probably no one will get this

I was thinking that after being found Graves probably needs a bit of recovery time and this one odd little mooncalf takes to him
Graves is recovering in Newts bed in his little shack where Newt sleeps sometimes if hes busy working.
Next thing this FACE with giant eyes peers over the side of the bed and Newt comes running in after it
‘Out you get come on, shoo, back to your moon’ but it keeps coming in
Then one round Newt arrives in to see a weak Graves leaning over the side with an arm cupped under it
trying to pull it up because its been trying but it has tiny legs. Newt sighs and scoops it up and lays it on the bed and then WHUMP it just flops its head on Graves chest and goes to sleep
Newt’s magizoologist mind is like 'I MUST DOCUMENT THIS’ But also 'is he hurting you?’
So Newt ends up putting a few buckets down as steps so Graves wont hurt himself and so bub can climb up

Because imagine being Graves - where no one knew you well enough to realise you’d been replaced
Would you want to go back to working with those people? He just needs a vacay with Newt in his suitcase while he recovers his strenght


a little taako

This is probably one of the largest full paintings I’ve ever done… And for once I’m actually proud of it gosh darnit.

So this is the painted version of that flat image I posted the other day, featuring Melvin from the band!AU and based on the music video for Trivium’s Until The World Goes Cold. There are two oni masks which I’ve seen associated with the new album, one being black and the other being white, so I got a pretty good idea for a companion piece for this.. I just need to find the time to paint that one as well because things are getting pretty crazy irl right now lol

911, what is your emergency

Prompt: “I have no idea who you are but I just saw you get hit by a car and the car just fucked off oh my god please stop moving while I call 911”

Because apparently not enough stories have Vex in ugly car accidents. Whoops.


Vex’s had three thoughts when she opened her eyes.

Number one was that her arm really fucking hurt.

Number two was that her bike was probably fucked as well.

Number three was that the first two didn’t matter that much, since she was apparently dead.

Hello,” Vex said to the angel that leaned over her. Sunlight halo’d around his white hair, and she had to squint to see his features. She hadn’t paid much attention in Sunday school when her father had cared enough to force her to go, but she was pretty sure they’d never mentioned angels being hot. “Are all angels hot, or is it just you?”

“Okay, I was going to ask if you could tell me your name, but now I’m pretty sure you’ve got a concussion.” Mr. Hot Angel even had a hot voice, deep and smooth. He smiled a half-smile that seemed blinding, or maybe that was the sun in her eyes. “When you’re ready though, I’d like to know your name. That’ll help.”

“Take that, Dad. I am getting into heaven.” Vex smiled back at her angel, then tried to sit up. The world spun around her, and her side felt like it was on fire. She lay back onto the pavement, which was much more comfortable than… wait….

Mr. Hot Angel kept talking, though now that she was looking at him again he wasn’t talking to her, but to his phone, “Yes, a hit and run. Just outside the park entrance off of Abadar’s Promenade, near the lake. A black pickup with Pennsylvania plates clipped a woman on a bike. The truck went north after that, but I didn’t get the plate. The woman is…she seems out of it, but she’s awake. Her arm looks broken, or maybe her collarbone. Her arm’s at a weird angle… She’s not in the road; she got knocked onto the sidewalk.”

“Call me Vex, Angel.” Vex blinked again, and the world came back into a sharp focus. It was as if everything he’d just said processed through her head at once. “Wait, wait! Don’t call an ambulance!”

“Too late, um, Vex. They said they’re sending one already. Stay still, you don’t want to fuck up your arm anymore.” Mr. Hot Angel held his hand out over her shoulder on the side that didn’t hurt as much. “Can you tell me your full name?”

“My full name is I don’t have insurance! I can’t afford hospital bills right now!” She tried to get up again, but the pain in her side and the sudden anxiety of having to pay for an ambulance bill left her gasping for air. Her left arm hung limply at her side. Between all of that, and then seeing her bike mangled on the side of the road twenty feet away, Vex did the only thing that made sense.

She burst into tears.

Mr. Hot Angel didn’t touch her, just kept his hand out somewhat uselessly. He looked around, as if someone would willingly come over to help two people who were obviously freaking out. “Oh, oh god. Vex? Vex, it’s going to be okay. Is there someone I can call for you? Someone who can meet you at the hospital?”

