probably more than this i reckon

Oh man this is getting intense… so I’ve just finished the Eleventh Hour and apparently Magnus was once a red robe??? And because Merle and Taako also had a large section blotted out of their life I reckon they probably were too… I’ve no idea how Kravitz fits into all of this, but I feel like he does somehow, but I may be wrong. I do realise why one of my friends was frustrated that I know who Lup is because her name’s been cropping up recently, and if I didn’t know who she was I’m sure the eventual reveal would be more dramatic, but other than she seems to be involved with the red robes I’m not sure how she fits in…

My thoughts on what Kendrick said about that Bechloe scene

First the video I’m talking about:

You have to realize what happened there! Basically:

Q: “Who will be Becas love interest in PP3?”

A: “We filmed a Beca+Chloe scene.”

THIS is already pretty clear! What else is that supposed to mean?

Bonus: She explained again that the Trebles won’t be there AND she killed everything related to “Theca”!

And another thing you gotta realize: This is now the 2nd time she talked about THAT SCENE in public. They filmed the scene to make Bechloe canon. Now they are discussing if they will put it into the movie or not.

“It will scare away the homophobes but the Bechloe fandom will love us. What should we do to make the best movie and the most money from all of this?”

They don’t know yet. That’s why they filmed the scene, so that they now have time to decide.

But I am SO thankful to have Anna Kendrick as supportive captain of this ship!

She used her 5 minutes at vidCon to basically say: “Hi, I’m Anna Kendrick and I love Bechloe. And we filmed a scene to make it canon but don’t know if we should put it in or not!”

And now again, on an event that had NOTHING to do with PP, to a question that didn’t even mention Chloe, she talks about Bechloe and that scene AGAIN!

And that just shows how passionate and caring she is for Bechloe herself!

She really stands up for Bechloe! I heard in PP1 she stood up to prevent a “Beca-Jesse-Luke”- love triangle. Now she single-handedly killed Theca and stands up AGAIN to push them to put the Bechloe scene into the movie.

This was incredibly awesome and unique, and makes her my fucking HERO!

And now she is basically asking us to help her. To join the fight and make Universal put in this Bechloe scene.

And if their solution is to put it onto some “bonus features”, I think that’d be the best solution for everybody:

  • Assholes will think: “It’s another universe just to finally shut up those Bechloe-weirdos.”
  • Normal people will have a new angle to look at things.
  • We will see it as a canonness confirmation, hidden to not freak homophobes out.

Anyway, Idk why the fandom seems to sad about this, I think its good news, its definitive news and I think maybe Kendrick now asked us a 2nd time to just say what we want! To convince the Universal to put that scene in!

We controlled that vidCon chat hours before the pp event even started…

We destroyed any competition in the teen choice votings when they were still open and fair!

We are a force to be reckoned with! And Kendrick knows that! She counts on us! Just as we count on her! We need to show them that there are more Bechloe hyping fans than homophobic assholes in this movie world!

Bonus thoughts:

  1. If they put the scene in, the following scenes will be all couplely-ish, right?And if they DONT put it in, the following scenes will still be the same! Like their awesome hug in the final performance for example, probably more!
  2. Do you think we saw that scene already? I mean, any pics from the day of filming? Is it maybe the one with Bechloe and Amy in bed? Did Beca and Chloe come closer? To a kiss? Close to that? And then Amy interrupted? Is it just the hug in the final performance? That would be slightly disappointing but also unlikely…

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Can you write a harry imagine/blurb where he gets really sick when you guys are visiting your family and he wakes you up in the middle of the night really upset because his stomach really isn't feeling well and he doesn't know what to do and he's really anxious because he doesn't want to ruin anything? Thanks!!!

This sounds super cute, so for sure! I’m currently working on a longer imagine that wasn’t requested, but I wanted to post something to hold ya’ll over for a little while. Send me requests!

The clock was blinking bright red at Harry, informing him that it was currently 2am and for the life of him, he could not sleep. You and Harry had arrived at your mom and dads home earlier in the day and had spent the evening amongst your family, food and drinks, but now Harry’s stomach felt like it was literally ripping itself in half. He didn’t want to wake you, because he knew you had had a long day of driving, just like he had, and you looked so peaceful he felt bad just thinking about it, but after another 30 minutes of tossing and turning, he knew he had to wake you up.

“Love,” he whispered in your ear quietly, his hand pushing loose strands of hair out of your face before stroking your cheek softly. You stirred for a moment, and after a few more strokes of Harry’s thumb across your skin your eyes were slowly opening.

“Hmm?” You let out a confused hum, your eyes struggling to focus as you stretched slightly, looking at the sleepy boy next to you.

“M’sorry for waking you up, pet,” he frowned, his lips resting on your forehead as you tried to wake up. Harry rarely woke you up, so you knew it had to be something serious if he did.

“S’okay, what’s wrong baby?” Your voice was laced with sleep and Harry sent you an apologetic smile.

“Dunno,” he frowned, falling back into the bed but grabbing your hand and placing it on his bare stomach, “My stomach hurts really bad. Won’t go away, and I think I have a fever,” you were quick to sit up, frowning back at him as you placed your hand over his head, your frown deepening as you were also now pretty sure he had a fever.

