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Liana and Alexa from Barbie and the Diamond Castle are in love and here’s the proof

So, a bit of background first. I used to be obsessed with the Barbie movies when I was younger, just like everybody else my age. From time to time, I catch myself re watching a few of them, such as the Magic of Pegasus and Mermaidia, which were my favorites. However, last night I decided to go for a different one, and I’m glad I did. I only watched Barbie and the Diamond Castle once when I was a kid. My scarce recollection of it was about two girls who sold flowers and ate bread from their cabinets and eventually found a castle in a lake. But, upon re watching it, I now understand that it is so much more. 

I started taking notes originally just as a joke, but I’m actually 100% serious at this point. Also, it’s probably easiest to understand this if you are at least somewhat familiar with the movie, or you could watch it alongside my notes as I will be going in chronological order. But you do you.

My interpretation of Liana and Alexa’s relationship as more than just friends is under the read more because this is going to get really long. My notes were 1.1k words, but this is about 3k words. Also, expect too many commas, italics, and low quality pictures.

Okay. So, the story begins with normal Barbie and her friend, Teresa, singing a song about their friendship. Right off the bat, I noticed the lyrics.

Somehow when you’re around

The sky is always blue

The way we talk

The things you say

The way you make it all okay

And how you know

All of my jokes

But you laugh anyway

If I could wish for one thing

I’d take the smile that you bring

Wherever you go in this world 

I’ll come along

Super cute. The lyrics, given no context, can easily be interpreted in a romantic way.

After finishing singing, Barbie begins to tell her sister a story about friendship, and here we are introduced to our two main characters: Liana and Alexa. 

They live together in a cottage in the countryside and plant flowers. Honestly, that should be enough proof in itself. But, the remaining hour and fifteen minutes provide enough supplemental evidence that these girls are in love.

After Liana (the blonde) and Alexa (the brunette) finish singing the same song as Barbie and Teresa, Alexa describes the song as “magical.” Liana goes on to tease her about believing in magic and wishes, and Alexa chases her with a dish cloth. It’s only a few minutes in and they’re already flirting and just being cute in general.

Later, Liana finds two heart shaped stones in the river that runs near their cottage. Her immediate reaction is to call Alexa over and give her one of the hearts. Of course, Liana has to make sure her girlfriend doesn’t slip on the rocks though, first. She offers a hand as Alexa leaps about one foot over. Just an excuse to hold hands, I’m guessing. 

Liana seizes another opportunity to hold hands with Alexa as they close their eyes and recite, “Best friends today, best friends tomorrow, and always,” and then share a laugh. 

A magic spell is cast while their eyes are closed, and the hearts symbolize the physical manifestation of their love for one another. Alexa has the idea to turn the stones into necklaces, but before she can do anything, a storm suddenly rolls in and they head inside. 

Liana surprises Alexa with the heart necklaces that she had wished for, and puts on hers, calling them “the perfect match.” Although, I don’t think she was just referencing the necklaces; Liana and Alexa are a perfect match as well.

The storm ends up destroying their garden, so the couple is left with very little income. They have two options on what to eat: bread and jam, or jam and bread. (Ironically, this is one of the few scenes I remember watching when I was younger.)

Alexa wishes that they could have more - more food, more clothes, more house. But when talking about her future plans, she doesn’t hesitate to include Liana in them. Each sentence includes an “us,” “our,” or “we.” Alexa is in love, and she doesn’t plan on spending her future without the love of her life.

Alexa and Liana acquire a mirror from an old woman, and then proceed to work to fix up the garden. As they work, they sing, and once again, I present you with some of the lyrics:

But I know that I’m never alone

I think of you 

And how you never let me go

I feel connected


It’s like you’re sitting right

With me all the time

You hear me

You’re near me

And everything else is gonna be alright

‘Cause nothing can break this 

Nothing can break this tie

They’re in love. Just saying. 

The song about how in love Liana and Alexa are literally conjures a girl in the mirror. She sings along with them, and they quickly become friends. But, before they can bond too far, a dragon swoops down from the sky and tries to steal the mirror with the girl trapped inside. He burns their lovely cottage down, so the girls are left with no home.

Apparently, the girl in the mirror was an apprentice to three muses in a place called the Diamond Castle, where the stone hearts are from. However, one of the muses went rogue, so the Diamond Castle was hidden, and the key was given to the girl, an apprentice, to protect it. The dragon works for the evil muse who wants to regain access to the Diamond Castle.

While the girl in the mirror is explaining this, Liana looks at Alexa with so much love in her eyes it hurts my heart.

Since Liana and Alexa no longer have a house, they decide to journey to help the girl in the mirror find the Diamond Castle. While in the Valley of Flowers, Alexa hears rustling in some bushes and screams, believing it to be a snake.

However, it turns out it’s just some dogs, which Liana teases her for.

Alexa responds, “Okay, okay, I was only trying to protect you,” in the softest voice ever.

Okay, okay, that was really cute. During this scene, they also take in the dogs and name them Sparkles and Lily. 

Liana and Alexa arrive in a town where, to get food, they sing at a restaurant. The lyrics aren’t super romantic here (since they have a crowd,) but there was one line I rather liked.

We’ll stick together

Staying strong

While they’re on this journey together, they will always have each other.

Later, Liana and Alexa are eating on a break, and they are approached by a pair of British boys who attempt to serenade them with a song about how handsome they are. Liana is unimpressed.

She’s too in love with her girlfriend to even consider the possibility of dating one of them. She’s confident Alexa feels the same way, as they share a look.

After they leave the tavern, the girl in the mirror observes, “They were really cute.”

Liana replies, “You have to be kidding,” and laughs. She could not care less, and she makes eye contact with Alexa again. 

It’s what I like to call the knowing-lesbian look. 

Unfortunately, while they are in the forest, the dragon reappears with the muse. She tries to hypnotize the girls into giving her the mirror with the girl inside, but is unsuccessful because of the stone hearts they wear. The necklaces, symbols of their love for one another, make them immune to dark magic since they came from the Diamond Castle. 

Liana and Alexa manage to escape and are picked up by the two British boys from earlier. British boy #1 does flirt with Alexa but is greeted by an eye roll from her unimpressed dog. The best way to get rejected, if you ask me. 

Also, the British boys keep trying to be funny, but they’re not - at all - and it’s really annoying. Liana even comments, “They think they’re charming.” (She knows her girlfriend is funnier and more charming than they could ever be.)

