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a birthday gift for our dear boy!! watch as I trip over this messy ass second sketch and how many characters more than usual it has

My first off season training week has ended so I’ll share a little report.

Thursday was jogging day and I discovered how not to die: firstly by going slower (and I lengthened the route a bit to compensate) and secondly by focusing on my breathing.
As I already said, I forget how to breathe when I run… so I tried to really concentrate on inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth at regular, not rushed intervals. It was unsurprisingly hard, and at the slightest distraction I started to pant ridiculously :D

Friday was strength training day and all went very smooth with the exception of abs again. The point is that the exercise I choose seems really nice, but I can’t actually do it: the yoga ball is too big and I’m also probably doing something wrong…

Saturday should have been jog day, but I forgot :/

Yesterday was strength day again and this time I forgot the yoga ball and stuck my feet between the sofa cushions instead. Much better!

All considered I’m satisfied, but I really shouldn’t skip training because I forget about it, it’s like the stupidest reason ever.
My goal for this week (since it’s a bit too soon to talk about weight loss) is not forgetting to train and maybe try some positions to put my stretching to skating related use, maybe the biellman or even just the splits will do.

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The 100 Delinquents with Instagram ( female edition ).

1. You shouldn’t have apologized. You should just stay away from now on.

2. You are the closest I’ve come to loving someone and the closest I’ve come to hating someone.

3. We were a mistake I had to make.

4. The least you could’ve done is finish the apology you started. You can’t leave a message unopened for forever.

5. Miss me. That’s my last dare to you.

6. I hope you have to watch me fall in love with him. I hope you start to regret everything.

7. When I see you, my heart doesn’t jump anymore. There’s nothing here for you.

8. I’m trying not to be angry, because I haven’t figured out what I’m angry at yet.

9. I miss two things about you. You probably know what one is. Is that cruel?

10. I don’t care if it’s cruel. I haven’t been selfish enough.

—  The last ten things I will write to you– Lily Rain

my graduation gown came today and i am dazed af

anonymous asked:

favorite belarus moments?

I apologize for not getting to this yesterday, anon, but I wanted to put the actual pictures up and I can’t do that on mobile.

Here are a few of my favorite Belarus moments:

Eating the punchline and threatening ur penis

Petting Russia-cat

Smiling Bela!

Bela throwing a hanger at Denmark (fun fact: I ship it. DenBela, NorBela, and AmeBela.)

More smiling Bela!

Bela photobombing!

And whatever the fuck this is.