probably my favorite game of all time


decided i’d try to draw them all like this ?? so i did the cousins !!

005 - A Totally Regular Battle Against an Enemy.
005 - A Totally Regular Battle Against an Enemy.

I’ll probably update this song several times over the course of the game’s production, but for now, here’s the first finished version of the regular enemy battle theme! Please let me know what you guys think of this first draft, let me know what things you like and what things you think might be better changed. (Don’t worry, the song will loop in the game)

To make this song, I put my own little twist on several of my favorite themes from the show. Here are the songs I referenced: 

Sam Houston - Death Mental

NEDM Guitar Remix - Awesomezilla

The End Part 1 Credits Music (Edd’s Crappy Song) - LilDeuceDeuce and Edd Gould (just a tiny bit of this one)

Overall thoughts on Breath of the Wild:

ABSOLUTELY a fucking 10/10 game and has pretty much displaced Wind Waker as my favorite zelda game, and probably my second favorite of all time next to Fallout: New Vegas

best apps for learning spanish!!

lots of people ask me which apps I use for teaching myself spanish and there’s a ton of them to choose from. here are my favorites:

1. hellotalk: language exchange app that lets you have conversations with native speakers. it has text chatting, voice messages, and you can even call people if you want to. it’s so awesome, I use it all the time.  

2. mindsnacks spanish: super fun vocab learning app! you basically get to play really cute games to memorize vocabulary. it really makes it fun. 

3. duolingo: if you’re a langblr you probably already use this. basically it’s a full spanish course that goes up to the advanced level online, for free. tbh it’s such a gift.  

3. wordreference: a really great dictionary and such a lifesaver. it also has a conjugator which is so useful. this dictionary is way more accurate and grammatically correct than just using google translate. 

4. spanishdict: another dictionary and translator that also saves my life on a daily basis. it also has grammar and cultural lessons!

5. noticias univision: a spanish-language news app from univision. even though this app might have some technical problems, it is really great for getting reading material and just learning about the news.  

These are fics that were posted on Tumblr. I’m not always good at bookmarking fics like those, and I assume the same is true of other people, so I wanted to draw special attention to them. Some of them have been posted to AO3 in ficlet collections, but those can also get lost in the shuffle.

untitled ficlet by @maybetwice​ (canonverse)
The ghosts follow him everywhere like a procession.

Probably one of my all-time favorites. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m not totally sure why, but the idea of Jon being haunted by ghosts post-resurrection (Ned, Robb, and Ygritte in this case) who give him relationship advice is appealing and this is by turns funny, sad, and sweet–quite a feat for a fic which can’t be much more than 500 words.

untitled ficlet by @jeynegrey (modern AU)
It isn’t supposed to be Jon. They are at Joffrey’s party, and they are playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, and the Tyrell cousins pushed her in the closet and said Joffrey was coming.

High school AU, which is normally not quite my thing personally, but I like the open-ended wistfulness here.

untitled ficlet by @jonnsansa (modern AU)
Sansa knows, deep down, that she should feel bad about what she’s doing. Pretending she has no idea Jon is, well, Jon is a cruel thing to play at – even crueler that she hooks her finger under the collar of his impressive costume and pulls him in for a kiss, like he’s not special, like he’s just another cute co-ed at this Halloween party. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, everything is all mixed up and it hurts, it hurts so good

build me a city and call it jerusalem by @kylorenvevo (modern AU)
She had a smile that reminded him of the scheming aristocrats back home in Valyria, false and brittle, picture-perfect and hollow.

Really charming and delightful - a modern royal AU (Jon being the royalty, albeit in disguise as a normal dude, Sansa not). It’s really sweet without being saccharine.

your hands a river gesture by @kylorenvevo (modern AU)
The summer for him was Sansa, with her long auburn hair blowing in the wind and the sunlight bouncing off her oversized aquamarine-tinted aviators. She hadn’t exactly wanted him to tag along on her great Westerosi roadtrip slash existential crisis, but misery loves company and, anyway, her siblings were too young

ROAD TRIP AUS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST. A lovely brief snapshot full of chicken nuggets and discussions of Kerouac.