“My, my…” Between hiccuping sobs that just hurt even more, Vex tried to get a deep enough breath to get the words out. “My brother. He’s…he’s gonna have his phone off though. He’s at work.”

Her hand shook as she tried to reach for her purse, but she had to turn to reach it, and that sent another wave of pain over her. For a moment she couldn’t even breath enough to keep crying. Mr. Hot Angel grabbed it from where it had fallen, and after she gave him a nod, unzipped it and dug around for a moment before pulling out her phone. He flipped it open and asked, “What’s his name? I’ll text him for you.”

“Vax. But he’s in my phone as shitbird.” Vex gave a half-hearted laugh at the look on Mr. Hot Angel’s face at that. “Just… tell him I’m okay and talking and to meet me at the hospital. And….fuck, I can’t….”

Her eyes started welling up at tears again. They were only just making ends meet at the moment, and she probably could call Syldor for money, if she had to… She watched the man type something out in her phone, taking long enough that she was sure Vax would be concerned by how wordy the message was. “Can… can you just tell me your name so I’m not calling you Mr. Hot Angel in my head?”

Behind his glasses, Mr. Hot Angel’s eyes went wide. “Percival Fredricks… Just Percy. You’re probably too concussed to deal with the whole thing. It’s going to be okay, Vex. You’ll be okay, and Shitbird will meet you at the hospital.”

“Thanks, Percy.” She winced as she heard a car pull up beside them, then looked up to see a cop getting out of it.

“What happened here?” Asked the cop, and Percy stood to talk to her. Vex squinted up at him, light still filtering into a halo around him because of his hair. She and Vax didn’t have the best track record with the police, so at least she had someone else talking for her, at least for the moment.

Heh. Apparently she had a guardian angel.

I know a lot of people are worried about the Romeo + Juliet parallels this season, and what I mean for the final episode and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little on edge about it. But I’m going to completely honest, I don’t think we have to worry about the kill your gays trope rearing it’s ugly head in skam, not after everything they’ve done this season.

Those references were woven into the story to give you an insight into Even’s mind. Even believes you can’t love someone without getting hurt, or destroying everything you built with them, because he believes no one could ever want him because of his mental health issues. And that’s something he’s probably believed for his whole life, no matter what others have told him. And why is that? No one has proven him otherwise, no one has ever made Even feel whole – shown him that there is, in fact light at the end of the tunnel.

Until Isak.

I’m 90% sure Even sent that text as a desperate attempt to prove his own mind wrong, while also saying goodbye at the same time. But Isak didn’t let him down. Isak dead ass ran right across the city to try and get to the boy that he loves.

Isak shattered those images from Even’s mind into a million little pieces, Even has hope now. Even has someone who will love him no matter what.

Even is going nowhere.

Neither is Isak.

Inside Ike Broflovski

I’ve basically just visually compiled some of the most interesting bits from the final episode of South Park s20.

1. Apparently Ike remains pretty darn patriotic towards Canada. Considering how pretty our Prime Minister is, I can’t blame him.

2. Games Ike either plays or is interested in. The fact Undertale is on here rocks. I also love that the guys did slip a Chinpokomon reference subtly in here.

3. I approve of Ike’s choices in what to watch. Kinda surprised to find two anime on the list, though. I’d expect Kenny’s history to be the one with the most anime (probably a fair number of hentai titles, as well as regular porn too.)

4. The YouTubers Ike apparently likes, and congrats to them all for getting a nod from the peeps at South Park. I watch Markiplier and Game Grumps too, though I’m not a big PewdiePie fan (no hate! He seems cool and nice, I just am not drawn to his videos in the same way Ike seems to be.

5. The most important piece of Ike’s Internet history:

FIKE CONFIRMED. (…well, not really, Ike had emailed and texted a number of others, but this at least confirms they have some sort of relationship!)

There, just thought I’d share these sort of interesting tidbits from the season finale.

“I worked and I paid my way through college”& “You’re just expecting college to be handed to you”

Let’s consider a few things here.

1: Tuition has fucking skyrocketed since you’ve probably been in school. Even public schools that are not for-profit are pretty expensive. Every state is different for the average cost. Emory in Georgia (private school) costs between 70-80k+ per semester AND INCREASES EACH SEMESTER.

