probably not english majors

reasons im going to fight chris pine
  • does interviews without shoes on
  • eyes are TOO blue
  • used the word “cesura” in a real sentence
  • cried during the notebook
  • exclusively uses the unicorn emoji
  • desert hooker
  • “what a strange, sad day it’s been”
  • smile too perfect
  • looks too good with glasses. does nothing to stop blueness of eyes. Unfair
  • his middle name is “whitelaw” mgfggfucgf????
  • he was an english major, i could probably fight an english major and win
Got7 College AU - JB

A/N - Here’s the college AU for JB! I loved doing this so I hope you all enjoyed it too~

Mark | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • so Im Jaebum
  • totally the ‘bad boy’ on the campus
  • but once you get to know him, he’s a total softie
  • he would probably be an English major but would be very involved with anything music related
  • at the beginning of the year, you’d see him walk in and take the seat next to you and you’d be very intimidated curious to see what he’s like
  • despite your initial thoughts about him, you began to find yourself liking him more and more
  • he’d be really quiet pretty much the whole time but would then say something really deep and meaningful about the novel or the author
  • and you’d be lowkey shocked but also very impressed
  • you never spoke to him and only gave him shy smiles whenever he looked at you
  • which was a lot
  • he had a thing for kind of staring at you ??
  • and you’d feel both awkward and fuzzy inside
  • bc part of you thinks he likes you which he so does
  • and part of you also likes him
  • but you’d never tell him bc he’s way too cool to like you, right?
  • wrong. 
  • he’s a total nerd even though he’s always wearing ripped jeans and leather jackets with his ears all pierced
  • then after one lesson, you take longer than usual to pack away your stuff and he comes up to you and introduces himself
  • “hey, I’m Jaebum”
  • “I thought people just called you JB”
  • “those people aren’t cute girls like you”
  • -cue blushing-
  • on the inside he’s dying bc did he really use that line on you but oh well it seems to be working
  • “well, I must be rather privileged then. but hi, Jaebum”
  • and that was the beginning of the most adorable love story ever
  • after that little encounter, he would do sweet little things in the hopes that you’d notice him
  • until he finally asked you out and you almost screamed your answer bc goddamn you’ve been waiting for this day
  • and when he takes you out, the date is very different to what you expected
  • even the way he dressed was weird to see
  • he had told you to “dress fancy” and picked you up wearing a suit and looking VERY HOT
  • you almost passed out from the heat he was radiating
  • and he almost died from how stunning you looked
  • Jaebum would just be stood there, awestruck at how lucky he had gotten
  • then he’d lead you out to his car and he’d take you to an art gallery
  • the location surprised you but you went along with it until Jaebum explained himself
  • “I don’t know if I told you but I’m a musician. As well as the English, of course. And I wanted to take you here because this is my inspiration. At least it was, until I found someone else to inspire me.”
    “who’s that?”
  • “you”
  • then he’d pull out his phone and some headphones and play the most beautiful song you had ever heard
  • and it was about you !
  • the lyrics were the sweetest and you couldn’t believe how good his voice was
  • like damn, that boy can sing
  • after you guys have finished looking around the art gallery, he takes you to a restaurant and the date is pretty normal from then on
  • but when he drops you off at your dorm, you don’t want to say goodbye and you don’t have a roommate so would you like to come in
  • needless to say, it’s a good job you didn’t have any morning classes the next day
  • but that night you spent with him was the perfect way to end a perfect date
  • and it had all began in that one little English class
  • your relationship with him would be filled with little quotes from novels you had both read
  • some of them sweet, some would be teasing the other
  • but it always warmed your heart to see a little post-it note sticking out of your favourite notebook
  • and seeing Jaebum’s handwriting with a sweet quote
  • “I love her and that’s the beginning and ending of everything” - F. Scott Fitzgerald - all my love, Jaebum ♡
  • everyone in your English class was jealous of your relationship
  • in fact everyone on campus was
  • they could all see that you two would last forever no matter what
  • and to think you had been intimidated by him when he first walked into that English classroom 
  • 1st House: Probably has a lot of mirrors, "I woke up like this", says "me" or "same" to everything, just focused on finding themselves, tries to be positive
  • 2nd House: Blankets and cookies 24/7, v pretty clothes, probably Netflix binges, obsessed with saving or spending money, "If you're not talking money, I don't want to talk"
  • 3rd House: Never shuts up, probably an English major, reads a lot, highkey nerd, "So I read this article today-"
  • 4th House: At home a lot, doesn't feel safe most of the time, v private, finds everything cute, is the mom friend, just wants to be held
  • 5th House: Partying/clubbing 24/7, v dramatic, "The world is my stage", loves kids and pets, has a lot of love to give
  • 6th House: Probably has a studyblr, workaholic, pretends to be healthy but probably binges in private, hypochondriac, lots of complaining, "I like organizing and planning what's wrong with that????"
  • 7th House: Constantly around people, highkey clingy, "Hey wanna come to __ with me? I don't want to go alone", really into romantic shit, "I thought of you when I heard this!"
  • 8th House: Looks like death, lots and lots of secrets, "I'll tell you later" (Doesn't actually), probably a witch, lowkey freak, sexsexsexsex
  • 9th House: Wanderlust, "Sorry that isn't politically correct, you should-", "Have you ever tried meditating?", probably a know-it-all, is really stubborn but somehow changes opinion a lot
  • 10th House: Always has to be on top, everyone knows who they are, wants a lot of money, puts on a show, "Sorry I'm only focused on my career at the moment"
  • 11th House: Friends with everyone, probably says "squad" a lot, just really focused on their dreams, likes to volunteer, "My friends are the most important thing in my life"
  • 12th House: Constantly confused, lots of crying (alone), "Sorry what did you say I wasn't listening", rly shy, alone most of the time, reallyreallyreally sweet and caring, CONFUSED, just wants to nap
types of intro greek students