At this point in my viewing, I was a bit concerned that the British boys would become love interests for the girls, but I was pleasantly surprised. They weren’t too involved in the storyline, and I wasn’t greeted with a random wedding at the end a la Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper style. Some flirting occurred, but overall the British boys were insignificant. 

Essentially, this picture is a summary of the relationship between Liana, Alexa, and the British boys:

The British boys fall into a hole. The troll who refused them access to a bridge is responsible, but I like to think they’re just that dumb. 

In order to cross the bridge, the girls have to answer a riddle. They must name an instrument that you can hear, but not see or touch. Liana figures out the answer relatively quickly: your voice.

The troll is shocked that she got the answer right, and I was shocked at what happened next.

A rainbow bridge appeared.

Yeah. Even better was what happened after. Moments after Liana and Alexa step on the rainbow bridge, the bridge begins to recede quickly so that the British boys cannot gain access to it. 

The gay girls who are in love literally walk away on a rainbow bridge from the straight guys pursuing them. Barbie did that

While it definitely wasn’t intentional, I did find it hilarious. 

Once over the rainbow bridge, Liana and Alexa continue their hike. Alexa grows extremely tired and stops to take a break. Liana immediately halts and turns around to comfort her girlfriend. “Are you okay?” she asks. 

They care about each other so much. Goals. 

After their break, the couple spots a house in the distance. Upon arriving, the man and woman who live there offer up their mansion to Liana and Alexa, claiming that it was destiny that they ended up at that house and it now belonged to them. (I don’t blame them - if a cute lesbian couple turned up at my doorstep, I’d offer them my house.)

As the man recites a tale about how it had been foretold that “two friends, best friends will come to live in the hall,” Liana and Alexa glance at each other when he mentions that they were destined to show up, together.

Because their love is destiny. There isn’t a universe out there where they aren’t hopelessly in love with each other. 

(Side note: I also totally just realized they’re wearing the colors of the bisexual pride flag. Amazing. Lesbian, bisexual, however they identify, they’re in love.)

Now, this is where things get rocky. Alexa wants Liana to stay with her in the mansion so that they can finally have all of the food and clothes she wanted them to have in the future. The couple can spend the rest of their lives in the mansion and be safe and happy. 

But, Liana wants to help the girl in the mirror find the Diamond Castle and defeat the evil muse. C’mon, Liana. Who cares about the plot, just go be happy and gay with your girlfriend.

“Stay with me,” Alexa begs. 

Eventually, Alexa erupts in anger: “You’re choosing Melody over me!” she accuses.

Guys, it wasn’t the British boys we had to worry about. It was the girl in the mirror all along. Magic: causing lesbian fights since 2006.

Liana storms out angrily with Sparkles the dog. Alexa rips off the necklace Liana gave her and throws it on the ground with a sad look on her face. Depressing music is playing. This is the worst day of my life. Why aren’t they allowed to be happy?

Alexa hears a knock on the door, and her head hopefully perks up and she gasps, “Liana?” She already wants to put this fight behind them and spend the rest of their lives together, whether it be in the mansion or searching for this castle.

Turns out it was the evil dragon knocking at the door, instead.  He kidnaps Alexa and brings her to the muse’s evil lair. Apparently, the mansion was a trap, and Alexa fell for it. At least Liana’s safe. 

Until the muse brainwashes Alexa because she took off the love necklace that protected her. 

Same, Alexa. 

“Where is your friend? Or should I say…ex-friend?” the evil muse taunts. Too soon, muse, too soon. Unfortunately, Alexa reveals Liana’s location unwillingly because she doesn’t have the power of love to protect her. 

The movie then cuts to Liana ranting about how much she loves Alexa: “Miss her? Why would I miss her? We’ve only been friends for as long as I can remember. She’s been with me through the best and worst times of my life. She knows me better than anyone else in the entire universe. I - I feel like a part of me is gone.”

Now that’s what I call love. Also, Liana’s too busy expressing her feelings for Alexa that she doesn’t even notice the dragon swooping down and kidnapping her. Iconic. 

Now, it gets kind of traumatizing.

The evil muse commands Alexa to walk off a cliff into a pool of acid. All Liana can do is watch in anguish and scream Alexa’s name as she walks closer and closer to the edge. 

Liana is desperate to stop Alexa from falling off the edge. She can’t imagine life without her.

Thankfully, the girl in the mirror convinces the evil muse to stop and promises to tell her where the Diamond Castle is. They leave, but before flying off, the dragon knocks Liana and Alexa off the cliff into the acid. 

When I started watching a Barbie movie, I really didn’t think I’d be encountering the Bury Your Gays trope. For a good 30 seconds, we’re led to believe that they’re dead. 

Luckily, the camera then pans down and we see Liana clinging onto the cliff for dear life, holding her girlfriend’s entire dead weight with just one arm.

Damn. Liana’s strong. She somehow manages to pull both of them back up onto the cliff as well. 

“I’m sorry, Alexa. Why did I ever leave? I’m so sorry,” Liana mourns. I’m not entirely sure why Alexa is suddenly unconscious, but, y’know. Plot. Liana had to cradle her in her arms, so I’m not complaining. 

Lily the dog comes to the rescue carrying the necklace Alexa dropped on the ground. Dogs: saving lesbian relationships since 2006. 

Liana puts the necklace around Alexa’s neck, and once again recites, “Best friends today, best friends tomorrow, and always.”

Liana’s love for Alexa literally just saved her life. Love is real, guys. Liana helps her girlfriend stand up, and then they search for a way out. 

“How?” Alexa asks.

Liana replies, “We’re going to climb up.” Gay pause. Eye contact. “Together.”

As they walk out of the cave, Alexa places her hand on Liana’s shoulder and apologizes for their fight. The two share a hug since they couldn’t bear to be separated from one another for too long.

The British boys return and Liana and Alexa find the evil muse and defeat her. (I oversimplified this because it’s just not relevant to their relationship. Whoops.)

Well, it’s not relevant until they need to unlock the Diamond Castle. Before them lies an empty lake, with no castle in sight. Liana and Alexa realize that they can only see it with the key: a song. And, oh boy, these lyrics. 

Every breeze that whispers

Reminds us constantly

Sometime’s what’s real

Is something you can’t see

Believe in all that can be

After singing, the Diamond Castle rises out of the water and towers over them.

Specifically, the lyrics sometime’s what’s real is something you can’t see really struck home with me. The Diamond Castle is a metaphor for Liana and Alexa’s relationship. Their love is what’s real, but it isn’t something that you can obviously see since it isn’t outright stated (given it’s a Barbie movie in 2006.) 