“I think you’re getting sick, I’ll go make you some tea to calm your stomach? And then we need to put a cold washcloth over your head, see if we can get that fever down,” sleeping had quickly been forgotten as you jumped into action, and Harry couldn’t help but stare at you fondly; you were always so quick to try and help him feel better, whether he was sick or stressed, and it was one of the reasons he had fallen in love with you. 

“You don’ have to do tha’,” he knew you would anyway, but that didn’t stop him from feeling bad. He was also anxious about how this would affect the plans you and your family had for tomorrow, and he couldn’t help but feel bad.

“Nonsense,” in seconds you were flying out of the bedroom, and he could hear the soft patter of your feet against the hardwood floor until you were too far away from him to hear.

20 minutes later you were walking back into your childhood bedroom, a cold washcloth in one hand and a cup of warm tea in the other as you crawled onto the bed, helping Harry sit back up as you handed him the tea and placed the washcloth on his forehead.

“S’got ginger in it,” you were referring to the tea, letting Harry rest on your chest as you both sat up, your fingers running through his hair as he drank his tea and you made sure the washcloth stayed on his forehead, “Supposed to help calm upset stomachs.”

“Thank you, I really do love you,” you could hear the soft smile in his voice as he spoke, your lips pressing a soft kiss to the back of his shoulder, “M’sorry for getting sick, I hope I don’t ruin the plans we have with your mum and dad tomorrow. Couldn’t go ahead and get sick next week, could I? Had to be this week,” he was frowning once again, and you were quick to shake your head.

“No no no, stop that. You can’t help when you get sick, love. My parents will understand if you’re too sick to go out, and just gives me the chance to dot on you more than usual. My mum will also probably jump to take care of you, she always loved taking care of me when I was sick. Reckon you’ll get some nice home cooked chicken noodle soup,” Harry let out a quiet laugh, because he knew your mum was the kind to go overboard when someone was sick, even if it was just a cough. 

An hour passed and Harry’s tea was long gone, the fever had gone down and so had the stomach ache, though he wasn’t feeling completely better, he was sure he would be able to sleep finally. You were both lying down now, Harry cuddled into your side as you rubbed his head softly, your other hand running up and down his shoulder slowly

“Have I told ya’ m’gonna marry ya one day?” Now his voice was the one laced with sleep, his arms tightening around you as he spoke, his lips placing a soft kiss on the exposed skin of your chest.

“You’ve mentioned it once or twice,” the way your heart jumped at the words confirmed that no matter how many times he said it, you probably weren’t going to believe it even when you were walking down the aisle.

“Well I’m gonna mention it a million more times. I’m so in love with you,” he was drifting to sleep, you could tell by the slight slur in his words, but your heart still melted at the sentiment because you knew he meant.

“I love you, so much.” Soon he was falling asleep in your arms, and you weren’t too far from him

And you had been right, the next morning the second your mum found out Harry was sick she was forcing him onto the couch with a mountain of blankets, hot tea, endless rom-coms, and she began to work on that chicken noodle soup.

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Ok, you've talked about how dirk would feel about jade/john and how much he would love them (i wouldn't mind hearing more about that too tbh) But! how do you think he would feel about rose/dave (like, wow, are those really my kids? the hero dave strider is my son? everything good about them must have come from roxy no doubt) so, yeah, headcanons about dirk interacting with others, please?

You nailed a good part of it. I think Dirk and Dave are pretty well-charted by the canon, but basically I think Dirk would be inclined to look for Roxy in both Dave and Rose, which would be easy with Dave because he takes after Roxy hard anyway. So there’d be a lot of hangouts and the degree to which Dirk can satisfy Dave’s need for emotional openness probably relies on how much Dirk’s issues with the Alphas are sorted out, because Dirk uh…really really hates himself. Especially by canon endgame. Which brings us to Karkat.

I feel it somewhere in my heart that Karkat catches wind of the Alphas’ emotional turmoils through Dirk and immediately sets about fixing all of it because nu uh, fuck no, fuck that shit Karkat has dealt with ENOUGH romantic turmoil and he’s not having any of this bullshit teen drama in his ultimate reward. As a result Dirk immediately would die for Karkat on command even if he wasn’t already inclined to do so for Karkat being The One Dave Loves anyway. This is cool because Dirk and Karkat have a fucking lot in common! 

There’s the being subjugated by the Condesce, the intense self-loathing and being convinced they destroyed relationships by the sheer nature of their beings, the intense and vicious arguments with versions of themselves…there’s a lot to bond over. It’s cute. I want more of that. All of this has the added bonus of making Dave basically the happiest fucker alive in the multiverse on top of Karkat and Dirk just being…really good influences on each other. Karkat can help Dirk out with relationships! Having the approval of physically hypercompetent Dirk could do a lot to reduce whatever angst about his own battle skill Karkat has left! There’s so much there ;_: I love them. 

Where things get a lot MORE interesting is with Rose, almost entirely because seeing Roxy in her is…

going to be a lot harder. 

On top of that, Rose is curious and inquisitive, like Dirk is. And she’s particularly interested in Dirk’s oddities. Traits she could really question and dig into:

Rose hasn’t really lost her interest in psychotherapy, I think–but Dave has definitely chilled out a lot and stopped trying so hard after he started dating Karkat.
Like Terezi, Rose enjoys the hell out of a dude trying to be cool who has something to hide. Which makes Dirk “perfectly stoic, taciturn to the max about everything” Strider pretty much the perfect fucking target.