2. School supplies (including textbooks) has also increased with price. To give an example: My school store wanted me to pay about $700 for one textbook for one class,for one semester. There was no guarantee we’d use the textbook. If you try to sell it back at the end of the semester? You’ll probably only get $100-400 IF YOU ARE LUCKY. 

3. Minimum wage isn’t enough to live off of, even if it’s only you living in the home. The minimum wage in Georgia, USA is around $7.50. The calculated living wage for a single person living on their own (no bf/gf/kids/whatever) is about $10.00. See how the math doesn’t add up????

4. Most jobs (even entry level) require some kind of formal education (associate’s degree, bachelor’s, etc.). My boyfriend is almost done with his bachelor degree, but he couldn’t get a part time job at Verizon as a salesman, because they wanted him to have a 4 year college degree (to sell fucking phones????).

5. PhDs, and other terminal degrees, are still working at wal-mart. Because people in their field aren’t hiring. It’s not a matter of them being “lazy”. It’s a matter of greed (not wanting to pay a reasonable wage for the skill they offer you), and other reasons. When you send 50+ applications per week for awhile, it’s easy to get discouraged, even if your resume looks amazing (and is great in quality).

6. If you worked and went to college with no debt, it was likely during a time when you could actually do that. Due to inflation and other economic reasons, this just is not possible anymore for majority of the population. While CEOs and other high-level jobs have had a monumental increase in their own wages (some pharmaceutical companies have had this be brought up in court cases against them), employees working to support themselves (and/or their families) have NOT seen the same kind of wage increase. Because of the increase in price for living in general (food, water bills, etc.) and greedy companies not willing to pay their employees a LIVING wage, this is one huge reason why people simply can’t work at wal-mart and expect to go to college without any debt whatsoever. 

7. Majority of scholarship websites have lottery odds. There’s hundreds upon hundreds of scholarships and scholarship websites out there. Attempting to win one, is like trying to win the lottery. 

My generation (1990s babies) do NOT want “free college” because we “should get free college”. We want an AFFORDABLE college, so we don’t have to drown in debt in the process that will follow us until we are DEAD

This is my personal views, but if you graduated high school and have genuine ambitions and interests, you should be able to go to college to fulfil these ambitions. If you can’t afford college (and this is the only reason you are not going), this is NOT acceptable!

pissed-off-persephone  asked:

Alright, just how would a vampire keep their finances intact and accessible over hundreds of years?

I don’t think there’s any legal impediment to this. The main issue is their ID, but they would need to periodically change their identity over time. All they’d need to do is transfer their money around from their “old” identity to their “new” one when they transition. How to do that without paying a lot of taxes and/or getting audited? For that you’d probably have to ask a @scriptaccountant if we have one ;)

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Which pieces of Orga concept art are you referring to?

Mwahahahahahaha!!! I was hoping you would ask that! So allow me to go over my top five favorites!


First, we have these more insectoid designs. These don’t look anything like what we know about Orga, and it is possible that these were made in the early stages of the character’s development, the script might have just referred to Orga as a space monster with no defining characteristics. This is a really unique idea, even if the second looks like Mother Legion. It makes me wonder what the early script was like, or if they even had one.

These designs appear to resemble Godzilla, don’t they? These were probably made when the plot was more refined to include Organizer G (Orga? ORGAnizer? Get it?) as a part of Orga’s mutation. I adore the freakishly long, webbed fingers of the first one. The second one looks more like Godzilla, but an abomination of him, kinda like The Thing.

And last, but most certainly not least, my personal favorite. This looks much closer to the Orga we all know and love, and while this may be an unpopular opinion, I prefer THIS design over what we got. It’s so cool looking! The head doesn’t seem to have eyes like we know, but rather gill like organs that might have functioned like them. It’s body looks like it’s UFO, but more organic. And the mouth is wicked looking lined with thin jagged teeth.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Orga as much as the next guy, but these designs(to me) are just so much cooler.

And this isn’t even all of them, Rodan’s Roost has a crap ton more:
Want cheaper drugs? Increase competition.
FDA regulations keep many drugs from entering the market.

The FDA has monopoly power over new drugs. It keeps new drugs off the market for years, not months. Ask people why the FDA should have such power and they will likely say they’re worried about whether drugs are safe. But the biggest holdup in getting drugs to market is not how long it takes to show that they’re safe, but rather the time and expense needed to show they are efficacious for particular uses.

