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a few thoughts as I finish crooked kingdom:
  • they’re all like. seventeen. I’m seventeen.
  •  I’m still getting over the fact that kaz walked into a fight expecting to probably die but he won
  • also kaz pet a dog with his own hand!?!? I can’t even picture tgis omg
  • I really, really hate jan van eck
  • all my children deserved better
  • how are they all so eloquent and manipulative someone teach me
  • kaz my child stop repressing your feelings they’re not going to just go away if you don’t ever address them
  • what mATTHIAS NO
    • I will not get over this for a very long time leigh what have you done
  • kaz is so ruthless and brutal and awful but I really really like him?? why are my favorite characters always the morally questionable assholes  

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Why is Tyler Hoechlin so damn beautiful? Don't worry, I realize there is no real answer for this yet I every day I find myself wondering about it.

Right?! Same! So much same, nonnie! Honestly though, how dare he?!

We can start with this, probably my favorite picture of him, because why the fuck not you know? How fucking dare he? Look at all that beautiful. How?!

But he’s also this fucking ball of adorable happy you know?

That open mouthed smile kills me every fucking time, just look at this shit

What a fucking ray of sunshine. But then he does THIS?! And it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen? 

Just look at that face. Jfc. So fucking beautiful. But I mean, he’s still beautiful even with a bunch of silicone on his face

And now he’s gone and gotten all beardy and soft and just…

…so fucking beautiful. What the fuck Tyler? And look at the hair in this one (and those insane kaleidoscope eyes, and the grey in his beard, and…)

But he’s just as beautiful clean shaven

He’s not really giving us much of a chance, is he? To catch our breath, to live. But it’s okay, nonnie, it’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. Right? Right? Please say we’ll be okay, I don’t know if I can take this much longer.

Hello Cosmere Fandom, long no time no talk? 

Okay so none of you probably remember me cause I was only active in the fandom for a few months like, two years ago? Nearly three years? Well shit. ANYWAYS. Felt like dropping in to say hello, cause I remember you guys, and i know CFSBF and I miss it.

So recently my boyfriend started reading The Way of Kings, and it’s kind of the best thing ever. Because it’s my favorite book and I’m now rereading, for a seventh time cause I love it just that much. He’s been sending me little updates and I decided to screenshot them and share them with you for reasons. So, I guess the following pictures contain vagueish spoilers for Way of Kings? Gonna put the rest under a cut cause there’s a looot of them. 




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-Great expectations- (part 6)

Pairing: Alex/reader

Warning: fluff, lots of it. A bit of smut too.

Again, thanks to everyone who read all the previous chapters. Hope you enjoy this one. I know I enjoyed writing it. Kisses! 

tagging: @sliceofparadise @nothingbuthappydays @ivartrash @sugakookiexx @float-autumn-leave @ladymelissastark @meikoila If I forgot someone, I’m sorry. 

previous chapter:

Alex had held to his word over the next few weeks.

We spent a lot of time together getting to know each other, and I grew fond of every little thing I came to know about him. Sometimes we would have a movie night, sometimes we would cook a meal together (I would cook, Alex would eat). Sometimes it was just a walk, or a coffee. They already started filming season 5, so sometimes he would come home too tired for anything.

But he always made time for me. And those times I had with him became everything. He became important to me. I felt like a little school girl in love. I looked forward our dates, because I couldn’t wait to see him. I would read a book, and I would have this urge to hear his opinion about it. I wanted to hear his opinion about everything that surrounded me. I wanted to listen to him talk about things that inspired him. I wanted to listen to him talk about less pretty things that are a part of this horrible thing we call reality. I wanted him to always be there.  

I wanted him. But I never told him that. I never had the courage to. Besides, I think it could be noticed from my behavior that I am head over heels in love with him. He would do me a huge favor if he did notice, so that I won’t have to explain myself, but man can be so stupid sometimes.

Today will be the first day I won’t see Alex. He will come back from work really late, and I have to go out tonight. September was almost over, which means that a new semester is starting in 2 weeks and something. And that meant that all of people I go to UNI with were back in town, and that actually means-there’s going to be a party tonight.

Cassie is coming at my place in fifteen minutes so we can both find something nice to wear.


‘’We look boooomb.’’ Cassie was singing those words while checking her butt in the mirror.

‘’Yes, we do.’’ I couldn’t deny that. This dress looks good on me.

‘’Best friend handshake.’’ She put up her hand in the air with a huge grin on her face.

‘’Cassie, we don’t have a handshake.’’

She was surprised. We never had a handshake, why does she look surprised? She was so weird sometimes.

‘’Oh…then just give me five.’’

‘’You look like you need a hug.’’ I opened my arms for her.

She looked at me with that ‘You stupid?’ face. ‘’I prefer chocolate, thanks. Save your hugs for your boyfriend.’’

‘’He’s not my boyfriend.’’


I rolled my eyes on that. I really hated when someone made comments like these about the two of us.

‘’We should get going, we’re already late.’’

‘’But before we do that, we should take a picture. Alex has to see how good you look.’’

Rolling my eyes again I said: ‘’Are you ever going to stop?’’

‘Nah, probably not.’

We both laughed at that.


‘’Cassie! Y/n! Heyyy! Long time no see girls.’’ the blonde guy named Chris greeted the both of us as soon as we entered the place. When Chris said those words, all the heads turned in our direction.

‘’Well, it was about time. Everyone was waiting for you.’’ a voice behind me was heard. When I turned around, I saw Liam, my favorite person from UNI.

‘’Hey stranger.’’ I said hugging him.

I loved hugging Liam. He was taller than me, so when we hugged, my head would always end up on his chest, and he would lay his head on top of mine.

‘’I missed you.’’he whispered in my hair.

‘’I know you did.’’ He laughed at that.

‘’Liam, please, can you get me something to drink?’’ I asked, pulling away from him.

‘’Of course.’’ and with those words he left.

In that moment Cassie put her phone in front of my face to show me a picture.

‘’Look, you two look so cute.’’

We did, the two us were hugging, my face was hidden behind his arms, but Liams face could be seen. He looked beautiful. His face was so relaxed and so full of love. For once, I thanked Cassie for stalking me with her phone camera.

‘’Is it a bad idea if I post it on Instagram?’’

‘’Why would it be a bad idea? Liam is your friend.’’ Cassie looked confused.

‘’Because of Alex, C. I don’t want him to get the wrong impression.’’