So early on there’s definitely a lot of Rose teasing Dirk and doing her psychoanalysis thing at him, which could make for some absolutely stunning dialogue. Probably a lot of calling him “Dad” or “Father”, too, god I love Rose Lalonde. And Dirk like, he sees himself in Rose a lot and that might make him more defensive and critical of her than most…but I think it’s more likely that what he sees of Roxy in her and what he knows from Rose’s history (she was effectively the closest thing he had to a Mother figure, too–it’s just not a legacy he chose to lay claim to) would force him to reckon with the fact that someone can have a lot of Dirk-like traits and still be fundamentally…you know. Good. 

I think over the long haul Dirk and Dave would end up feeling like twin brothers to each other, balancing out the weird dad-son feels into something wholly unique. Same goes for Dirk and Rose, but Dirk would uniquely value Rose’s insight and he’d probably be likeliest to go to Rose for advice or counsel out of anybody…especially if they ever get to know each other well enough to figure out they share a proclivity for self-loathing and assuming outsize responsibility without relying on their friends. 

Jake can make Dirk FEEL good about himself, but Rose could probably put into words exactly why he is objectively good, and Dirk would appreciate that. Rose, meanwhile, would appreciate someone who can keep her grounded in herself and her own strengths and flaws when she gets too wrapped in her own head to talk to people…even if I also think Dirk doing so would piss her off. 

They’d be good for each other basically. And Dirk would get ripped on hard enough to actually break his stoic facade, which I think is a marvel we all wish to see. 

Sugar and Spice, ch 2

Summary: Your sugar daddy, Richard Speight Jr, takes you to a Louden Swain concert as your first date.
Word count: 2096
Warnings: OOC!Rob Benedict, suggestive content
A/N: Keep in mind (I forgot to mention this in chapter one) that this is an AU, where Rich is single and was never married to Jaci, and does not have children. Also, you’re 26 in this series.

Your name: submit What is this?

Chapter two: the concert

Your heart was beating like crazy in your chest when you were slipping into your little black dress. You paired it with some high heeled lace sandals, well aware that no one else would look so fancy, but you figured that hey… he wanted something to show off, and he was gonna get it. You did your hair and makeup, sprayed some of you favourite perfume on, then waited for Richard to pick you up.

When you heard a car outside, you slipped into your jacket, got your purse and left your flat. Richard stood outside his car waiting for you. His face actually lit up when he saw you, which you found adorable. He was wearing a dark blue button up shirt and… fuck me, a brown leather jacket. You would have dropped your panties on the spot if he told you to. You walked up to him and smiled.

“Evening,” you said and smiled.
“Wow,” was his response as he eyes you up and down, his pupils dilated as he took in the sight of you. You spun around once playfully and grinned.
“Like what you see?”
Love what I see, holy crap, I don’t know if we’re gonna make it to the concert. I don’t think I- wow. Sweetheart, just wow. You look stunning,” he breathed and rubbed his face with his hand.

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One More Time (Newt x Reader)

One More Time (Newt x Reader) -Angst

Summary: You were in love with Newt from the moment you met him, but he was unavailable to you. So you settled for being best friends. Newt has a bad habit of saying I love you to you and nothing pissed you off more. 

Word Count: 2520 - I know short haha :)) -

Characters: Reader, Newt, Alby, Thomas, Winston, Gally, Chuck Teresa, Minho, Ben, Frypan, and Aiden (OC)

Warnings: light swearing, homophobia, gayness, character death, use of gun, slight gore, implied mentions of sex, and slight pyromania

Author’s Note: I know this took me forever because I’m a shitty person and a procrastinator plus I mean I started all over again. Anyways props to @writing-obrien to helping me edit and for being literally the best person ever. 

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100 Days of R/Hr: Day 13

Prompt: homework

Prompted by: giulialuna90

Hope you enjoy! x

They were sequestered at their usual table at the library, the one that sat halfway submerged in a cluster of shelves, so that the smell of old, dusty texts permeated the air. He knew it was her favourite spot, because not only did they basically have the whole back right corner of the library to themselves, but she could get lost in the books and not have to speak to another soul for hours at a time if she didn’t want to. Today, however, she evidently wanted to… at least to him, because Harry had left over an hour ago, and she was currently in the midst of an overly detailed explanation of how to properly store potions that required temperature adjustments during long brewing cycles.

He had gotten scary good at being both completely invested in staring at her and simultaneously hearing and at least partially comprehending every word she said. He reckoned he should probably get started on his essay, while she was in the middle of rattling off far more than enough material to cobble together for a passing grade, but, if he was being honest, he just really didn’t want to look down at his parchment and miss the way her frustrated fingers tucked frizzy curls behind her ears, the way her tongue darted out to the corner of her mouth when she paused between monologues-

“Ron, are you even listening?”


“Then what was I just saying?” She narrowed her eyes at him, and he was far too cocky about being able to supply the answer he knew she sincerely doubted he could give.

“You’d just finished explaining how bulbadox juice has got to be stored in a cool place to keep from spoiling.”

She blinked at him, and he felt a bubble of delighted satisfaction rise up, trying not to smirk.

“Alright, fine,” she said. “That was lucky.”

“Not lucky. I was paying attention.”

“Well.” She cleared her throat. “Good,” and she resumed with a list of ingredients that could withstand heat for an extended period without breaking down.