Economists have shown that the cost to get one drug to market successfully is now more than $2.8 billion. Most of this cost is due to FDA regulation. Some potentially helpful drugs don’t ever make it to market because the cost the company must bear is too high. Drug companies reguarly “kill” drugs that could be effective because the potential profits, multiplied by the probability of collecting them, are less than the anticipated costs. Imagine a drug for melanoma that never got on the market due to FDA regulation. In a sense, its price is infinite because it can’t even be purchased. Reduce FDA regulation so that it gets on the market, and the price falls from “infinite” to merely “high.”

If we simply went back to pre-1962 law, the FDA could still require proof of safety, but would not be able to require evidence on efficacy. This one change would allow drugs to be developed a full 10 years faster. Market success would establish efficacy — or not. If the drugs didn’t work, usage would fall. Could there be ineffective drugs? Sure. But as doctors and patients learn, such drugs would disappear over time.

When faced with the thought of more pharmaceuticals on the market, people begin to talk disdainfully about “me-too drugs” — that is, drugs that compete with existing drugs. But Chevrolet is a “me-too Ford.” And, after Chevrolet entered the automobile market, the price of a given quality Ford fell. With more me-too drugs, prices would be lower. Far lower.

as much as i joke about it i don’t think victor spent 8 months totally pining head-over-heels for yuuri, but that isn’t to say that he didn’t really want yuuri’s attention. i think it probably was an infatuation, but the kind you get when someone’s just really captured your attention: this person fascinates me, i don’t know what to make of them, i want to learn more about them, and sure, that infatuation probably did overlap with attraction and a bit of a crush. but one of those crushes you don’t automatically register is a crush, exactly, because that person is still sort of a concept.

it’s different from yuuri’s idolization of victor. victor absolutely was more “concept” than “person” for yuuri, and that was probably a much more clearly defined sexual crush. seeing his idol was shocking and he just didn’t know how to act because he’s suddenly confronted with reality. victor, on the other hand, is yearning for reality. he remembers yuuri and equates it with “possibility” and “fun” and “i want this person’s attention, i want this person to sweep me away again.”

and somewhere along the line those two kinds of infatuation begin to merge. yuuri begins to understand the reality of victor, and he starts to love that reality in a much more human, equal sense than he did when victor was just this man on all his posters. it becomes comfortable, it becomes natural, but his love and admiration never really fades–he just rises up to meet it. and it’s the same for victor, whose kind of infatuation begins to be answered and satisfied, who starts to see in yuuri every day that kind of pure-hearted fun that he loved that one night, who just asks victor to be himself and not what anyone else wants him to be, who lets victor figure out exactly what that is. those crushes and infatuations do turn to love. they do turn to desire. and it’s gradual, and it’s equal, and it all happens through the human messiness of genuinely getting to know each other through all their faults and their weaknesses and mistakes and it’s just. unbelievably good.

Ok ok no one more post before I get back to working on finals

but you guys

The Hair Poke

Victor’s Reaction to said Hair Poke

It was probably one of the very few times in the last few months that Yuuri touched him first. And he did it in such a cute way. That’s why Victor collapsed and said “how can I ever recover from this”. Cuteness overload.

At that point maybe he was trying to set aside his feelings or smthng with the generally cold way Yuuri reacts to him after everything that happened at the banquet but bam, one hair poke and his feelings are back full force.

I was tagged by @all-supernatural-urls-are-taken and @j-liftcookies to take a picture of something that makes me happy! So naturally I’m with my boy Copper and today is the last day of finals so that makes me very happy!!

I’m tagging my friends @rainydaysarehappydays @kateliftsweights @jenna–sunshine @peachyyoga @allie-cf and @gradschoolgainz show me what makes you guys happy!!

Jack and Trico

okay so i have a few things to say about how jack is with trico.

1. jack is so sweet with him, so gentle it makes me want to just hug my cat.

2. he talks as though trico was right in front of him, with this gentle voice. jack you could be a beast whisperer.

3. PRONOUNS. jack started using they/them, and saying how trico probably doesn’t have a gender, and that made me want to cry. as someone who struggles with gender identity, that means so much.

4. hes so playful with trico, and making silly jokes, and treating them like a true pet.

5. someone get jack a trico. if i had talent i would make one for jack in a split second. he deserves it.

Batfam and finals

Well when this dreaded time comes up it all goes to hell.