She made that face she had when she was extremely annoyed.

‘’Jesus Y/n. If he makes a problem about it, then just explain. If he doesn’t trust you, then you don’t need him in your life. And, besides, he’s not your boyfriend. You can do anything you want. ’’

I nodded. She was right. I posted the picture with a caption ‘’finally with my favorite person after two months’’.

‘’Here you go.’’ I heard Liam from behind me.

‘’Thank you. You were fast.’’ He smiled.

He reminded me of Alex in that moment. To be honest, every guy around me reminded me of Alex. Especially now, when he was not around.


The following day

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. There was this huge pain in my head, and my stomach felt like it was on fire. Oh wait, I know what this is. It’s a hangover. Bravo Y/n!

I searched for the phone in my bed and found it…under my ass. Okay. This is getting better and better.

‘’Hello.’’ I was shocked at the sound of my own voice. It sounded like I had my voice strings burned.

‘’I can see you had fun last night.’’ it was Jordan.

‘’ Jordie, not today, please.’’ I begged.

‘’It’s not my fault you got drunk.’’ He played dumb. He was so annoying.

‘’You could be helpful for once in your life and come over with some food.’’

‘’I see you’re not in the mood. Okay, I’ll be there in 20. Love you, and please check if there are some people in your apartment whom are actually not supposed to be there. I don’t want surprises.’’ He teased me. Of course he did. What are brothers for?

‘’Asshole.’’ I hung up.

I sighed in frustration. My head was hurting so bad. But I had to get out of the bed to at least take a shower.

But before I do that, I need to check my phone. I had plenty of notifications on Instagram. Liam commented on the picture I posted saying ‘’I knew you missed me’’. I laughed at that. He always knew what to say. I should check my snapchat story just to make sure that I didn’t make a total fool out of myself.

Okay, a few videos of people dancing with the music in the background. Another video of me and Cassie singing with Liam and Chris jumping in to sing with us. A few group selfies. Okay. I did good.

And then I entered my messages, only to see a few texts messages from Alex.

1st text :’’ Hey little one. Just came home from work. I’m so tired, can’t wait to go to bed. I hope you have fun tonight. I miss you.’’

2nd text:’’Today,Katheryn had to play this scene where while talking she was feeding an owl. I thought of you in that moment because I know how much you like owls.’’  

3rd text:’’ Y/n, you look beautiful on that picture with Cassie. I won’t text you anymore because I assume you’re already drinking and dancing and not thinking about me. Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe. Kisses.’’

How was I supposed to not be in love with him when he was so caring and so kind? I imagine him in a relationship if he is like this now. I wish he was here now. I texted him saying:

‘’Morning sunshine. I didn’t see your text until now, sorry about that. I hope you had a good night sleep. I’ll see you tonight? P.S. I miss you too. ‘’

After locking my phone I got out of bed to go and take a shower. And I did that avoiding the mirror at all costs. I was too scared of my own reflection now.


I heard that overly energetic knock on the door.

‘’I’m coming.’’ I yelled.

After 10 seconds the annoying presence of my brother invaded my apartment. For some reason, he was in a good mood.

‘’You got some last night didn’t you?’’ I tried to guess.

‘’A true gentleman doesn’t reveal this kind of information.’’ he said with a cocky grin on his face.

‘’You definitely got some last night.’’ We both burst in laughter.

He even made me some coffee. Okay, maybe he wasn’t that much of a pain in the ass after all.

‘’Did you, sister, get some last night?’’ He was looking at me. Mostly to see if I would lie to him.

‘’Not that I remember. And there were no strangers in here, so definitely not.’’ I said. He laughed at my response.

‘’It seems like you had fun last night. And I didn’t know Liam was back? I haven’t seen that guy in what seems like ages.’’

‘’I know. I missed having him around.’’

‘’I saw that too.’’ he commented ‘’And just so you know, Alex is not going to be happy about the picture you posted.’’

I wanted to say something, but he interrupted that attempt.

‘’He will not make a big deal about it. But, if he seems colder than usual, you should know it’s because of that.’’

I nodded. I wasn’t in the mood of talking about that. And just like he knew we were talking about him, I got a text from him.

‘’Hope the hangover isn’t that bad. I’ll come at you place with some food tonight at 8 p.m.?’’

I checked the clock. It was 1 p.m. I smiled at the thought of seeing him in a few hours.

‘’Okay. I’ll see you soon then.’’

I locked my phone and started talking with Jordan about some stuff of ours. He didn’t stay long though. He saw that I needed sleep, so he left me to rest. But before he went out, he wanted to talk to me about me and Alex.

‘’These are the facts. First, you’re in love with him, and he is in love with you. Second, You gave each other some time to see how you get along, and from what I see it is working out. Please sister, don’t complicate things when there is no need to. It’s complicated enough to find someone who feels the same way you feel about them. Do him a favor and tell him how you feel. I know it’s scary, and I know the last time you did that it didn’t end well. But Alex isn’t Jacob, and that’s a good enough reason to let yourself have this. And trust me, even if we man act cold sometimes, we still love to hear warm words from the ones we love.’’

He stepped out of the apartment when he finished his little speech, then he turned around to give me a hug.

‘’Have some sleep now, and good luck. Love you!’’ He whispered this in my ear. He let go of me and left.


It was 7:35 p.m. when I woke up again. I jumped off my bed in fury, and started running through my apartment to get everything ready. Thank God I was a tidy person so I did not have to do much. Then I went in the bathroom to get myself ready. I got scared of my own reflection. Damn it! Now I have to even put some make up on.


At 8:05 I heard a knock on my door. While trowing a few quick glances In the mirror I unlocked and opened it.

He was standing there with two pizza boxes in his hand. He was wearing my favorite black t-shirt, with his black jeans. He looked stunning. It took me a moment to process this and get back to reality. And when I did, the emotions hit me.

I threw myself in his arms, and he immediately put his free arm around me. I squeezed him tight around his waist while resting my head under his chin. He planted a soft kiss on my temple, then rested his head on mine.

‘’I missed you.’’ He muttered.

‘’I missed you too.’’ I whispered back.

I let go of him, and when I looked into his eyes I saw something was wrong. ‘’Are you okay?’’ I asked him, sincerely concerned. I don’t like seeing him upset. He must have seen that I was worried, because he smiled at me and said:‘’I am, but I need to talk with you about something later.’’ I opened my mouth to say something but he was faster. ‘’No need to do that right now. Let’s enjoy our meal first.’’