What he couldn’t do, however, was both comprehend her discourse and simultaneously remind himself that he’d had to snog Lavender and get himself poisoned to grow up. At least that second part had ended in Hermione speaking to him again, though his mind immediately drifted to the nasty words he’d said to her and how he was nearly certain he’d made her cry on more than one occasion since mid-autumn.

He forced himself to focus back on the present, the smooth curve of her neck, soft pink of her lips… listening intently again. His eyes drifted to the way she brushed her hair back over her shoulder, lingering on her partially exposed collarbone where her jumper had slid to the side-

“There’s no way you heard the last thing I said, but you’ve got to include it in your essay or it’ll be incomplete.”

His eyes snapped to hers.

“Why d’you keep thinking I’m not listening?”

She licked her bottom lip, and he forced himself not to glance down.

“Because you're…” she sighed, “thinking.”

“How can you tell?”

“You were staring.”

He couldn’t stop his eyes from widening, and his temperature jumped up a noticeable number of degrees.

“Huh?” All he could do was play dumb, he reckoned. Hopefully she’d buy it, because he was so not ready to face-

“You were looking at something over my shoulder, seemed like.”

Relief flooded him, but he was surprised to realise it was mingled with unmistakeable disappointment. Maybe a part of him actually did want her to catch him… bloody hell.

“Oh,” he said, realising she was still waiting for him to answer her. “Well, I swear I heard you. Go on.”

She glanced suspiciously over her own shoulder, anyway. But, finding nothing there aside from the edge of the nearest shelf, she cleared her throat, eyed him cryptically, and returned to her lecture.

He tried, for a few moments, to focus only on her words, but he slowly gave it up. What could he do about the fact that he found it utterly adorable the way she wrinkled her nose when she was trying hard to recall something, or the fact that he often intentionally sat closer to her than necessary on the common room sofa under the pretense of reading something off the book that was resting across her lap? It had gone just about as far as it could, by now, and the next step, though really only a marginal shift of his hand into hers, was possibly going to strangle him before he got around to it…

“Am I forcing you to study?” she questioned softly, quite abruptly interrupting her own commentary on why the transparency of various potion vials was often overlooked, yet very important…

She’d never, in his clear memories, at least, asked something like this, so it threw him off. Of course she was forcing him to study - she nearly always was, if he was doing it in the first place - but (maybe somewhat surprisingly) he couldn’t think of a single place he’d rather be at the moment, as long as she was still sitting next to him.

“I won’t be offended if you want to stop,” she added, looking like she might actually feel quite guilty for keeping him here.

“No, it’s uh… nice to have the help. Let’s keep going. This thing’s due in a week, yeah? So, we’d better hurry…” He grinned at her, delighted when she twitched her lips into a small smile back.

“Just because you like to do everything last minute…” she muttered, but she was still smiling as she flipped a few pages forward in the book closest to her.

He waited for her review of the past two months of Potions material to resume, but she didn’t speak for a good long while, and he was beginning to finally feel too self-conscious not to busy himself with some other activity when she finally looked back up at him.

“Would you like to go back to the common room and play chess?”

“Nah, I’ll stay here with you and finish-”

“I meant with me,” she clarified, and he was quite sure her cheeks had flushed a few shades deeper pink. “I’ll go back with you.”

Surprised, he considered how long it had been since they’d last done something just for fun, together. He wished he could recall the exact day, what they’d been doing, but it was too far back…

“I know I’m not very good at chess,” she continued, clearly shy all of a sudden and backtracking, “but maybe you could explain what I’m doing wrong and how to be better-

“Yeah,” he interrupted, sensing her hesitation growing, “sounds brilliant.”

She studied him for a second before smiling.

“But we can work on the essay again later, if you want,” he concluded, pausing before completely abandoning his blank parchment to make sure she knew he was sincere.

She smiled a bit wider and nodded.

“Tomorrow?” She swallowed and didn’t give him time to answer, embarrassment further colouring her cheeks. “I mean… if you aren’t doing something else-”

“I’m not. Tomorrow’s great.”

And the next day was hers, too, he thought. And also the next day… How had he gone for months without her? Well, he’d just have to make up for that, starting right now.

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David would somehow domesticate a bear and cuddle it without getting hurt -Lux

That`s canon now, I don`t even care…

Just him maybe telling the kids about nature and suddenly a bear appearing behind him. The campers would freak out surely and point behind him in sheer terror as the beast stands up, paws high above him as David turns around in confusion about the light getting dimmer.

Next thing he does is make a “Squeeee” sound and hugging the massive pile of fluff, the children just staring at him in shock.

The fact that the bear seemed to be stunned as well would make everything even more akward, before it would start nuzzling the counsellor, the smile ever gowing wider on the counsellor, while Neil just starts to stammer. Max would probably be more than frightened, he knew now that David was a force to be reckoned with but he never had guessed that he would be able to do that!

And as for Nikki, she just jumps up and down in excitment, wanting to fight the bear now.

BTS MTL to date someone younger

Request: ‘ Hi! I saw that you did a bts mtl to date someone 10 years older, and I thought that maybe you could do something similar, but the opposite? Like mtl to date someone like 5 years younger? Thank you ~’

NOTE: We then had a quick chat about this MTL and agreed that a general date someone younger would be good, so this is more general than the quoted ask… Hopefully this isn’t just reverse order of the MTL to date someone older

Now, I don’t want to keep saying ‘as I mentioned before’ to acknowledge that I’ve talked about the said thing in that previous post, so just bear in mind if you see any repetitions, I am aware.