(slightly based off of this, hope it’s ok i adapted it!)

the classics civ. kid: the lonesome first year or sophomore who has never studied greek but is overly eager to learn. loves Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, readi Oedipus in 12th grade english, and obsessed over Percy Jackson in elementary school. probably an english or psychology major. they are taking this class to see if they could handle a major; will probably not take it in the spring semester. an all around stand up guy/gal

the premed: thought AP Euro was a fun class in high school; probably wanted to be indie and not do something as mainstream as latin. in it to fulfill the uni’s language requirement. does chemistry/bio homework in class; will call you at 3am to ask about a prepositional phrase

the latin major: studied latin in high school, in a spoken latin class now; learns the decelension by comparing them to latin. loudly complains about greek accent rules and cant pronounce for shit. asks lots of questions about the linguistics of indoeuropean languages on day 1. is taking the class to fulfill their greek requirement in the department; super annoying but nice and will help you remember vocab

the double major: wants to major in classics and something STEM. would probably rather be just a classics major but their parents want them to be practical. messes up on accents continuously. loves Plato. procrastinates on everything. shows up to study groups with a list of questions

the religious studies major: quiet person, super nice. tried to teach themself over the summer, got halfway through the alpha decelension and realized they should just take the class. will organize study groups using New Testament passages as examples. everything they do is helpful 

the classics major TM: probably calls every dead greek their “1 tru fav.” has a strong opinion for or against latin; worships their greek textbook and every word out of the professor’s mouth. probably loves homer to a worrisome degree. makes quizlets. spends too much time memorizing every rule and exception instead of doing the homework. signs emails with “χαῖρε”

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Being an English Major and a Clarinetist
  • Literary Interpretations Professor: Well, most of your paper was well-written, but you need to be a little bit more of a sentence-level writer here and your transition here was a bit jarring.
  • Me: Yeah, sorry it was the reed.
  • Him: ...The what?
  • Me: ...Sorry, nothing, just my go to excuse. Continue.

leadingthehorticulture  asked:

Hey SNP, I thought about sending you an email but something about it smacks of favor-mongering since my question is about finding work. I graduated from undergrad about a month ago. Pretty usual story, probably. Writer, English major, etc. Most of my writing from school is personal essay and poetry which, though I like the work I've done, feels wholly unmarketable in the job hunt. Any thoughts on how to get started? Am I supposed to just take to the internet and cross my fingers?

