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Name: Emma
Age: 14 (almost 15)
Country: USA

Hello! I’m Emma and would love to have someone to talk to. I am a huge music/choir geek and am currently learning French and Esperanto. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, etc. Anime is awesome! My favorite Tv show is Psych. I think memes are great, and Tumblr is awesome. I’m not as enthusiastic as I probably sound right now, I just don’t know what to write because I like a lot of things. I love musicals, and my fave band is P!ATD.

Honestly, just looking for someone to talk to, confide in, and learn from. I do not discriminate, I love everyone<3 someone who is learning/ speaks a different language other than English would be cool. I think this will be fun. I would prefer communication over Email or Tumblr because I can’t do snail mail at the moment. ~Emma

Preferences: preferred age: 14-16

Favourite characters meme

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Rules: List your top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms (in no particular order) and tag 10 people.

  1. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - A tie between Stephen and Childermass. Stephen because he is so compassionate and clever and Childermass because of that sass 😎
  2. Discworld - I feel like I’m being cruel to myself with this because the range of choice is just phenomenal and my fave fluctuates all the time.. but right now it’s probably Cheery Littlebottom. Her arc is a joy to read, and she is hands down the best forensic analyst in any piece of police media.
  3. The Vorkosigan Saga - This is another one with a lot of choice… ummm… again it fluctuates but at the moment maybe Ekaterin? She is so quietly humorous and the way she puts up with Miles’ shit is admirable.
  4. Temeraire - Temeraire. Truly the best dragon in any piece of media (also I would have said Levitas but it would be too painful).
  5. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness - Renn. She is such a trooper and I love her.
  6. Cabin Pressure - Arthur! They’re all lovely and together as an ensemble they’re great, but Arthur is just so endearing… even though he has killed before.
  7. Welcome To Night Vale - DANA! DANA! DANA!
  8. Wolf 359 - Doug Eiffel. Listen. I fell in love during the toothpaste debacle and I have never turned back (also I am firmly team ‘what’s wrong with handcuffs?’… and I see you people who don’t listen to Wolf 359 thinking about kinky stuff… get your minds out of the gutter).
  9. EOS 10 - I love them all! Help me!!! Uuuuuuhhh, Dr Urvidian, I guess? I don’t know, Ryan is brilliant and I would happily get JANED and the interface and Levi and Akmazian… just. I love them all…
  10. The Penumbra Podcast - SIR MARC!!! A DISABLED KNIGHT IN A HIGH FANTASY SETTING DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH OF A DREAM COME TRUE THAT IS FOR ME???? Also the way Tal looks out for him reminds me of the way my little brother looks out for me so I love him too…

I tag @headstonedeliveryservice, @highlybredlikeahilltopbakery, @clockwork-hobbit, @sherlocks-tall-hobbit, @catherineofwinchester, @wolfinthethorns @athousandturtles, @vanilla-bean-meme-machine, @onjollityfarm, @iamanathemadevice and anyone else who fancies doing it :D

Absolutely no pressure to do it if you don’t want to, but if you do, enjoy!

Alphabet Game!

I was tagged by @daenerya, @alystargaryen, @sansastarkthequeen, and @sansarya THANK YOU LOVELIES! ❤

a - age: 27
b - birthplace: Missouri
c - current time: 4: 25 pm
d - drink you had last: sweet tea
e - easiest person to talk to: probably my bff who I have known basically since birth
f - favorite song: right now it’s Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran
g - grossest memory: when this douche canoe in my class threw a dead snake at my head while we were at camp in 6th grade
h - horror yes or no:  yes!
i - in love?: no
j - jealous of people?: it depends on the context. I am definitely very jealous of people who have their lives together. 
k - killed someone?: never on purpose
l - love at first sight or should I walk past again?: walk past again. And you are also probably going to have to like, poke me or something, because I am never paying attention to anything going on. 
m - middle name: Marie
n - number of siblings: one little sister
o - one wish: a job that doesn’t make me hate life
p - person i called last: my grandma
q - question you’re always asked: “how tall are you?” and “where did you go to high school?” and “what kind of law?”
r - reason to smile: my puppy
s - song you last sang: probably some dumb song I made up for my dog. (Which is really just me singing popular/nursery rhyme songs and changing the words) 
u - underwear color: pink and navy
v - vacation: New Orleans
w - worst habit: omfg sooo many! Slouching, clenching my jaw, biting my nails, procrastinating, being terrible at adulting, I could go on and on. 
y - your favorite food: avocado toast :) (honestly though, this place by my house has the best fucking avocado toast ever I get it like once a week… So obviously I am The Most Millennial) 
z - zodiac: Aries

