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Astro Reacts to Their S/O Dissing Another Rapper on SMTM and Winning.

Alrighty! I got a surplus of requests this week! Thank you so much, I will try to get them all done in a well timed manner.


  • Not gonna lie this boy will be shocked at your rapping abilities!
  • He’d be the type to go around brag about your legendary skills.
  • That’s right! I’m dating THE S/O!”
  • He’d be so proud of you on so many levels. 

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  • He’d also be amazed with your rapping skills and probably ask you to rap about ANYTHING!
  • Ok, now rap about this book!!” 
  • “How the frick am I supposed to rap about a book?”
  • Seriously though, he’d think you were a million times cooler than you already were!

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  • He would be paralyzed in shock and happiness.
  • Would probably fanboy about it for months on end! He might even ask you to do it again.
  • Wow! Do it again for me!! Please?”
  • “It’s been a year now!”

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  • He’d be so excited to see you win the whole thing! 
  • You know he’d be there to see you slay the while competition.
  • He’d be the type to show up with a huge sign declaring that he’s your number one fan.
  • Ha, I’ll always be your number one fan! No one will outshine me!!”

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  • Considering the fact that he raps for Astro, expect a LOT of rap battles!
  • Of course you two would argue over who won which battle, but know that deep down he’s VERY proud of you!
  • I’m sure that we all know that I won this battle (y/n)!”
  • “Boy, you better miss me with that bullsh*t!”
  • OK. Maybe not exactly like that, but you know what I mean!

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  • Awe this lil bean would be so excited for you! Expect a giant hug and almost a soliloquy as to how amazing you are!
  • He’d be the type to fanboy as well. Just the sheer thought that his S/O won would make him all bubbly again.
  • What are you so blushy about this time?”
  • “I just remembered how wonderful you are.”
  • “Stop. Oh my goodness it’s almost been a year!”

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This was a fun reaction! Please keep sending them and I’ll make sure to post them up as fast as possible!

~ Admin Ryn

New story: Alpha/Beta/Omega

Hi guys! 

I’ve been struggling with finding inspiration lately, but I think I’ve found some, somehow. I’m not ready to share anything yet, only that as of now, it’s looking to be an (much requested, even though requests aren’t open) A/B/O dynamic kind of story. It’s probably not what you’re gonna expect, but I hope you’ll enjoy it either way when I release it. 

One thing I can say is.. that it’s another Bucky x Steve x reader story, and it’s from Bucky’s point of view, alternating to a third person POV. It might take me a while to get this on track, so hang in there with me, and I’ll try my best to make it a good story :) 

Meanwhile, I’m also struggling to continue Rules of Recognition. There’s one more chapter I want to launch on that, but I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet. So again, hang in there with me :) 

Brothers in Vengeance will also be continued, for one more chapter. This is not because of the lack of inspiration, but because I already planned it that way ;) 

AND! I wanted to thank you all again for the nice messages and signs of support :) I’m almost at 5000 followers, it’s INSANE! Thank you guys so much!! I love you! xxxxxxx

For Beginners.

Like all beginners out there to most things, you’re gonna wanna go cheap with your first pistol more than likely, and honestly, you probably won’t splurge for a higher end handgun or anything of that sort. You’ll probably look through them, find something for less or around two hundred bucks and go “Hey, I like that one. Fuck it. I’m getting it.” Chances are, that’ll be a High Point.

High Point firearms are vilified, and they honestly shouldn’t be. Yes, they’re cheap, they’re ugly, they’re not very ergonomic or fun. They work though, you won’t have many, if any, failure to feeds if you clean and maintain it, and if it somehow fails? Well, the company that makes that brick will actually send you a brand new one if you send yours in. They have a lifetime warranty that actually works, no shit.

Still, it’s a junk handgun, but it’s the king of the junk handguns.

For Three Hundred bucks? You can get a much better firearm, in my opinion, and your options are much better, but for 150-200? Your options may be limited. That’s okay, there’s no shame in that. Get what you can afford, because any gun is better than no gun. Whatever you get though? Learn how to use it, learn how to use it well.

Welcome to the gun community. We’ll rag you for the mistakes you make because we’ve all fucking made them. We’ll tease you, we’ll taunt you, but we’ll love you all the same, so long as you’re not a xenophobic, hateful, cunt that makes the rest of us look like you by association. Still, we have our toxic members like any other community but… Regardless of your shitty political stances, we welcome you.

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quick unpopular opinion that's probably gonna get me hate mail: I don't like Grunt. At all. If anything he pisses me off.

You have some cajones for saying this off anon, haha. My hat’s off to you. Speaking against Wrex, Garrus or Grunt is a cardinal sin in the Mass Effect fandom, punishable by random people typing in all caps with several exclamation marks and disparaging comments about your mental state.