Jimin [up to 3 years younger] - Most Likely

Originally posted by bangtan

I think Jimin needs a younger partner, and that age might matter to him. If he’s dating you, he wants to look after you and you being younger would be the perfect excuse to do so. He would want to protect you and keep you safe, rather you depend on him than the other way around.

Now, in bed? Dom. Dom. Dom. He wants to get you all worked up and whining under his touch, and he’s going to tire you out so that you don’t want to get out of bed afterwards, so oh nooo, what a shame… we’ll have to just stay cuddled up here….

I would also say that girls typically mature sooner, so someone around 1-3 years younger would be more emotionally compatible with Jimin in particular if his younger partner is female. But with either gender, a younger partner should be able to give him a boost in mood and energy when he needs it. A younger partner could help alleviate his insecurities.

J-Hope [up to 4 years younger] - Likely

Originally posted by ttaegiis

J-Hope needs the energy of someone around his age or younger in the mind and in the body. He needs someone that will mature over time with him at a similar pace, yet be the older more experienced one that can tell you about and teach you new things.

Speaking of new things, he’d definitely want to teach you a thing or two in the bedroom. Hopefully his partner is up for trying new things and having new experiences, and through this, he can lead the way.

He wants to be the reason his partner gets asked all the questions about dating ‘that cool [older] guy’. As his younger other half, you might even encourage him to become braver about certain things since he’ll want to keep up that manly appearance for you.

V [up to 4 years younger] - Likely

Originally posted by rapgodv

Boy, look at that melanin glow *heart eyes*

Equally likely to J-Hope in my eyes, V would adore a younger partner. A lot of the time, I feel his band members have to look after him, but I think he’s perfectly capable of looking after himself and someone else, so it’d be the ideal opportunity to apply these skills.

The chemistry in bed would be almost immediately there with a younger person. I think V probably would like to work that sinful mouth on you to get you all worked up, and somehow, it’s cuter with a younger person as they whine under his skillful touch.

They’d be his everything that’s cute; favourite to cuddle (what teddy bears? what band members?); favourite smile; favourite pout when you’re sulking… Cute as a button to him!

Jin [up to 3 years younger] - Likely

Originally posted by kim-taehyvngs

Jin is used to looking after his younger band members, so it would be no trouble at all for him to look after a younger partner when they might need it. I also feel like Jin is one of the more traditional members of the group, so he would have his eye out for someone younger or the same age, as I get the impression that this is more ‘the norm’.

With a younger partner, under the sheets, I think dominant Jin mode would be engaged. The sex would usually be quite vanilla, but if he’s feeling extra daring, he would ease the partner into his idea, teaching them well..

Similarly to J-Hope, I think he would like to be the cool older guy that make you flustered with his look and cool persona, and I think he would be more assured that he is a good enough partner because he’s had a few extra years on his hands to get it right.

Suga [up to 3 years younger, maybe 4] - Quite Likely

Originally posted by jisoobokki

Yes, I put Suga at the top for the dating someone older mtl, but I think he has the biggest span of potential romantic interests, so someone younger could suit him just as well as someone older [hence why he’s not at the bottom of this mtl].

Whilst someone older might understand him more on an emotional level, I think an argument or two could be what keeps him grounded and back to reality, especially when he’s working too hard and their partner might feel he’s not making enough time for them.

On the other hand, I think he would secretly like it if he’s sat at his desk trying to work and his partner starts doing little things to tease him until he can’t take it any more and has to do something about his arousal – it’s the best excuse to be able to take a break, right?

Rap Monster [about 1 year younger, maybe up to 2 years younger] - Less Likely

Originally posted by bangdulce

Bringing it back! My all time favourite gif of Rap Mon 

I feel like Rap Monster would be better suited to someone his own age or a little bit older since I reckon he has a more mature state of mind that means he would be comfortable with someone nearer his age… plus his IQ is like wooaahh and I used to think he was older than he is [like before I knew the facts, I thought he might have been the eldest / second eldest].

Of course, this doesn’t mean he would put off the idea of dating someone younger than himself or younger than the age range I’ve stated above, but in my mind, he probably has more of an eye for older/similar age people. The reason I put only a year younger is because I think the best match for Rap Mon would probably be a 94 liner like himself.

On the other hand, a younger person could bring out that supposed daddy kink [‘stay sinful, baby’] and it all goes back to that idea of wanting to look after their partner if that partner is younger. He’ll look after you through foreplay, he’ll look after you during [if you weren’t too naughty for him in the foreplay, that is,] and then Joon will pound you into the bed until you’re a whimpering mess even after the deed is done [lmao deed what is wrong with me] because it means he can look after his little tired one afterwards.

He would be such husband material though for someone younger. Similarly to V, I think everything a younger partner does would just be the cutest thing to him, and he’d always be acting like a dork, trying to get on your level, even though he knows deep down, he ain’t gonna get there, ever.