Tagging: @captaine-duckling, @manbunjon, @alittlestardustcaught, @the-ships-to-rule-them-all, @zoemonroe, @literrati, @clarkescrusade, @bisansastarks, @lydiia-martins, @starkandsnow, @starkroqers, @jessicallange and anyone else who wants to play! :)

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Name: Viktor

Nickname: They’re Bad

Gender: Man

Sign: Aries

Height: 175 cm

Age: 22

Sexual Orientation: GAY

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (fight me Em)

Favorite Color: Cold browns

Time Right Now: 17:45

Average Hours of Sleep: I try and get around 8 so my corpus will not stop functioning on me

Lucky Number: 6

Last Google Search: I can’t recall, but probably something about men’s historical fashion or surrealism given how things have been going lately

Favorite Fictional Characters: Oh man. Sander Cohen, Sirrus, Utterson, Brigid Tenenbaum, Javert, Abraham van Helsing & Dr. Seward, Emily Kaldwin, Herb West, Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Griffin(was he even a doctor), SAMUEL, Slackjaw.. A Lot basically.

Blankets I Sleep with: Singular(1) blanket

Favorite Bands/Artists: Right now I’m mostly listening to a metric ton of 1920s-40s music(voice wise loving Al Bowlly, Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Fred Astaire & Ella Fitzgerald mainly, composer wise really stuck on Cole Porter and Irving Berlin) interspaced with Chopin. Oh, and Love Shop, I like them also because I am in fact an edgy 50 year old on the inside.

Dream Trips: I’d love to travel the USA, but at the moment I just want to sleep for five years

When did you make this Blog: Yearsss ago, I don’t actually remember how many, but I only started using it proper in my gap yah.

Follower Count: 139

When did your Blog Reach it’s Peak: Probably my J&H shitposting, which of course still happens intermittenly. Honouraty ment.: Secret Denmark.

Why did you choose your URL: I wanted don juan triumphant as a reference to a certain musical but that was of course taken so now we’re here. I also really like the opera itself, hence my blog title.

tagging people: none as I am trash, also this took ages because I am bad at doing things lately I’m sorry

Me, on a date with a Dragon Quest fan: So what’s your favorite part of Dragon Quest?

Date: Probably the simplicity of it. Like, it’s not one of those games that overcomplicates things! The humans are just good and the monsters are just evil and I love that about it.

Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: Sorry I must go home right now immediately.

@snihplod tagged me in an ask meme and i’m????? okay here we go. 30 questions right?

  • nicknames: Lock is really the only nickname I answer to right now? unless you count the fiance calling me “dear”
  • star sign: Aquarius~
  • gender: a vague wiggly hand gesture and half shrug
  • MBTI type: INTJ
  • height: 5′4′’ on a good day, 5′2′’ on other days
  • What time is it: 12:22am because i go to bed at 1am rip me
  • birthday: January~
  • favorite bands: I love music? the closest would be Fall Out Boy probably they’re like my fallback. That or Marianas Trench.
  • fave solo artists: i tend to listen to groups more than solo artists but matt nathenson makes my heart hurt so i love him
  • song stuck in my head: pumped up kicks by foster the people
  • last movie i watched: Wonder Woman!
  • last show i watched: just finished streaming more BNHA for @snihplod and @xeylah aw yeah
  • other blogs: I don’t use sideblogs i’m so bad. I even deleted my poetry sideblog because i didn’t feel like I was using it enough.
  • what do you post about: I mash my fandoms and shitposts together on one blog like a loser
  • last thing you googled: Keirsey temperament breakdown because I couldn’t remember the letters for my MBTI but I know it’s called mastermind.
  • following: like 200 people my dash is so busy rip
  • followers: over 200 i’m so blessed (more than half of those are inactive blogs tho)
  • favorite color: purple!
  • average hours of sleep: I’m supposed to get nine to keep my pain managed but lmao
  • lucky number: I don’t really have one? closest is 17 or 5.
  • instruments: piano, percussion, trumpet, some cello, i sing (i come from a musical family)
  • what i’m wearing: sleep shirt it’s bedtime
  • how many blankets i sleep with: as many as possible
  • dream job: author :D
  • dream trip: japan, korea, canada, antartica, Mediterranean cruise, alaska, so many more i just want to travel okay 
  • favorite food: potatoes
  • nationality: White American 
  • any pets: I have a kitty her name is Saya she’s evil i love her
  • siblings: I have a brother. I love him and would kill for him.
  • tattoos and piercings: I don’t have any piercings but I have a tattoo on my ankle. It’s a wing i designed to be my tattoo because wings are hnnn

