probably my fav picture of her tbh

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Cute or fav mutuals? :o

i talk about my mutuals way too much but here we go!
@hoseokloved: alex is actually honestly truly the cutest person to ever exist?? if you look up the word “angel” in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of alex and a link to her blog 👀💘
@5aveme: lumi is probably the funniest person on this hell site and if you don’t follow then why exist tbh 😪
@hoseokxx: 12/10 quality gif maker and probably the sweetest all around 💞 sav owns my entire heart and her love for hobi fuels my soul

more friends:

@rapnamu | @hoseok1e | @warmjins | @peachpjms | @poutypjm | @jhverse | @war-of-hormoan | @taesberet | @yoongster | @happyhobii | @hobisnovia | @hobikookie | @5aveme | @2rap | @95sclub | @93yoong | @chimchim-cheree | @btssmutgalore | @dom-joonie | @loveutae | @hobgi | @hoseokskitten | @hyyhyf

ppl i admire from afar (bc im too shy to actually talk to anyone skxmiwbd):

@4kmu | @jinsssi | @ahjiminie | @boragf | @1una | @bfjoonie | @bfkook | @clannads | @cryjeon | @dinosgf | @jimintensify | @jiminssi | @5ope | @protectaetae | @onlynochu | @itsrainingmin | @honeyboysgf | @frstlv

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what's your all time fav spirk art?? like if you had to pick your fav :)

Oh damn, UMMMMM. TBH it’s probably this picture;

@leifor drew as my artist for the T’hy’la Bang we had recently. I still shed tears every time I look at it. It’s so soft and so perfect. Please check out Leifor, if you haven’t already, she’s so talented and friendly and her artworks are literally to die for. The fic that I wrote, which this is about, can be found here, if you’d like to check it out.