I gave him the last worried look, but he didn’t look at me, he just entered in my apartment with no words.

‘’This isn’t going to be good’’ I thought to myself.


I stood up to get us something to drink. ‘’Give me something very unhealthy, please.’’ Alex begged, and we both laughed. I took two sodas from the fridge and walked up to the place where Alex was sitting on the dinning table. I put the drinks down, and leaned forward to hug him from behind. I put my arms around his neck and shoulders, and he put one of his hands over mine, squeezing it slightly. I rested my face against his hair, breathing him in. God, how I love his smell. I closed my eyes for a second, thinking about how pathetic it was that I’ve missed him so much after just one day of being apart. His sudden laughter was what brought me back from my trance.

He was laughing at something he saw on his phone, he showed me the picture, it was some joke the fans made about Ivar on Instagram. Then he continued scrolling down until he came over the picture I posted last night. He fell silent. I think he was trying to stay calm, but I could feel it was stronger than him. His breathing became deep and heavy, and his grip on the phone hardened. Now, he turned his face to me. I could see the anger in his eyes, and I think this was the first time I saw him angry. But here was something else too. He was…hurt? He opened, and then closed his mouth. I sat on a chair next to him, and I was looking at his face, trying to read him. His face was dead serious, his lips in a sharp line. I could see how his chest moved up and down as he breathed deeply, trying to stay calm.

‘’Say it. I won’t bite.’’ I tried to joke it off, but he didn’t laugh. He was looking at me now with a cold face expression.

‘’Is he the reason you’re having second thoughts about me?’’

What? What is he talking about?

‘’What are you talking about?’’ I said with shock evident on my face.

‘’Is he the reason you asked me to give you some time to consider me as your boyfriend?’’ His face was still cold, unreadable. I was in shock. Why was he saying this?

‘’Why are you silent? Answer me!’’ He stop up now, raising his voice. ‘’How could you do that to me? Let me think that you were capable of falling in love with me if I just gave you some time? How could you/ Why did you do this? Do you not know how I feel about you?’’ He said this last sentence in a lower tone. He looked like a injured puppy, and that killed me on the inside. I never wanted him to get hurt.

‘’Alex, please, let me explain.’’ I stood up to grab onto his hands, trying to make him look me in the eyes.

‘’Liam is my friend. I have known him for three years now. He is one of the few people from UNI that I actually like hanging out with. But he is only a friend. I/’’

‘’Then why didn’t you mention him before?’’’ he interrupted me.

‘’Why didn’t you mention all of your girl friends from work to me? You also posted some pictures with some of those of who I knew nothing about, but still, I always asked you about them, and you would say they are your friends. And I believed you. Why are you not believing me?’’ I asked him, trying to stay calm.

‘’It’s different. They are not that important to me. But he clearly is important to you.’’ His voice was trembling now. I could see that he was really hurt by this. But why?

Then the realization hit me. He didn’t know. He didn’t know, and he didn’t notice. Man are really stupid.

I tried to restrain my mouth from growing into a wide smile, because that would only make this  worse.

‘’Alex,’’ I started ‘’ it is not different. Do you know why?’’ I paused. He wasn’t responding, but I kept going anyway. ‘’Because nobody else is important to me when I am with you. Because you poisoned my mind with yourself, I can’t think of no one else but you. You make me enjoy everything. You broke down the boundaries that I have set for myself. You make me feel alive. You make me feel awake. You make me feel like I can do anything, as long as I have you by my side.’’ I cupped his face with both of my hands.

‘’I’m in love with you Alex Hogh Andersen. ‘’ I brought my face closer to his. ‘’I’m so in love with you even the blind people can see that. And that’s why you should believe me when I say there is no one else in my life, but you.’’

And then I kissed him. He was shocked at first, then he put his hand on my waist and moved his lips against mine. His lips were so soft, softer than I imagined them to be. His grip around my waist tightened as the kiss grew bolder. Then I pulled back to get some air, only to earn a protesting moan from him. But fast enough I moved my head to his neck, leaving open mouthed kisses there. He reacted by moving his hand to my ass, giving it a light squeeze. I moaned against his skin, and I felt he shivered in response.

He put his hand under my chin, moved my face up and kissed me again, closing the space between us. Then he surprised me when he broke the kiss to lower himself, only to grab my tights to pick me up. He carried me to the kitchen counter, while leaving wet open mouthed kisses on my neck. I run my hands trough his hair while a moan escapes from my mouth. He moves his hands on my ass again, now squeezing it harder. I lowered my hands to his core and started pulling up his t-shirt. He moved his hands up in the air and when his chest was finally naked I throw his shirt as far away as possible from us. He was looking at me now with mischief in his eyes. ‘’I thought you liked that shirt?’’. I put my hands on his chest and started moving them up and down, at the same time moving my head closer to his. ‘’I changed my mind. I like it more like that.’’ He smirked and lowered his head to bit down my neck. I moaned again, and then another sound was heard.

My phone was ringing.

‘’Dammit!’’ I cursed, and Alex sighed and moved away. This was irritating the both of us. I reached the phone, and saw it was Jordan. Again.

‘’This better be important.’’ I answered the phone.

‘’Oh, did I interrupt something?’’ I could hear him chuckle on the other side.

‘’You did, actually.’’ I sighed, and I felt Alex coming closer from behind, only to put his hands on my waist and leave a kiss on my neck. I threw my head back, resting it on his shoulder, while putting my free hand in his hair. ‘’Do you need something?’’

‘’I just wanted to know if you two wanted to come over. I’m here with Sophie and Marco.’’ I turned my head to Alex, who heard what Jordan said and made a face that said ‘Do we really have to?’’. I nodded, and he sighed in frustration.

‘’We’ll be there in 20 minutes. Love you!’’

‘’Love/’’ I didn’t hear the rest of it because I hung up on him.

I turned myself to see Alex. He was putting his shirt on.

‘’Can’t you just stay without it?’’ I whined.

He chuckled at my words.

‘’That would be inappropriate.’’ He said, but I saw my words made him shift in his place. I came closer to him, put my arms around his neck and said :’’It would be. Very much. But I wouldn’t mind.’’

He smiled at me, then gave me a short kiss.

‘’We have to go, you told your brother we were coming. Besides, I can’t wait for you to meet Marco.’’ I nodded, then let go of him, and went in my bedroom to change.

