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Age old topic here, but:

“fanart/fanfiction isn’t REAL art/fiction. why are you wasting your talents on fancontent when you could be making original work?”

I’ve seen a lot of great rebuttals to this. Lotta arguments detailing the merits of fanwork. Lotta anecdotes of published writers who got their start in fanfiction. But also, I offer this:

Why should we care if what we create meets the standard of “real”?

Better said: why do people get so offended when a talented person isn’t pursuing that talent in the most prestigious way possible? A talented writer doesn’t owe the world a book. A talented artist doesn’t owe the world an art gallery. People shouldn’t be pressured to pursue the highest order of acclaim in their field for their passions to be treated like they’re worth anything.

Maybe the world’s most brilliant astrophysicist is teaching 6th grade science in Oklahoma. Maybe this person could be leading NASA into a new age of space travel if only they took up that kind of engineering job. But maybe they hate the stress of high profile work, of designing and prototyping for massive projects. Maybe this person just loves kids, and loves teaching, and loves Oklahoma. It’s their life. Their work is still real. And that work should not be valued any less because they could, theoretically, be giving society more.

I haven’t tallied my word count in a while, but I’m going to say I’ve written (wiggly-hand-gesture) 750,000 words of fanfiction since I was 14. Three of my works are novel-length. I’ve sunk thousands upon thousands of hours into planning, writing, revising. I’ll probably sink thousands more. Because I like what I’m doing. Because this is what I’m passionate about. I like writing about characters and worlds that I’ve fallen in love with, and I like sharing that work with people who’d appreciate it.

And I have no intention whatsoever right now of writing an original novel, or god-forbid of trying get it published. I can’t fathom the stress that would bring to something I do for fun. That’s not my passion. In fact, that would probably kill it, all for the sake of appeasing people who don’t want to see the value in what I enjoy doing right now.

Having the talent to “do more” than fan content is not an obligation to do more. Forget anyone who thinks your talents exist to meet other people’s standards.


Okay, what happened?

Positivity Piece #2

Ta-da! Here it is! It is anything but perfect, but I am extremely pleased with the way this one turned out. This particular quote isn’t one I took from a specific video- I just recall Mark saying this multiple times over the years and thought it was a good thing to remind you all of. (It’s true, by the way- you absolutely are important.)

Bonus: I drew the March 2017 Charity shirt (with @haleyscomett-art‘s permission) because I am Darkiplier trash appreciate cool character development.

You can learn more about my positivity piece project, as well as see the other parts, here.  

I love you all, and as always, my ask box is open if you need me. Have a lovely day, my friends.

I think what I find the most fascinating with tinhats is how determined they are to be unhappy.

Like, yes, they pretend to be happy. They spend their days saying antis are pressed and miserable and that they, the virtuous tinhats, are just enjoying the lives of their favs, despite hating everything they actually see of said favs’ lives and regularly feeling angst about it.

But we all know what they thrive on is despair.

And I just… don’t understand why?

Because at the end of the day, turning their tinhat theories around and putting a positive spin on them would have been… so easy??

Why didn’t they just decide that Briana was a surrogate? That Danielle and El (and whichever girl Harry might be briefly linked to) are friends of theirs happy to help them “blend in” until they’re ready to come out?

Why didn’t they just go with the idea that instead of a big conspiracy to keep Louis and Harry unhappy, they themselves just decided that they weren’t ready to come out yet, or did not want to deal with the inevitable scrutiny?

They could get to enjoy Freddie, they wouldn’t have to imagine Louis as a mere pawn, a spineless man whose suffering is basically ignored by his partner. They could just enjoy both Harry’s and Louis’s solo careers for what they are, and STILL imagine them spending time together whenever we don’t see them.

Like, they’d still be wrong, obviously, but at least they’d have things to rejoice over instead of spending their days desperately trying to find explanations for things that can’t be explained away!

Yet any time a tinhat tries to put a positive spin on things, they’re shunned by the rest of the group.

And I sit there wondering… why???

Draco Malfoy aesthetic.

Honestly though, what happened yesterday - me pointing out I know next to nothing about HIV and etc. - only goes more to support what I’ve been saying about sex ed.

I literally received no sex ed whatsoever. Every LGBT+ group or even or place I visited other than pride was for youth, and it wasn’t something talked about to us. I got too disabled to go anymore by the time I was an adult.

Not once was it ever brought up as a relevant subject to me, despite being a sexually active queer youth. I don’t know if it was a case of “don’t concern the kids with it” for the communities, but it certainly was for my parents who did that until I was an adult and assumed I gained magic knowledge of pertinent information on virtue of now being an adult, somehow.

Sex ed is important. I STILL haven’t had proper sex ed and only know what I’ve picked up, seen spread around, and what I gathered to Google. Information like that is an important part of sex ed, especially for community kids.

