here in Australia, so I just smiled as politely as I could.

“Oh, ahaha, no sorry, I’m Korean actually,” I said. The look of disgust on that weeb’s face. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh?” she said, in a horrible impression of one of those 'kawaii’ anime characters. “Anata Korean? FAKE NIHONJINNNNN!” she yelled. “Japanese people are the best, Korea people are NOT real Asian!!!" 

I just stood there and cringed/resisted yelling at her, until my friend rescued me. We probably should have told one of the teachers supervising, but I was just glad I didn’t see her again after that.