He was waiting for me where I left him. He smiled when he saw me, straighting himself up as I got closer to him. I put my hands on his chest, and he in response curled his arms around my waist, bringing me closer. I looked him in the eyes, only to see how happy he was now. And for some reason, it made me happy seeing him like that.

‘’Do you believe me now?’’ I asked him.

He was looking at me with a soft face expression. ‘’Yes.’’ was all he said.

‘’Good.’’ I kissed his temple.

He moved his hands from my waist all the way to my face, leaving them on my checks. He caressed them with his palms, while resting his forehead on mine. We remained like that for a few seconds. Then I moved away from him, hinting him it was time to go. 

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hi i just finished the arranged marriage peterick fic and i was wondering if u have any recs? 👀👀👀 (also for rycer if u have any 👀👀👀)

i’m not sure which arranged marriage fic you’re talking about, but boy do i have some recs for you! i’ve read so many peterick fics that i’m only gonna post a few of the ones i have bookmarked, but rycer ones are pretty scarce, so i’ll put up as many good ones as i know of.


  • to take what i’m given with grace (rating - explicit) - probably my favorite fic of all time, no lie. amazingly written and characterized. it’s everything you could want in a fic - fake marriage, enemies to friends to lovers, slow-burn - pretty much the epitome of fic in my honest opinion.
  • open up, this is a raid (rating - explicit) - another one of my favorites. one of the first i ever read, and really got me into the angst genre in general. probably one of the best apocalypse fics i’ve read. has side pairings, but they’re amazing too.
  • pull hard and make a wish (rating - explicit) - i was skeptical about this one at first, but i’m glad i actually took the time to read it. it’s a lot more than it seems at face value, and every time i reread it i notice little details that i’d missed previously.
  • count sheep, count heartbeats (rating - general) - one of my favorite fluff fics. i can picture this all so vividly, it makes my chest hurt. i love it.
  • wanted: piano lesson (rating - teen) - literally one of my absolute faves in terms of fic AND author. college aus aren’t always good, but uma pulls this off flawlessly. i’m so honored to be friends with such a talented author!!
  • i’m not complaining that it’s raining, i’m just saying that i’d like it a lot (rating - general) - this is so sweet and cute that it makes me cry, and not just in the usual fluff way. the characterization is amazing, and all the little hints along the way will make you melt, i promise.
  • cue all the love (rating - mature) - i’m pretty sure this is the first peterick fic i ever read. it’s amazing, and it also holds a special place in my heart.
  • (imma plug my ao3 account, so if you wanna see peterick fics i’ve written, you can look here)


  • so kiss me goodbye (and maybe i’ll cry over you) (rating - general) - as someone who truly appreciates angstfluff, this one gets an a+ in my book. truly good.
  • darkness lead me home (rating - mature) - another angsty one, but with a good ending. i love the whole “spencer and ryan reconnecting” trope.
  • the ratio of freckles to stars (rating - teen) - absolutely beautiful and well-written. even people who don’t ship rycer should read this one. you won’t be disappointed.
  • someone please rec some more rycer fics to me i have no idea what else to suggest
Sansukh Re-read Ch.7

Thorin made a special point of witnessing the lad’s celebration. Fíli and Kíli spent all their time gawking at Gimrís, and Frerin did naught but complain that he couldn’t drink the very fine spirit Bilbo had sent from the Shire for the occasion. Bifur was entertaining himself by walking through people. It was a very unnerving sight.

I love this. Thorin’s there to watch the celebration, Fíli and Kíli just want to stare at Gimrís, Frerin just wants to complain about not being able to drink, and Bifur’s having fun being dead and being able to walk through people. Different dwarves enjoy the celebration differently, and I love the variety.

“Thank you, Aunt Dís,” he said, dazed as he accepted it. The bag fell away to reveal a pair of very familiar throwing axes. He looked up, his eyes wide and white. She smiled.

“Fíli would like you to have them, no doubt,” she said.

I always have feels at this point. Years ago, when Gimli first started going to visit Dís, she couldn’t bear to part with Fíli or Kíli’s things, because the wound was too fresh. Now, it’s healed a little, at least it’s not as raw, and she can bear to part with something of Fíli’s because she knows it’s something Gimli would be able to put to good use, and Fíli would rather them be used than just sit in a closet somewhere.

The Ri Brothers had banded together and had made him a beautiful warm woollen travelling surcoat with a matching pair of trousers. The stitching around the edges was hardy and strong, and the colour was a warm rusty brown that made the red of his beard appear brighter. “Thank you!” Gimli said, and held it up to admire the gold thread interwoven through the edges.

Whenever they band together, they always do great things. Joining a quest, making fantastic traveling clothes, etc.

“Gimrís,” he said in awe. “You made this?”

She bristled. “What, are you calling me a liar?”

As much as I love their bickering, it sort of backfired in this case for Gimrís. She’s expecting their usual trade of loving insults, and instead Gimli’s honestly astonished at what a beautiful gift she’d made him and so she has to discuss feelings.

“Well,” she said, uncomfortable in his embrace, “I suppose you’re not completely awful.”

He rolled his eyes, and then he leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Namadith. You’re not always a brat.”

“That’s as close as they’ll ever get, I suppose,” Mizim said with a sigh, dabbing at her eyes.

She’s probably not wrong about that.

A set o’ lungs on the bairn that echoed even in my ears!“

"Aye, and is that why you dropped him?” Glóin said, his eyebrow arching. Mizim folded her arms, her eyes glinting rather dangerously. Óin let go of Gimli’s shoulders like hot coals.

“Ah, er…”

“Óin dropped the baby?” said Bombur incredulously.

“Aye, right on his precious wee head. Lucky he’s a Dwarf, or it could have hurt him!”

“Lucky he landed on his head, you mean,” Gimrís said. “Did the floor tiles crack?”

Gimli scowled at her.

“He wouldn’t stop wriggling!” Óin said. “I hadn’t delivered a babby before. He was the first – I was nervous!”

This is my favorite thing ever. Óin getting drunk and embarrassing Gimli, with unwitting help from Mizim and Glóin, by talking about his birth. Gimli should be lucky that he lives in an Age before there were cameras, or the three of them would’ve probably been bringing out naked baby pictures.

“Poor little mite, dropped on his head - an’ Mizim swearin’ a blue streak an’ all, an’ Glóin about to faint wi’ first-time-father jitters,” Óin crooned, patting the mortified Gimli’s cheek. “Still, it didn’t faze him at all! He just roared at me some more, an’ when I picked him back up he straightaway soiled himself all down the front o’ my apron t’ teach me a lesson.”