I have far too many accurate captions for this 

“Me waiting for September 30th like”

“An accurate depiction of where I am in life” 

“Literally me” 

“Same, Prompto… Same.” 

But really, Prompto hopelessly laying in the middle of the road is probably my favorite screenshot from any video game ever in all of time. It’s just far too relatable and real. 

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ive heard things about botw but theyre all mixed,,,,is it good or??

It gets a definite reccomendation from me. Honestly, at the end of the day, it’s probably one of my favorite games of all time, next to Fallout: New Vegas.

Without spoiling too much, the game’s absolutely massive in scope, yet at the same time it’s an adventure and it doesn’t try to be anything more than that. All you have to do is defeat this one guy, and the game leaves it up to you to determine how. You can prepare as much or as little as you want, and do anything in practically any order you want.  

The world’s absolutely massive and packed with details that make the world come alive, but most important imo is the fact that literally anything you can see in the distance is somewhere you can go and explore.

Essentially it took everything that made me enjoy Dark Souls over previous Zelda titles and did it better than Dark Souls.

…that is, except for charcter customization.

Please Nintendo for the love of god, if you’re going to make another game like this it’s time to ditch Link and let play as a purple-haired buff trans lesbian if i choose to.

Showerthoughts about Elise and Xander

Honestly this is probably my favorite sibling relationship for the two of them, and I’m kinda disappointed how little talk/appreciation there is for the two :

I know there’s the “Daddy Xander” meme circulating around some part of the fandom, and while the game goes and shows you how he does his “daddy stuff”, i.e. grounding Laslow, doting on Sakura, helping Hinoka prepare for her party/talking through her sadness when it didn’t happen, etc, and unlike Camilla whose official bio literally describes her as a mother figure, the only time his status as a surrogate dad is directly acknowledged at all is through Elise? Even though it happened in the Japanese version support of Elise/Arthur:

Elise: […]About Marx-onii-chan… I might not be able to do it.

Harold: Eh?

Elise: I though Marx-onii-chan was like a father. See, my father isn’t really like a normal dad… Whenever anything happened, I would always go to Marx-onii-chan. Before, he played with me, smiled, and had fun. But, it couldn’t be like that forever. From the beginning, he wasn’t grown up like a “father”, but my “brother” grew up and became an adult, so that’s why he changed from how he was before.

Harold: Elise-sama…

(Credits to

(I also like the decision of not including that tidbit inside Elise’s supports with any of her family members, because it’s kinda embarrassing and unnatural to admit to someone close that you look up to your big bro like a father… at least from my point of view).

Moreover, this admission from her not only reflects badly upon their real father himself; obviously we know how big a piece of shit Garon is to his children, so much that his own children had to rely on the (remaining) others to grow up, but Garon being a shitty dad is another story on its own. But then it’s really sweet to think that the seemingly straight-laced, unemotional Xander actually raised a girl, probably ever since he was only in his young teens, and gave her sufficient care and love that she sees him as her father? Like fuck it, shouldering all responsibility on behalf of your siblings, and being aggressively shaped into a warlord as well as the future king of a shithole of a country isn’t enough, might as well throw in a kid for you to raise for maximum torturing and depression! Asdfdkghkhdsaasdf this is too fucking sweet and tragic at the same time… (ESPECIALLY IF YOU THINK WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THEIR BIRTHRIGHT SITUATION AAAAAHH)

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You probably wouldn't have time for this but have you considered doing a YouTube channel with the stuff you talk about on your Tumblr? I know you want to stay anonymous so I guess it'd have to be ... animated or something? Your blog is my favorite thing in my entire news feed and I think everyone who plays games should read it, but for example my boyfriend and my teenaged sons are all more likely to watch a video than read a blog and I know I don't do the best job distilling the info to them.

I thought about it and asked one of the guys from the Extra Creditz team some about their process. My hunch was that it would be possible, but the audio, editing, recording, etc. process would be a much greater time investment per post than what I currently do. Instead of the 30-90 minutes it takes me to write a post and toss in a few gifs, it would likely take many hours to complete each video. Given my time constraints, a video series would mean roughly one post per week instead of the five or so I normally do. Daniel Floyd confirmed my suspicions on the matter - each EC episode takes around two to three weeks to complete. Even if I had lower production values and such, I am also just one person and lack a whole team like they have. 

