probably my second favorite movie

        "I saved you m'lady.. don't you see, I saved you."

… I love spiderman a lot okay? like- I grew up lovin’ spidey. he is my favorite superhero of all time ever. hands down. <3 And I just watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 for the first time a couple days ago (idk why it took me this long to see it anyway ) and I loved it. I knew about Gwen Stacy’s death before hand because I read the comics (and a ‘friend’ of mine spoiled it for the movie) but that wasn’t even enough to prepare me for the emotions during that one scene  ;^;
so i just- and hiccstrid spiderman!au.. and…wow..

..everything hurts..


I finished my scene redraw meme. This was my favorite scene from beauty and the beast when Prince Adam turned to reveal himself. I used to and still think he’s the most handsome Disney character. ( with John Smith RIGHT behind him)  Eventually I’ll probably do another, probably from my second favorite movie Pocahontas X3

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Favorite animated film from each of these major animation studios: Walt Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pixar, Dreamworks Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Laika, Illumination, AND Don Bluth. (Also any extra favorites from different things for bonuses.)

Walt Disney: The Lion King

If you know like, anything about me, you know that this is my favorite movie and has been basically for my entire life. I’d be hard-pressed to say that nostalgia isn’t a huge factor in my love for this movie, but it’s such a fantastic tale of a young lion who was largely ignorant to the world and felt invincible, only to have the weight of the world come crashing down on him. The pacing of the movie after Mufasa died was so powerful; everything slowed down and became so barren and bleak in an otherwise energetic and colorful movie up to that point. The ability the movie has to exactly capture the tone it tries to set is impeccable. The viewer grows up with Simba. We feel connected and invested in this character and we understand his confusion, his anger, his distrust. We understand his desire to put the world behind him and start anew.

I’ve always kind of hated movies that have the generic love interest just so the main character can have his trophy girl at the end of the movie. But Nala totally isn’t that. She holds all of the qualities necessary to keep Simba strong, young or grown. She is the other half that he needs to refrain from slipping into a vortex of self-hatred and regret. He needs her to take hold of reality – to not be trapped between a state of “no worries” and subconscious agony. Because escaping from your problems doesn’t make your problems go away. It feels like so few movies lately have characters that truly matter and that are so tightly interwoven with the personalities, strengths, and flaws of other characters. I could gush on and on about this movie for probably a good twenty more paragraphs, but yes. This movie is important to me.

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Studio Ghibli: Princess Mononoke

Yeah, it’s probably not super uncommon for this to be a favorite Ghibli movie. But it’s just so… dang… GOOD. The thing I love about this movie on top of its beautifully done animation is the sense that you get that there’s no clear evil side in this story. Everyone is doing what they feel is right and is morally correct. Villains are cool sometimes, but this story just felt so much more believable because of this fact. In the same way as The Lion King, the romance that developed didn’t feel forced and was in fact fairly hostile initially. Add the movie’s good atmosphere on top of some fun-to-watch action and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome movie.

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Pixar: Up

I’m actually just now changing this. If you asked me a few days ago, I probably would have said The Incredibles. The beginning of this movie was disturbingly powerful and reminded you that the world is a beast and it can rip happiness from you almost instantly. Riding on the lowered morale of the viewer, it delivers an uplifting story that feels that much more uplifting since you are so down in spirits. I don’t know how they did it, but Russell is probably one of the most believable kid characters I’ve seen in a movie. No deep analysis of his character… nah, none of that. He’s just SUCH A KID. It’s great! That’s totally what they were going for and they nailed it. Kids have this insane ability to be obnoxious 99% of the time. But then every once in a blue moon, they say the realest shit that makes you question your morals and your life. Up capitalizes on this and uses Russell as a vehicle to expand Carl, a very old man, as a character. Everyone can learn from anyone if they sit down and listen to what they have to say.