Inside the castle, the girl from the mirror is safe and Liana and Alexa are crowned princesses of music by the muses. Mirror girl asks them to stay in the castle with her.

But, Alexa refuses, “Live in this beautiful castle? Once, I would have said yes in the blink of an eye, but now, I just want my old home back. It was more than enough.”

She has realized that it isn’t the material things that matter, it’s the love she shares with Liana that she doesn’t want to live without. Alexa wants to return to their simple but happy life in the countryside with their garden and two dogs. 

The muses grant Alexa’s wish by handing her seeds to plant and regrow their flowers at home. To celebrate their success, the girls reprise the song from the beginning of their story with a change in lyrics.

It’s not an accident 

The time we spent apart

But now we’re so close

I can always find you

Right here in my heart

You’ve given me

Something I need

And I don’t ever want it to end

Because of you

I know I’ve found my strength again

They’re in love. Do I even need to explain more at this point? 

The girls wave goodbye to the British boys and muses to spend the rest of their lives accompanied by their dogs and at peace in the countryside. Liana and Alexa rebuild their cottage and plant the seeds for their future together. Literally.

The movie ends as we return to Barbie and Teresa in present day. Stacie, the younger sister, comments, “I would have hated it if Alexa and Liana didn’t make up.” Same, Stacie, same.

Barbie and Teresa then sing the final lyrics of the movie:

Two voices

One song

Because this was a movie about two girls, one love story. 


Scrubs 6x06: My Musical

You’re going to be okay. That’s what’s going to happen. Everything’s okay. We’re right here beside you. We won’t let you slip away. Plan for tomorrow, ‘cause we swear to you, you’re going to be okay.

Theatre Nerd

Pairing: Connor Murphy x Broadway!Reader

Warning: curse words (as usual) 

Request: “do a broadwaystar!reader where Connor have a celeb crush on her and somehow they’re dating”

Word Count: 2074

Note: idrk where the plot of deh is set?? i dont think it was ever mentioned but idk. just pretend deh was set in new york. i dont really know but hey i love theatre nerd connor let’s focus on that 


If people had to give three words to associate Connor Murphy with, it would be the following – weird, freak, weed. That was how people saw Connor. He has always been confined within the bounds of those three words ever since high school started.

But what they didn’t know about Connor Murphy, the world-class freak from who allegedly threw a printer at a teacher, was a huge theatre fan.

Everyone saw him in the same outfit. It was always the same thing. Black jacket, black jeans, black combat boots, and black earphones. 

Teachers and students always assumed that he was listening to metal songs. Some students even thought that he was listening to all sorts of Satanic songs. All because that’s how they stereotyped him.

Well, they were all wrong. In reality, Connor was simply listening to different Broadway recordings. Sure, he listened to other kinds of songs but Broadway recordings have always been his favorite.

No one would expect a boy like him to listen to such genre, let alone smoke weed to Sante Fe from Newsies when he felt sad.

What’s even more shocking was that he was dating you, a renowned Broadway star since birth.

Actually, he wasn’t even sure if he should classify what the two of you had as “dating”. He didn’t know if you see him the same way he sees you, which is full of adoration. All he knew for sure was that he had a massive crush on you.

Sure, you’ve shared a kiss or two. You also have kissed him on the cheek whenever he was feeling too enraged with his father. But the two of you haven’t explicitly told each other how you felt for one another.

Despite not knowing the label for your relationship, you were definitely very close friends. 

The two of you met when you were still part of the ensemble for Hamilton. You were standing on the side during a Ham4Ham show when someone bumped your shoulder.

“Fuck, sorry. Some asshole is forcing his way in front and it’s annoying.” He apologized, mumbling the last part to himself.

You smiled. “No worries,” You looked at the tall boy beside you. You giggled at the sight of a tall boy with black-painted nails and a leather jacket standing amidst a crowd. “So, are you watching the show?”

“My sister is. Her annoying friends invited her.” He responded, taking sneaky glances at your direction.

You didn’t think he knew you but you were wrong. Connor had admired you since before your chance encounter. Of course, you didn’t know that. If he was forced to name a famous or celebrity crush, he’d say your name in a heartbeat.

“Oh, I see. You should come see it. It’s pretty amazing.”

He cracked a small grin. “I’m sure it is.”

It started there. It was no denying that the two of you are incredibly close.

And by close, that included a Connor Murphy lying down on your bed.

Despite knowing each other for a year now, you didn’t know much about him. He knew all kinds of stories about you but he still remained to be a very closed person. You didn’t want to pry too much as you didn’t want him to be upset.

So here you were. You still remained clueless on his love for you for Broadway.

That all ended today.

He was softly singing “Four Jews in a Room Bitching” from Falsettos. You were in the bathroom, taking a shower and oblivious to what was happening in your room.

Connor has been listening to the album for a week now. He enjoyed the kind of humor that was observed in the musical.

He was staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars that you stuck up your ceiling from before as he continued.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, all the time.” He sang, his fingers tapping on his beat to the rhythm of the song. 

Oooh, whadda they do for love?” You suddenly singing back. Connor immediately shut his mouth, snapping his head towards your direction. 

 You got out of the shower, still drying your hair with a towel. He stared at you with awe as he saw you walk out with your baggy “Annie” merchandise shirt and some shorts. He still couldn’t believe he got to meet someone like you, a person whose personality didn’t exactly match his own.

“I didn’t know you knew Falsettos,” You giggled, plopping down beside him. “Are you a closeted musical nerd?” 

 Connor grew defensive. “Fuck, no. Why would I?” He scoffed, standing up and leaving you alone on your bed.

“Uhm, you’re in a room of a Broadway performer?” You pointed out, laughing quietly.

He glared at you. “Tell me, please.” You begged, pouting your lips a bit for the puppy-dog eye effect. That made Connor’s knees weak.

“Okay, maybe I am.” He sat back down in defeat. “But don’t you fucking dare tell Zoe. She’s never going to let that shit down.” He grumbled.

“I would never!” You acted with fake shock, pushing your own hand against your chest. “I say we put your musical knowledge to the test.”

He groaned. “C'mon! Just to really know how big of a nerd you are.” You say, punching his shoulder lightly.

He began leaning back, attempting to lie back down on the bed. He was expecting to feel the soft bedsheets but instead, his head hit the edge of your knee. He mumbled an apology, trying to scoot down. Instead, you got a hold of his head and softly pulled him towards you so he can prop his head on your lap.

Connor scooted up to do just that, blushing a bit. “Fine. But you owe me.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever you want.” You said quickly. “I’ll sing a song and you can sing the next part!”