Jungkook [about 1 year younger] - Least Likely

Originally posted by nnochu

Not only do I think Jungkook prefers an older person, someone too much younger would just be… weird. Like over here [England,] just a year younger is 18, so I think you see where I’m going with that one. Maybe as he gets older, there might be more people out there more suited to him that are younger, but for now, he definitely seems to like noonas :P [and hyungs maybe? *is totally not reading a jikook fanfic as I write, I promise*]

In the meantime, I think one of Jungkook’s sexual preferences could be just someone older, because somehow it’s a turn on [again, yes it’s a thing lmao]. I think there would be quite shy sex, if that’s a thing, with a younger person because he’d probably feel just as flustered as they might do [you might say that age doesn’t decide you confidence, but in the bedroom, I beg to differ; none of us were as confident in bed as we would have like to have been or as we thought we’d be when we were 17-18]. 

Perhaps I just think an older person would be what Jungkook needs as a first relationship? Someone that can settle him into the whole concept and can, I guess, teach him a few things… but then again, a person a year younger might also be able to do this, who knows?

Lookin’ Out For You

So this came about almost entirely because of this work of art by @iron-rion (this one by @gunnslaughter had something to do with it too tho). (Can also be found at AO3, if you prefer)

Actual Dad Gabriel Reyes tries to confront his tiny, drunk, cowboy son after he loses his arm. Enjoy~

“That cooool breeze feels real good on m’ stump.”

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Queen of Hell

So @royalrowena and I have been discussing this for like a day and a half

Even if Lucifer killed Rowena “permanently” he made no efforts to deal with her soul. Which would have gone straight to Hell. Lying, cheating and murdering would send her there real fast. (Assuming Chuck doesn’t decide he wants his guilty pleasure back). I digress.

Crowley is at this point not returning, and I think even if he did, he was pretty weary with ruling Hell. Lucifer at this point seems to have no interest in Hell. So for the right kind of person, Hell is ripe for the taking. I happen to think Rowena is the right kind of person.

I don’t think she’d have any qualms about becoming a demon. She’d probably embrace the change actually. We know she hates all things weak, and a demon is stronger than a human. Both emotionally and physically. We know she feels guilty for some things and mourns Oskar, but despises that vulnerability. Being turned into a demon would eliminate that. A demon who also happens to be the most powerful witch in the world? She’s practically unstoppable. We already know what a dangerous and wonderful combination that was in Ruby. Imagine the new levels with Rowena. As a brief aside, we know there’s spells to preserve and recreate meatsuits, so we could have the wonderful @ruthieconnell back…just with black contacts. Pretty sure Rowena could be vain enough to preserve her own body.

She’s also got a few really good reasons to want to take over Hell. For one, we know she thought Crowley’s methods weren’t good enough. I think even if he were dead she’d still have a desire to prove herself more competent than him. Secondly, she’s got a Hell of a vendetta (pun intended) against Lucifer, but is now pretty conscious that she can’t take him out herself. Having Hell at her disposal would provide an army to both attack Lucifer and to protect herself from him. 

There’s probably also a good chance the demons would respect her as a leader, at least more than they respected Crowley. Remembering that one of their criticisms of him was that he’d been Rowena’s bitch. There was also that moment back in s10 when she suggested splitting the demon in half who dared complain to Crowley. So the demons know she’s ruthless. Chances are whispers of how manipulative she is circulated too. Which I reckon demons would respect. I think they may also defer to her over Lucifer, or there at least is an argument for them doing so. Even though she was killed by him, she would have returned both times. Plus it’s pretty obvious Rowena was the only person on Earth Lucifer perceived as a genuine threat. Which puts her in an extraordinarily powerful position. If the devil is afraid of this witch, than the demons should be too, and they’d obey what they fear.

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Summoner/Donnel C-S Support

Written by  drizzled-wind


Donnel: Gosh, I dunno if this is the right thing t'do…but I just don’t feel right if I ain’t tendin’ to some crops.

(y/n): Aha! I knew it was you!

Donnel: AHH! Ah…(y/n), you darn near gave me a heart attack, jumpin’ out like that. What’re you doin’ behind them bushes?

(y/n): Alfonse asked me to investigate who was digging up the courtyards, so I’ve been staking them out since last night. And wow, who knew there were mosquitos in Askr?

Donnel: Since last night?! Aw, (y/n), I’m awful sorry I caused so much trouble for ya. Is there anythin’ I can do t'make it up to ya?

(y/n): Nah, it’s fine. I understand your situation. It’s probably comforting to have a small piece of home, anyway.

Donnel: Ha! Ya hit the bullseye. It sure gives me a nice calm feelin’ when I’m workin’ the fields.

(y/n): Really? That sounds pretty nice. I confess I’ve never worked on a farm before, so, uh, I wouldn’t know.

Donnel: Never worked a farm before? Heck, it’s mighty hard at times, but the work is rewardin’, sure as the sun keeps shinin’.

(y/n): I guess growing and eating your own food would give you an advantage, especially in an army.

Donnel: Say, how ‘bout ya work this crop with me? That’ll give ya a taste of farm life! Me Ma used t'say there ain’t no one who couldn’t farm.

(y/n): Wait, seriously? That would be so cool! I mean…sure, I’ll help out.

Donnel: Yeehaw! Little ol’ Donny’s gonna show ya the good life yet, (y/n)!

[(y/n) and Donnel have reached support rank C.]


(y/n): So you use a specific type of fertilizer depending on the crop you’re planting?

Donnel: Yup! Ya hafta know when it needs water, sun, and all them other stuffs, too. It’s all dependin’ on what the plant is feelin’!

