probably my favorite piece yet

Could a main character possibly be so fine looking or could art be so magnificently done?? Gee. Still in complete awe of this commission.

Definitely my favorite art piece yet for my current WIP … and probably my favorite piece that @phantomrin has ever done … but, shhhhh, I’m doubtless biased ;).

Title: Knight of Prenzlau

Artist: @phantomrin

Character: Sir Desmond Edenry

“Lon'qu, promise you won’t leave me. Promise me you’ll stay safe.”

Thought I’d post this frame by itself. It was at the end of the video but I feel like it looks better on its own. I was doing color keys and I realized I haven’t painted the two of them together in a long while. @U@ <3 


(Requested by Anon) (this is probably my favorite Edward piece that I’ve written yet. -Admin Ziggy)

“Okay now slowly shift your foot from the brake to the accelerator. Lightly tap it with your foot so you can get a feel of the power.” You nodded and did as he asked, lightly pressing your foot to the accelerator. 

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