so I don’t know who to tag because I suck at tagging people in things?

@jawn-belle @voxminor @xeylah @ientaculum @liaryn @trenazlore I interact with y’all so you do it.

Tag Meme!

thank you so much @theyugiohtrashcan for the tag!

A- age: my 20s
B- birthplace:
Austin, Texas
C- current time:
D- drink you had last:
vitamin water (i live off this stuff now)
E- easiest person to talk to:
my older brother
F- favorite song:
right now? Probably ‘Feel Invincible’ by Skillet. Also, for instrumental, literally anything by Glitch Mob is awesome so
G- grossest memory:
Um, not really sure. I’m not that squeamish. I vaguely recall my dad getting part of his thumb cut off and that was uncomfortable, but beyond that no. 
H- horror yes or horror no:
J- jealous of people:
I’m jealous of people who have money.
K- killed someone:
lmao no, would anyone even say yes??
L- love at first sight or should i walk back by again?:
No, love at first sight is a myth. 
M- middle name:
N- number of siblings:
one older brother
O- one wish:
Either to have money or to not be wrong in the head, but if I had money I could afford to get a therapist so the first one’s more important I suppose. 
P- person you called last:
My boss
Q- question you’re always asked:
“How old are you?” :////
R- reason to smile:
My brother’s always picking up new games/anime/ect. and offering to play them with me, he’s so good. I feel guilty turning him down sometimes, but I’m glad he’s around to give me fun things to do. 
S- song you sang last: ‘Roots’ by Imagine Dragons; replace sang with yelled in the car in my man-voice. 
T- top 3 fictional characters: Yugi Mutou from ygo, Sokka from ATLA, and Ike from Fire Emblem
U- underwear color:
[foghorn noise]
V- vacation:
Ideally? Norway. In reality? staycation
W- when’s your birthday:
April 4th, passed
X- x-rays:
on my leg when I broke it 6 six years ago. also tooth x-rays from the dentist. 
Y- your favorite food:
Okonomiyaki, chicken alfredo pizza, most egg-based dishes
Z- zodiac sign:

I’ll be tagging… @imaginarystormz, @toolshippings, @focusas, @seyaryminamoto, and @fanwright

Don’t need to, if you don’t want to though

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Rules: Tag 20 people and answer these questions

Nickname: Keagan

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 152cm / 5′0

Last Thing You Googled: I think it was chimichanga lol

Favourite Music Artist: Right now I listen to a lot of Diablo Swing Orchestra, but my long standing favorite band is probably Jack Off Jill. I’ve been listening to JoJ since I was like…11? I’ve pretty much got their only 2 albums memorized hahaha. 

Last Movie You Saw: shit idk. I don’t really watch movies lol. 

Why You Chose Your URL? It’s my OTP. <3

Do you have any other blogs? I have my personal blog and a super secret blog. Both of them are pretty unactive right now tho bc I spend all of my time here. 

What did your last relationship teach you? That I become disgustingly dependent on people and drive everyone away from me with my dependency issues lol. Also that I never wanna date a friend ever again.

Religious or Spiritual? Neither. 

Favourite Colour: Teal and black

Average Hours of Sleep: I either sleep 0 hours or 16 hours. Nothing in between. My sleep is terrible. 

Lucky Number: 5

Favourite Character: Yuri Plisetsky from YoI, Yotsuyu from FFXIV, and Kira Yoshikage from Jojo.

How many blankets do you sleep with? I sleep with like 3 or 4, including a blanket that’s like 10lbs lol. 