(y/n): And since this one is all droopy, does that mean it needs more sun?

Donnel: Reckon so, (y/n)! Gosh, yer takin’ to farmin’ like a duck takes to water!

(y/n): It’s a lot more fun than I thought, to be honest. That’s probably thanks to you, Donny!

Donnel: Aw, shucks, (y/n)! I ain’t nothin’ special, just a little piggy from the country.

(y/n): Oh, Donny, don’t talk like that. Anyway, it’s really interesting to learn about this. Not everything in war is about fighting; ways of producing our own food is pretty useful as well. You’re doing the army a great service!

Donnel: Lordy, I ain’t never thought’ve it that way ‘fore… If ya say so!

(y/n): I know so!

Donnel: Also, I was itchin’ to ask ya somethin’ too, (y/n). Since I been teachin’ ya how to work the fields, do ya think ya could teach me somethin’ from yer world? Reckon it’d be mighty amazin’ to learn from someone like ya!

(y/n): Oh, well… There is something I can teach you that you’ve probably never heard of. But first we’re going to need to pick up a few stones…


(y/n): …And those are the basics of chess. Sorry, I know it’s not as amazing as teaching me how to farm, but I thought you’d have fun. You pick up on things quickly!

Donnel: Aw, (y/n), ya got me happier than a pig in slop! I’m flattered ya taught this ol’ lug some new tricks.

(y/n): I’m just returning the favour, Donny. Plus, spending time with you is starting to be the best part of my day. You’re really helping me relieve all this war stress.

Donnel: Helpin’ the Summoner is just ‘bout the proudest thing I ever done! ’M glad yer choosin’ to help me too!

(y/n): Haha, how could I not? You’re a ray of sunshine, Donny.

[(y/n) and Donnel have reached support rank B.]


Donnel: Would ya look at that! Our crops turned out mighty fine, (y/n)!

(y/n): Yeah! And Alfonse was super happy to hear that, too. He said that we were low on food, and these saved us from a couple of days of rationing.

Donnel: That makes me real happy too, (y/n). Thank ya for tendin’ to 'em with me! Me ma sure would be proud of ya!

(y/n): No, thank you for the opportunity! I had a lot of fun with it. I’m so happy to hear that your mother would be proud. What kind of person was she?

Donnel: She was the greatest ma that ever did breathe! She was always lookin’ out fer the littl'uns in the village. She taught them all they needed t'know!

(y/n): I wish I could meet her…

Donnel: I wish ya could, too. Maybe we could organise some sorta trip to my world soon so ya can!

(y/n): That would be great!

Donnel: Yer darn right it would. Say, even though this crop’s all finished, d'ya think ya could plant another with me? Just thought it’d be fun to do it again with ya…

(y/n): Of course I will! Now that we know it’s a value to our team, I’m even more pumped.

Donnel: Yeehaw! I can’t wait, (y/n)! But what d'ya reckon should we do while we’re waitin’ fer it to grow and stuff?

(y/n): We could play some more chess, I guess. You’re really good at it, Donny. I bet you could even go up against people like Soren and win.

Donnel: Aw, shucks… D'ya really think so?

(y/n): Of course! Let’s set up the board for later and then go get the seeds.

Donnel: Alrighty! Ya sure are energetic, (y/n). I’m as lucky as Naga to have ya here with me.

(y/n): Thanks, Donny! C'mon, let’s go!

D: I’m comin’!

[(y/n) and Donnel have reached support rank A.]


Donnel: (y/n), could ya come over here for a mo’?

(y/n): Sure, Donny! What is it?

Donnel: Ya know how we was talkin’ about visitin’ me ma? D'ya wanna do that now?

(y/n): Oh, sure! I don’t think we’re due for a battle until a couple of days from now. We can pop through the Awakening Gate and be back by morning.

Donnel: Really? You’d be alright with goin’ over there such short notice?

(y/n): Of course! I’ve wanted to meet your mother and see your village for a long time. Your stories make it sound amazing!

Donnel: I’m glad ya feel that way, (y/n)…

(y/n): Well, what are we waiting for? Time’s a wasting!

Donnel: Uh, 'fore we go, could ya take this?

(y/n): Hmm, what’s this? A box?

Donnel: *gulp*

(y/n): Donnel, is this a ring inside!?

Donnel: W-well, it ain’t much, and it ain’t that pretty either, but I had ta get somethin’ to express my love to ya!

(y/n): Your love?

Donnel: Urk… Y-yes. I love ya, (y/n)! I’ve loved ya fer so long, and I just had ta tell ya! Yer the best thing that’s ever happened to this little piggy, and I just gotta express my love somehow!

(y/n): Donny…

Donnel: It’s fine if ya don’t feel nothin’ back, (y/n). I just wanted ta level with ya. Yer smart, pretty, and fun, and…

(y/n): Oh, Donnel. Of course I love you back!

Donnel: W-wait, really?!

(y/n): How could I not? You’re the most cheerful, upbeat, positive person I’ve ever met. Spending time with you is the best part of my day. I’d love spending the rest of my life with you!

Donnel: Oh, (y/n), ya make me so happy! Just wait til we tell Ma!

[(y/n) and Donnel have reached support rank S.]

Confession quote:

Donnel: I’m just a small boy from a humble farm, but yer willin’ to look past that, and we can teach each other new things! I love ya more than anything!