Drunk Óin is hilarious.

Gimrís was trying in vain to muffle her snickers by biting down on her hand. Gimli scowled at her. “You wait til it’s your turn. Eight years, sister. Watch your back.”

“Aye, not long until you’ve reached your centenary, little lass,” said Glóin, smiling at her.

She tossed her head. “If you tell such stories about me, I’ll put an emetic in your food.”

I approve of Gimrís’ method of getting them to not tell embarrassing stories about her. Gimli’s probably regretting that he didn’t think up a suitable threat before this all happened.

“And I saw her first!” Fíli snapped. “Thorin, tell him to keep his grubby hands to himself!”

Thorin shook his head. “Not for all the world.”

“If you do,” Bifur added, his face alive with gladness, “I will knock out every one of your teeth.”

Again, I love Bifur. He’s not even alive anymore, and he still will do whatever’s in his power (although that’s not much considering he’s dead) to make sure Bofur gets his shot at happiness.

“Khuzd tada bijebî âysîthi mud oshmâkhî dhi zurkur ughvashâhu, oh, never thought I would live to see the day,” Bifur said happily.

“You didn’t,” said Fíli sourly.

“Oh, hush,” Thorin told his grousing nephews, a lump in his throat. “Bofur is falling in love, his dearest wish, and they have the time to be together. That is no small thing.”

Okay, even though Fíli only said it because he’s grumpy that someone else is with Gimrís, that’s hilarious. And Thorin looking at those two and seeing what could have been if he and Bilbo had just wised up sooner? All the feels.

Thorin ignored him with as much dignity as he could muster – which was a lot.

Understatement of the Age.

Glóin drew Mizim aside. “Did what I just think happened actually happen?”

“You’ve got eyes,” she said under her breath. “Yes, our daughter is diving headlong into courting faster than a dropped hammer, and you, you old bear, are going to respect her wishes and leave Bofur alone, d'you hear?”

“I wouldn’t hurt him!” he protested. “He’s of the Company! I’d just… I’d just scare him a little.”

Overprotective Papa Glóin is no match for his wife. Mizim won’t let him threaten Bofur and risk chasing him off. She probably noticed that he’s a little insecure about the fact that he’s older than Gimrís and knows that it wouldn’t take much ‘scaring’ to chase him off even if he does love Gimrís.

“About sixty, sixty-five so far,” said Náli, the old white-haired training-master.

“Too many,” Thorin whispered. “One Dwarf is too many, let alone sixty-five!”

Oh Balin, what are you doing? You’ve lost your mind, it’s like Thorin said, your love of tradition is getting the better of you. Don’t you remember Azanulbizar? Do you really want another battle like that?

“The Balrog,” Thorin spat.

Gimli’s shoulders tensed. “Aye, but what of Durin’s Bane?”

Many faces blanched, but several Dwarves scoffed loudly. “An ancient thing long turned to dust! We have naught to fear from old tales!”

You are all gonna be eating those words soon enough.

“Ori,” Thorin said helplessly, and then he scrubbed his face with his hands. “No, not Ori. Youngest of us all, little Ori in your knitted gloves… Ori, you are but a hundred and eleven! I cannot… Ori, in Moria, your brothers…”

I wonder, if Ori had realized how soon Nori would be dying, and how alone Dori would be, if he still would have agreed. On the one hand, it’s important to have a historian along on something like this. On the other hand, he’d be leaving Dori alone with no one to care for.

“Aye, well, my uncle is more than a little deep in his cups,” Gimli laughed, and clapped Lóni’s back. “Ask him again when he is sober!”

When he’s sober, he’s still interested. It’s a good thing Thorin talked you out of going too, though, or else the Fellowship would have ended differently.

Not long after Gimli’s nameday, Dwalin was completely blindsided by a proposal of courtship from his deputy, the stony, severe Orla. He had been so surprised he actually said yes.

Orla turning Dwalin’s world upside down and proposing to him is awesome. I can’t lie, though, she’s my favorite OC in Sansukh, so I think a lot of what she does is awesome.

One of Dwalin’s troops made the mistake of joking about the relationship.

No-one made that mistake ever again.

I wonder if Orla took care of it, Dwalin did, or if they teamed up to do it.

“Hello, my boy,” he said softly. “Hello Thorin, son of Dwalin.”

“Oh, you did not,” said Thorin in disgust.

Everyone wants to name their kids after you, Thorin, you need to get used to it.

“You bloody stupid noble twit,” were Nori’s first words to Thorin, and he lowered his head and laughed softly.

“Aye, guilty as charged. But at least I wasn’t killed over a rigged game of conkers.”

Nori dying because of a rigged game of conkers is hilarious! I mean, it’s sad he died, but just the reason for his death being /conkers/ of all things? That’s hilarious.

“Tashf!” Bifur snapped, and then launched himself at Nori and wrapped him in his arms. Nori gasped as all the air was knocked out of him.

“Mahal below, what the…” he choked.“Bifur, hang on a bleedin’ second, let a body get his breaf back…”

“He’s a little excited to see you,” said Fíli dryly.

“Nah, really? Do tell,” Nori managed.

“D'you think he’ll do that to each one of the Company as they arrive?” Kíli wondered.

“Yes,” Bifur said emphatically. “I will, and stop talking about me as if I weren’t here.”

“Wait a mo, he’s speaking in Westron…!”

“He does that now,” Kíli said. “It’s getting him to stop that’s the trick. Hello Nori!”

I love Bifur. I love their reactions to Bifur here, but I mostly just love Bifur and how enthusiastic he is to welcome all of his friends when they die.

Dead, yes. Retired? Never.

Best summary of Nori’s personality ever, in less than 5 words.

He wanted to know who that young whelp was, following Bilbo around like a lost puppy!

Thorin, you’re jealous of a little hobbit, calm down. Bilbo didn’t forget you.

The boy looked confused, as though hearing such things out of the mouths of adults was not something he was used to. “You… don’t mind me having a secret hiding place?”

“Heavens no, Frodo m'boy. I have so many secrets they positively leak out of my ears; why in the world would I mind you having secrets of your own? Come on, put your bags down, and let’s go see about elevensies, shall we?”

I love Bilbo and Frodo’s interactions, especially when Frodo’s this young. And Bilbo having so many secrets that they leak out of his pointed ears is an understatement, especially when you consider his secret love of Thorin and the Ring, among others.