Dream job: I’m actually starting school to become a hair stylist soon! So i think my dream job would be to open up my own salon that specializes in alternative and edgy hair cuts and colors.

My other dream job would be to open up my own dog sanctuary, similar to old friend’s senior dog sanctuary. :) I’m very passionate about dogs lol. T__T 

idk who enjoys doing these but i’m tagging @mak-ka-chin, @otabekismybff, @illumi-the-assassin, @himitsumi, @thicctor-nikiforov, @lgfuadjj, @nopoodles, @chaotic-tendenci

Alphabet Questions

hey, look, I’m finally getting to these tagged things.

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A- age:
Turned 25 in May :D

B- birthplace:
Manitoba, Canada

C- current time:
2:22 PM

D- drink you last drank:
Currently drinking water

E- easiest person to talk to:
I’ll pick IRL friends xD. Hm, probably my friend Patrick or Nate.

F- favorite song:
DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE. Although I guess I’ll pick right now: I’m currently in love with Looking 4 Happiness - Naive

G- grossest memory:
The feeling of having a drainage tube being pulled from your abdominal area.

H- horror yes or no?
Psychological horror? Yes. Horror that’s mostly gore? No.

I- in love?
@rayhollows​ ~

J- jealous of people?
Sometimes. Depends on the scenario. Usually not though.

K- killed someone?
No. OC not. I couldn’t do my jobs if I did

L- love at first sight or should I walk past again?

Different strokes for different folks? xD I personally want to get to know somebody before I commit to anything with them. I’m too cautious xD.

M- middle name:
Technically what I go by xD. Just that ‘Nik’ is a shortened, slightly altered version of it. (Altered to honour my first name.)

N- number of siblings:  
WELL. I’ve got an older and younger brother. Two step sisters, and IF YOU WANNA GET TECHNICAL: 3-4 other ‘step siblings’, only two of which I know personally and 3 brothers who were born still.

O- one wish?
A little selfish, but: to be truly comfortable in my own body.

P- person you last called?
I tried calling my mom at my nana’s?

Q- question you’re always asked:
“Got a boyfriend yet?”

–Answer is always no. (Relatives don’t know anything about me. Keeping it that way.)

R- reason to smile:
My friends :D

S- song you last sang:
BAHAHA oh god. Um… I started singing Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know at work before I decided that wasn’t a good idea xD

T- time you woke up:
7:30, 8:05, 9:04. What? the ppl were noisy outside and decided to go back to sleep. Roomate then made a banging sound downstairs, and then I finally decided to wake up.

U- underwear color:
Black? xD

V- vacation:
I don’t really get those :DDDDD

W- worst habit:
Right now it’s  moving my leg around and doing things with it that I’m not supposed to xP. Tapping my leg to music, resting one leg on top of the other, etc.

X- x-rays:
How many did I take yesterday…? 12 BWs… 3 or 4 pAs… like 16? ;P (Also have had a few on my leg and ankle and toe and chest. And once on my wrist.)

Y- your favourite food:
Stuffing. Just by itself. 

Z- zodiac sign:


Tagged a couple days ago by @ironheartng. I’m gonne do this real quick before I take a nap and forget again

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better!

a - age: 20

b - birthplace: Washington

c - current time: 7:03 PM

d - drink you last had: water

e - easiest person to talk to: my best friend

f - favorite song: Right now it is Be Mean by DNCE because holy crap that thing is jammin. Ask me again in a week and it’ll probably change.

g - grossest memory: Alright mofos get ready to hear the grossest fucking thing I have ever experienced in my life oh my god. So when I was in fourth grade we were in our classroom taking some kind of an end of the year standardized test. One kid’s mom apparently decided that being sick was not a good enough reason to miss said standardized test. So he came to school and, lo’ and behold, in the middle of the exam he puked all over the place. Which, doesn’t sound too bad, that happens in elementary schools sometimes. Well, here’s where it gets fucking nasty. Apparently out of the 26 other students in my class, 22 of them were sympathy pukers. That’s right, the sight, sound, and/or smell of another child yarfing all over the place made 22 out of 27 puke everywhere. And I mean everywhere. And as I was not one of the sympathy pukers so my little 9 or 10-year-old ass was just standing in the middle of this classroom watching 23 people chuck all over the place. We couldn’t use that classroom for three days after that. The floors were carpeted. That classroom smelled like vomit for a month. (And I now have emetophobia which, if you don’t know, is the intense fear of throwing up. It gives me so much anxiety, you have no idea.)