“What the fuck, no. This is not ‘American Idol’ and you’re not Ryan Seacrest. You didn’t say anything about singing,” He tried getting up before pushing him back onto your lap. 

“Jeez, fine. Just give me the title then.” 

“Argh, okay. Let’s get this over with.” You said, running your fingers through his locks.

“Let’s start with easy ones.” He simply hummed in response. 

Whenever I see someone less fortunate than I, and let’s face it, who isn’t? Less fortunate than I. My tender heart tends to start to bleed. And when someone needs-” 

Connor mumbled a response. 

“What was that?” You asked, leaning the side of your head towards him so you can hear him. It took a lot for Connor to not kiss your cheek right then and there.

“It’s Popular from Wicked, right?” He said, letting his lips ghost over your cheek. You only hoped for him to kiss you there.

“Ding, ding ding! Okay, how about this?“ You sat up straight. ”One day more. Another day, another destiny.” You sang, channeling your inner Valjean. 

His eyebrows furrowed. “You literally just said the title, Y/N. It’s One Day More. Damn, that was easy.” You let one of your hands move to his face, pinching his nose. 

“Ouch!” He exclaimed, removing your hand from his face. 

“Alright, I’ll make it harder.” 

Still holding your hand, he couldn’t help but press a kiss onto your knuckles. “Sure, whatever.” You let a grin spread on your face. 

Pop, Six, Squish, Uh-Uh, Cicero, Lipschitz! He had it coming, he had it coming, he only had himself to bl-” You sang, each word rolling off your tongue with ease.

“It’s the Cell Block Tango.” Your eyes widened because you didn’t expect him to know such song. 

When he saw your stare, he let go of your hand and his eyes widened. “I mean, I think so? That’s just a guess.” 

“Mhmm, sure.” You hummed, braiding Connor’s hair.

He started chipping off some of the black polish on his nails. “Are we done?”

“Definitely not! Next song.“ You looked up, trying to think of another song.

“I got it! You gotta buy her rose, compliment her on her clothes. Say you appreciate that she’s smart. Nah man, you tell her that she excites you sexually. And that’s the way you get to her heart.

 “Voices in My Head?” He slowly crept his hand towards his hair, nudging it against one of your own.

You interlocked your fingers together. “You are impressing me, Connor. Okay, how about this? Meet me halfway. A touch and go of don’t know what to say, do we talk? Don’t expect too much, just walk.

“Obviously it’s the one from Dogfight? First Date slash Last Night. Everyone knows that.” He answers. 

“Actually, not everyone knows that.”

“Really? I though they did. It’s a wonderful song.” He mumbled to himself.

“Last one. Have no fear! You know we got your back from way back.” You sang loudly as that was probably one of your favorite songs. 

 You were surprised to hear Connor unconsciously sing the next part. “Brooklyn’s here! We’ll get your pay back and some payback.

It was quiet but you definitely heard it.

Your jaw dropped. “Oh my god, I’m dating a theatre nerd.” You confirmed.

Connor suddenly sat up. “Dating?” Your eyes widened. 

“I mean, I kind of thought we were. If we aren’t, that’s totally okay. I just-” You started rambling, waving your hands around in front of you as you tried to take back what you said.

"Shut up,” He spoke, making you silence yourself. “You’re starting to act like Evan for fuck’s sake.”

You tilted your head in confusion. “Evan who?”

“Doesn’t matter.” He squeezed your hand. “I like the idea of us dating. I’ve already liked you for a long ass time.” He mumbled the last part to himself. 

“You did?” You exclaimed a bit too excitedly as you caught what he said. “Since when?”

He blushed. “From one of your performances.”

“Which one?”

He groaned. “Do I really have to tell y-”

“Was it from Spring Awakening?” You cut him off.


“What is when I was an ensemble for Hamilton?”

“Not exactly.”

You sighed in defeat. “Well, where then? Because those are the musicals I know you have watched, the ones where Cynthia dragged you to.“

You leaned against Connor’s shoulder, feeling him tense up at first before relaxing. "Unless, you know, you’ve watched Annie and never told me. ” You continued, pointing at your shirt. 

You were expecting a snarky remark from Connor but he just stayed silent.

You felt your mouth curl into a smile. “You did not.”

"Shut up.”

“From there?” You giggled.

“Shut the fuck up, Y/N.”

“You really liked me since I played Annie?”  You spoke, chucking as you do.

He turned his body away from you. “I’m sorry if a little kid like me watched and actually liked the show.’ He spoke loudly, taking your laughter the wrong way. “I’ll go, okay. Fuck, I have to pick up Zoe anyways-”

“Connor, relax! I find it sweet,” You grabbed his shoulder before he stood up, facing him towards you. “I just couldn’t believe you waited for so long.” 

He held your hand once more. “I couldn’t believe you would date a freak like me. Have you even heard what people say about me in school?”

You shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. I don’t give a damn about that. I care about this,” You said with a gentle voice, looking at your intertwined hands.

“I care about you.”

Looking down on his feet, he spoke. “You wouldn’t leave me for some handsome broadway guy? Someone less messed up?”

“Of course, not. I would never pass up the chance to be with the one and only Connor Murphy!” You answer, kissing the corner of his mouth.

He bit his lower lip yet a smile still managed to form on his face. “You’re cheesy as hell.”

“I am. But hey, let’s talk about how you sang that line from Newsies.“ You started.


You stared at him, wiggling your eyebrows. “You’re a big fan, aren’t you?”

He scoffed. “No.”

“No, my ass. I bet Tommy Bracco is your goddamn idol.”

He stared at you. “Don’t get me started.”

EXO Reaction to you being grumpy in the morning

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Do you need something to… you know… lift your mood or something…” *Always knows how to do it xD*


*Maybe asking you what was wrong was a big mistake* “Ehh.. I’ll just… go hide in the closet….”


*Well… I mean.. he doesn’t help much either* “Kekekeke she’s so cute.. kekekeke”


*He’ll be too deep into his sleep to notice* “baobei… hmmm.. zzzzz.. bao….zzz bei…”


*Tries to make your breakfast to lift your mood but fails miserably* “She’s going to get angry… this is spicy.. I’ll have to eat it all.. no”


*Nothing that a nice coffee and delicious breakfast can’t fix* “JAGI! Coffee is ready! I made your favorite one!”