“Rivendell!” Frodo took a step forward out from underneath Bilbo’s arm, his large blue eyes wide. “Do you think I will ever see it?”

Fascination with elves must be in the Baggins DNA. None of the other Bagginses leave the Shire, though, so only Bilbo and Frodo have discovered it.

“Yes, Uncle Bilbo!” Frodo said with one last longing look at Rivendell, before racing down the corridor. Thorin’s lips parted on a soft breath of surprise.

Then he berated himself for an idiot and a fool.

“An uncle?” He turned to Bilbo. “I didn’t know you had siblings. How could I not know that about you?”

He was a little disconcerted. Thorin wanted to know everything about Bilbo. Everything. He could not fulfil his promise otherwise.

Your married is showing again, Thorin. Also, just be glad you don’t have Frerin or one of the others with you this time, or they would’ve teased you so much about being jealous of the little hobbit.

He’d long grown used to seeing Bilbo’s proficiency in the kitchen, though it never failed to make his mouth quirk. Why was one blade so different to another? Perhaps he should have suggested that the Burglar dice his enemies.

That actually might have helped Bilbo learn to use the sword. Just describe different food preparation techniques and have Bilbo act them out with the sword.

Thorin smiled to himself. “Even stubborn, blind, arrogant Dwarves.”

“Even idiots with their great heads stuffed firmly up their backsides,” added Bilbo, his mouth twitching. Thorin started in surprise, and then shook his head, laughing softly beneath his breath.

“Blasted creature.” How he wished… oh, how he wished. His arms ached to hold the infuriating little Burglar. He wanted to touch Bilbo’s curly hair, and to feel those nimble little hands against the nape of his neck. He longed to kiss that quick and clever mouth, to nip that sharp tongue with his teeth. “Blasted, ridiculous, absurd Hobbit.”

As funny as this is, it also has all the feels.

“If I gave you a beard, would you leave me alone?!”

Mahal’s resorting to bribery, the plan to be annoying is working a bit more quickly than I’d suspected. Then again, it’s best to never underestimate dwarves.


oi, there’s more slides I made for this. But I can apparently only have 10 pictures in slides format. I will add this neat keep reading link and see what happens. THERE WILL BE TWO MANGA SPOILERS IF YOU READ ON. PLENTY OF WARNING, MY LOVELY FANDOM 


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hisokawa  asked:

do you have any nejiten fic recommendations?


I have way more in my bookmarks but sometimes I save some for hyucks, b/c I’m in the mood to read anything (& after I’ve gone through the good ones) (life of a shipper whaddya know). I’m wAY pickier when I’m re-entering fic world for a ship, so without further ado: 

Psst! by Arkana 

Summary: Lee finds out about Neji and Tenten’s relationship the hard way. The VERY hard way. [Team Gai love]

(Notes: Ok…this is probably one of my favorite ones of all time because Lee is a central part and he ISN’T like staring at Neji and Tenten all 5-year-old confused at the revelation of their relationship (which is my biggest pet peeve). Super funny, Team Gai bein’ dorks and BFFs.)

Pumpkins and Anthropology, by maravelous

Summary: “I think humans are more beautiful than any story or picture ever made.” — ShikaTema & NejiTen

(Notes: Cute & funny all around; this author writes a cute NejiTen, where Neji’s a Nice Person. Some of her other works have an interesting off-kilter prose-ish beat to it; took me a bit to get into the writing style, but her scenarios are nice.)

coda in d minor, by metaphorically-blue

Summary: She doesn’t look like her father. /And children can’t recognize grief./ /future!fic, sort of Team Gai/

(Notes: Wow??? The subtlety is really well done and the themes are well crafted and well woven into the story. I don’t think their names are even mentioned in the story, which I think is really beautiful. )

scarborough fair, by windsilk

Summary: Remember me to one who lives there; for once, he was a true love of mine. —Neji/Tenten.

(Notes: Well-crafted, their relationship is well expressed (tiny, beautiful moments), even if I don’t entirely agree with all of the sentiments (mostly towards the end).)

Wish, by The Silver Feathered Raven

Summary: A thousand little moments that come from one wish, from one dream. Tenten centric.

(Notes: Another huge favorite of mine because I’m a sucker for Tenten-centric stories. Not Nejiten, but their relationship is portrayed well in this.)

Blood drops and sharpened steel, by subtlyfailing

Summary: When she pulls the kunai out of her first dead man’s throat, the blood that stains her hands won’t wash out for days. She shakes for weeks, adrenaline roaring, her head filled with images of red smiles and bloodless faces… (Note: I cut the summary short for length purposes. Sorry!)

(Notes: MORE TENTEN CENTRIC STUFF ENOUGH SAID. All about Tenten figuring out ways to be herself; my favorite bit is when she compares herself to Sakura and comes to revelations about the differences in their path choices.)

Pavement, by Lacewood

Summary: Neji, Tenten and a chance meeting on a street. The past is behind them, on a growing stretch of pavement

(Notes: Prettay angsty) 

The Game, by DrerrRedclaw

Summary: One man dies: chaos, order, and everything in between ensues. Character studies, ShikaTema, NejiTen. Futurefic, expect OOC due to age and experience.

(Notes: The NejiTen is on ch. 4 if you’re curious, lol, but really, read the whole thing. Nice character studies and a strong plot to tie everything together.)

When the Moon Hits Your Eye, by Goldberry

Summary: Tenten has plans for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, so does everyone else.

(Notes: Not your usual Valentine’s Day story (yergh…I can’t stand those); cute, funny, in-character, the ending is a winner. This author has a LOT of other NejiTen stories that are all really well done–she writes Neji really well.)

Spilled Ink, by memory’s marionette

Summary: The only tears she sheds for him breathe on rough parchment, scrawled within the characters of his name that she writes over and over and over again. A romance written in reverse. NejiTen.

(Notes: Reverse fic, goes into Tenten’s calligraphy & scrolls. This author (@iridescentirises) was the one who wrote the Pro-Nejiten essays, so she defs knows what’s up. My only confusion was with the ending…I still can’t quite figure it out, but the sentiments overall in the story are v nice.)

Twenty Matters of Pride to Hyuuga Neji, by Kraken’s Ghost

Summary: All Hyuuga are proud. Neji measures his pride differently.