I’m sure you’re not alone though, there have to be more who don’t care for him. He definitely has a…strong personality. 

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The UF bros' SO wore lingerie and fishnet tights for a special treat~ But, uh, the skelebro in question got his finger-bones caught in the fishnet... Oops.

Underfell Sans: He blushes slightly in embarrassment, not entirely sure what do. He’s gotten his claws stuck in stuff before, but never a whole section of his finger… it doesn’t help that his fingers are thicker than most finger bones, so he’s likely going to have to just tug it out and hope he doesn’t rip anything or accidentally prick you, which he ends up doing by accident and he freaks out. Yeah, it’s probably best that you don’t wear lingerie around this guy. He’s gonna get something caught up in it. If it isn’t his fingers, it’s his ribs and sometimes even his teeth. 

Underfell Papyrus: He comes off as though he knows what to do in this situation, but he’s freaking out internally. Like his brother, he’s gotten his claws stuck in things before, though it’s a lot easier for him to get his claws unstuck because his fingers are much more slender. He looks at where his finger is caught and very skillfully takes it out, which is as much of a surprise to him as it is to him. 

Well Nintendo looks like your gonna be taking more money off me….
Also glad Chrom’s finally getting to have the spotlight over his ridiculously more successful daughter for a change even though I’m like 99.9% Lucina’s gonna be in this in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if all the Smash reps are there (definitely Marth, Ike and Roy).
I have one request, only one (ok I’ll probably have other but this is the main one) and that is I want Hector, Micaiah and Ephriam just because I’m so sick of sword weilders always being the reps for Fire Emblem in anything so this is a great opportunity to give us some variety.

14 Million

This milestone literally came so fast and I didn’t even realize which I feel really bad about because I didn’t even make anything for it or do anything for it, so this is probably gonna be a long emotional text post about this milestone, so get ready.

Well, this month literally marks when I first found Jack and subscribed to him. It was because of Pewdiepie’s shoutout video, if I haven’t said that already. That year that I found Jack was a really rough year for me and I went to his videos to give me the comfort that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I also never told anybody I watched his videos just to keep him my little secret, though I immediately regret ever doing that now. Anyways, this post isn’t supposed to be sad, yet here I am talking about sad shit. For the longest time, I just silently watched Jack’s videos. I never commented on his videos (still don’t), didn’t tweet him on Twitter, nor tried to find his Tumblr until 2015. I know, I didn’t interact with him a whole year, I literally just watched his videos until I had the guts to interact with him, which I’m not gonna lie, was terrifying. The fact that his community was so welcoming made me feel like I belonged somewhere. In other communities, I felt like an outsider with no friends while everyone had their group of friends. I was really lonely, basically. But I don’t know, something about his community made me feel like I did belong somewhere, even if was with a YouTube community online.

Where am I going with this? Right, and at the moment where I interacted with Jack and his community and felt like I belonged somewhere, it sort of made me feel guilty having gone a whole year not interacting with him/his community. Thinking back on it now makes me a little bit upset, even. But that’s not the point. The point is I’ve been in this community for so long now and met so many people and talked to so many people (those who I’m shitty at keeping in contact with) and it’s just crazy to think about how there’s 14 million in the community now. My mind is blown. Congratulations and I can’t wait for the next milestone.

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Guzma x MGrunt. The teams having a party and a grunt has had a few drinks causing him to say things he'd rather of stayed quiet about to a very pent up Guzma.

Gonna go with “not fully drunk” because can you say you’d really see Guzma doing anything to a drunk Grunt? No. He wouldn’t. If they were both mildly drunk though, maybe.

Nsfw inbound

- Likely, if the m!Grunt came onto him, Guzma would take the lead. It’d get the Grunt flustered which would be super cute.

- They’d probably have some punk music playing while the go at it, mainly to help mask the Grunts noises from the house.

- The Grunt would cuddle into Guzma afterwards, which Guzma would allow because they did good and they earned it.