Basically, yes. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you don’t have offline connections. That, and intern at a magazine. Elisabeth Denison, poetry editor at the New Yorker, has what may be good advice for you here.

some Derek Nurse Things, for your viewing pleasure, from someone who strongly identifies with and has a lot of things in common with him:
  • is probably actually a creative writing major, not an english major
    • like yes it all technically falls under english but still,,,
    • don’t ever ask him if he wants to be an english teacher
    • he will hate you
  • has met quite a few poets. his poetry books are (almost) all signed
  • speaks urdu and navajo (or diné bizaad) on top of english
  • learning asl and korean in his spare time. it helps his poetry
  • LOVES crop tops. he’s gotten chowder to wear some a few times. caitlin farmer is his new best friend and thanks him immensely.
  • gets a mani pedi probably once a week? no maybe once a month
  • actually doesn’t know how to make scrambled eggs
    • like… he didn’t realize you have to put the butter in FIRST what a disaster eric richard “bitty” bittle cried actual tears
  • can dance surprisingly well. (his moms made him learn)
  • speaking of his moms, of which he has two,,,
  • Amal Nurse is pakistani and speaks urdu and english. she’s a lawyer. she has her own firm, the second largest in manhattan
    • she calls Nursey ‘chusni’, which is urdu for ‘pacifier’, because his nerd ass used a pacifier until he was like, four years old
    • he calls her “ammi”
  • Yanaha Nurse is black and navajo also i love her
    • she’s a model
    • is the one who insisted Nursey learned to dance after she saw his clumsy ass fall down the stairs from tripping over nothing for the third time in a week
    • he calls her “ma”

okay this got long i’m putting it under a cut

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what todds major is

probably something to do with English, he said he’s always having to write stuff and it’s what he likes and wants to do

smolsickficwriter  asked:

you may have answered this already at some point (if you have just ignore it!), but what are all of your ocs favorite school subjects? what would/will/do they study in college?

Asher likes nothing. He ditches more than he goes to school. He’ll probably drop out.

Felix likes technology and engineering. He’ll probably major in electrical engineering in college.

Lucas likes English and theater. He’s more likely to go to beauty school than college.

David loves literature, but his preferred field in school is science. He’ll probably get a degree in whatever makes the most money rather than what he’s most fond of.

Minato is a chem and physics whore. He went to college and 14, and has PhDs in Biochemistry and Physics

Kazu has legit never gone to school ever but if he did he’d be as bad a student as Asher, minus art class.

Takao likes programming and digital design. That’s probs what he’ll major in.

Morgan likes art and creative writing. Idk if he’s the college type.

Gwen is the kind of person that majors in gender studies.

Kit likes literature and linguistics, the latter of which is his major, but he’s also a lazy dickbag that never goes to his college classes.

Violet likes history and politics. She’s a political science major.

I’m so incredibly touched that Donghae not only wrote such a sweet letter, but bothered to write it in 3 languages so that more of us got to read it without someone having to translate for us. The thing is he probably knows that even if it is was just in Korean, we would have all been able to read it thanks to wonderful translator ELFs. Even knowing that, he still decided to write in Korean, English, and Chinese. These are probably the three major languages that he has been getting letters from fans in, and he decided that he wanted to write back directly. I’m not sure if he had help with the English and Chinese (I’m guessing most of it was on his own), but either way that would take so much effort and time, something he probably doesn’t have a lot of.

He thought we were worth that effort. 

Hey, you.

Yeah, you. You’re probably an English major. There’s a lot of them in this fandom. At the very least, you’re a writer of some kind. Out of the thousands of us, someone here is going to be a show runner, or a writer, or something. If it’s you, or me, or any of us, we will do better. Some day, one of us will write a show that actually does justice to the queer community in the way that we thought The 100 was going to. So get to writing. Don’t let this destroy you. We will do better.