h - horror yes or horror no: all the horror I love horror it’s my favorite

i - in love?: redacted

j - jealous of people?: a few, yes

k - killed someone?: no?? has someone said yes to this lmao

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: I don’t know it I believe in love at first sight, but I do believe there can be a sort of instant connection.

m - middle name: Tegan

n - number of siblings: 2 sisters

o - one wish: to meet… Mr. Bob Downey Jr… one day…

p - person you called last: my boss lol

q - question you’re always asked: “Oh, like Cady from Mean Girls?” I shit you not.

r - reason to smile: just because I’m finally happy. This is the happiest and most comfortable I have felt with my life since I was a kid and I never thought I’d make it to this point. I try to appreciate that.

s - song you sang last: Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber

u - underwear color: red, black, and white

v - vacation: Is this asking me if I’m going on a vacation soon…? I might go to Universal Studios next month, who knows

x - x-rays: literally everywhere you can think of, I’ve even had a CAT scan and an MRI

y - your favourite food: potato. anything you can make with a potato I’m down.

z- zodiac sign: Taurus

Not tagging 20 people because I’m lazy and tired but I will tag @one-piece-of-harry @nonbinarytonystark @briefpaperexpert and @tonystarkssnipples if they would like to do it because we been talkin some lately and I want to make friend with mutuals lol

jandjsalmon  asked:

Get to know me meme - 15, 22, 63, 71

Thanks for the questions!😘

15. My favorite song right now besides believer (lmao) is probably Goodmorning by Bleachers.

22. In general I’m a pretty well behaved person, so I haven’t gotten in trouble with the law. But fun fact, I did ride in the back of a police car once in like 5th grade because I crashed my bike lol

63. My biggest fear besides something like mass extinction and Donald Trump becoming the damn president (which I know has already happened. I live in fear everyday.) is cockroaches. Idk man those little buggers freak me the fuck out.

71. I have extreme social anxiety, so people in general make me nervous I guess.

anonymous asked:

You are on point with your writing <3 Love to read your rps cause of it. :)

! thank you dearly. 

i keep staring at my drafts / memes right now but my vision’s blurring . and i just. if i can’t … write , i don’t ? if i feel like i’m forcing a word of it i’ll stop , because i’ll come to resent it. i have a lot of free time right now , and writing is one of my favorite things to do , so i can’t make it an obligation or i’ll panic .

raven’s probably the strongest muse i’ve had in what feels like forever ? and i hope that stays / SHE stays .because it’s become something that’s truly an expression of self in my writing , to keep as close to her characterization that i know , without losing my personal interpretation / flair .

anyways my brain isn’t making a whole lot of sense right now , so before i ramble into oblivion. THANK YOU. feedback means the world to me , and as much as i love praise i am always open to any advice / insight offered.

regardless ! this was sweet, you’re an angel.

Shein vi di zibben velten ! 

Send my muse one of the following to see how they respond:
  • "I never liked High School Musical."
  • "I've never seen Star Wars."
  • "I stole the cookie from the cookie jar."
  • "I ran over a squirrel last week and cried for two hours."
  • "Taylor Swift is my spirit animal."
  • "If you tell anyone about what you just witnessed I will kill you. Slowly and painfully."
  • "I know you stole my hoodie and I want it back."
  • "All I'm saying is, if you like Skittles more than M&Ms, I don't think we can be friends anymore."
  • "I don't actually know how to tie my shoes; I've always worn Velcro or slip-ons to get around it."
  • "Who the hell doesn't like chocolate?"
  • "What went wrong in your life to make you the shit person you are now?"
  • "I'm afraid of the dentist and if you try to make me go I will kick you in the balls."
  • "If we miss this party because you couldn't decide which freaking shoes to wear, I swear to God..."
  • "I just got a text that you're on the news for streaking? So you'll let total strangers see you naked before you'll let me, is that how it is?"
  • "What's your bra size?"
  • "I need a ride to Walmart, your credit card, and your guaranteed silence."
  • "Stabbing people is mostly considered wrong, right?"
  • "You write GAY FANFICTION in your spare time?!"
  • "I have a pimple the size of a dime in the middle of my forehead, I am not leaving my house for the next year."
  • "Look, you're hot, okay, I will give you that, but you've got the personality of a cockroach fucking a cactus."
  • "To be honest with you, I only ever listen to about a third of what you say."
  • "I am not afraid of the dark, I am afraid of waking up to a pair of glowing red eyes staring at me with murder written in them."
  • "I want to take you on a romantic picnic at the beach, but it's pouring outside and you would probably ruin the atmosphere with the bullshit that comes out of your mouth anyway, so will you settle for cuddling on the couch and pizza?"
  • "I lost my favorite hairbrush."
  • "I am in so much pain right now."
  • "My mother doesn't like you or approve of us, so we should get married next week."
  • "If you say that word one more time, I will not speak to you ever again. Do not fucking test me."
  • "My father always told me that you should never throw what you can bury."
  • "I need you to teach me how to bake a cake."