~ ModGrutcle

(Random) Mikey Headcannons

-Mikey is always leaving little gifts/crafts for his s/o; they should expect some cute notes, poems or lyrics, maybe even origami cranes.
-Mikey is good at snapping necks and adjusting spines back in place, like it’s suspicious how good he is at it.
-The least picky eater you’ll ever meet. He’s the best in the kitchen out of all his brothers, and he’s always down to show that off to his partner. Cooking is probably a fun date idea for him, his place or theirs it don’t matter. Having some speakers around for music is ideal to him though.
-He loves neon colors on his s/o, he just thinks they pull them off so cool.
-Mikey is good at painting nails/toenails; someone made a comment before he’d be down to get his painted too (was it Michelle?).
-In general, Mikey is the boyfriend who’s gonna help his lover with anything:
They needs help curling their hair? He’ll help. Tying their tie? He’ll do it. Makeup? It may not be superb, but he will do his best.
-If his partner dyes their hair, he wants to be apart of that; it just seems so cool.
-He digs boy shorts or anything cheeky (wink wink).
-If he’s snuggled with his s/o, his fav position is to rest on their chest and be lulled by their heartbeat.
-The concept of a diet kinda flies over his head (he’d be like: okay but one slice isn’t gonna kill you babe…). He’d lay off though, cause he can respect if his partner wants to lose weight (as long as they’re approaching it in a healthy way).
-BUT if his s/o ever got self conscious about weight or their body in front of him it’d honestly kill him. He’ll always make it known he adores his lover (no matter what size), and he’ll find the most cutest ways to compliment everything about their body.
-I’m down with the HC that Mikey is a boob guy, but let’s step that up: It’s all boobs. Whatever his girl is working he’ll be all over them. If his girl makes a comment she doesn’t like them (whether it’s due to stretch marks, having smaller boobs, or being asymmetrical) BEST BELIEVE he’s gonna bring his loving A-game when loving up on them.
-He’ll always be blowing up his s/o’s phone. If it’s not texts or snaps, it’s funny photos and links to YouTube videos or Vines (so many selfies too).
-Mikey is mainly a texter, but he also enjoys FaceTime.
-When his partner is having a bad day, he’s excellent at comforting them. Unless they tell him to, he will not leave their side. He doesn’t hesitate to act for them; his attitude changes, cause it’s not a joke. He takes his partner’s feelings to heart and needs them to know he’s not going anywhere .
-He hums a lot, whatever he’s doing, he’s always making noise.
-Mikey handles jealousy awkwardly, like he probably tries to laugh it off at first, but soon enough it settles and yeah… he needs some verbal reassurance.
-If he has to go to one of his bros for relationship advice, it tends to be Leo. I feel he admires Leo’s perception on dating, and it’s interesting for him to see how much of a classic romantic his big bro really is.
-Out of all his bros, Mikey is the most versatile lover. He doesn’t limit himself to “roles” in the bedroom. He’s willing to try whatever his partner is comfortable with and if he finds they enjoyed whatever they did much more than expected, no doubt they will be revisiting it again.
-Numerous times he’ll wake his lover up via peppering kisses all over their body.

*sigh*Today has just not been a great day, and it’s only the start of the year. Dunno how I’m gonna survive for the rest of the year. Now I wanna draw something to get rid of the stress, and I can’t think of anything to draw.  I’m thinking maybe an au or any ships, maybe you guys can suggest to me one! I’ll just be doodling them though. (most probably) Oh and have a doodle of Del.

First Time// Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
may i request a first time smut with got7’s jb? while i love rough sex with daddy jb, i’d love to see him being caring and gentle in your first time with him? c’:

Author’s Note: Jaebum is so soft I wanna snuggle bUT I’M PROBABLY GONNA GO TO HELL AFTER WRITING THIS RIP ME

xoxo Sara

You were nervous, to say the least. It had been about a year since you had started dating Jaebum, and it was such a lovely time, but you could tell he was slowly getting impatient. You two had talked about having sex before, though you would get nervous every time. He would only talk about it when you bring it up, not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable, as he truly cared about you, more than anything.

You had decided that tonight, you were ready, that you wanted to give your all to him tonight. You knew he was ready, and you had finally felt ready. You were never the most confident person in the world, which was a contributing factor as to why you didn’t want to, you didn’t like seeing yourself naked, and you didn’t want to think what he would think after seeing you naked.

You had both started off the date at a fancy restaurant, the place basically rented out for you two to enjoy alone. He had worn dress shirt, along with black dress pants, his hair slicked back slightly, while you had decided to finally put on a nice pink dress, curling your hair and putting on light makeup. He looked absolutely breathless when you opened the door, not being able to mutter more than how beautiful you looked, as if you had broken him and left him on repeat with that one statement.

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Rules: tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously. The facts can be absolutely anything! Whatever springs to mind! Let’s get started!

1. I almost drowned when I was four and the incident left a permanent wariness when it comes to deep water - though at the same time I’m very much drawn to it. The end result is confusing and conflicting. 

2. I use my toes to pick things up from the floor a lot.

3. If I could have any language coded into my brain I’d probably pick either ancient Greek or Sanskrit because I’m a Dork. 

4. I freaking love goats. I’m gonna have some when I decide to settle down somewhere.

5. Also chickens.

6. I’m the oldest of all the (11) cousins on my mother’s side, but I’ll probably end up the shortest once they’re all grown up. 