There’s probably thousands of kids like me - and probably more who, even if learning sex ed, aren’t learning relevant sex ed to them because they’re LGBTQ+

Please, be willing to teach. Take young community members under your wing and help them know what they need to know. We’re hardly in a society that’s equipped or willing to do it. And don’t shame young folks for not knowing. Most places are hardly conducive to gaining any kind of community pertinent knowledge, and those from bad backgrounds have even less opportunity to learn.

TCR Birthday Bash: Favourite AU



A/N: A sort of return present for TCRmommabear for her wonderful little Three Rules ficlet that was written with my Heartless AU in mind. I adore her Vampire AU, so this is branching off from that, and is set in modern times. (You said you wanted AUs of your AU. So here. Enjoy. <3)

Haru stared down at the skeleton and her heart sank.

This was meant to be an easy job. 

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mcdanno in the pilot - part two || part one


Gabriel’s fashion statements

If you wish to see a third season of the show with some new additions to Gabriel’s wardrobe, then don’t forget to watch Dominion live tonight on SyFy 10/9c!

Resilience || Non-Existent

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“Are you really, really hurt? About this?”

She remembers his knocks on her door, his yelling, his drunk stages and frustrated times. She remembers him knocking on the door for one of the specific type of reasons, other than that he knew they’d somehow meet at the bus stop so he’d only feel the need to sabotage her lightly like that via messages.
There was not even a single hint of annoyance when it came down to him. She could not be. It was cute how he got mad and stopped talking but it was not matching with the weather. If he’d approach her at this moment, she would have probably snapped out of nowhere. 

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anonymous asked:

Stop fucking self promoting your pathetic little youtube channel. There's hundreds of people that deserve that award more than you do.

probably thousands!!! can’t let sad sacks like you bring me down :)

anonymous asked:

What's the best advice you could give to a fellow INFJ? Just general life advice? Thank you, keep up the awesome work!

Let it go. 

*starts singing Frozen*

No but really, we can all learn from fellow (suspected) INFJ, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. Letting go of what others think of you and expect of you is a very important lesson that I think a lot of INFJs should hear. Regardless of whether you’ve seen the movie or plan to, the basic gist is to learn to love all the parts of you instead of trying to hide them. Hiding who you are, even your weaknesses, causes damage not only to yourself but to those around you. But this doesn’t mean you should turn your back on the ones you love and harden your heart to the world in an attempt to never care what people think. The point isn’t to not care what people think in the kind of disrespectful way that people usually react when they say they ‘don’t care,’ but to love yourself and others regardless of their perceptions of you. They could be wrong (if few others agree then you can bet they probably are) or they could be right (and you might have to readjust your self-concept) but either way you should love yourself no matter what they say. With maturity we learn which parts of us can be worked on (like maybe punctuality for example) and which parts can’t be changed (like say sensitivity). What we decide to work on though should be based on which qualities we have that only hold us back. Then we can become aware of those ‘faults’ that we’d like to change and realize that they can be seen as a positive. So you’re sensitive? Try calling it having ‘emotional depth’ instead. So you’re stubborn? Call it ‘staying true to your beliefs/convictions.’ So you’re idealistic? Call it ‘dreamer.’ So you’re an introvert? Call it ‘reflective.’ There’s a positive way to view everything and you might as well learn to love (and laugh at) who you are now because it’s just simply easier (on everyone) when you do. And so what if you want to try to be perfect or better or you always want to improve yourself? You’re ambitious. That’s part of you too. You can use it to your advantage. Use your perfectionism to propel you towards your goals instead of beating yourself up over things you can’t change. The truth is all of your ‘weaknesses’ can be advantages when used the right way. And it’s much easier to change your view of yourself then it is to change the model (not to mention it’s better for your self-esteem and relationships). 

But this all gets easier as we get older. So just don’t worry so much. Or better yet, accept that you’re totally a worrier but that’s okay and everything is going to be okay. 

…I still feel like there’s way more advice I could give…um…

1. Find your passions and dedicate hours to them (which means carving out lots of free/alone time and cutting out the unimportant things)

2. Pay attention to the people that make you feel good and only spend your time and energy on them

3.  Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself

4. Understand that everyone has their own history and is fighting for what they believe in too

5. Always be kind, especially if you’re having a bad day

6. Enjoy the little things (tea, blankets, fresh air, fainting goats)

7. If you’re not sure? Journal. 

8. Still not sure? Journal.

9. Journal. 

10. Pay attention to your daydreams. They not only show you what you want the most for yourself but they can also help shape your future. 

…Okay I’m going to end it there because I’m at ten (even though I would like to write more). 

I will probably think of approximately thirteen hundred thousand more by text post Wednesday. 

Stay Awesome