what makes you feel warm inside?
- finding out someone has the same music/meme/movie taste as me
what’s your favorite halloween tradition?
- hanging out past dark with some friends
what’s the last thing you learned?
- probably some drumming shit
when’s the last time you felt obsessed?
- actually right now because i just discovered noname’s mixtape (telefone) a week ago and have been listening to it nonstop since
what’s your favorite article of clothing?
- i don’t know if hats count but my radiohead hat because the design is sick and it hides my hair on bad days. it’s in the starter pack meme that i posted recently (basically any of the clothes there too)

Thoughts on snk chapter 64 regarding Hange´s incident

Ok, let’s talk first about this panel; as we can see, everyone is shocked (obviously); but then again not all in the same way.

One that surprises me a lot (in a really good way) is Mikasa; as all she is stunned, nonetheless her eyes have an interesting gaze, it is more an internal look than an external; there is an obvious sadness plus some surprise regarding herself – I don´t believe she is feeling supremely guilty because of what happened (and I hope not as all the “guilt” she had once for Eren has been already too much, in my personal opinion); she seems lost in inner thoughts. I personally like this, as Mikasa has clearly grown in the last chapters and started to not until care for Eren but also for the rest of the crew and especially HER, that´s why I believe she does not feel supremely guilty, therefore she is probably thinking on what to do next (though at the end she ends up without resolution or time to express this one if it exists).

Moving to the other characters, Armin, Saha and Connie have a very similar look; especially this last too – they are stunned and probably unable to react and think on a solution as this seems quite unexpected for them (we need to remember how Connie and Sasha are used by Isayama as an element of stress liberation and reality, ´cause man they are still teens! They are tired and young (as it can be seen in the previus image); plus, some pages ago, Connie was nearly killed and Sasha saved him, which demonstrates maturity evolution on them and situation that probably raised their hopes. Having such thing on mind, such a sad incident as Hange falling down (let´s hope she is not unconscious – though the fall could have a bigger consequence on her) clearly affected them.

Now, Armin does seem a bit different to me. Personally, I don´t know if it is because of the expression or the character background I already have of him, but I do feel like he is having lots ideas processing in his head right now; mainly to understand what just happened in order to achieve a solution – as Armin is clearly brilliant and has grown a lot in the previous chapters, being able to react fast in physical and mental matters - which is REALLY good, we need Hange alive.

Jean, jean is quite an interesting case here. First, the background: Jean has some humanist ideas, and death does shock him a little. However, we cannot forget the fact that Jean killed a person in this chapter.

As we can see, when he killed this random guy who´s name I don´t know, and sorry if he has one; Jean was kind of shocked at this at the end of his act; he did thought minutely the strategy and adrenaline helped him a lot. Now, I am not sure if he finished completely his plan, as this random-guy-with- mustache’s throat isn´t cut completely, and I do believe this could be caused due to Jeans morals – and changing them to adapt them to what his new life isn´t that easy, and on my personal opinion is doing it quite good – better than with Marlo and Hithch – that was not good, that was terrifying, I still don´t forget this meme. (credits to vernavelt)

and the hal cut!

