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Presenting Grease Monkey Hologram Buddies in DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SPACESHIP

I’d say this was inevitable after that one anon of discerning taste and the ensuing highly nerdy 5 minutes total I spent around these parts today. This is kinda rough but probably as done as it’s going to get. Click for a better look at some really sketchy machinery.

Also featuring the warmup doodle “If you don’t like welding you’re a smelly peridot”.

So you know that chess scene you get with Cullen? This is my first time playing the game and using the flycam and I’m sure this has probably been shown before but I have never seen it and I spent a good 5 minutes laughing so hard at this shit.


Prince of the Sea - Part 1

So this might be kinda wierd, but this idea has been stuck in my head for a few days now. I don’t really know where i was going with this, so if you have any ideas let me know!

i also kinda wanna do one that is similar to Arial. Where the reader is a mermain, and Damian is the Prince. It would be different but similar! Let me know what you think!


Jason Todd has wandered outside of the safety of Atlantis. I had seen a ship, a small one, probably for fishing, but Jason had never seen a human before and he was curious. Bruce, the King of Atlantis, had forbid anyone from leaving but Jason had always been a rebel, he had always been the “wayward Prince”.

“What do we have here?!” Jason whipped around, his eyes quickly scanning the open ocean. “It looks like we have a little fish to play with, Harley!”

“Joker” Jason growled

“Hello, Princie!”

The shark flicked his fin, slowly circling the young Prince, driving him back to where the mines are. The explosives are one of the reasons why Bruce didn’t want any of the merpeople to leave Atlantis.

“Harley, Joker, I don’t want any trouble …” Jason tried.

“Too late!” Harley sang. The lionfish mermaid darts forward, almost hitting Jason with her tail. While her poisoned tail isn’t deadly to merpeople, it stings. “You came all the way out here! We just want to play! It’s been so boring since King Bruce banished us!”

“You killed almost 100 citizens of Atlantis! You’re crazy!” Jason shouted

“Oh we’ll show you crazy, Fishboy” Joker snarled, baring his sharp teeth in a grin. Jason can already tell that this isn’t going to end well.

You’re out fishing for your family. Your Papa is sick today, so it’s been left up to you to go out and get food. You cast your nets and sit back to wait. Hopefully you’ll get a glimpse of Atlantis. After King Bruce revealed to humans that merpeople were real, and that humans were getting too close to Atlantis, people had started to respects the kingdoms borders. Ships weren’t allowed within 100 feet of the Atlantian border, and merpeople weren’t allowed outside of the city, but on good days, you could just make out the glittering towers.

“Wait, what’s that?” you whisper.

Underneath you is a mine field, so you have to be careful where you cast your net. You can also see several moving figures underneath your boat, drifting through the bombs. Two shapes are corralling another one deeper into the mine field, it’s obvious that the one being corralled is trying to fight back against the other two.

“What’s going on down there?”

The red finned merman is getting dangerously close to one of the mines. You reach out and grab your harpoon, taking aim at the large circling shark. Even though it’s a huge risk, you could accidentally hit one of the Mines and kill everyone down there, but if you don’t do anything, the merman would surly die.

Suddenly the water below you shoots up. One of the bombs had just gone off. Your boat is thrown into the air and you are knocked into the water. Thankfully the bomb was one on the outskirts, so it didn’t set off any other ones, unfortunately the merman was floating listlessly and the shark was coming straight at you. You aim the harpoon and shoot, lodging it in his side. As soon as the shark and mermaid leave you start to swim toward the unconscious merman, you really hope he isn’t dead.

Surfacing with a gasp, you make sure to keep the merman under water. Swimming with one hand you manage to get back to your boat. You heave yourself into it, and reach back into the water, praying that merpeople can breathe air. Miraculously as soon as his gills come in contact with the air they close and he heaves up a lungful of water in order to breathe air.

“I don’t even know how to get you back to your people”

Leaning down you examine the burns the litter the merman’s back and fins. You have some supplies back at your house, things to help heal burns, but that means you have to take him with you.

“Wha’ happ’ned?” he mumbled, trying to push himself up,

“You hit a mine, those other two were trying to kill you. I pulled you onto my boat, but you’re really hurt. Can I take you back to my house? I have thinks there that will help with your burn”

He nods, letting out a soft whine, “It hurts”

“I’m so sorry, it’ll feel better when we get back to the shore, but I need you to keep talking to me. Tell me something about yourself. Like … what’s your name?”

The man lets out a series of clicks and chirps, “I don’ think you c’n say it”

“Yeah, no. I can’t say that. Do you want to be called anything else?” You ask, starting to paddle towards shore. It’ll take about 30 minutes to get there, but you try to hurry.

“Jason is t’e closest human name”

“Alright, Jason. My name’s Y/N. Do your fin’s have to be kept wet?”

He shakes his head weakly, “No, they produce mucus, makes it easier to swim, keeps them moist”

“Alright …”

“Hold on “

Jason lets out a low groan, stretching his body out and suddenly his scales rippled and started to fade, revealing two human legs.

“I didn’t know you could do that?!”

Jason shifts again, curling up on his uninjured side, as if he expects you to hurt him, “Not many humans do. Congrats” He shifts upright and eyes the other oar, “do you need any help rowing?”

