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Can you tell me why you ship zack and cloud? -๐ŸŒธ

Yknow I had a good reason when I first shipped them, but I can’t seem to remember now ^^; but I think the gist of it was “I love these characters and I enjoy their (canon) relationship and I think it’d be really cute to see it in a deeper way” (?) that’s a way to explain it I guess…

just think about how happy scott was to hear lydia say “you said remember I love you”. Scott mccall who has been rooting for these two since the third grade probably, who has on so many occasions been the biggest stydia shipper in the room, the one who always looks so fucking proud when he see’s the two of them getting closer. he probably saw lydias reaction to hearing stiles’ voice, and remembers her saying “i think I loved him” and his heart is so full of joy