(Note: Not NejiTen, but who cares, it’s about Neji and his team, and what they mean to him. A pretty excellent character study. I just…wish the title was different, esp for a fic as thoughtful as this one.)

Interrogation, by Yugao

Summary: One day, Lee decides to interrogate Neji on his love life, but he ends up learning more than he bargained for.

(Notes: Neji & Lee being friends, Lee being Sociably More Sane than Neji, which I love.)

NSFW Territory: 

On Sex, by Lotos-Eater

Summary: With titles like this, who needs summaries?

(Notes: Really not what you think; 0% fluff, 0% Neji & Tenten going at it like rabbits, 100% real & real-life awkward. TW for a dark past. I’m not sure if this would ever happen, but it’s pretty well done. NSFW for obvious reasons.)

woohoo, by mellieforyellie

Summary: congratulations, it’s 2 am and you’re covered in glitter and what you’re pretty sure is tequila bottles. you’re headed places, kid. — inspired by TLFN ; word-vomit collection.

(Notes: And then on the opposite end of the spectrum in the rated M/E fics, we have this. It’s ALL sex, every chapter is about it, but she writes them all in character, and honestly has one of the best portrayals of Neji & Tenten’s relationship that I’ve seen?? (Ch. 11). Very NSFW so tread carefully if it’s not your cup of tea.)

Non Team Gai/NejiTen fics:

Five Things Sakura Will Never Tell Naruto by sowell 

Summary: Kunoichi know how to keep their secrets.

(Notes: WOW, OKAY, I will admit I supported Naruto/Sakura a LOT so when the ending came out my heart sort of broke a little bit and laughed really hard. (I don’t feel too strongly about them anymore; Naruto & Hinata are hella cute.) This fic remedies it for me though, it writes their relationship in this pretty dynamic way that isn’t shippy at all.)

Knockout by Rilina

Summary: Sakura during the time skip (and a little after it too). Gen.

(Notes: Sakura-centric, feat. Team Gai in a little snippet that’s Pretty Great.)


If anyone has recs, send me a message I am always down 4 more of this OTP business NejiTen we OUT  

one last time (a whoever you want to read it one-shot)

okay so this has been sitting on my drafts for a while but it never felt quite finished to me until i re-wrote it and added lots of angst to it oops sorry not sorry

      It was so weird seeing him again in a place like this. 

      No, correction: it was so weird seeing him again. 

      Because last time it involved a lot of yelling (in your part) and a lot of bitter remarks (on his) and it didn’t end well but now you both were well. 

      Not well together, but well apart, each to their own. 

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Jealous John Fic Rec List

Compiled for @lawyermargo. Thank you so much for your suggestions, and I hope you enjoy!

A Brand of Gold by aquabelacqua: This is a fantastically smutty fic in which Sherlock asks John to help him flirt with someone (spoiler: he wants to learn how to flirt with John). So adorable and incredibly hot!

Possession by CaitlinFairchild: An established relationship fic in which Sherlock flirts with someone to get access to information and John is not pleased. Part of her Somatic Theory series (also known as “the hottest BDSM you will ever read”) and overall fantastic.

Fallout by allonsys_girl: A post-season 3 fic in which John and Sherlock are working together when Victor Trevor enters the picture. Features a likable Victor Trevor and plenty of jealousy; a great fic.

High and Tight, Soft and Loose by cwb: This wonderful fic features one of my favorite misunderstandings of all time. John is terribly jealous when he thinks that someone else is sleeping with Sherlock; miscommunications abound. It’s fantastic, go read it!

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie: This is one of my favorite ever case fics (very well crafted with amazing original characters), and it features a jealous John! Absolutely a must read.

I’d Probably Still Adore You With Your Hands Around My Neck by Mssmithlove: This is a great teenlock fic in which Sherlock and John are roommates at uni who secretly pine after each other. It’s a WIP but regularly updated, and a generally fantastic fic. If you like teenlock and jealousy, this is the fic for you!

All Along by PlainJane: This is the epitome of Jealous John. Dimmock flirts with Sherlock and John is, unsurprisingly, not happy about it. So great, go read it!

The Boy Who Drank Stars by kinklock: This is an incredible fusion with Howl’s Moving Castle, although no prior knowledge is necessary. It’s a brilliant story and John is terribly jealous of Irene Adler. I loved it; read it!

I can’t pretend by salambo06: John pretends to be Sherlock’s husband; such a fantastic story. I definitely recommend this one!

self-loving, self-loathing by kinklock: John sadly wanks to one of the tabloids Janine sold her story to. So much pining; a great fic.

Bread and Wine and Curry Once A Week by cwb: This is one of my favorite jealous John fics! John advises Sherlock to write a letter to the person he’s in love with, without realizing Sherlock is in love with him. So wonderful; a must read.

I was so happy when I first saw this pic. Echo Awards 2012, both Led Zeppelin and Linkin Park are nominated. Jimmy and Jonesy are there for Zep, Mike and Joe for LP.
I imagined beforehand that especially Mike would probably be excited to be able to meet the Zep guys and then he posted this pic afterwards and I was so happy.
From all the musicians that were there, Mike chose the greatest ones to take a picture with and it’s so awesome to see members of my two favorite bands ever together.

Random trivia, Mike sampled the drums of When the Levee Breaks in one of his mixtapes and there’s also a big Zep-reference in some lyrics he wrote. Plus Chester calls Robert one of his favorite singers and one time he even performed some Zep songs with Slash.

Oh, and both Zep and LP won their Echo Awards that year (okay, Zep got theirs for their lifetime achievement so it was obvious^^)

I have a lot to say about this picture so I’m gonna put everything I have to say in list form ok here we go

  • Silver’s golden cuffs are not a part of his gloves. It’s canon. His gloves are actually separate from his cuffs oh my gosh
  • Silver put of of his gloves on the snowman so it’d sorta look like him oh my gosh 5000 dork points.
  • 50 more dork points for matching scarves.
  • 500 more dork points for giving the snowman a smile.
  • 50000 more dork points for building a snowman in the first place.
  • He’s probably wearing that scarf because he can’t fit a hat on his head, cute.

And last but not least

  • This picture has become my favorite ever picture of Silver the Hedgehog because of all those things listed above.



anonymous asked:

Top 10 dallon pictures go

ok here we go sorry for taking 8 billion years to respond also these are in no particular order but I point out my absolute faves if you read my commentary :)


This one is Dallon being hecka cute and sassy but also kind of demonic but i enjoy it like look at that cute lil pick on his forehead!







