probably my favorite picture ever of all time

Never forget that one time twenty one pilots was on tour with fall out boy and panic! at the disco and that for just one minute the stars aligned and everything was all right



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This was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done because I have thousands (i wish i was kidding) of pictures of soo on my computer and I love them all. So yeah, these are some of my all time favorite pictures.

I think pretty much everyone has done this already, but anyway I’m tagging chipsoo, dyo-alone, godkyungsoo, vitunkpoppi, wetjongin, soowritersoofection , takeachansoo, wuyisu and anyone else who sees this and wants to do this. 

I was so happy when I first saw this pic. Echo Awards 2012, both Led Zeppelin and Linkin Park are nominated. Jimmy and Jonesy are there for Zep, Mike and Joe for LP.
I imagined beforehand that especially Mike would probably be excited to be able to meet the Zep guys and then he posted this pic afterwards and I was so happy.
From all the musicians that were there, Mike chose the greatest ones to take a picture with and it’s so awesome to see members of my two favorite bands ever together.

Random trivia, Mike sampled the drums of When the Levee Breaks in one of his mixtapes and there’s also a big Zep-reference in some lyrics he wrote. Plus Chester calls Robert one of his favorite singers and one time he even performed some Zep songs with Slash.

Oh, and both Zep and LP won their Echo Awards that year (okay, Zep got theirs for their lifetime achievement so it was obvious^^)