“No! I don’t want you shifting around all that much without being treated! You could hurt yourself”

He nods, “You’re probably right. I think my arm’s broken”

You sigh, “Well, it’s not my fault you decided to go outside of Atlantis”

Jason flushes dark red, “I was curious. I hadn’t ever seen a human up close before, and I was never attacked any other time. I just … I just wanted to come up and say hi. You were the closest a human has ever gotten.”

“Well, you met one. And now you have to stay with one until you’re strong enough to go back”

“I would have made it back” Jason pouts and crosses his arms, “I didn’t NEED your help”

“You liar!” You laugh, “If I hadn’t grabbed you then that shark would have gotten you, and you would have died. I couldn’t just go nothing!”

“I’m glad you helped, it really would have sucked to be shark food”

You shake your head and continue to row. “Take a nap, Jason. You might not feel the pain now because you’re in shock, but by the time we get back you’ll be dried out and in pain.”

Jason nodded and curled up on top of the nets, “Thank you”

“You’re welcome, Jason”

Aph America Best Friend Headcanons

> Movies. Just movies all of the time. Action movies, horror movies, funny movies, cringy movies, any movie at all. He loves having movie marathons and eating junk food.

> If your watching a movie you’ve never seen before and he has he’s probably going to spoil it for you on accident

> Tries to get you to try some weird ass food concoction he made up, be cautious please

> So many hugs, he just loves getting hugs and giving hugs

> He’s kinda protective over you since your like family to him, so if someone hurts you they better watch out.

> Never rant to him about anything, he’ll end up making fun of you and laughing at you if it’s nothing to serious

> But if it’s serious he’ll listen, and he’s pretty good at comforting people if you need it.

> He likes trying out new restaurants with you

> Gets a little jealous or sad when you hang out with other friends, but he gets over it in like ten minutes flat

> Any time you plan to hang out he’s probably going to be late because he procrastinated getting around

> You kind of have to watch out for Al because he’s so oblivious to some things. Just make sure no ones treating him like crap because he likely won’t see that himself

> So. Many. Memes.

Blurb Prompts You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Send me one of these with a boy or pairing and scenario (optional) and I’ll write you a fancy lil blurb!

“When were you planning on telling me about the kitchen?”

“Which one of you stuck your finger in the cake?”

“Jin is yelling again.”

“I swear it was like that when I walked in.”

“Are you… missing an eyebrow?”

“Who put Jungkook in here??”

“Do it again but without the jazz hands.”

“Does anyone know if Yoongi is alive?”

“I’ve never seen this many sticky notes in my life.”

“Someone sent me a picture of Namjoon sleeping again.”

“I thought I asked you not to buy more Christmas lights.”

“Where is Taehyung??”

“Please take your shoes off of your hands.”

“You drank a whole bottle of wine?”

“Jimin isn’t here right now.”

“There is glitter… everywhere.”

“A pizza box is not a good sled.”

“Hobi has something to tell you!”

Sailor Moon Crystal originality

Seeing season 1&2’s style for the first time: I thought it was so beautiful, so detailed, so new and fresh - it was breathtaking! Seeing the animation director, Yukie Sakou pay homage to the original authors Perfect Edition design covers gave me so much life as those are so beautiful and probably my favorite!

Seeing a design that has originality, that’s never before seen, that’s fresh, new & exciting gets more points in my book.

Seeing transformations loaded with amazing details, realistic HD elements, up-close camera angles and original homages to the classic versions without copying is so great, it makes me emotional!

Seeing attack sequences we’ve never seen before and never will see again adds something of importance. It’s very exciting! It adds a special quality when the audience sees real effort go into more real-time attack sequences. These are a few of the many reasons why I think seasons 1&2 had so much potential.

I like Sailor Moon Crystal best when it uses its very own style as created by the original author, Naoko Takeuchi and being inspired by the classic anime and the manga only. This gives me life. This is why I’m here.
So thanks SMC for giving me that small hope.

ladyamesindy  asked:

Let's try Nebula, Meteor and Black Hole :)

I already answered Meteor here. :D 

Nebula - Who is your Shepard’s best friend?

MIRANDA, OH MY LORD. They have a rough beginning relating to each other, but Miranda complements Eliza so well, and by the time they get back from Purgatory (which they do alone, in the Ghost ‘verse), they’ve developed a healthy respect for each other, and they end up just being snarky and eternally loyal best friends for the rest of their lives. 

The night they get back from killing the Collectors is mostly taken up with a rager the likes of which Ilium has never seen before and probably never will again, and at one point Eliza and Miranda get fucking tanked and disappear, and Garrus finds them doing shots in a back room and cackling and then they hug and Eliza starts to tell Miranda something that starts with “You – you know I like, really love you, right?” 

And then he leaves, but he always regrets not hear how Miranda responds to that. 

Black hole - What is your Shepard’s greatest fear?

Failure. I can trace all of her mistakes and bad decisions back to her not wanting to disappoint anyone. She grew up super-privileged and spoiled and doted upon, and she succeeded handily at everything she put her hand to (as much because of her support network and the opportunities she was given as her own natural abilities and determination), and she doesn’t really think she’ll ever have to face screwing up – and then along comes Akuze, and she shatters

given that Adric has probably never seen a bicycle before, there are two possible readings of this ‘diversion’ he sets up:

1) he’s smart enough to figure out what a bike is and how to plausibly fake an accident with one

2) he has no clue what a bike is and is just pretending to be trapped underneath this weird wheely frame thing he’s found because HE’S confused by it so it’ll probably confuse the police