probably my fav movie

Alright, it was pretty cute.


BotW x Mononoke Hime

They are inspired in screencaps from the movie (the hug one is a redraw thought )  I’ll think I’ll do more ZeLink X Studio Ghibli crossovers ~ I have some in mind, I’m looking for similarities to match them, but I’ll probably do TP x Howl’s (Cause is my fav design and fav movie hehehe)

Oh, and someone give me a headcanon for Link cutting his hair in a certain context, I’ll do that one later too for practice ‘cause the pose it’s actually difficult to do for me. And I’m working of the rest of the ideas you guys gave me * - *


Jack and Roger doodles

Sound the bugle
Bryan Adams
Sound the bugle

Sound the bugle now - play it just for me
As the seasons change - remember how I used to be
Now I can’t go on - I can’t even start
I’ve got nothing left - just an empty heart

I’m a soldier - wounded so I must give up the fight
There’s nothing more for me - lead me away…
Or leave me lying here

Sound the bugle now - tell them I don’t care
There’s not a road I know - that leads to anywhere
Without a light I fear that I will stumble in the dark
Lay right down - decide not to go on

Then from on high - somewhere in the distance
There’s a voice that calls, “Remember who you are”
If you lose yourself - your courage soon will follow

So be strong tonight - remember who you are
Yeah you’re a soldier now - fighting in a battle
To be free once more - yeah, that’s worth fighting for


But I know what to say now. I have thought about you and I like you, and I like being with you. And..maybe I feel the same way. So the next time you tell me you love me, if there is a next time, I’ll say I love you too.

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do you know any "jewish themed" movies? im sorry for being annoying but i luv them so much but most of the ones that i found are abt the holocaust and youre the only person that i follow who posts abt movies

aw no this isn’t annoying at all… hmm do u mean as in Jewish directors and actors, or Jewish characters? for movies w Jewish characters:

- Joshua Then and Now (1985) probably my fav Canadian movie it’s so funny and adorable highly recommend

- Marjorie Morningstar (1958) not v good but worth checking out

- The Heartbreak Kid (1972)

- The Producers (1967)

- Marathon Man (1976)

- Yahudi (1958)

and other movies on my watchlist r Fiddler on the Roof, Yentl, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Funny Girl + Funny Lady, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The Frisco Kid and The Golem hope this helped xoxo

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Favorite movie?

I have a few, none of them are all that recent. Probably my fav movie of all time will always be Bridesmaids. Other movies I love include Black Swan, Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone 2, and School of Rock. 

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what's your favourite animal? what's your favourite movie? what's your favourite time of day? <3

my fav animal is quokka! it’s the happiest animal in the world if you don’t know what a quokka is google it istg it will make you so happy! when im sad i google quokka and i smile like an idiot because that little thing is so cute! and my fav movie is probably coraline!! And my fav time of the day is after dinner

send me “what’s your favorite…” asks

I was tagged by the lovely @lionelsmessi, thanks love :)

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relationship status: single af
lipstick or chapstick: chap
last movie you watched: I don’t watch many movies, so the last one is probably my fav Shawshank Redemption but that was a long time ago
last song you listened to: Slow Hands - Niall Horan
top three shows/dramas/anime: Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Psych and Brooklyn-99
top three characters: Killian Jones, Shawn Spencer & Jake Peralta
top three ships: jake x amy, killian x emma and shawn x gus (but as a bromance)

i tag: @awesomebrazilianprincess, @amazingspanishprincess and @barca-neymessi

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Hi toby! sunset anon here. so I'm currently watching a film called the blue lagoon, and did that terrible thing where i read the spoilers first online,, i need to stop. what's your fav film? hope your day has been/is amazing :')

ahh i hate when i do that (especially w books fghjklfgjkl) but u hope u enjoyed it anways!! and my fav movie is probably Beauty and the Beast rn! i saw it in theaters and just fell in love ?? omg ??