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Karmagisa // Mischaracterization

Okaaaaay this is something that I’ve been wanting to rant about for a while now. One of my biggest pet peeves about this fandom - and this ship specifically - is the constant mischaracterization of the karma/nagisa ship. Let me first clarify that not only am I apart of this fandom, but also a huge fan of the ship, and that’s probably why this bothers me so much. For some reason, our fandom seems to deem it necessary to always have Karma hitting on Nagisa, and this apparently turns Nagisa into a blushing uke in retaliation.

Neither of these things would EVER happen! One of my favorite things about their relationship is that it’s so equal; they both admire one another and want to protect and support each other so mutually that neither of them would ever put the other into a situation that genuinely made them feel uncomfortable. And being hit on by other guys - especially when that guy is a close friend - would definitely make Nagisa uncomfortable. Because of the way he’s been brought up, being misgendered is a major insecurity of Nagisa’s. And although Karma lightly teases him about it, he never crosses the line between what’s appropriate and what’s not. He’s been to Nagisa’s house and he’s aware of Nagisa’s situation. He only wants Nagisa to feel comfortable. Which is also why he acts so protective of him.

Realistically, I think that if they ever were to end up in a relationship, they would still act the same as they do now. And that’s what’s so nice about them, they’re so equal and they don’t change. It’s a very healthy relationship aspect.