probably my second favorite song


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.

Disney Villains Week Day Two: Favorite Villain Song
↳ Mother Knows Best (Reprise)

No? Oh, I see how it is. Rapunzel knows best! Rapunzel’s so mature now! Such a clever grown up miss. Rapunzel knows best— fine! If you’re so sure now, go ahead and give him this!


走ろう 、 走ろう! 信じた 道 !

~  「 未来、夢、ありがとう・・・そして ! 」


Edmond’s declaration of revenge from the Wildhorn/Murphy musical. There’s no exact chapter this corresponds to, but I think chapter XXX makes for a fitting place to put it.

I don’t think this song is brilliant in any sense, but I do find it fun. More interesting than the love songs at least, and probably my second favorite track on the album.

(There are a bunch of songs from this musical covering Edmond and Faria in prison, and I’ll go back and add some of those soon.)