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hello! i've been wanting to start a rp for so long and i'm finally getting into this world a lot so i guess i'm sure i can start doing it. can you help me out with some plot ideas?i don't know, something innovating and not overused would be amazing. thank you!!!

All right, brainstorming sesh here. Bottom line here is that whichever RP you end up making will be one that you’re passionate about, in the genre that you’re most interested in, but if it helps, here are all the roleplay group ideas that have been floating around in my noggin:

  • An RP set at a local theatre, where the characters are actors or crew members, and every couple of months you have the characters work on a different play to perform, and the RP focuses on all the behind-the-scenes drama and their lives.
  • An OC roleplay set in Gravity Falls. Mostly because I’m a hopeless Gravity Falls junkie, but also because I think it’d be an awesome location for an RP.
  • How come tumblr doesn’t have any steampunk RPGs? That ought to be corrected. Or gaslamp fantasy.
  • An Avatar: the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra OC RP.
  • You know those roleplays that have a bunch of Disney characters or a bunch of book characters all in one place? That, but Broadway musical characters.
  • An Eagleton-Pawnee inspired plot: rich town goes bankrupt and has to merge with their rival in order to stay afloat.
  • A traveling circus RP, where the circus sets up in a different location every week, perhaps traveling across America or around Europe.
  • A wild west RP (but in a sort of alternate-history version of the Old West without the racial tensions) because I just really like the Western aesthetic but I’m a generation too late to do much about.
  • A sort of The Westing Game-inspired RP where an incredibly wealthy person dies and their will names certain people who get to compete to inherit their entire fortune by solving the clues they left before they died, and you play the competing characters.
  • Pirates. That is all.
  • An RP set in a future with heavy virtual reality video games widely available where each character has a persona in a fantasy MMORPG where half the interactions take place.
  • Supervillain boarding school, training the next generation of world-taker-overs and their minions.
  • My hometown used to have the highest crime rates in America because there were so many trains and roads running through town and travelers staying the night had a tendency to get robbed and/or killed. I feel like some sort of town RP can come from that…

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Maybe one of those ideas got your interest, maybe one of them sparked an idea for some other plot, or, of course, maybe they’re not your mug of milk and we’re right where we started, but in any case, I at least hope this helped get the gears turning.

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Thank you so much for answering my question. It hasn’t been easy, and all of my other dogs have been missing him as well. He went last night. His breathing started to get heavy, and the only thing I could do was just hug him and let him know it was okay to go now. I didn’t want him to keep suffering, and I know he did his best to fight. He eventually fell asleep, and whilst he was asleep, it seemed as though he was having a seizure. It didn’t take but maybe a few seconds before he was gone. (c)

© Buried him this morning. I think the mindlessness of digging a hole helped some, but then I had to move him and it just tore my heart to pieces. I’m agnostic, but I hope in whatever place he’s at now, he at least knows he was loved deeply, and I hope he understood that in his final moments. I saw it coming. I had to contemplate putting him down a few times because he was just having so much trouble getting up, letting alone walking. Once again, I seriously thank you for answering.

I’m glad you didn’t have to make the decision to put him down. That one is always incredibly hard and painful. Having you there with him surely made it easier for him. I know he understood all the time he was with you how much you love him. And if there is life after death, of course he still knows it.