This is the only movie literally ever that has made me cry. I’d been choked up before by movies, of course, but I’d never cried. It wasn’t at the beginning either like people would suspect. There is something too powerful about the scene where Carl kneels down to Russell at his Wilderness Explorer graduation to say “I would like to award you the highest honor I can bestow: the Ellie Badge,” I couldn’t hold back. I almost had to leave the freaking theater. Watching this kid who has had a not-so-steady parenting experience gain not only an older person who treasures his existence, but a friend as well… Damn.

What a good ass movie.

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Dreamworks Animation: Kung Fu Panda 2

What a silly movie. Movies don’t have to be super serious to be good and that’s so clear to me with this movie. This dork became the dragon warrior – a position to be revered, and seemingly by fluke. Turns out he’s pretty good a kung fu though.

It has some cool action sequences and some tag team scenes that are enjoyable to watch, but there are two main reasons why I enjoy this movie, as well as the first one. 1) The characters, and 2) the moments where it does get serious. Tigress is a badass. She’s a bad ass. Her ass is bad. Crane’s a nerd, Monkey’s a clown, Mantis is bigger than his body allows him to be, and Viper is savage AF. It’s a wide range of personalities and it’s fun to watch them mesh with each other. Simple as that.

The 2nd point is also the reason why I love The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air so much as well. Comedy is great in my opinion because it makes the serious moments that much more hard hitting. It’s like “woah, where did the happiness go?” Fresh Prince was a master at that and Kung Fu Panda 2 did the same thing with the plot point about Po’s parents. The overall movie was fairly light-hearted, but with this looming dark past that Po repressed. I love Dreamworks because they dare to go darker with their plots than Disney.

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Blue Sky Studios: Rio 2

The birds are cute. I like Jewel and Blu’s chemistry. I don’t like it when characters have kids in sequels, but the kids actually didn’t annoy me too much in this. Strange. I think I liked this movie overall more than the first one because it was more about the birds and less about the humans. Also, the colors are sooooooooooooooooooo good! That’s probably the thing this movie does better than any animated film I’ve seen. Not to mention the music is super enjoyable. If they make a Rio 3, I’ll probably be looking forward to the music the most. I think both movies probably deserve a 7/10, so they aren’t my favorite movies out there, but I would certainly have no problem watching this at any time. It’s just such a fun movie.

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Sony Pictures Animation: Hotel Transylvania

I actually haven’t seen any of the other Sony Pictures Animation movies so I guess I have to default to this movie. I don’t have much to say about it to be honest other that I enjoyed it.

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Laika: Coraline

ParaNorman is a close second I would say, but I enjoyed Coraline more. Again, don’t have much to say here but it caught my attention pretty early on just because of the art style. The good story held my attention. Got really freaky at the end and that extra held my attention.

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Illumination: I haven’t seen any of these actually.

Don Bluth: The Secret of NIMH

I love seeing a mother as the protagonist. That’s really rare but strangely appealing. I actually don’t remember much about this movie but I remember enjoying it and I like it more than the other movies Don Bluth has made.

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Extra Movie 1: Wolf Children

God diddly dang, if you ever wanted to get hit by a feels train, here’s your movie. Like I stated above, Up was the only movie that made me cry. But this was probably the closest next to that. I was so choked up and it hurt so freaking much. It has the same kind of thing going on as The Lion King where you watch the characters grow up and you feel like you know them personally. And the mother… Oh the mother. She tries so hard and you really root for her, especially under her circumstances. Whenever anything goes south in this movie you feel horrible and you have this intense desire to just want everything to go right for these characters because you develop so much love for them over the course of the film. In terms of getting me attached to the characters, this movie is top notch. Probably my second favorite film behind The Lion King.

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Extra Movie 2: Fantastic Mr. Fox

I. Love. This. Movie. I could watch this movie over and over. It is so dang witty and the characters are all charming. This is my third favorite movie and I feel bad because for a movie that I love so much, you’d think I’d have more to say about it. But I don’t. Just, I love this movie.

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