7. I love crafting and I’m a total technique nerd. Fair isle? Lace knitting? Traditional tailoring techniques? Sign me the fuck up. 

8. Tbh I’m more interested in learning new techniques than actually finishing things.

9. When I was smol I used to believe I came from another planet. That or I was a monster in a person-suit.

10. If you want to see me get excited about something, talk etymology to me.

11. I have a weird rectangular birth mark on my ribs. My mom had one just like it.

I’ve tagged a lot of people lately so I’m gonna leave this open to whoever wants to do this! Pls tag me if you do so I can see your answers <3

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Regarding this fuzzy about the superheroes kids, I think it was very rude of you to start this. Yes, the character could be adopted but we are not obligated to do that. It's perfectly fine if someone wants to make biological characters and they be white, don't say this is a problem. This is racism from your part too. You are creating problem for nothing. Also, the FC the mum used for amanda's son it's not white. Lex is white so it wound have problem if he was white as well.

it is a problem bc a: representation. though you probably wouldn’t get that. i’m not gonna assume you’re white or anything like that bc that’s a prick move (but chances are… ) . oh is it racist for me? :((( am i racist against white people??/ :(((( im sorry aw. and yes he is. how about you google it instead of tryna come at me like i already didn’t or some shit but since you’re clearly unable to:

 it is a problem bc you’re erasing that he’d be half black when there are plenty of actors who can fill it. try and come at me with something else. i’ll wait.

fuck i feel like shit posting rn lol i have so much i want to say cuz i havent blogged in forever but idk how to segue into anything
1. so it’s a new year and i’ve been meaning to reflect on the old but i honestly only remember buts and pieces of 2016.

2. probably the best thing that happened last yr was i finally quit and got out of that toxic work environment. don’t get me wrong though i’m really glad i worked there, i met so many amazing people like becca and thank god!!!!!!!! cuz i’m gonna be working w her again LOL i finally got a job after being unemployed for like a month smfh!

3. don’t get me wrong tho being unemployed for a bit was really fun, like i finally had time to sleep and play games see my friends and family etc. the only thing tho was i probably had a little too much time lmao. like the entire last week of 2016 i was drunk and then i was also drunk the first week of 2017 smh!! it was fun tho, but going out to parties and clubbing downtown is kinda getting old. i’ll still get lit tho ahuaaa

4. i’m hoping i can be responsible and save up cuz i’m already planning like 4 different trips w friends this year lmaoo i’m so excited.


Hey guys I guess I’m officially gonna say it? I’m on hiatus. I’m probably not gonna be very active until I get out of this semester. I might hop on occasionally and re log stuff but more than likely won’t be writing anything for a while. My life is now crazy stressful lmao. But!!! I still wanna talk wig everyone and am totally open to plotting and chatting even though I’m currently taking a small break from actual writing because of life. I hope you all understand!!!!

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To contribute, sex in space is actually against the law I think? (Except there's no like space police so I don't know how you'd be punished or anything) We gotta get on that though, zero gravity sex is probably wild.

Wait that means that someone fucked in space before so I’m not gonna be the first twink astronaut goddamit


Zexal Month Day 1 - Favourite Character
↳ Gauche’s abs

I’m gonna be the only person that chooses him as my fave. He had ridiculous hair and stupid eyebrows, but I loved him anyway. Seriously though, I really did like him as a character, especially his “symbol of hope for the kids!” attitude at the end. I probably wouldn’t have finished Zexal as quickly as I did without the need to get to the Gauche episodes asap, even though there weren’t very many after the first season. I wish he and Droite had appeared more often and that their backgrounds/childhoods had been touched on a bit more. But if anything, at least we got that tight shirt out of the episodes we did have.

Mini Hiatus

(Since things are practically dead here and I’m probably not gonna get anything done until after New Year’s (and I do have plans tomorrow into Sunday), I’m just putting this blog on a 3 day hiatus. No point in being on here if there’s nothing to do and/or I’m gonna be busy. I’ll still be on my Shorty blog though.)

Headcanon: Riddler is banned from playing certain board games in Arkham’s activity room. Games like Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Boggle, and anything else that requires too much thinking are off limits to him because he always gets too heated. Now he’s stuck playing Connect Four which “Is literally child’s play, how could you demean me in this manner?” He still gets heated about Connect Four though, claiming there’s some intelligence that can be applied to it so he’s probably gonna get banned from that too soon. 

i really feel like making things so probably the first 5 people to IM me will get a fully coded theme from me. note that i will need access to your tumblr put in this in. i won’t do anything except put the theme in. or if you aren’t comfortable, i can try to use a pastebin so just say which you’d prefer.