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Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.

Disney Villains Week Day Two: Favorite Villain Song
↳ Mother Knows Best (Reprise)

No? Oh, I see how it is. Rapunzel knows best! Rapunzel’s so mature now! Such a clever grown up miss. Rapunzel knows best— fine! If you’re so sure now, go ahead and give him this!


走ろう 、 走ろう! 信じた 道 !

~  「 未来、夢、ありがとう・・・そして ! 」

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I'm one of the kpop anons and getting into kpop is rlly hard when you don't wanna talk to fans because you know they'll crucify you. I want to find more bands but it's kinda hard with no fanbase to talk to. Any band recs??

Groups that personally appear in my playlist a lot and why I like them, coming right up. You may know most of these if not all but yeah these are just my faves.

BTS - My favorite group, their songs are really fun in my opinion. Great vocals and rap. The members are adorable and very, very likable.

EXO - Probably my second favorite, they put vocals in the center more. I like their songs from when EXO-K/EXO-M were no longer a thing a lot better. The members are sweet and likable.

GOT7 - Their songs are really catchy and fun to listen to. I really like their choreographies and the members are really cute and funny. Lots of memes.

Seventeen - Their songs are more poppy and cutesy than the other groups, but still very catchy. The choreographies are awesome, and the members themselves are really sweet and funny.

Monsta X - Their songs have a little bit of a different style than the other groups. I really like their sound and their songs are really catchy and fun. Members are funny and cute. Good memes too.

NCT 127 - They have a bit of a different style with a lot of focus on rap and dancing. Their songs are catchy and fun to listen to, I really like the rapping in their music. I don’t know the group itself as well but from what I’ve seen the members are cute.

BIGBANG - They’re very popular so I was hesitant about including them. They’re a very iconic group, what many call the kings of kpop. Their songs are super catchy and fun, the members are funny, sweet and likable. Great group.

VIXX - Beautiful songs with a lot of focus on vocals rather than rap. They have a bit of a different style and a lot of their songs are more quiet and lyrical and less hype, which I can totally dig. Members are very funny and cute.

I don’t listen to girl groups as much. The only girl group I like is BLACKPINK, they’re really popular and have very catchy songs. Their choreographies are easy to learn if you’re into that kinda thing and the girls themselves are really funny and adorable.

I was tagged by one of my favorite friends @panic-at-the-goalline (Hi Melly ily!) and you all know the drill so here it goes! :)

rules: answer the following questions and tag blogs you would like to get to know better.

1. nicknames: I don’t really have any actually

2. gender: female

3. star sign: Sagittarius but I don’t think it really fits my personality very well

4. height: 5′3

5. time: 8:01 pm

6. birthday: Early December

7. favorite bands: The Lumineers are my absolute favorites for sure, and Coldplay is probably my second favorite. I like a lot of random songs from different artists though, and lately I’ve been getting into The Head and The Heart.

8. favorite solo artists: Vance Joy, James Arthur, and Hozier are really good…I feel like I’m forgetting a bunch of artists I love though oops. I also really love James Brown and a bunch of older music like that.

9. song stuck in my head: there’s been two or three of them lately, one is Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart, another is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (bless you Melly for reminding me that this song exists), and Unwritable Girl by Gregory Alan Isakov

10. last movie i watched: I don’t actually remember specifically, I watch a lot of movies haha

11. last show i watched: does hockey count? Lol I don’t watch too many tv shows

12. when did i create my blog: late 2915 but I didn’t post anything until 2016

13. what do i post: mostly hockey, mixed with some memes, politics, photography, and random things about me/my life. I’m a mess y’all sorry

14. last thing i googled: something for my political science class

15. do i have any other blogs: yeah a bunch of them, and I don’t regularly post on any of them anymore oops

16. do i get asks: not very often but I love and appreciate it when I do. Send me anything you want you guys I promise I don’t bite haha

17. why i chose my url: I love my boy Alexandre Fortin 😍😍😍 (he had two assists tonight for Rockford and I’m! So! Proud!)

18. following: 540

19. followers: 756

21. average hours of sleep: about 5 and a half, I can never chill out enough mentally to sleep properly, I have a extremely overactive mind

22. lucky number: For hockey I’d obviously say 65 lol, but besides that 4 and 22 are my lucky numbers

23. instruments: Basically any wind instrument you’d find in a classical music group except flute, bassoon, and oboe. Tuba was/is my main instrument and definitely my favorite.

24. what am i wearing: a shirt from my old high school band (I graduated and I really miss playing rip)

25. dream job: A scout of junior hockey players for the nhl probably, but that isn’t very likely so I’m actually majoring in history and education, which is a more practical career I guess, I’m looking forward to being a history teacher though, I’ll enjoy it I think.

26. dream trip: I’d like to just go on a huge road trip across the upper east coast of America and up through Southern Ontario and Quebec.

27. favorite food: chicken fettuccine alfredo or anything ridiculously cheesy

28 . nationality: american

29. favorite song right now: Really anything I’ve already mentioned…I love a ton lol. I’ll also add Famous Flower of Manhattan by the Avett Brothers and really anything ever by the Lumineers, I couldn’t choose just one

(Also if anyone has music recommendations based on the stuff I mentioned that would be greatly appreciated!!!!)

I’ll tag @joexsakic, @babyburky, @martinjones31, @hockeychanel11, @krissyfolk, and anybody else who wants to do this! Ily all 💕


Probably my favorite performance of this song. I love the vocal arrangement with Gary and Rob splitting the lead vocals and there is SO MUCH WILLOWEN.