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Ive been seeing all these posts about how the fandom is angry about Natasha getting a love interest, how even though she did heroic things and did her job the fandom is saying she’s been reduced to a love interest. ive seen posts talking about how Steve, Thor, and Tony have gotten love interests in their movies but the fandom is angry about Natasha getting the same treatment and not giving her the same respect the others have gotten.

In all the meta and rants i have read about the brucenat relationship and Natasha’s role in age of ultron non of these things have been said or argued.

No one is angry about Natasha getting a love interest, one of the most popular ships in the mcu fandom is clintasha – and her 2nd most popular ship is with Bucky. a huge part of the fandom have been wanting Natasha to have a love interest since the first Avenger film, and yes specifically with Clint or Bucky because they have both had canon relationships with her in the comics and there was a lot more to build off of (potentially, on Bucky’s side since he’s soviet trained) than a handful of scenes with Bruce where she was either a reflex away from grabbing her gun and shooting him while surrounded by a small army of armed soldiers and literally running for her life away from him. No one is angry about Nat getting some romance. And if they are, they’re probably either upset with how it came about or they simply wished she stayed single since so many prominent female characters are pushed into relationships.

Bruce, by the way, also has other established romantic interests: Betty Ross. Who literally was his romantic interest in The Incredible Hulk film, which is considered canon in the MCU and was referenced in the first Avengers movie. i know i’m not the only one who’s upset about this amazing female character being written out and forgotten in the mcu and Bruce’s storyline.

She did heroic things and did do her job in the film but her personal plot line was completely revolved around her romance with Bruce, even when we were finally given a sort of flashback to her past it was only referenced to further her relationship with Bruce, and even then it was to reveal that she’s sterile and heavily imply that she is a monster because she is sterile (and not because she’s been a trained assassin since childhood).

People are also angry at how out of character Natasha was in the film, not only compared to the film she was just in (cap 2) but even the first Avengers. She went from “love is for children” and seeing him as a potentially devastating threat who, again, tried to kill her to being head over heels “i adore you” for him with no development or reason for us to believe that their relationship is suddenly a well-thought out, healthy, long-standing, trust-filled, obvious-to-anyone romantic relationship.

 tr;dl No one is angry Natasha has a romantic relationship, people are angry about who it’s with, how their relationship sprung up as an established thing out of the blue, how it was handled, how out of character it made both characters involved, and how the relationship was Natasha’s only personal plot line


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