*Probably being dorky in the morning wasn’t his finest decision* “Yes jagi… I deserve punishment.. I’m sorry… please don’t spank me that hard” *Do you even learn xD*


“Please have mercy on me! I sweat it wasn’t me!! It was Baekhyun the one singing last night… I swear!!”


*Won’t move from the bed until you give him a smile* “Sorry jagi… you are not leaving my arms until I see the smile I adore”


“Do you… need five minutes? It’s okay.. I’ll take a shower.. and make breakfast.. you can rest for a few more minutes” *Goals*


*Really confused* “Wait.. are you angry? Did I do something wrong? But.. last night you were okay… don’t tell me I was rude in your dreams! I gotta talk with dream Lay!”


“Girls are so confusing… I don’t even know what I did wrong.. she said it wasn’t me but… I bet it was… I need some advice… I better call mom”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

The Lingerie Experiment


Angie wanted to know how things with the lingerie set went, so I met her for lunch at Mad Greens.  She looked up at me after taking a large bite of her salad and a quick drink of water.  She wiped her hands on her napkin,

“So, how’d it go?”

I sat down, glancing around us to make sure no underage ears were around.  I shrugged,

“It’s safe to say that red is his favorite color.”

She squealed softly, her shoulders shaking with giggles,

“I knew that set would get him going.  I think I might go back and get one for myself.  Marcus would probably love it.”

I raised my eyebrows, a quick memory of Harry’s hands on my body from last night flying through my head.  I couldn’t help but smile,

“What?”  Angie asked.

I quickly wiped the smile off of my face and shook my head,


“That smile was not nothing.  What’s going on?”

“The Getty.”

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Do Quartermaster! This is probably gonna be amazing.

YES! THANK YOU! I’m so happy to do hcs for my grizzled creepy son.

1: sexuality headcanon:

It got a fuck-hole? Then QM’ll fuck it.

2: otp:

Don’t really have one, unless you count all the elderly furries he apparently has monthly orgies with. That’s kinda cute, in a disgusting way.

3: brotp:

So he’s known David since Davey was a really little kid, right? I have a hc that QM’s basically his weird, creepy protective uncle. He just sorta hovers around, not saying anything but keeping an eye out and making sure everything’s okay with David. It’s as close to affection as QM really gets.

I also like to think that he and Gwen … don’t bond exactly, but they have similar interests (namely, drinking and not being chipper). I could see them drinking together sometimes. In dead silence.

4: notp:

No one more than 20 years younger than him. Which is … almost everyone.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head:

I … don’t think QM can die? Like he just straight-up drinks rat poison, and it’s absolutely not the first time he’s done that. He lives on Spooky Island, or at least goes there regularly despite there being something on that island that killed at least one person (Jasper), and he doesn’t seem to have aged at all in the last 10-15 years, if you compare camp photos.

Quartermaster might be some kind of god.

(Judging by this picture, I’m thinking Dionysius?)

6: favorite line from this character:

All of them. “Rub off’n ya” and the Jonestown lines were killer. (Oh, and “ruined my night. Probably the next morning too.”)

7: one way in which I relate to this character:

You know, there aren’t a lot of similarities that spring to mind? I just hope that when I’m old I manage to creep people out this much. Seriously, QM is elderly goals. Look at him, living his life and just apparently having a grand time. Employed at his age, having cheese n’ fruit orgies, seemingly immortal … pretty excellent gig, if you ask me.

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character:

NOTHING. He is perfect. Mostly because he clearly doesn’t give a shit, so even if he does something embarrassing he’s just gonna own it, so I’m not gonna waste time being embarrassed if he doesn’t give a fuck.

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

I feel like the fact that he’s killed people should disqualify him from the first category, but I coo over him like he’s the softest cinnamon roll ever. My grumpy terrifying boy.

So last month I was able to see @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil on their tour!  Unless you watch Dan and Phil this drawing is probably really confusing, because it’s full of inside jokes from their videos.  I decided to draw their Sim Dil and his girlfriend Tabitha being abducted by aliens, and it got chosen as part of their show!  I was absolutely stoked, they are my favorite Youtubers, so the fact that my art made it into the show felt super surreal.  Their reactions were priceless, and it was definitely one of the best nights ever.  They did a fantastic job, and were hilarious.  I’m glad I got to be apart of the experience.

Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) series - Part Five

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four


I wake up and feel something warm beside me. I immediately panic and jump out of bed as quick as I can which results in me falling flat on my back on the floor.

“Huh? What?” Luke asks, sitting up in a daze after my graceful fall. He looks over at me and his eyes open slightly wider. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I say, a slight smile spreading across my lips.

I feel the cut on my bottom lip spread and begin to sting. My hand instinctively flies up to stop the blood from flowing out.

The memories of yesterday come flooding into my mind and I start to feel suffocated. I walk quickly to the bathroom and shut the door before grabbing a cloth from the counter and sitting down on the cold, tile floor. I try to steady my breathing as I press the cloth to my lip.

A few minutes later, there’s a soft knock at the door and Luke’s voice floats through. “You okay?”

I swear if he asks me that question one more time…

“I’m fine,” I answer instinctively. “My lip just started bleeding again.”

“Can I come in?” He asks.

I reach up and turn the knob in response to his question. I pull the door open just a crack and he walks through. His hair his messy and his clothes that he’s still wearing from yesterday are wrinkled. I notice the bags under his eyes and he looks like he got even less sleep than me. I suddenly feel very guilty. He kneels down beside me and replaces my hand that’s holding the cloth with his own.

His eyes narrow a bit as he examines my lip again. “Your jaw is starting to bruise,” he says, a frown forming on his face. “How does your head feel? Are you still dizzy?”

“No,” I answer. “I think that was just a mixture of my over-tiredness and being in shock.”

He nods. “Are you ready to tell me what happened?”

My eyes dart away from his. I know that I told him something last night when he woke me up from my nightmare, but I can’t remember exactly what.

“I’ll take that as a no,” he murmurs, his fingers gently pushing my chin up so that he can look at it from different angles.

I sigh. “I’m sorry, Luke,” I say. “I really am. I just don’t want to bring you into this. It’s not a good situation.”

I try to remain as vague as I can. I just want to keep him safe. I’ve seen how intense Jonah can get, and I don’t want Luke to get caught in his crossfire. Plus, Jonah doesn’t mean to hurt me. Sometimes I just make really stupid mistakes and he gets angry. He always apologizes afterward because deep down he really does love me.

“I can’t watch you get hurt again,” he says, looking down at my hands that are folded in my lap.

My eyes start to fill with tears, but I quickly brush them away. I know that Luke cares about me, and I care about him too, but this is not his problem. Jonah is my boyfriend, and I can handle him just fine.

