probably missing one or two

the very best of johnny bond

cooking frenzy
homme gigolo urbain - loisirs conquête urbaine
“have we got it, van ?”
“golf, i fuckin’ love this sport”
bus tour
“oh shit, sorry”
i don’t know what to call this
beyond the sea
while bondy’s sleeping…
merry little christmas
every breath you take

(van, benji, bob)


The 100 Delinquents with Instagram ( female edition ).

1. You shouldn’t have apologized. You should just stay away from now on.

2. You are the closest I’ve come to loving someone and the closest I’ve come to hating someone.

3. We were a mistake I had to make.

4. The least you could’ve done is finish the apology you started. You can’t leave a message unopened for forever.

5. Miss me. That’s my last dare to you.

6. I hope you have to watch me fall in love with him. I hope you start to regret everything.

7. When I see you, my heart doesn’t jump anymore. There’s nothing here for you.

8. I’m trying not to be angry, because I haven’t figured out what I’m angry at yet.

9. I miss two things about you. You probably know what one is. Is that cruel?

10. I don’t care if it’s cruel. I haven’t been selfish enough.

—  The last ten things I will write to you– Lily Rain

genius inventor ken stark is kidnapped while in the process of creating a multifunctional software program for intelligence agency f.e.a.t.s., and is forced by his captors to turn it into a weapon. instead, he builds an armoured suit and upends his captors. returning to america, stark refines the suit and his program, c.l.o.s.e.t., and uses both to combat crime, as well some of his less sophisticated fashion choices.

Here's a Quick Test

Two characters: One: a dark-haired, mature, intelligent teen who can fight surprisingly well. Two: a blond rich kid who has SERIOUS issues with evil parents and puts on a show for everyone, but can sometimes crack. Which two characters am I talking about? That’s what fandom you’re obsessed with!

Dearest friends

I don’t want to make a big deal of it but it’s time. I’m going on a tiny hiatus, just to try to concentrate on real life and get my head straight again. I’ll check tags when I can and leave my ask box open as usual.

Love you all, look after the place.

Tagging one or two friends, but I’ll probably miss a few, my brain is not functioning properly…

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