Now Levi (favorite part muahhaha). Thought this could be a coincidence, he is the first one in the panel, and the rotation of his head abrupt, fast. Yes, it is important to remember that Levi has being probably genetically modified, and his ability of reaction is faster; plus, he is fighting right now wo he is obviously moving quite fast, and the fact that he is the first one in the panel can be coincidence, it is Isayama who we are talking about, he has proven to us lots of previous of times how meticulous he is for this things in previous occasions since earlier chapters, and this could have a meaning.

Plus, Levi is clearly trying to take his time in order to see well what just happened (either because he knew it was Hange (ewe her clearly cares LOTS for her) or because of the sound of the fall – which worries me as this would mean the fall was a very harsh one, and we don´t want that.

Yeah, I gotta admit I am a strong Levihan shipper, and this could affect my judgment in one or another way (though I actually kind of ship every possible damn couple on snk so… yea ;D haha); but is Hange and Levi who we are talking about! Even if they are not in love (which I personally disagree, and more having what happened on this chapter on mind) They are longtime friends, there is obviously going to be some affection in here.

Back to the point (don´t get distracter, idiot) Levi is surprised and mad (yeah, me like haha sorry). Levi´s eyes tend to be small, so the surprise thing makes me doubt actually, what does not is his eyebrows. Levi is not happy, and I believe the glare of his face actually comes from before he looked towards Hange – either because he was ready to see Hange injured and therefore mad since the beginning, or because of the adrenaline of the fight, thought I don´t believe in this last option. 

Now, the big question. With who is Levi mad? With the fact of Hange being injured, with the woman who caused this to Hange (who´s name is unknown but she is clearly important as Isayama has put on some dedication on her in the moment of drawing – plus, we need to admit the drawing in this chapter is awesome, as always hehe), or is he made with himself? Who knows, we gotta wait for the next panel and see his reaction as till now, the only change is his facial expression and fast movement to see clearly the scene. Because Hange was fighting amazingly and Levi´s pain in the ass could be maybe himself – which could be cute but also sad, he has already too much.

Plus, the panel starts with Levi and ends with Hange ewe ewe ah, ha?? I want to go deeper on this but later, on a post just for Levihan, hehe

Before going forward, Hange has already lost some blood in the fall, and I don´t think she will be able to improvise to stop the bleeding before someone comes to save her – which worries me a lot as every second counts and someone unconscious in a battle camp is not a good thing. Plus, she is upside down, and gravity is a serious thing!

Secon panel now :D

Enemies retreat: good. This means some time to both groups.

Armin is already with Hange! YAY I know Armin was ready to take action (he did it before someone told him, hoho; plus, this also means there is a clear connection between the team, as he is doing what Levi later told him to :D)

The last thing we see is Levi’s anger. Now stop there, before Levi accepted his current state and desire to frogging fucking find Kenny, what did he do? He thought for a solution. This meant telling Armin to take care of Hange, have that issue under control for a moment, and then be able to go back and keep fighting with Mikasa. Even if he trust on Armin and everything, he cheeks he is with Hange and then go back to his business, which is nice and proves how much importance he is giving to Hange (<3 hehehe) and team.

Yep, he is mad, he wants to find Kenny and rescue Eren. Still I do believe that what just happened to Hange as also summed to this package he is carrying (plus, we cannot ignore all the others he already has like Erwin (which is a big one) among others). I now, Levi is not only an amazing leader but also a very rational man, but the fact that he actually took Hange as his first priority before anything else in this moment does makes me think on what is going on between them. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t want to turn this small analysis in this super Levihan post, but this does seems like a levihan prove to me. If they were not in the middle of the fight right now and did not need to go for Eren, I do believe he would be already with Hange and Armin.

We need to have in mind the fact that Hange is a really important character here, and we need her, still the attention Levi just gave to her is bigger than he has before. He took his time to be aware of what happened to Hange, and that is a big thing! PLus, look on his face, man Levi is clearly mad and I really want to see what he would do next. Plus, Levi knows well Kenny, and I think he is conscious that Kenny would not be supremely submissive with Lord Reiss.

Still, who knows! We need to wait for next chapters or other analysis (this is my first one, he) to know the truth!

Thanks for reading and god this is nice; I personally record it to people even if it is not good, it is quite a liberating exercise haha. And sorry if there is any grammatical mistake, hehe

If you have any other ideas, comments, whatever please share the info! Reblog, post, or whatever you´d like, I would love to know more ideas and this is actually fun to do haha

Bye and thanks again ;D