Dick is the type to be the one who is the good snark know it all student who everyone thinks doesn’t need to study because of how smart he is. But when it comes down to it Dick stresses super bad and studies nonstop.

Jason well Jason would probably be the one where he thinks oh I gotta study a few weeks before and never does when finals weeks comes he regrets not studying and results to cramming.

Tim. Ah my good nerdy cute lil timmy. Well he is the one that studies only for a bit of review weeks before. don’t get me wrong when Finals week hits he’s studying nonstop worrying over if hell pass or not.

Damian. Although he gives off the I don’t care I’m to good for this vibe he to does worry about Studying. Of course he studies complaining how he knows all this already.

Stephanie. This girl is smart. Yes despite her blond hair she does study. Every other night. She not to worried she’s more laid back but the worry is still there.

Barbra. Ah yes. Our favorite little Brainiac. She of course studies using flash cards quizzlets ect. She is confident in herself because she studied.

Remember Sausage? Well, I got his ribbon off! So, he’s tonight giveaway!
He’s probably 100% hacked, I got him from a trade, but I love him, and hopefully you guys will too!

To get your very own Sausage, just deposit either a Magikarp or a Skitty with the message “Dark Void”
Only one per person to start please, but I’ll probably allow double dipping later on!

I’ll make a post when the giveaway is over!

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Fluffy Christmas Hau headcanons!


  • dorky christmas sweaters
  • matching dorky christmas sweaters
  • he loves christmas ok
  • he loves buying gifts for his friends!!!
  • he also loves going on coffee dates with his s/o and getting christmas themed drinks and snacks
  • he probably gets sweaters with everyones first initials for gifts (one of the gifts, anyway)
  • expect a christmas party, where everyone is invited
  • like everyone. your long lost second aunt twice removed is probably there.
  • he’d defs drag lillie back to alola for this christmas party. 
  • but that isnt even his favorite part, his favorite part is staying up all night with his s/o cuddling until the minute it becomes midnight, so they witness the first minutes of christmas together
  • also he loves decorating. he’s gonna have like, 1000 lights up, 10 inflatable reindeer, a powerbill through the roof
  • hes not very good but he loves doing it with his s/o
  • shortbread cookies, gingersnaps, haystack cookies, mmm

ok i have a lot of feelings about hau and christmas…. i love hau ok -Mod Gladion

I love Samson and you should too

So Samson was married to a Philistine girl, right? One day he comes home and is like “I’m gonna go visit my wife” (probably to bang). But his father-in-law informs him that he assumed Samson hated his wife and gave her away to another man. “But her sister is pretty hot, go take her instead.”

Naturally, Samson is pissed off. So like any sane man of the times would, he ties torches to the tails of 300 foxes and send them frolicing through the Philistine’s fields of grain, vineyards, and olive groves. How does this solve things? I don’t know. But it’s magnificent.

The Philistines can’t just let that go, so they burn his father-in-law and wife to death. Samson, never one to be one upped and also pissed off that members of his family were basically tortured to death, just goes out and slaughters a bunch of Philistines. 

So Samson is laying low, hiding in a cave, when a bunch of Israelite men show up and go, “Yo, a bunch of the Philistine rules are PISSED OFF and looking for you. WHAT DID YOU DO???”

His literal response was, “Nothing they didn’t do to me.”



And then ya know he gets handed over to the Philistines and kills a bunch with the jawbone of a donkey (the key here is that it’s fresh???) and goes on to get betrayed by a prostitute and dies because his hair got cut off and a bunch of other cool stuff, but I feel like that already gets enough attention.

Anyways the moral here is the story of Samson is ridiculously interesting and I need a 100% faithful blockbuster budget movie adaption.

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sorry for using your ask box as a confessional box, but i started to learn chinese this semester mainly because of 19 days (i mean i always wanted to but i never found the commitment to really do it until now) and of course our teacher asked us why we took that class and i just said random stuff like everyone else and not because i want to read that gay manhua when it updates. but here i am, learning a freaking language because of 19 days #thanksoldxian

thats great! one day (ha, get it?) you’ll be able to read the updates without an english translation! and i will totally be envious XD im chinese yet i never learned (i probably learnt like two sentences the whole time i went to chinese class in primary school)
but i can understand when its spoken to me (since my mum would speak to me in chinese but i would respond in english) so i can eavesdrop in convos 

me @ my relatives