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Damien Bloodmarch stole my dadsona’s heart and mine at the same time, what a guy. Seriously, I love Damien so much, you have no idea.

Also my dadsona’s name is Alex Salcedo, show him some love.



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Red Queen Just Desserts

Farley: I’m the smartest, most skilled warrior there is.                

Cameron: Is your hand stuck in the vending machine?                

Farley: I paid for my Snickers, I’m getting my Snickers.     


Do you remember when Taylor Swift bought pizza for the fans waiting for her outside of her hotel in London just because she couldn’t stop by cause she was going for a dinner? Do you remember when she visited hospitals a lot of times, without the cameras? Do you remember about the fact that she doesn’t take money for meet and greets? Do you remember about all those times when she invited her fans to all of her houses and bake them cookies?? Do you remember how she spent her Valentine’s Day with the fan and their family?? Do you remember all those quotes she has said about us so far, like for example the one that we are the best and the longest relationship she has ever had??? Do you remember how she chose fans online and sent them Christmas and Valentines packages and then she met them all during the tour?? Do you remember how she stalked the fans going to award shows and how she met them there?? Do you remember when she went to the Taylor Swift Education Center to meet a fan from Tumblr?? Do you remember how she donated money for fans in need?? Do you remember how she donated money for different causes?? Do you remember all those times when she gave advices to the fans online?? Do you remember when she went to the fan’s Bridal Shower and took a huge basket of gifts with her?? Do you remember when she went to the fan’s wedding and played the couple’s favorite song??? Do you remember when she visited a terminally ill fan at their house?? Do you remember how she visited a fan so she could give a Christmas gift to their little son?? Do you remember how she used to go through the crowds during three headlining tours because she wanted to greet the fans??? Do you remember about 13 hours meet and greet?? Do you remember all those time when she stopped a car cause she had seen a fan wearing her merch shirt so she wanted to take a picture with them??? Do you remember that she does her best when it comes about stopping by when fans are waiting for her on the red carpet, outside the television building etc?? Do you really remember that she played All Too Well at the Grammys because we wanted her to do it?? Do you remember when she visited a 96 years old veteran on Christmas Day?? And what about painting pictures for fans?? What about painting guitars for ill children?? What about all those things she does for the people in secrecy and we have no idea??? There are so many reasons we should be thankful for her. She really goes above and beyond for us. Never forget that. 

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what mech did you guys chose from the jade gate? :o

Michael: Um, the Iron Giant? Duh? I kicked ass using that mech! You should’ve seen how many Squips I KO’d during that final fight!

Jeremy: I chose Voltron. Normally you’d have to have five people to control it, but that was a special case so I pretty much had access to the whole entire thing. It was seriously badass.

Michael: The beginning of that fight was also right after we—

Jeremy: Y-yeah! Yeah. Um, I remember.

Michael: That was totally wild. I pretty much got to announce that we were dating to the whole country!

Jeremy: More like the entire world. Do you know how many stations were broadcasting that battle? Literally the whole planet was watching us.

Michael: That was one of the greatest moments of my life!!

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One of the interesting aspects about your Heathers artwork are the designs of Veronica and J.D. If you look closely at your designs of the other characters like Heather Chandler and Martha, they look actually as they look like in the stage show, but then look at Veronica and J.D, they look completely different from they look like in the musical ( This is NOT constructive criticism so don't worry)! Like I'm not sure if Veronica looks a bit look like Barret Wilbert Weed or Winona Ryder.

Veronica and JD obviously aren’t my characters but there is a certain level of them that I uh… I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it haha! They aren’t original characters but their versions of the characters are… mine? if that makes sense??? 
In the beginning I was listening to the musically exclusively without actually watching it.I had an idea of what the characters looked like from having watched the movie ages ago. When I did my first animatic I looked at pictures of them just long enough for people to go “yeah that’s supposed to be that character” lol! So yeah idk haha  That is also why Veronica has an actual neck tie for the first few videos vs her little broach thing - and why her eyes are blue. 

Obviously she’s adapted a bit lol Mostly in colorization 

Like - here’s the first time I drew them in the Yo girl animatic vs the most recent times. There aren’t insane differences - added freckles, adjusted hair part…. You would be surprised (maybe) how little planning i do ahead of time before jumping into a project lmao!!

reasons jesse custer is relatable™: 

  • is an insomniac
  • loves tulip o’hare 
  • loves proinsias cassidy
  • is extra af
  • spikes up his hair to look taller
  • wears all black
  • bottles up his emotions 
  • is constantly disassociating 
  • has a big ego 
  • is bluffing 99% of the time 
  • is the walking epitome of “fake it till you make it” 
  • has poor intrapersonal skills
  • has poor interpersonal skills
  • has no idea what he’s doing with life 
  • sings along loudly to songs on the radio 
  • tries to be cool but often fails 
  • doesn’t have a single chill bone in his body
  • is easily jealous
  • abuses great power to make himself laugh
  • barely smiles
  • thinks alcohol solves problems
  • gave up part of his soul to save his friends 
  • forgetful ( hey jesse,,, remember eugene? no? me neither )
  • easily obsesses over stuff 
  • has a dark side™
  • would probably sell you to satan for (1) corn-chip

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Finding this blog has legitimately been one of the best things to happen to me :3 Anyway, what do you think about MTMTE Megatron trying to keep his 'prized pet' human away from the other bots on the LL?

Awww, gosh!  Thank you so much!  ^//__//^

Megatron would most definitely want to keep his human (friend? lover? pet?  He’s not really sure) away from the other mechs on board.  He’s seen the way they look at you and it sets his energon boiling.  Back when he was the most feared warlord in the known universe, he had no shortage of willing followers and partners.  But now that the war’s over and he’s stuck on a ship full of people that want him dead, non-hostile interactions are few and far between.  That’s why he’s so adamant about keeping you to himself.  He couldn’t stand the thought of one of the only people who hold any affection for him whatsoever to be poisoned against him by the rest of the crew. 

He insists on carrying you everywhere around the ship (maybe not on his shoulder, though as that wouldn’t set a very dignified example, but hands are certainly fine).  He wishes he wasn’t so selfish with your attention, but he can’t help it.  If he notices the bar getting noticeably hostile when he arrives, he’ll insist on the two of you going somewhere else, rather than leaving you behind to enjoy yourself.  He tries not to notice the look of disappointment on your face when this happens.  He always tries to make it up to you by offering a nice quiet evening in his habsuite with drinks, music, and poetry if you’re interested.  It’s nice enough, but it’s not quite the same as having a drink with all your friends.

As Megatron’s paranoia grows, so does his possessiveness.  Soon it gets to a point where he won’t even let you leave his room unless he’s accompanying you.  He even gives your duties over to someone else so you have no excuse to leave him anymore.  And really, why would you want to?  Don’t you know what kind of people you’re traveling with?  They’re really the lowest of the low, dearest.  Mechs who wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of a sweet little thing like you.  Now why don’t you come sit next to him while he reads so he can pet your hair for awhile, hmm?  

I’ve had like 0 free time but I wanted to give some proof that I’m trying to get some content out! Sketch under the cut :) Although I can’t promise it will be done any time soon (or…at all…tbh…)

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