You’re Now Mine (Part 3)

Title: You’re Now Mine (Part 3)
Summary:  I’ve decided to continue the drabble request into a three part series considering the requests to write more of it!

“Fulfilling a request for @lets-personofinterestontumbir! – “Could you do a drabble for the Persephone AU I don’t know If you’ve seen once upon a time but the episode 1x07 reminded me a lot of this story when the evil queen ripped out the huntsmen’s heart if you could do something like that it would be awesome. Thank you.” “
Words: 1,467
Warnings: DARK AF, Emotional/Mental abuse

Masterpost || Persephone || Part 2 || Part 4

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Shiro's arm has a vibrate mode? If it doesn't, I reckon Lance has probably begged Pidge to install one.

Idk which one to like more: The Galras having installed him a vibrating prothese right away because it would be a helpful thing to kill time with when you aren’t in the middle of destroying the universe so why not amirite or Lance finding out that the Galra’s have certainly failed big time equipping Shiro with a useful tool so yeah he would DEFINITELY crawl to Pidge on knees, begging for a vibrating Shiro arm because it’s more than necessary and not at all for his own sexual desires ahahaha right??!!

From the end of s2

Welp I said their would be a part 3

This is more a prediction on what will happen in the coming seasons rather than a headcanon on Lance.

To be blunt, I think Lance will be given the offer to betray his team and join the galra.

The reason I reckon this will happen is not because I think the galra will see Lance as a weak link or anything but rather I reckon they (Lotor probably) will be the only ones to recongize how insecure Lance is feeling because no one else seems to notice these things.  When Lance was upset about mising his family Coran was the only one to come to him.  When Lance is insecure about his skills he talks about it to a pet yepper and that probably made him feel worse considering.  

And that whole new nickname screamed insercure but no one commented on it.

If Lotor is also 10,000 years old (and i don’t see why he won’t be like when else was Zarkon going to procreate except before he became evil) and Lance is the orignal Blue Paladin it’s likely the two knew each other before the world went to shit (it’s likely Allura knew Lotor too).  

In that situation I reckon Lotor will be the only one to recongize Lance for who he is (maybe Zarkon noticed it when he tried to take over Voltron and felt the familar connection and he told Haggar who told Lotor or maybe Lotor just isn’t fooled by the human disguise) and knows how insecure Lance has always been so offers him a place in the galra empire were he’ll be treated with respected and valued for all his done.

Or perhaps Lance gets captured and Lotor convinces him that his friends aren’t coming and the tiny part of him that says he’s a valued member of Voltron leaves him.  

Now, I’m not suggesting Lance turns evil.  Lance is much to loyal to actually betray his friends and much to kind to hurt people but I think it’s completely possible he’ll either forget that for a moment, he’ll be incredily injured because he refuses.

Or he’ll pull an aqualad.

And by that I mean he’ll seem to the others as though he’s betrayed them and he’ll work for/with Lotor but really he’s searching for Shiro.

Like I said more of a prediction than a headcanon and really it’s less a prediction and more a ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ but I had to write it out so I can shout ‘CALLED IT’ if it does happen, you know?

Lance McClain is the most talented gunman in the galaxy and no one can convince me otherwise. Here’s why.

Of course we all know Lance has well earned his title as the sharpshooter of the team. His ability to shoot over long distances with surgical accuracy under immense pressure has had me impressed from that one time he emerged from a coma to shoot Sendak.

Originally posted by pan-voltron

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anonymous asked:

MTL to date a 00 liner. thanks!!

  1. jihoon 
  2. woojin
  3. daehwi
  4. jinyoung
  5. guanlin
  6. jaehwan
  7. seongwoo
  8. daniel
  9. minhyun 
  10. sungwoon
  11. jisung

ok so similar to the mtl to date 98 liner ask jihoon, woojin and daehwi would want to date someone around their age. jinyoung would also like to date someone the same age but i put him behind the others as i reckon he might prefer noonas. even though guanlin is the youngest i think he’d prefer to date someone younger than him. hyung line is kinda in order except for daniel bc i literally just watched happy together and had the shock of my life that daniel prefers older girls omgggg like idk why i was so certain he’d like younger girls haha since he gave me the vibe that he’d want to be the older one and be able to fully protect her and stuff lol. i think seongwoo and jaehwan would probably more prefer to date a younger girl. as for sungwoon and jisung the gap might be a bit too big for them. 

Something else that bugs me about Butters being a KotC: if he’s Jewish, why does he wield a lightsaber? Are there any swords or symbols in Judaism that would be better to represent him? Like, I know Jediism isn’t TECHNICALLY a religion and is often used to mock religious discrimination laws, but it’s still currently the 7th most popular religion in the UK behind Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Atheism, Judaism, and Buddhism, and to me it reads as though Butters is as much a representative of Jediism as he is of Judaism (if not more so). Plus the lightsaber really rams home the whole “middle-aged nerd power fantasy” vibe that Butters has going on atm. I feel like having it be a lightsaber turns the Swords into a cool gimmick, rather than a pretty serious force to be reckoned with with millennia of belief behind it, UNLESS Jediism as a new religion fuelled by fandom is what Jim was going for, but then Butters really IS more Jedi than Jewish??
Idk. I’m not religious, and I’m probably nitpicking, but does it strike anyone else as odd?