That said, I have been in talks with the Extra Credits team about doing a collaboration with them - probably something like writing an episode or something. Would there be any interest in that? If so, what topic would you all like me to write about? I could revisit an old topic or write on something new. If you’ve got a thought or a suggestion, please leave a comment, an [ask], or talk to me on [Twitter].

Got a burning question you want answered?

me: my favorite game of all time is probably worms

you, a dumb fucking idiot that doesn’t know shit: oh, like on the xbox?

me, pulling my head out from my fertile garden’s precious soil: you know, why don’t you just fucking leave

Also thoughts on New Vegas as a whole:

So far, it’s a FANTASTIC game and probably one of my all time favorites. When I got to New Vegas and killed Benny and Mr. House, I thought I was at the end of the game and that putting Yes Man in charge would roll the credits.

And I would have been DAMN satisfied with the expierience I had even if the game had ended right there.

But turns out that’s just the first act and I hadn’t even expierienced the bulk of the game yet, which to me was like, holy crap.

My biggest criticism so far is the gunplay. Yeah I know stats and all that, but the damage the guns do is a little TOO low, even against entirely unarmed oponents, and it doesn’t really even add any difficulty because how overpowered your companions are. It pretty much turns into the only viable strategy being “Let Veronica handle it”

About a year ago I did my first play through of Undertale and it’s probably my favorite game of all time. Besides being the only time I’ve ever seen a character of nonbinary gender in a video game, it also featured some of the most beautiful storytelling I’ve ever seen. Also it features stuff like this.

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Dva x zenyatta

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

  • Who is the most affectionate?: Gosh, uh…probably Hana?
  • Big spoon/Little spoon?: Hana is the little spoon to Zen’s big spoon
  • Most common argument?: Over what game to play together
  • Favorite non-sexual activity?:  Gaming probs.
  • Who is most likely to carry the other?: People just look over and there’s Zenyatta with Hana in his lap, gliding into the next room
  • Nicknames?: Zenny, uh… I’m…really bad at thinking up nicknames so
  • Who worries the most?: Zen lowkey worries about Hana all the time, Hana highkey worries about Zen when they’re in non-friendly to Omnic areas
  • Who tops?: neither…?
  • Who initiates kisses?: H…ana? Tho I could see Zen coming up beside her and just like, sticking his faceplate against her cheek
  • Who wakes up first?: Probably Zen, mostly because he doesn’t really sleep?
  • Who says I love you first?: Zenyatta~

SO I HAVE AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS. 2012 was the year I got into the Mass Effect series, and shortly afterwards was the release of probably my most favorite movie ever of all time eternally. 

I was browsing through some notebooks I had then, and found I had doodles of a crossover just bc I could (also bc I was floored by Disney’s femshep and still can’t stop thinking about the possibilities of game jumping hehe). 

My style was really underdeveloped back then, so instead I’ve just redrawn the doodles. You’re welcome, 2012 me. 

6 movies I can watch any time

Thank you Kate for tagging me! @iwillbeinmynest 

6. Tangled- I am a sucker for Disney movies but this one takes the cake for me. I could probably quote the entire movie and my favorite song is “I have a dream”

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5. Clueless- Honestly name a more iconic person than Cher. Also baby Paul Rudd

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4. Captain America: Civil War- First of all Bucky Barnes is a plum buying angel and I will defend him until the day I die. Second of all Tom Holland as Peter Parker is the love of my life and he yells “Love you Mae” which is my nickname so 

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3. Bridesmaids- The airplane scene kills me every time and the rest of the movie is just as funny. Plus talk about a killer cast. Dammit Carol!

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2. The Martian- Well Chris Beck. But also my love for Matt Damon is so real. And to quote Mark, “I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this”

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1. Easy A- So many amazing quotes and so many favorite scenes. The parents kill me, Olive is the tru role model, and the pocket full of sunshine card is a gift to the world. “Welcome. This is where the magic happens. And as we all know, by “magic” I mean nothing.“

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