I just love this picture because I don’t understand why it exists?? BUT ITS FLIPPIN ADORABLE and probably one of my ultimate ULTIMATE fave pics of Dallon as well he’s such a cutie aw 


HAIRHAIRHAIRHAIR just look at it?! And honestly he just looks to perfect to exist. As usual. Another one of my ultimate faves


Oh LAWD he just looks so good i want to cry. You can NOT hate this man. Not only is he a super sweetie but also a super hottie aw yea


OK HERE IT IS. THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PHOTO OF DALLON WEEKES EVER. THIS PHOTO RIGHT HERE. His hair and his eyes and his face are all super perfect?!?!?


Ok I also decided to add my favorite pictures of Dallon that I have personally taken and here is one from about a month ago that was featured on their website and everything?!?!? And HE LIKED IT. I PUT IT ON INSTGRAM AND DALLONS PERSONAL ACCOUNT LIKED IT I STARTED SCREAMING but yeah he just looks super rad in this pic so i love it :)


This is another pic that i took, but back in December! I absolutely adore this picture because even though Bden is blurry, Dallon is making the BEST bass face EVER and i adore it (and am super happy i got it on camera!!)


Here it is!! My tenth picture, which i also took at the december concert! It’s my favorite (good quality) photo I’ve ever taken of Dallon, I mean just look at him. LOOK AT THIS DROPDEAD GORGEOUS MAN. 

I hope you enjoyed my pictures :D

MySpace Post, May 25th, 2006

ACMs — Las Vegas


So I just got back from Las Vegas. I was there for the ACMs, and I had an amazing time. Well, amazing for me is working constantly. So I was verrry happy with this trip. haha. My producer, Nathan, came with me to sing harmonies at some of the shows we were doing. His wife, Steph, and my mom also came. 
On the way there, I was on the same plane as Sarah Buxton. She’s a new artist on Lyric Street and we’ve written together before. I love her. So we had a delay in the Phoenix airport and were just sitting there… So I got out my guitar, then Nathan did, then so did her accompanist.. And we just started playing right there in the airport. Pretty soon people starting gathering around to hear us and we got a pretty good crowd going! I love stuff like that, it was so much fun. When we got to Vegas, we went to our hotel, the MGM.. It was the same one all the artists were staying at so it was awesome to see famous people walking around everywhere. 
The next day, I had a radio interview and performance in the morning. Then I did what’s called a radio remote. That’s where about two hundred radio stations are all in one huge room set up at tables. All the artists walk around to each one and say what are called liners (“Hey this is Taylor Swift, and you’re listening to _______!”) and do interviews. It was amazing. I loooooved it because its just talking to people. I could talk to a door. 
So then I had a fan performance for about 30 contest winners from different radio stations. I did that with Jack Ingram and Jimmy Wayne. They are both amazing, and Jack’s probably my favorite guy singer out there right now. The next day, I had a fan performance at the House of Blues. There were a bunch of artists doing it.. Me, Jack, Katrina Elam, Trent Tomlinson, Trent Wilmon.. It went amazing, I had so much fun with that one. After that was an autograph signing, and everyone I met was really sweet.
Then at lunchtime was a luncheon that Big Machine Records had for people in the radio industry, it was at Studio 54. It was alot of fun, and the sound was really good there. After that I had to rush to get ready for the red carpet at the ACMs. When we got there, I walked onto the carpet and there were all these photographers taking pictures and screaming my name. It was probably the coolest thing EVER. haha. All of my favorite singers were on the carpet, and I was kind of in awe the whole time.. while doing about fifty interviews.
I had to leave before the show, but it was an amazing trip and I’m SOOO excited to get out on the road again. I’m so bad at sitting in one place. I love what I do, and I’m so thrilled about what’s happening.

My single comes out June 19th. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life.


anonymous asked:

Alex is the best distraction so....what is your favourite Alex look, favourite stage persona and favourite album?xo

This is the best ask. I couldn’t wait to answer. I thought about it a lot, and I think this is going to be a tough decision for me. (I always feel like I should preface all of my answers about his looks with like a ‘I really admire him as a person, Arctic Monkeys have been a constant in my life for years, they’re very important’ and all of this other shit but then I’m like ‘idk I think everyone knows this already? Alright here I go.)

Fave look:

This is tough. Sometimes I want to say Humbug because look at him:

He was like just cocky and stoned enough to like … Be attractive. Like he maybe gained some confidence, did some coke in the desert with josh homme, got a super hot gorgeous girlfriend aka ALEXA CHUNG and realized he was cool enough to do this.

But then like, this happened: 

And just when 2011 me thought he couldn’t get any better, THIS happened:

So I guess my answer is… I don’t know? But like, maybe, just maybe, my fave look of Alex D. Turner is when he’s been like … Sleeping well, eating, dating someone for awhile. See:

But then… This summer happened. And we were blessed with T in the Park 2016. 

I haven’t recovered yet. Also, I think I might be biased towards this particular ‘era’ because I met him in it. And he was lovely and kind and pretended he wasn’t judging me and my gigantic eyes and my clear shortness of breath. 

Stage Persona:

Okay so this one was a little bit easier because I think the AM stage persona, while ridiculously intense at times…

(Like what the actual shit stop doing that please also peep @ Jamie Cook)

My favorite is probably Suck it and See.

…Is that even a persona? I think it was the most him of them all, if that makes any sense. Just enough arrogance and not as you know, hip gyrations. Don’t get me wrong, I love them/him. But something about this specific period of time for this band. They were just a band. They never needed a bell or a whistle, or their name on fire. And this entire era of their existence proves it. (Which I also think is why when they did have some bells and whistles and light their name on fire, it was cool because everyone knows they don’t really need it but they’re doing it anyway and that’s why they are the coolest rock band on earth.) Also idk something about his arms in those t-shirts… Anyway.

Album: This is the only one I can answer easily. Google isn’t letting me paste the image and I feel like you all know the cover anyway. But my favorite album of theirs, of anything he’s ever done, probably will ever do, will always and forever be Humbug. Forever. Until my death. Actually, when I die, take my vinyl and put it next to me. I don’t want to be without it in whatever afterlife I wind up in.

Thank you for this. Also, feel free to discuss any of these with me at any point in time. I’m more than willing to intentionally look for gifs and pictures of ADT in my spare time. I always want to talk about this. So.

(None of these gifs are mine!)