“I’m fine, Luke,” I say softly. “I promise you it was just an accident.”

His loud sigh lets me know that he doesn’t believe me, but I know that he won’t push the issue any more right now. I stand up off the floor and walk back into my bedroom to grab my phone. I see that I have a missed call from Jonah, so I immediately call him back. I don’t like to make him wait on me.

“Finally, I thought you’d never call,” Jonah says after only one ring.

His voice is light and playful this morning, quite the opposite of how it was last night.

I let out a small, nervous laugh. “Sorry, I guess I overslept this morning.”

“I can see that. It’s almost noon. I was going to see if you wanted to go get breakfast, but now I guess that’s turned into lunch. So how about it? I’m buying,” he says.

I consider the offer for a moment. Luke knows something’s up and there’s a decent chance that he’ll try to stop me from going. But I’m an adult, damn it, and I can make my own choices.

“That sounds great,” I answer. “Where should I meet you?”

Jonah tells me to meet him at one of our favorite spots not too far from the apartment. As soon as he hangs up, I start rummaging through my closet in an attempt to find something to wear. I need to make it up to him for forgetting dinner last night, so I decide to wear his favorite outfit. I pull my hair up into a neat ponytail and apply some light makeup to cover the bruise on my jaw before heading out into the living room. I see Luke looking through the cabinets in the kitchen, probably trying to find something to eat.

“You might want to just order something,” I say as I slip on my shoes by the front door. “I haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping lately.”

Luke turns his attention to me and he freezes for a second. He raises an eyebrow and starts walking toward me.

“Going somewhere?” He asks, his arms crossed over his chest like a protective dad.

I nod, my eyes darting away from his. “Yeah, Jonah called and asked me out to lunch.”

“Oh did he now,” Luke says, his voice almost a growl. “Is he trying to make up for what he did last night?”

I roll my eyes. “Luke, I told you. It was an accident. Just drop it.”

He holds up his hands in surrender and starts walking back toward his bedroom. I know he’s upset with me, but I’m not his child. He can’t control my life.

I take a deep breath and walk out the door. I decide to walk to the small cafe instead of catch a taxi because I could use the fresh air. I arrive a few minutes before the time that Jonah and I had agreed to meet at, so I stand outside and wait for him to arrive.

“(Y/N)?” I hear my someone call my name.

I turn toward the voice and see Ashton, one of Luke’s bandmates, walking toward me. I smile and jog over to give him a hug. He holds me against him for a few seconds before stepping back and raking his eyes over me.

“You look great,” he says as he flashes his million dollar smile.

I giggle and do a little curtsy in response. I ask him how he’s been and how the press tour was. He launches into some of the same stories that Luke told me yesterday, but I pretend I haven’t heard them yet. Ashton is so energetic and lovely that I can’t help but smile in his presence.

“(Y/N),” Jonah’s voice says from behind me a few minutes later.

I turn around and see that he’s standing a few feet away with that familiar jealousy in his eyes. I hope he’s not angry with me. He should know that Ashton is just a friend.

“Jonah, this is Luke’s bandmate, Ashton. Ashton, this is my boyfriend, Jonah,” I say, introducing the two in the hopes that it’ll make Jonah feel more comfortable.

Ashton sticks his hand out to shake Jonah’s, but Jonah doesn’t return the favor. After a few seconds, Ashton seems to notice the tension and he quickly offers me a quick hug goodbye and leaves.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jonah asks as soon as we’re alone. “Were you trying to make me jealous or something?”

I shake my head. “No, of course not. Ashton just saw me waiting and he stopped to say hello. He’s a friend, and that’s all.”

“That hug looked like more than friendly to me,” he says, his voice low and full of rage.

I groan. “Why are you always so jealous? Am I not allowed to hang out with any other guys but you?”

He seems taken aback by my curt response, and it only adds fuel to the anger burning in his eyes. I immediately bite my tongue. That was not the right thing to say in this situation.

“I’m sorry, baby, I-,”

“Save it,” he spits. “You’re such a bitch sometimes.”

I cast my eyes to the ground as I try to hold back tears. He’s right. I shouldn’t have said what I said, it was way out of line.

“Come on,” he says as he grabs my arm and guides me toward his car. “We’ll have lunch at my place. At least there we can’t run into any more of your fuck buddies.”


It’s March 22nd in California for a few more hours, so that means I still have time to celebrate the birthday of my greatest artistic hero, Stephen Sondheim. If you’ve spent any time in my presence in the past few years, you’ve probably had this video shoved in your face. This is one of my favorite Sondheim ballads sung by the incomparable Jeremy Jordan, a man who I’m pretty sure was spun together by fairies out of material from my daydreams. 

The past 24 hours have been long, tiring, and completely wonderful. Last night, I got to see one of my favorite folk acts, The Wailin’ Jennys, perform in Malibu and today we locked down our recording studio for the final two episodes of the season and then had a table read of those two episodes (then I got to watch the musical episode of The Flash). 

The table read was exciting and hard and pretty fucking terrifying - they are big, emotionally messy episodes and we’ll be recording them in a format we’ve never done before. It was really thrilling to hear them spoken out loud and I’m incredibly nervous to start work in earnest on them. 

The whole cast had a little chuckle during an otherwise serious moment in the finale - one of the characters makes a direct reference to a Sondheim show and all the actors had a reaction of, “of course this is happening. Of course Lauren would put this in here”. Sondheim’s influence on my life and my creativity cannot be understated. His music has been my greatest teacher in everything from writing to singing to learning how to feel. 

Many different Sondheim lines have applied to me at different stages but increasingly, my life motto is a line from one of my favorite shows, Sunday in the Park with George. Whenever I’m feeling uncertain about my creative life or my journey or the stuff that I’m creating, I think of this line: 

Anything you do
let it come from you
then it will be new
give us more to see

I’ve quoted this many times on this blog and elsewhere in my life but it always rings true. When in doubt, I always turn to Sondheim. If you haven’t delved into his work yet, I highly recommend you do. 

P.S. Here’s a video of Jeremy Jordan singing “Run Away With Me”, which is on the Sam/Mark playlist. He takes out all the “Sam” stuff but it’s still unreal. 

P.P.S. The Sondheim show that the character references is Passion. Have fun speculating until June! 

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @findingbetty work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

Find findingbetty on AO3.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Annabel and I’m in the twenties club. I hail from the far reaches of New Zealand, a place every bit as green and beautiful they tell you. I’m technically a lawyer, though recently I retired at the ripe old age of 24 and ran away to Australia. Beyond examining the intricacies of my existential crisis, I’m a competitive rower. I also really like bagels.

3. What do you never leave home without?

I suppose my phone…depressing though that is. I wish I could at least say, like, my keys - if only to imply I can live a fulfilling life without my phone - but I locked myself out of my apartment twice last week. So that would be a lie.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Extra early bird. The kind that loves to hate getting up at 6am every morning to do a 20km training row before second breakfast.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

I’m still waiting for my letter. I remain convinced my Owl just got a little lost on the way to New Zealand. There’s still time, though.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

Lorde. In the supermarket, back when she was still New Zealand’s best kept secret.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

I will never get tired of watching Friends. It’s the ultimate comfort for me. I also have a high level of appreciation for Girls, and I do like some Parks and Rec.  

I really like the familiarity and continuity of watching a series. As such, I don’t watch very many movies, but some favourites include Mistress America and Silver Linings Playbook.

I just like things that feel real.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

Haim ❤️ Fleetwood Mac and John Mayer. Drake! I also like Kodaline, particularly their album In a Perfect World. I went to see Adele in March. It was the very last night of her tour and it rained torrentially. I was probably the least dry I have ever been in my entire life, but setting fire to the rain in a downpour was a glorious thing.

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 13

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1965

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: This is probably the last part for this week. Expect Part 14 Monday night. I’ve got to say this is setting up for one of my favorite scenes. Before I even knew how I wanted this story to go I had this all lined out <3. I always love hearing from you guys. I hope you enjoy it! Tags are at the bottom – let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged. x

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“Can I just go with you?” I asked quietly as Bucky packed his bags hurriedly.

He paused with a small smile, “I wish doll. But Fury was very direct that I was supposed to come alone.” I responded with a frown and was about to say something before he cut me off. “Listen, I don’t want to argue – I don’t want to spend the last few minutes I have with you arguing…” he looked at me sincerely. “I hate being away from you, but you have to sit out of this fight… just this once,” he finished as he crossed the room to stand in front of me.

“Fine – but you better tell Fury that if you come back looking the way you looked the other day… he’s going to have to deal with me,” I answered stubbornly. I still wasn’t happy that he was having to leave immediately after Thanksgiving. He smiled and kissed me.

“Deal—I will see you back in New York.” I couldn’t help but notice that his smile didn’t reach his eyes nor did he seem thrilled to be leaving again. 

“Come here,” I demanded sweetly as I grabbed his hand and brought him to the bed. “Just a few more minutes.” He smiled at me softly as we sat down on the edge.

“I already miss you,” he murmured into my ear as he pulled away from kissing my cheek.

“Then don’t go,” I added playfully. He sighed heavily as he ran his hands through his hair. I knew he had to go, but it didn’t mean I had to like it. He stood up from the bed and paused to look at me. I blushed violently – it was very early and I was still a complete mess. “What?” I asked shyly.

“You’re just so damn beautiful. Don’t go falling in love with someone while I’m gone,” he replied as he took my hand and pulled me up to stand in front of him. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on top of mine for a moment. With a sigh he pulled away and kissed me one last time before he turned to grab his bags and leave. He hesitated at the door but didn’t turn to look at me. “You know what I told Natalie the other day… I…. It’s true… I do…” he said quietly. He was out the door before I could even register the importance of the phrase or reply.

I was incredibly happy but completely terrified at the same time. This is what I had wanted but now it made losing him seem so much more of a possibility.

“Earth to Y/N.” Wanda’s voice effectively snapped my attention back into the car. I had been lost in thought as we departed Clint’s to head back to the city. Most of the trip had been passed by Wanda talking at me while I stared out the window thoughtfully and added the occasional yes, no, or hm. Bucky had left to meet Fury the day before and I had been in a fog ever since – mainly because I kept replaying what he said before he left.

“He told me he loved me,” I whispered as I watched the countryside melt into the city. “Well I mean not in that many words… but…”

“That’s amazing!” Wanda exclaimed.

“Why do you sound less than thrilled?” Nat chipped in from the backseat. I had forgotten she was there and the sound of her voice made me jump.

“I mean… I don’t know… I love him – that’s absolutely obvious to me, but the prospect of love for people like us… I feel like it’s thumbing your nose at fate. It’s a strength and a weakness… I feel like loving someone as an Avenger…. Well it puts them in a very dangerous position…” I trailed off. My words came out in fragments because my thoughts were in fragments. I had felt an increasing amount of dread as we left Clint’s to come back. Everything had felt so natural and perfect there, but now it felt like we were coming back to reality and with reality came worry.

“I mean Clint has a family and a life outside of being an Avenger so I think it’s possible, but I understand what you mean,” Nat replied thoughtfully.

“Did you say it back?” Wanda asked.

“Say what?” I asked confused

Wanda rolled her eyes. “Did you tell him you loved him?”

I began to panic a little bit. “Well he didn’t directly say it and he didn’t give me time to think about what he said or formulate a response. By the time I opened my mouth to say something he was gone,” I replied miserably.

The rest of the drive into the city was mainly in silence. I rested my head against the cold glass of my window and closed my eyes hoping to focus on something other than not immediately telling Bucky that I loved him back. I must have dozed off because I awoke to Wanda shaking my shoulder gently and telling me we were back. I walked wearily behind the others with my bags in hand. I was ready to lay down and sleep for a solid week. Something about resuming the day-to-day always made me feel weary.

I passed Bucky’s room and sighed while continuing down the hallway. I entered my room and fell face first onto my bed. I was planning a solid hibernation when F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice cut through the silence. “Ma’am – Sargent Barnes left a message for you late last night. Shall I play it?”

My pulse quickened at the sound of his name. “Go ahead.”

Bucky’s voice filled my room suddenly. “Hey doll, I just wanted to let you know that I got to D.C. okay – plans have changed. I’m not sure how long I’ll be out on this one. I’ll try to make it home in time for Christmas and the gala… I…. I miss you. Bye.” His voice sounded distant and uneasy which furthered my miserable mood. I was definitely back in the real world again and for some reason I wished I had never left Clint’s. I squeezed my pillow to my chest and laid in silence until I finally fell asleep.

Wanda huffed at me impatiently as I stared reluctantly at the store front. “Well Barnes is planning on being home tomorrow right? It’s the Gala and Christmas Eve!” She repeated – I hadn’t been really listening to her. Bucky had been gone for weeks and I hadn’t received so much as a ‘Hey – not dead’ text since his voicemail he left letting me know he would try to make it back in time for Christmas and the gala.

“I don’t really know,” I shrugged helplessly. “I haven’t heard from him since we got back to the city, but I guess it’s better safe than sorry.” I set my jaw bravely and followed Wanda into the lingerie store. She had convinced me that I needed to make the gala a night for Bucky to remember, and for some reason I had consented – either out of sheer exhaustion or the nervous excitement that kept growing inside of me as the hopeful date of his arrival drew nearer.

An hour later  we emerged with something that Wanda seemed to think was appropriate. If I had known how many various shades of red and black lace existed in the universe I would have never agreed to the outing in the first place. I was still nervous – I had put off Christmas shopping for Bucky because I had no idea what to get him. Friend-Bucky had always been easy to shop for, but Boyfriend-Bucky seemed daunting to shop for. As we walked down the cold city street something caught my attention in a window display. I stopped midstride and Wanda ran into me with an audible, “Hey!” I pointed at the wonderfully crafter leather photo album that was perched between frames showing pictures of happy couples and families.

“I have an idea for Bucky’s Christmas present,” I said as I grabbed Wanda’s hand and pulled her behind me into the shop. The shopkeeper graciously plucked the album from the display and flipped through the pages affectionately.

“This was one of the last albums my father designed before he passed. We make all of these by hand you see,” he explained. He was an older, slight man with rough hands from his years of tinkering. “You know – I can customize this for you if you want – with your initials or?” He asked inquisitively.

“That would be wonderful! Except it isn’t for me… it’s a gift for someone. Could you put J.B.B.?” I liked the idea of adding a personal touch for Bucky.

“Absolutely my dear! Give me one moment please!” He hurried back to his workbench to complete the task. A few minutes later he came back with the album wrapped in delicate tissue paper and finished our transaction.

Wanda and I rushed home. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a lot of time to execute the plan. I rushed around the compound like a half-crazed person and informed everyone that I needed their favorite pictures of the group or any they liked that they had taken with Bucky. I saved Steve for last because it was much more than a few group pictures that I wanted from him.

“Hey Steve,” I said softly as I knocked on his door.

“Come in!” He called back. I walked in to see him sitting on his bed with a plethora of pictures spread out on the comforter.

“Hey… I was just wondering if you maybe have any pictures from before the War of Bucky…” I said a little lamely. I was beginning to wonder if my idea was too mushy or too intrusive after all.

“Yeah! Actually I heard you talking to Sam and I started going through all the pictures I have…. I think I’ve picked out some of my favorites… Will these work?” He asked sheepishly as he handed me a rather large stack.

As I flipped through them my face broke into a smile, “Steve! These are seriously perfect! But… do you think this is too much? Will he hate it?”

“Y/N it’s perfect. I think he will love it,” he replied earnestly as he smiled at me.

“Thanks Steve,” I called behind me as I strolled out the door and back to my room across the hall. I set to work immediately— figuring out which pictures should go where. I was so lost in the organization that I lost all sense of time. I couldn’t help but laugh as I looked through all the photos. There was one of Bucky holding Sam’s leg as he attempted to fly away—Bucky’s face was red from laughing. Another one was the year that Tony made everyone wear ugly Christmas Sweaters. He had, of course, made a competition out of it so everyone looked absolutely ridiculous. Somehow I had convinced Bucky to wear matching reindeer antlers for our ensemble – he looked absolutely put out as I laughed beside him. The memories went on and on and every single one of them made me miss him that much more.

Finally, I finished the book with a heavy sigh and looked up at my clock –It showed 3 a.m. “Oh shit… I need to go to bed,” I muttered as I placed the book on my nightstand and slid under my covers. I was trying desperately to quell the excitement I had about Bucky’s possible return in case it didn’t happen. I closed my eyes and sighed. I hadn’t realized how tired I was – thankfully I fell asleep almost immediately.

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Colin Morgan - Testament of Youth premiere (October 14, 2014)

I threw away two out of the three hoodies you’ve given me.
I can’t find the third one.
Just kidding, it’s entangled with the blankets on my bed,
exhausted from its debut last night as my favorite pajama.
BUT we aren’t focusing on that.
WE are focusing on the the other two that I DID throw out.
It was surprisingly easy.
Probably as easy as it was for you to quit on me.

You love Rocky Balboa.
My dad’s name is Rocky.
Thanks Jesus, how long have you been waiting for THAT one to play itself out?
What once was a simply ironic and friendly reminder of the messenger of your favorite quote,
is now a smurf bite on my heart…ouch.

A friend of mine and I were talking about math
He says he likes math,
I say that you do too
He asks why and
I tell him because math has a definite answer.
You like definite answers
I tell him maybe that’s why it’s so hard for you to love.

I’m not angry.
I don’t blame you,
but I blame myself.

Dear self,
I am sorry that I did not love you enough
to recognize that his lack of love and affection towards you
was undeserved.
I am sorry that I put him before our worth.

Dear You,
I am sorry for nothing
other than the fact that you will not be getting your sweat pants back,
I know they were your favorite,
But hey, I gave you every favorite piece of me that I had to give,
so lets just call it square.

—  l0velym1stake 

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Do you know of any good kisasaku fics? (other than your own. I love love love your writing!)

I will do my best to compile a list! (There aren’t many to choose from so you’ve probably stumbled upon some of  these already.) I have organized them from most to least recent update.

Find Everything Okay? By: Love the Starry Night

Biker!Kisame AU which is very new and exciting!

Coercion By: L.Pilz

This is by far my favourite KisaSaku fic ever. Probably my fav fic period. Set in Naruto-verse, really slow build and very long (although not complete, updated a few months ago.)

Ripples By: Mokana-chan

I can’t remember what this one was about exactly, but I have it saved as a favorite so I liked it when I read it.

These last two I love dearly, but one hasn’t been updated since 2010 and other other one since 2008 and have realistically 0% chance of being completed… but they’re really good!

Uneasy coexistence By: DeGlace

In Your Hands By: Ivy Adrena

i know we don’t have interviews so i have some questions for miss taylor swift

i know u probably can’t answer a lot of these currently but i’m ok with just giving answers in the form of track numbers

1. which song are you most excited/nervous for us to hear?

2. favorite lyric from the album? (or which track has your favorite lyric?)

3. which one was most fun to write?

4. which one was the most difficult to write?

5. last song written for the album?

6. first song you wrote for the album?

7. which song makes you go “WOW BIG MOOD” when you hear it

8. which song is the soundtrack to my friends night out?